Gentle reader, Trump will not be impeached.  CNN is drooling, but it’s in vain because no campaign money was used illegally.  That said, let’s get to the heart of this blog.  Why do they hate him?  I don’t mean just leftists…I also mean Republicans.  The secret to this is found in—of all places—the story of Lazarus.

Except for a few Republicans with convictions, there really is no difference between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.  You can see it in the ongoing reluctance of Republicans to defend Trump.

Washington looks like there are two distinct world views colliding.  But conservative and liberal are mostly labels for show.  There is something deeper going on here.

Why is Trump so hated?  They don’t hate him because of Stormy Daniels, Omarosa, or because they think he is a racist, or because of his tweets.  It is a much darker motivation.

God used my devotions and reading of John 11—the story of Lazarus—to fully open my eyes.  When this understanding came to me, my burden for our president intensified.  I knew I had to write this to you so that we could agree together for his safety and for this evil to be exposed.

See if you see anything illuminating in these verses:

John 11: 45 Then many of the Jews who had come to Mary, and had seen the things Jesus did, believed in Him. 46 But some of them went away to the Pharisees and told them the things Jesus did. 47 Then the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered a council and said, “What shall we do? For this Man works many signs. 48 If we let Him alone like this, everyone will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and nation.”  Do you see it?

Notice this phrase: “the Romans will come and take away both our place and nation.”  Their first concern was for their place, not the nation.  That is exactly what is happening in Washington.  They are more concerned about keeping their place than helping the nation.

That dear friend, is what both Democrats and Republicans are doing—they are fighting to keep their place.  Not just in Congress but at the FBI, IRS and many other power centers.  All of these groups wanted Hillary to win, because she was the queen of the swamp.


Right now you have the proof.  Jeff Sessions has the power to end the witch hunt against Trump but he won’t.  Mueller’s abuse of power should be called into account but it won’t be.  Hillary should be in jail.  Obama and his cohorts should be indicted.  None of it happens because the politicians must keep their place.

Trump wants to do what works and what is best for America regardless of what side it offends and threatens.  It’s called pragmatism.  What enrages them is that it’s working.  He is winning, and winning, and they are sick of his winning.

Once upon a time, a famous preacher and a famous atheist agreed to hold debates across the country.  They didn’t tell the audience it was just a money making scheme.  They publicly attacked each—took offerings for their causes—and at the end of the night they split the take.  That is also what is happening in Washington.

-Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for no reason.  Now Trump has brought North and South Korea together.  Do you think he will get the Nobel Prize for brokering the most amazing peace since Teddy Roosevelt?  Never.  Not even his own party will campaign for that.

Unemployment is at 3.9%.  It is the lowest among blacks and Latinos in recent memory.  His approval among likely voters is 51%.  Do you think Trump will be praised?  Never.

If you as a Christian can’t see the victories Trump is handing the church to have our voices heard, then you are blind.  The next miracle is to get our government back and and see true revival.  Trump is a bridge to all of that.  The hand of God is upon him.

It is time to bombard heaven for the deep state to be exposed.  We need to seek God like never before for special protection on Trump, Melania, the children, and the faithful few left in our government.  Ask big. Ask now

Ephesians 3: 20  “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”


  1. amen it’s about power and position even in the Church, they don’t want to give up control power and money, it’s all self, even the Church will not surrender to the Holy Spirit because they like being in control, and preaching a prosperity Gospel, Jezebel every where. John K. gave a word on it last night. God Bless brother

  2. The love of money is the root of all evil. Good words Mario, but I believe it goes deeper. Most of the dems and repubs have no idea how to make money legally. Mr Trump is a shining example of free enterprise and for this they hate him.

  3. Thank you, and so true. This is the verse I live for now: “And I sought for a man among them that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” Ez. 22:30. I am doing what I can to stand in the gap, and I believe millions of others are too. Prayer for our president and nation are top priority. Hell is waiting if we don’t.

  4. THANK YOU Mario, for reminding us of what was quoted in John 11:45,46.
    How grotesquely, unimaginably depraved those were, who had just witnessed in person the miraculous, supercharged event that Jesus had just accomplished in raising Lazarus from decaying death. Remember they told Jesus when He was about to raise him how it had been several days, “By now he stinketh!” No-one could believe there was any hope left for Lazarus but they followed Jesus instructions… yet those Jewish men who ran to the Pharisees were depraved enough in their souls, to want to protect their meager positions instead of shouting from the roof tops the glory of God. Mario, your parallel relating their’ place & nation ‘ is profound.

  5. I completely agree with Mario about President Trump.

    I have something to share. Our neighbor just came over and told us their son just got healed of colon cancer! He had four tumors on his liver and one on his lymph node near an artery. The diagnosis looked grim. A visiting pastor at his church asked if anyone needed healing. He got prayed for, went back to the doctor that week, and the tumors were all gone!

  6. Oh yes, and indeed, he is even like Lazarus rising from the dead. Who would EVER have thought that this man, of all people, would be what he has become? There are so many miracles attached to this it’s almost unbelievable. I’m constantly amazed at the number of CHRISTIANS who voted for, and would happily vote for again, Hilary. If there was any proof of the great deception of the last days, this is it, hands down. We are praying for him, lifting him up , along with VP Pence and both families, for strength, grace, safety, for no weapons of any kind or accusations (words) to prosper; for every one who rises up against to fall. What is happening right now and what we as the Body are involved in is truly of Biblical proportions. Our God is an AWESOME God.

    1. Amen; God qualifies the chosen, He doesn’t chose the qualified. (per Kat Kerr and Mark Taylor) Yes, God is an awesome and wonderful God; “The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is Mighty!”

