The therapist walked to the blackboard and drew a horizontal straight line.  He asked the patient “what does that make you think of?”  “Sex,” he replied.  Then the therapist drew a vertical straight line and asked again, “what does this make you think of?” Again, the patient answers, “sex.”  Finally, the therapist draws a circle and asks, “okay what about now?”  Once again, the answer was sex.

“I don’t need to go any further” said the therapist, “you’re obsessed with sex.”  Incensed, the patient replies, “Me?”  “You’re the one drawing all the dirty pictures!”

It was interesting how many thought I was drawing dirty pictures—claiming I said any Christian who disagrees with Trump hates him.  I never said that. 

It was equally remarkable to see how angry they got—how they took it so personally.

Some of the comments were hilarious.  “I am a believer, I don’t hate him. Even though he is a pathological liar, and a wolf.”  Other Christians cited the audio of Trump from 12 years ago as proof that he is evil.  Not even considering he might have changed.  Again, they add the disclaimer, “but I don’t hate him.”

But my favorite criticisms came from those who said:

-This is why young people won’t listen to us.

-The article is divisive to the Body of Christ.

-Stay out of politics.  No politician or party can be used of God.

Thank God they’re wrong about young people.  I hold nothing back and it just makes more of them show up.  I give them direct appeals and they come to Jesus.  It’s a canard to say youth don’t want to hear this.

What is divisive to one looks like God separating the sheep and the goats to another.  A core of believers is rising that is finished with the lukewarm church.  Lukewarm-ness is a good thing to be divided from.

If you think God can’t work through a political leader think again.  If you think politics has no place in spiritual warfare think again.  When the hard left took possession of the Democratic Party, the first thing they did was throw the church out.

Who changed traditional marriage?  Who champions—not only abortion—late-term abortion?  Who puts Christian bakers out of business?  Who is ignores MS-13 because they are immigrants?  Who espouses bans on prayer, conservative speakers on campus, confiscation of guns, makes “F—Trump! a mantra” a statement, one Democratic columnist said, “was worthy of the Pulitzer Prize.”

We have never faced such a hate-filled mob of media elites, Hollywood hypocrites, and God-hating extremists—hell-bent on crushing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America.

Stop living in the past.  The day of civil discourse from the left is long gone.  Journalism is dead.

I know saying this will make heads explode: but in all this madness of globalism, and George Soros-funded tyranny, Trump is a momentary reprieve from God—an imperfect vessel notwithstanding.  He is a stop-gap buying time for the church to act.  And it’s disastrous for the church to ignore it.  If nothing else, he defeated Hillary Clinton.

Never mind the dinky stuff.  Look at the policies and the laws he is undoing and the ones he prevents—laws and policies that would muzzle the church and will build a godless nation for your children and grandchildren.  Trump is a firewall.

When you say that God can’t use politicians you are saying only the devil can.   

God’s catalysts can come in strange packages…ranging from the bizarre, to the coarse.  Samson, Saul of Tarsus, and even General Patton come to mind.  Often, they offended sensibilities, barged in where others feared to go.

The devil has the American church groggy on the goodness of God without the needed balance of the holiness of God—holiness that leads to authority—authority to rise and tear down cultural strongholds of Satan through moral awakening.

Trumps is buying us time.  Seizing the time?  Well, that’s our job.

41 thoughts on “I NEVER SAID THAT

  1. Brother Mario,

    I READ EVERYONE OF YOUR POSTS and thank God that you are a VOICE to the church, which often seems asleep…but your voice is a clarion call to awaken!

    Thank God for our POTUS and thank you for your support of God’s man for such a time as this. Every believer should be on their knees thanking God for President Trump and the reprieve God has given to us. He is so merciful!!!

    God bless you always dear brother!

    Paul Spuler
    [Inline image 1]
    1105 High Street
    Burlington, NJ 08016

    “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36

  2. Excellent, Mario. We see it all the time on facebook and other places. The vile things they say against President Trump and his supporters, and in the same breath, claim to be Christians, even using profanity to do it. It boggles the mind. Where is their sense of holiness? How can they claim to walk with God and refuse to extend Grace? Yet, they expect to be forgiven for their sins. I do not know what Bible these people read.

