We face a new kind of evil.  We have never faced a threat like this before.  That is why God is creating special kinds of people to be used in special kinds of ways.  What do these people look like?

We picture bold, assertive, natural born leaders taking the stage.  We assume the Holy Spirit would instill great confidence and audacity in those He has selected for special service.

In fact, the opposite is true.  He inflicts those He chooses with deep frustrations.  They are restless, they are weakened by confusing emotions.  Often, they don’t feel very spiritual at all.  The greatest gift He gives them is a desperate hunger.

In fact, your deep frustrations are a sign that God is going to use you mightily…because they create desperate hunger.

Yes, desperate hunger is a great gift.  Although, when you first get it, you will be convinced you are being punished not blessed.

Jesus said “blessed are those who hunger and thirst…”  It seems a contradictory statement but a closer look reveals eternal wisdom.  

God is carving out your soul to create a greater capacity for His power.  You are getting desperate for something—your appetite for that one thing is increasing.  It seems cruel but it makes perfect sense: God wants you to want something you can’t have.  It is in the not having it, that your desire intensifies.

The Bible says, “But to Hannah he would give a double portion, for he loved Hannah, although the Lord had closed her womb. And her rival also provoked her severely, to make her miserable, because the Lord had closed her womb.” -1 Samuel 1:5,6

Look at that!  God is creating unbearable frustration.  But, by depriving her of children, it increased two things in her soul: Her willingness to sacrifice and her appreciation for the blessings when they come.  In other words, she will be an amazing example of willingness and appreciation.

God didn’t want Hannah to get over wanting Children.  He wanted her to yearn for them even more.  The end result is one of the most powerful women in history—the mother of Samuel the prophet.  In Jewish tradition, Samuel is second only to Moses as a prophet.

Hannah’s total reward often goes unnoticed.  True, she surrendered her first born to God but it says in 1 Samuel 2: 21 And the Lord visited Hannah, so that she conceived and bore three sons and two daughters. Meanwhile the child Samuel grew before the Lord.”

It was Elisha’s insatiable hunger for the anointing that made him ask for a double portion from Elijah.   Many, of today’s leaders ask for just enough to get by.  They will never destroy the strongholds of Satan.  They fold at the first sign of resistance.  Not so, the vessel born of desperate hunger.  When they finally get their chance, they will never stop, and they will never corrupt their God-given stewardship.  Your frustration and desperate hunger is qualifying you for something astounding.

All of this is well and good but it is not a great comfort when you are in the depths of frustration.  Desperate hunger from God can test us to the maximum.  We look for signs that our hunger will be fulfilled.  We yearn for proof that we will not die from disappointment.  Well beloved, the proof is right under our nose.  In fact, the hunger itself is the proof of the fulfillment.

Jesus said, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”-Matthew 5:5  In other words, if you hunger, you are blessed because that is the proof you shall be filled.

Alexander MacLaren the great Bible Commentator said this, “that hunger is the sure precursor and infallible prophet of the coming satisfaction.”


  1. I don’t think you’ve ever posted something that spoke so much hopefulness to my soul…

    I have wanted to minister practically all my life. But, I’ve always been a man set apart, different…

    Thwarted by church politics and duplicitous pastors. All but giving up hope. And, as Paul wrote despair to the point of sensing the sentence of death.

    Only a little spark exists, and although I have many times thought to save money and give up my site name, I never quite could.

    I hope this really was for me, as well as others.

    Albany, GA

  2. Amen brother right again, not something you like very well in this passive, practical and not spiritual world of suppose to be preacher’s, sometime’s I just want to be Babtist again just for a little while. God Bless You Brother

    1. Roger, I read your comment to my husband. We have often said the same thing 😄; but, as John says, “just one Sunday on that pew would fix that!” Hang in there, brother!

  3. Thanks again for the good word. Many of us understand and live exactly what you just wrote. The sad thing is to be around those with no appetite for God’s presence. Religion and the doctrines of man have dimmed so many hearts. But God is further stirring up those who refuse to be stopped!

  4. Mario and bloggers, your deep words of encouragement reminded me of Abraham & barren Sarah who birthed Issac along with many nations, and Manoah and his barren wife who birthed Samson the last Judge of Israel. Both these families were well into their elder years and their hunger for God’s righteousness and productiveness was well evident. Like Hannah, these gracious elders had come to know, the privation of their hearts desire through years and years of youth passing them by they came to know feelings of weakness, coupled with a sense of hopelessness. My belief is that there is a silent majority alive, anointed and able today with similar yearnings, I recently spoke to them here… I hope this helps:

    1. I’m thinking that God does not test us.Always told that the Devil tempts, and tests us. Then God’s grace helps us get through it, by faith we overcome.

  5. Mario,
    My frustration is with all the political mess going on in America!! What’s happening with Judge Kavanaugh is ticking me off!! For some reason I can’t seem to put it in God’s hands and fully trust him!! The lies and deception makes me very angry!!! Truth has absolutely no meaning in this country anymore!!! To be honest I’m struggling with loving the unlovable!! Thank you for your words of encouragement!!

  6. Thank you Pastor. I, too, am so frustrated with all that is going on in CANADA. I hate what the enemy is doing and all the unrighteousness in our land. Your message is encouraging.

  7. Thanks Brother Mario, as always, great word. I am convinced that in this day God is not looking for men of renown, but rather a group of Gideons. People who understand that only God can do the impossible, and through Him, live the impossible dream. With God all things are possible if we just dare to believe it.

  8. Mario… as always… you spoke truth from God and from his Word… and you spoke my heart… this is where I live… Kim Clement always said.. to be a prophet of God is to live… dissatisfied. ❤

  9. My family has been standing and believing for years. This word spoke to our hearts as we wait for God to do what only he can do. Thank you.

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