  7. Praise GOD! I agree with all you have written and I also pray daily for wisdom, strength and protection for our President, VP and all their loved ones. GOD has given us (The Body of CHRIST) this man to see HIS purposes accomplished in and through this nation. I pray the Church will wake up and take the 7 mountains of influence back from the devil. The earth is The LORD’S and the fullness there of. Continue to speak the Truth and may the whole earth be filled with the Glory of The LORD!!! Blessings sent to you and your ministry.

  8. Thank you Mr Marillo. I have confidence these ppl will end up, eventually, charged & in prison for their crimes. Sometimes the wheel of justice moves slower than we want. Also, I wanted to tell you Mark Chironna has a similar hearts cry, concerning the church & its destination. Am glad several trumpets are sounding.
    God Bless & continued restoration!


  10. I don’t hate the President but I do believe strongly that he is destructive to our country and to the church. Mario, you comments leave out the fact of why he paid the money, to silence women about affairs he was having. This is not a man that you, as a man of God, should be giving support and comfort to. The world looks at the church and at pastors like you and sees the ugly face of hypocrisy. If Trump was a liberal or a democrat you would be all over him for how, by his words and actions, he was disgracing the office of the president and our country. Because you like his politics, all of that is forgotten. That, my friend, is hypocrisy.

    1. You are digging up his past and the time before I believe he made a change in his life. What I said was factually correct. He would have to have used campaign money for it to be an impeachable offense. That was all I referred to. BTW…shall we dig up your past coach? He that is without sin casting the first stone is, in my opinion the hypocrites…his politics? shall we work with the Democrats, who at every point attack our faith? If the alternative is sitting on the bench coach, or siding with late term abortion? Hypocrisy?

      1. Well put, Mario. There’s too much turmoil among Christians, and I do use the term, lightly. Many so called believers will not admit to it, but they are die heart Hillary, and Obama followers. They have been blinded by their rhetoric, and because of lack of spiritual values, have succumbed to the lies of the enemy. These ones will answer to the Lord, sooner or later. Blessings.

    2. Hey, coach. We did not vote for a pastor, nor a poster boy. We voted for him because of his policies, which you have to admit, are helping this country. You want a pastor? Go to your church. Now. Give us an example as to how is destroying our country. Don’t be vague. Give us sound proof of what he has done to bring our country down.

    3. Did Almighty God send you to judge our president? Are you free from sin in word, thought, deed and motive? Did we vote in a preacher? No, we voted in a man who will protect our nation, drain the swamp, and get back the respect from the rest of the world. There has been NO president EVER without fault or without sin. God loves Donald J. Trump and according to Romans 13, He put him in office. To fight agains Donald J. Trump is to fight agains God. That’s serious.

  11. I am a Canadian who supports your president. I firmly believe he has been raised up by God. I agree with Mr. Murrilo!

  12. I’ve believed since day one that Trump is in the perfect will of God for America!!
    Praying for our Nation and President Trump!!

  13. I continue to stand with you Mario. I believe very much that God put President Trump in office and pray the confused misguided Christians will yet see the light and vote appropriately in the upcoming elections. I pray that justice will yet be met in our nation. And of course pray for president trump and his family and Mike pence and his family.
    May the Lord continue to use you Mario as He has always done.

  14. We need to pray for our leadership. I pray for President Trump just like I prayed for President Obama and so on. The heart of the President is like rivers of water in the hand of the Lord. He turns it where He wishes.

    As for revival, ultimately our life comes from God … not man. We, the church, don’t need to wait on anyone. God is waiting on us. An interesting historical note we should remember is that America’s revolution happened AFTER the First Great Awakening. We will get our government back AFTER we return to God.

  15. I certainly agree that the vast majority of politicians in office are not there for the people. There is so much corruption and I believe even those who enter congress and have a true desire to help are corrupted by the many who have been there for far too long. Those who are newly elected find that it is all one big game involving the lives of the American people. I do admire Trump for not playing that game for the most part. He is making good on some important promises he made while campaigning. I think he has made some real strides, especially related to jobs and the economy.Too many are ignoring that fact and that includes most media. I can’t say I approve of the tweets, the name calling or some of the things he says. As far as the past, I’m not sure if he has changed his views or has true remorse regarding any sexual affairs, things he has said about women, views on abortion or anything else. I certainly hope so, for both him, his family and his country. I didn’t consider Hillary Clinton a choice and haven’t for so many years. One thing that led to the election of Trump was the disgust and loss of patience by so many with the same policies and having no one on the side of Americans. I am beyond tired of the information poring out of so many news sources. It is laughable and not believable. It’s quite sad that so many understand so little.

  16. Oh yeah … I’ve got two more testimonies. One of my past pastors who was blind for fourteen years from macular degeneration just got healed last week. He has no more macular degeneration. He can see again!

    Another friend of ours last week had a left-sided blockage in her heart that was going to require a heart procedure. She asked for prayer over Facebook. While performing the procedure the doctors found no blockage! It was gone! (For all of you that live in health conscious communities that don’t see a lot of heart disease … that doesn’t just happen by normal earthly means. 😀) She said her chest pains were gone and she had more energy than she had had for months.

  17. Wow! That is really good and it proves that the witchcraft spirits are operating, have been operating and God has known about it…..nothing gets past Him. That being said, since when has our God needed a majority? Not saying that a majority is what “we” need but….God voted in the last election and He played His Trump card because He has had this planned from the beginning. Hallelujah! But I do totally agree with you Bro. Mario and I was shown who to vote for and why by the Father. I’m so glad! I continue to pray for our wonderful President and true leader who has been anointed and appointed for such a time as this and I will continue to pray for him, his family and the other true authorities that are in his administration and for Our Father’s Kingdom to come, His will be done on this earth as it is in heaven and no devil in hell or anywhere on this earth will be able to prevail against Jesus Christ and His Church!!!!!!

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