  3. Exactly right on!!! What Bible are they reading when they try to undermine the God appointed for such a time as this …praise God for his fortitude and forthrightness to defend and secure the rights of God worshipping Christians …let’s follow the colors God has given us and take the high ground for the holiness of God and His Kingdom plan …that dispels religious spirits and brings truth to the forefront
    As we keep Pres Trump in prayer we must be watchmen on the wall …as good soldiers of Jesus Christ

  4. I love your political posts and they are very encouraging! I think it is very important what Christians believe concerning politics. It is obvious that God raised Donald Trump up to protect the Christian values in our nation. It is sad when Christians don’t get it and even persecute the one God sent to help us! Donald Trump is an answer to our prayers for the nation! Thank you for your articles because I enjoy reading them! Sandy, McDonough, GA

    1. I do no think President trump was raised up to protect ” Christian values” at all. Trump is fighting a battles we did not have the courage to do. This battle started in the 60’s but really took root in the 80’s . About the time Christian TV took off . we sent money and stopped serving. we jumped from church event to church event. all show no action. we stood by as they told us they would bring GAY marriage. we stood by as the took the civil rights narrative and used it falsely in normalizing a sexual preference /life style. WE stood by as they taught it to our children and pushed men out of the homes. POTUS Trump is fighting a spiritual battle in the flesh. HE is not even aware how much God is the one doing this. NOR does the world. This is the only reason why POTUS Trump will not be moved YET!. The Body of Christ is 1. lazy still 2. biblically illiterate. And we are squandering this time of Grace. why? because yet again $$$$$$$$. we are fat and need of nothing . time for all to read Malachi four chapter. The Priest were the ones who robbed God , they sacrificed the lame , blind , and sick to the Living God. Wake up! God is going to rub our faces with the “refused” “peresh” or ga’al’ polluted the dung that we have gave to the Lord. as it was said If we are not going to defend the word of God when it is unpopular , we will not doing when it is illegal . … pray people , fight and Stand

      1. Joseph, sadly… Amen… (I posted your comment on my Facebook, withholding your name, Here’s me post comment…

        Well, that was a rough, truthful and to the point read… I have to admit I was one who bought into the right here right now, imminent return of Our Lord. One who gave no thought to the long term, the long war, instead of the quick battle and victorious church.

        Settled on our lees and setting the children of the King’s teeth on edge…

        Now I am old and basically squandered my life looking for that right now “fix”… Broken: spiritually, fiscally and otherwise…

        And, the youth no longer have the testimony, the history, the providence to cheer them on…

        How do you quit you like men, when you can barely place your sword to fall on it?

  5. Christian’s should be running every thing, especially politic’s and the government, nothing in this country should be out side there control and established on the word of God and prayer.

  6. You are bang on, Mario! President Trump is God’s anointed one whom He has empowered and raised up for such a time as this, just like He raised up King Cyrus and Queen Esther! I pray that the church will take advantage of the time given to us!

  7. I so appreciate your standing up and speaking truth. I too, often wonder what Bible some Christians are reading and do they not recognize the dealings of the Lord and his mercy on our nation? If we allow God to deal with us individually, we will recognize his hand in greater arenas. Thank you Mario for standing up for POTUS as well as the Christians who support him.

  8. “-Stay out of politics. No politician or party can be used of God.”

    Exactly the attitude that gave us barak hussein obama for eight years, leagues of federal judges, appointed for life, that hate Christians, and all things Constitutional…

    Thank you for calling them out on it.

  9. Yeh Trump is awesome!!!…..Hes Gods man for this country right now!!!!!! Mario you are awesome to…..Our God is awesome!!!

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  10. Well said as usual! It makes me angry to see the dishonour for President Trump who did not need to take the job & leave the good life he had to help the people of America. He is standing for so much more than apparently these so called Christians can figure out. My goodness I live in Canada where our Prime Minister is the laughing stock of the world because he is so weak. He is a puppet for Obama & his band of thieves (you don’t have to be super spiritual to see that) & he is wrecking our country. He is going against anything remotely moral & of course Christian. I would love to have a man that is bold & courageous like President Trump leading our nation. I pray for him every day as right now he is the only hope Canada has (in the natural). He can teach our young, dumb PM a thing or two! I bless President Trump & his beautiful wife!

  11. Thank you Mario, keep speaking out! Awesome word! I pray that ministers who have self imposed muzzles on free speech in the pulpits will wake up! It’s a different time we’re living in. Time is short, we must speak out!

  12. I am from the U.K. and am so grateful that you are speaking out. We need a voice like yours to speak out in the U.K. The same ungodly thing is going on here due to this politically correct agenda. God bless you and I pray that your voice be a catylist to give others the courage to speak out. Thank you🙏🙌🏻

  13. As a christian I still dont understand the seeming infatuation that some purported christians (especially in California) had with either Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I dont think it helped either that pastors in California not only did not want to suggest they supported Trump, but could offer seemingly no convincing argument for staying away from Hillary and Bernie. I believe God really blessed you Mario and gave you more than you realize when you went to Berkeley so many years ago and started to win souls. Yes, souls were the prize, but, God let you see into the future of America and prepared you for such a time as this ….to face the dreadful socialistic godless Obama years, and the rebound years with Trump….your past experience at Berkeley has qualified you to be nearly the only clear clarion call to the christian church today to wake up and seize our moment. You speak the truth in love, and what more attractive is there than that? What is more needful than that right now in America?

