Everything I have been saying has led to this.  I have held back because I had no clearance until now. This will explain why I have been exposing rampant deception.

This is why I have invaded subjects that create firestorms of criticism.  This will expose what Satan used to derail the church on the threshold of revival—true revival.

The drinking, the carousing, and the blatant new age preaching, did not creep into the church overnight.  It insinuated itself slowly, quietly and under the cover of good intentions.

Here’s what happened:  Satan seduced us into separating the Holy Spirit and the Bible—pitting them against each other.  The Bible not only predicted this deception—it exposed the motive behind it.

2 Timothy 4:3 says “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers…”  What they can’t endure is the Bible.  They drop the God card to fulfill their lusts and blame the Holy Spirit.

It began in small doses.  One preacher said, “Why do we trust a book they didn’t have more than the Spirit they did have?”  Another preacher said, “we’re not supposed to worship a book.”

They will tell you they are trusting in the voice of the Spirit more than a book.  What they are really hearing is their own voice…or worse.  They don’t deny the inerrancy of scripture; they simply claim direct revelation from God that’s equal to the Bible.

Bible study has become passé.  Many seek constant prophetic words.  They trust these words without comparing them against scripture.

The Holy Spirit has become on demand.  You’ve all seen the Facebook ads where “prophets” will give you a daily word from the Lord.  Some even charge money to give you a prophetic word. 

A young revivalist claimed to get more from “an angel” than from the Bible.  He even wrote on his website, “I have had experiences in the Spirit that cannot be explained by the Bible.”  Not long after this, he left his wife and children for his secretary.  He is still in ministry defending his experience.

People blame all kinds of things on “leadings of the Holy Spirit.” “The Spirit told me I can leave my husband and children because He wants me to be happy.”  “You may not like the way I dress, but the Holy Spirit does.”  One preacher even compared the Spirit to marijuana and said, “I am toking the Ghost.”

Here’s a typical conversation with one of these:

“I am not just forgiven of the sins I have committed, and I am also forgiven in advance of the ones I will commit.  Therefore, I never need to repent or confess my sin.”

“That’s crazy, 1 John 1:8 says, ‘If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.’”

“Oh, well that was not written to Christians.”

“No Bible scholar believes that.  You can’t prove that.  Where did you get it?”

“It was revealed to me by the Spirit.”

Addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography and a host of other vices overtake believers because the natural protection of the Bible is erased.  Psalm 119:11 says, “Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You.”

Why am I condemning all of this?  Because the Bible commands me to do so:  2 Corinthians 4: 2 says, “But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.”

Tuning out the Bible to hear the Spirit has flooded the church with the most carnal and self-centered believers ever.  To reject the Bible while seeking a word from God borders on witchcraft. 

The Holy Spirit and the Bible exist in unbreakable agreement.  The Spirit will take you to the Bible, and the Bible will take you to the Holy Spirit.

One of the prime purposes of the Holy Spirit is to help us understand and remember the Bible.  “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” – John 14:26

You can be sure that if you are not regularly reading the Bible, God will avoid speaking to you through prophecy.  To do so creates a dangerous habit.  Without a biblical foundation, you will have no way to judge prophetic words.

The superiority the Bible over the prophetic is clearly shown by the fact we are told to judge prophecy but never to judge scripture.  2 Timothy 3:16 “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness…”

Daily Bible study is a hallmark of those who seek truth.  Acts 17: 11 “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.”  True revival is always Bible based.  True preaching will quote scripture liberally. 

We are at a crucial point.  If the Body doesn’t repent of this foolishness, America is sunk.

But, if even a small remnant repent, gets back in the Word, and obeys the Holy Spirit, He will build an army and it can prevail.   1 Samuel 14: 6 promises this: “Then Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, “Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.” 


