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  1. My name is Mary, I live in Cottage Grove, Or. And. Sir i would so love to be able to join in your ministries. I watched your interview with Alan Didio this evening, I got chills. I want to be at the foot of the cross, I want to be a huge voice for Jesus! One thing You said about ‘knowing you would be alright’ really struck me hard, I’ve said always “I’m always going to be ok because Jesus is taking care of me” and I always have been, and I can honestly say that theres been times, that it’s only by a miracle (God’s Hand) that I’m alive today! You are to be be Bakersfield, Calif. on Jan 11, 2021,all of me wants to be there! Please let me be a crusader with your ministry! Thank you, and. God Bless you!

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