  14. Dear Dynamic Mario,
    you are always RIGHT ON in what you hear from the Lord, and how you tell it like it is.
    You are such a mighty warrior on the front lines. Thank you. !!

  15. ABSOLUTELY!…Mario gets the BIG picture.
    It is ‘time’ for Christians to ENGAGE. The notion that “politics” are not for Christ’s people to be involved in or a part of is ludicrous, or at best an uninformed position to take.
    The very word “politic” expresses the need for involvement by enlightened born again Christ following people to engage in. POLITICS; definition; (of an action) seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances: the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, the assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere, theory, or thing, (to engage in).
    Where in all that defined terminology, do we has bright clear subjects of the Kingdom of Christ not understand that politics & politicians must not be ignored
    by us? God our Father did not create us to stick our heads in the sand.
    We must ENGAGE or end up outraged.

  16. I pray for ALL my brothers and sisters whatever their ministry gifts are who use Biblical Scriptural Wisdom (believe me I pray for those who do NOT also!) and you can count yourself on that list. It is refreshing to see wisdom when someone is talking about the influence of our Heavenly Father in the Political arena. Like you stated in so many words, “God Almighty can use ANYONE He so chooses too” and if there is any doubt then for goodness (and spiritual wisdom sake) read your BIBLE!!!! God bless you as you continue to serve the Lord and all of us!!!! — Pastor Roland Ledoux

  17. Amen, if we who call ourselves Christians would stop judging and criticizing our leadership, and do what we are supposed to do, “pursue love” we could change the atmosphere of this great country. Many churches are lukewarm, only interested in how they look and follow a man-made agenda. I believe there is a remnant of believers that hunger after what God the Father wants. I just left a church that believes it is more important to look right, then to actually be right. It breaks my heart. President Trump, may not be as perfect as some have said, but neither are any of us. At least he is trying to do something that honors God. He doesn’t just sit on the bleachers pointing out everyone else’s faults, he is putting his hands and back into doing something to bring blessings and love back into this country. Maybe instead of criticizing and judging, we should be lifting him up in prayer.

  18. Amen!!!! The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion! Prov. 28:1 Thank you for speaking the truth boldly!! We need more righteous people to do the same!!!

  19. Well said and it’s amazing how many are still seeing through a glass clouded with the information funneled to them from blinded leaders and the msm. 😥

  20. If Hillary had won the spiritual atmosphere over the USA would have been appalling. Discerning Christians felt how enraged Satan was when Hillary lost. It didn’t take long before we could feel the positive change in the spirit after Trump took office. We need to use our discernment, not be led aroubnd by the nose by the fake news media. We need to take advantage of it NOW while we have this reprieve. We need to go ALL OUT, like going door-to-door like the JWs. Going out in twos was how Jesus sent them, so if you have a hunger for souls and can find someone else who does too, we desperately need to move NOW! To move now means more Christians who will vote for Godly values in coming elections, which could make all the difference in what direction our nation goes in. To not go out means you do nothing, like the son in Mattew 21 who SAID he would go help his father with the harvest but then didn’t.

  21. I SO agree with you Pastor Mario. I compare it to this…you will know what your people are saying about or think of you by what their kids say about you. In the case of Christians and President Trump…you can tell what news they are watching, listening to, believing, by their responses toward President Trump and his supporters…time for us to come together! Blessings!!!

  22. God is love. So as ambassadors on earth we should represent love. God is judge.
    1 John 4:7-20, especially 20.
    Isaiah 55:11 his thoughts above ours, Washington. Way. way above ours, heavenly not earthly.
    30+ years God couldn’t find another actor from California to run for president like
    Ronald Reagan. Our greatest president. Since then look what has happened there.
    1:2 tim Pray for Trump and California.

  23. Sanctimonious Christians not accepting the fact that because they walk in the flesh they have allowed Satan to take over!
    Thank you Brother Murillo for for speaking up.
    God bless you and our President.

  24. Thanks 💝Mario!! I am totally in agreement with you! We need to be praying for our leaders! Especially,our President Trump! I am so happy ☺Hillary Rodham Clinton lost! All Christians should be thrilled with Trump!! He is the most pro-life, pro-Christian President we have ever had! Even better than Ronald Reagan!

  25. How many men talked locker room junk when they were young? How many men cheated on their wives or girlfriends? Too many to count I’m sure. And yes people change, repent and go on with their lives lessen learned.

  26. Exactly! Well said. I don’t know hope Good feels about the Christians cursing Trump but I know hope he felt about pharisees…brood of vipers. God absolutely cares about our governmental leaders. He is not just in control of the church mountain. Keep on preaching!

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