  1. Big amen I know what voice some are hearing to, funny the word say’s the three are one, but they want to cut out the word, clearly the true mixture for the great deception o.f today

  2. Great word brother Mario. I made a short video presentation using Charles Finney’s classic message on the decay of conscience.
    I think this message still resonates today and i know youve used it before as well.
    Keep stirring the pot

  3. Bro. Mario, I must confront you about your buddy, Bill Johnson. Relating to your comment about new age teaching in the church. He, along with his wife, Benny, are at the forefront of this awful thing. Their book “the Physics of Heaven” is chock-full of new age teachings that they claim that the new agers “stole from the church”, and that they are “taking back”. What a lie of satan! The Kundalini spirit is alive and well at bethel redding. So I warn you to distance yourself from them.

    1. phc1, I know what you mean. I found out Bill gets a lot of criticism for having me at Bethel. He would never tell me that. He never lets that stop him from obeying God and holding on to our friendship. I feel read bad he has to go through that though.

  4. One denomination thrived for many decades by focusing on the central belief that the most important part of any person’s life and/or ministry was “the anointing of the Holy Ghost.” They changed that focus to the need to “train people to be leaders.” “Leadership” became the focus of all seminars. “New models of ministry” training scoffed at preachers who still thought Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night church was important. “That model of ministry is no longer valid” they were told. Denominational growth came to a standstill about the same time. I wonder if anyone ever saw the correlation? Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. The Holy Ghost fire still empowers and burns bright for those who will seek to know and experience it.

  5. Yes, but what about Bethel church and Bill Johnson? Would any high profile leader confront the New Age pursuits of Bethel? Much of what you have written exposes their undermining of Scriptures, in fear of limiting the Holy Spirit. If we say there is a problem while at the sametime defend or over look Bethel, it seems to me Charismatics would have a double standard. Or maybe at least defend a golden calf.

    1. I know what you mean Don. I found out Bill gets a lot of criticism for having me at Bethel. He would never tell me that. He never lets that stop him from obeying God and holding on to our friendship. I feel read bad he has to go through that though.

  6. I notice people that are into a lot of prophecy and aren’t reading their bibles fail to behold the kindness and severity of God. I watched some video where the preacher was calling everyone false prophets who was proclaiming any kind of judgment. When I see this I wonder if they ever read their bibles. You can’t be in the scriptures and say something like that without at least qualifying it.

    I have watched some of this guy’s videos and he does get some revelation from God. He was not some guy stealing other peoples prophecies or making up prophecies or trips to heaven. After watching that video though, I remember having a prophetic revelation of my own. In what was like a flash vision I saw that he was set up for a fall. I don’t know what the fall in the vision meant other than I assume at a minimum they are going to be eating their words.

  7. Bro.Mario, I do not understand your responses to the two who ask about confronting Bethel about the very things mentioned in the article . The quote about putting more trust in a book they didn’t have than a Spirit they did have – that was a Bill Johnson quote. Did you confront him about it?

  8. He’s right! “Without a biblical foundation, you will have no way to judge prophetic words.” And, I’ve been asking believers to list the six basic teachings of Christ lately, but not one in dozens can do so or tell me anything significant about the foundational doctrines of Christ (read Hebrews5:12-6:3).

  9. True we don’t worship a book. However the Bible is a book designed to show us information about the character, the majesty, the holiness, the power, and mercy of God. The Bible is a historical document about the power of God through the ages. The Bible in many portions says THUS DECLARES THE LORD so indeed much of the Bible is what God declares to be his will. If it is his will, it comes from his Spirit and unchanging character. God’s words speak for itself. It is real. He never contradicts even in the case Abraham and Issac. Jesus was born from the line of Issac and the Pharisees were born of Abraham so Abraham in a way did kill Issac as it was commanded. Everything in the Bible points to Jesus, so why put God’s own word to the test? Nothing is above God and Jesus was, is, will always be the one with the largest portion of the Spirit since he was God in the flesh. There can be no excuse. The Bible is of more sound judgement than what you claim you know of God since that is God’s very account of himself. Will or not you say that a will can be superseded by a person of better understanding after they die since after all it has no value as a testimony of what they want to do? A king’s edict is his edict no matter what. Things are what the are, not a misconception. If you understand that a statement made by someone is that someone’s testimony, you do well. This post is my words typed and will you now say you know me better than what I tell you? You can not refute that I am writing this. If you cannot accept what I say to be words that I actually say, you mean to say that nothing can be real, delude yourself from reality, and break all sense of logic. When you deny that any written documents could have any merit, you deny not only the Bible but reality itself.

