Why are they God’s secret weapon?   The answer lies in what happens when a nation gorges on sin.  Nothing can protect the sin sick soul from disgust, nausea, and the unholy hangover.
A convicted heart can reach the point where a slick church concert, outfitted with lights and fog, or a canned motivational spiel, can repulse them, just as much as the sin they are trying to escape.
A soul soaked in the sludge of our time, can yearn to collapse at a simple wooden altar, sob deep tears of remorse, and welcome the warm hand of a true pastor on their shoulder.
How can a small church be God’s secret weapon? I discovered how when I read something about the birth of Christ.  Matthew Henry said, “If the Son of God must be brought into the world, one might justly expect that he should be received with all the ceremony possible, that crowns and scepters should immediately have been laid at his feet, and that the high and mighty princes of the world should have been his humble servants; such a Messiah as this the Jews expected, but we see none of all this; he came into the world, and the world knew him not; nay, he came to his own, and his own received him not.”
It was a token of their sin that the Jews believed such lavish pomp and circumstance would greet the birth of Jesus.  Are we no less wicked when we assume revival will be born  on gleaming campuses, amid varied enticements, extracted from the wisdom of fast food marketing?
We can miss the birth of an awakening just as much as they missed the birth of Christ.   America has many forgotten Bethlehems.  There are many hidden Mangers where revival can, and will be born.

Why the small church?  Maybe because a special brokenness dwells there.  Think of the couples who faithfully lead undersized churches. They have done all they know to do.  They have been called fools for passing on the gimmicks that might have grown their crowd.  They watched families leave them for the greener pastures of regional churches.
Sunday after Sunday, they sigh. and once again call up the courage to lead their people with integrity and patience.  They pray and see no great change.  However, God has shown me that when they least expect it the fire will fall.  A supernatural signal will go out.   And because they know no one but God did it they will leave their hand off of moving of the Holy Spirit.
Revival can come to any size church.  There is nothing wrong with a big church that got big the right way, and for the right reason.  And no church will stay small in revival.
Why is a small church God’s secret weapon?  Because it is the last thing Satan expects.  Even though he reads this, he will still be totally unprepared.



    1. I’ve watched the efforts and successes of “Simple Church” for years now, here’s the link…
      In home up close & personal gatherings in the Name of Lord Jesus – BEAUTIFUL,
      This is the primitive beginning church pattern and it is precious. Mario is right in God’s economy small is vital and valid, just ponder the effects of Father God’s creation of the tiny atom, when fission is maintained ultimately reaches critical mass. Now that’s power!🤓

  1. The brokenness and humility, to bow before the living God, because of who he is, with honor and respect, wanting him more than any thing else, even more than your next breath, those are the one’s who will get God’s attention and see God move in a mighty way, way to much look at me, and we should be bowing to him. God Bless brother.

  2. We need to rethink our idea of church. Form should follow function. The function of the church is to move out. Keep in the back of your head that where any two or three gather in His name, God is with them. Then think, our purpose is reaching the lost and personal discipleship. (May His kingdom come and will be done in our own lives and others’ lives.) Do you need a large building? Does a large building maybe just hamper a lot of your efforts? We weren’t meant to come together to a stagnant place. We were meant to move out. Think river, not swamp.

  3. Love this. I always preferred a smaller church and you have explained why perfectly. Have seen God move so mightily in a small committed group of believers. Thank you brother Mario. The church needs to hear this.

  4. “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:11-13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

  5. Too many churches must get group A in and out quickly so group B and then Group C can be brought in. Worship has become a concert attended by spectators, not worshippers. After the sermon is completed, if the Spirit is to move, it is not spontaneous, you must meet the prayer volunteers in Room G down the left hallway because the next service must begin on time. Rinse, repeat. Thank God for the small churches where time can be suspended until a human in a desperate spiritual or physical cindition can remain with loving pastors and church members for as long as it takes to have a heavenly intervention in their lives. By the way, I refuse to attend a place where the people are expected to watch a pastor who lives in some other city on a big screen as though they are at the movies. Where is the opportunity for the gifts of the Spirit to move as the pastor comes under the anointing to reveal some work of Satan against someone in attendance? America has settled for less today. The mechanical has replaced live, powerful, anointed, one on one, hands on, Spirit anointed ministry. God send us a Holy Ghost revival.

    1. In our church we have to put “our toes on the line”. Why I’m still there is because of the wonderful saints I associate with. I never go forward unless there is already a crowd up there, and I can slip out when I’m finished praying. (Only one line, none in back).

  6. I was saved in sept of 1995 in a small church and Jesus was the center of everything.
    I was backslidden and a drug addict at 27 years old when I was witnessed to and invited to the service which was in the pastor’s garage😊.
    I was taught how to pray, study my bible, give, witness, worship, be a husband and father.
    In that church, gladly attending three services a week, I learned how to serve God and put God first.
    I learned by watching my pastor how to be a faithful man of God and how to treat my wife and kids and neighbor.
    I was introduced to ministry opportunities that honestly I was not qualified talentwise for.
    I was thrilled to go to church bible studies,revival meetings,prayer meetings and outreaches,corporate fasting.
    I never will forget those formative years of fellowship and learning how to make choices to seek the kingdom first.
    Before I cast the one-eyed demon(my tv) out of my home (I just got mad at it because my eyes were opened to the worlds agenda and the filth and infuence it had on my kids and how lazy I would be watching star trek🖖 and the news🙄)
    I remember Mario was on TBN armed and dangerous,I would set my alarm to get up at 1:00 am watch him then go back to bed get up and pray at 5:00 am and read the notes I took from the show then go to work.
    I had a radicle conversion experience.
    My friends in the church were mostly similar to me.
    We had revival!
    We would street preach and go to the drug houses or bars in town to harass the dope fiends and alcoholics to drag them to church.
    God help us to return to our first Love and God help me as I choose revival again!
    I remember my first worship album it drew me to become the worship leader in the church.

    Live Worship With Morris Chapman:

  7. Yes,that is the Word from the Holy Spirit.
    Those kind of small churches ,and housechurches. Praise God for the Mighty Work He is going to do! The Move is on!!!

    1. Pastor Mario , thank you for the encouraging words. “Hearts of Prayer” , speaking and declaring total health to your spine, we “eat” the scroll and pray the Bible. GOD bless and you staff.

  8. Small churches have staying power, they have learned how to wait on God and how to pursue him. So happy to hear that God has not forgotten about us.

  9. Thanks Mario for this encouraging word! Many key intercessors here in San Francisco have been forced to flee because of the prohibitive cost of living. Your message today encourages me to continue to contend for revival here in our beautiful City!

  10. A small church on fire for the Lord is mighty. A large dead church is detrimental to Christianity and leads many astray. I am so thankful that since your ministry in Martinez had to close that the Lord has lead me to a small church on fire for the Lord.

  11. What is a small church? This is not a trick question but I’m not sure. I’m thinking under 5000 or 1000, or even smaller. Thank you for your response.

  12. Masters Gateway in Milano Texas is one of the most filled Church of love that I have ever known. THe Holy Spirit is always present to do Gods work.

  13. Agreed. No one church is any greater than another. Each church has a purpose and God is cleaning up His bride. He’s fed and clothed is over the years, now He will use us wherever/however He needs to get the job done. Small churches have become an artifact in the landscape that we see in folk-art paintings. I believe God wants to change that. Revival starts where you are not where you were. Revival is a choice.

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