  10. Brother Mario,

    This is very power truth the Lord have given to you. What you said here in context to people blaming all kinds of things on the leading of the holy Spirit :

    “Here’s a typical conversation with one of these:

    “I am not just forgiven of the sins I have committed, and I am also forgiven in advance of the ones I will commit. Therefore, I never need to repent or confess my sin.”

    The number one Christian chat forum has many of these types . I moderate this site and it is a big issue.
    Biblical illiteracy, and this error you have pointed out powerfully, are I think what has caused the great falling away. You spoke some months ago on ” Dynamic Tension” , were you said about those who are overly focused on the coming of the Lord or He is not coming soon types . You said we have to live as if the Lord is coming today and have the patience of 1000 years. What a powerful, correct, and wise teaching.

    Jesus never changed the word of God He fulfilled the word or raise the word to a higher Standard in HIM. this is very evident in Matt 5:21-22 & verses 27-28
    Jesus said after quoting the Law said ” BUT I SAY TO YOU” Only Jesus could say this because He had all authority . When a Law is known it cannot be changed unless it is done by a higher LAW.

    example: the Law of Gravity is absolute what goes up must come down Unless you have the LAW of Flight which is higher law. Jesus is the only one who can raise the Standard of the Word of God And Jesus said inJohn 14 and 16 The Holy Spirit would speak His words and bring them to you too remember.

  11. Excellent word!!…..Oh God forgive us , we have sinned against you!!

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  12. You are Right on Point again..I believe that many Christians think the Enemy is not entrenched in the Churches..Wrong..He comes into the Camp all the time..His timing is canny..the Spirit of Jezebel thrives and disrupts. Along with the tolerance and passivity of the Church that has fallen to the Schemes of the Enemy, it has become the Tail and no longer the Head in their Communities that are desperately hungry for God’s Truth and solutions. It all starts with 2Chronicles 7:14, Strong Prayer Life, Shutting all Portals that the Enemy uses against you, and Learning all you can about the Godhead and your God given Identity. Gen.1:26., then Learn the 70 Functions of the Holy Spirit that will Lead You, Protect You, educate you, Convict You, Empower you etc. God always let the Holy Spirit loose when it came to Creating, making and Empowering Life. Most Churches and Believers couldn’t tell you much about Holy Spirit..make him your best friend. amen.

  13. We are told to test the spirits to see if they are of God or not…

    The only way we can do that is if we know God’s Word and the Precepts He has expressed in His Written Word…

    [“I am not just forgiven of the sins I have committed, and I am also forgiven in advance of the ones I will commit. Therefore, I never need to repent or confess my sin.”]

    I have an acquaintance that actually said this to me!

  14. After reading everyone’s posts I’m encouraged to see that so many agree with & comprehend along with Mario how defective and loosey goosey the “mainstream church culture” of today has become.
    In my experience it began its decent into doctrinal chaos regarding the absolute seal of The Holy Spirit to prove a person’s salvation, married with the bible for edification and instruction…it started with too much ‘Emerging Church’ teaching. Then theres the push for the ‘Emergent Church’, as most of these promote that there’s no more hell just go along with Rob Bell! Then there’s the postmodern bunch who pretty much throw out the entire biblical record for a new and improved version & end up calling it Universalism.
    However all this is to be expected according to AP Paul as he talked a lot about it to Timothy regarding last days results. These types will soon go the way of all flesh ending up captured within the Ecumenical One World Religion church of destruction being buried within the New World Order. The prophetic Clock is ticking to its countdown, yet since God is for us WHO can be against us?…and what can man do to me?

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