By now you have heard or seen the video of Lance Wallnau relating the prophetic warning given to Evangelical leaders by Trump.  Trump’s description of the left’s hate for the church, and the plans they have for us after the November midterms are hair-raising.

One of the dumbest things anyone has ever said to me was, “have faith Mario, we got this.”  Those words embody everything that is wrong with the American church’s condition near the November midterm elections.  It oozes entitlement.  It drips with denial.  It’s faith without works and it is dead. It is a recipe for disaster.

Look at me: If the election were held today, Republicans would lose the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate.  Everything Trump has done for the rights of Christians—the ones Obama removed—would be removed again.  On top of that, the most oppressive laws you can imagine would flood American churches from Washington.

Mueller’s investigation would look like a picnic compared to the tidal wave of investigations the left would undertake.

Thugs would be emboldened to physically attack conservatives and Christians.  Social media would tear off its mask and fully censor the church.

Right now, Trump and his family are facing hatred that is unimaginable.  They hate him because of the long list of things he has done to protect your church.  That’s because the left hates you. Hello?

Are you still holding on to the grudge of what the man was 10 years ago?  Shame on you!

And what has the church done to repay Trump for his nameless, daily agony on our behalf?  We reward him with apathy, ingratitude and ignorance.  My friend, we are about to pay an incalculable price for our warped view of this hour.


Don’t be one of those who rejects my warning because you can’t imagine it.  Here’s something you can imagine: California.  Do you honestly believe many pastors will get in their pulpits in California and tell their people to vote Republican?  Of course not.

To those of you that still hold to the fantasy that “we got this,” let me ask you this: Do you see many Pastors at all telling their congregations to vote Republican?  Do you see the popular leaders of the Body of Christ unified behind stopping the left’s agenda?

Satan has seduced many preachers who lead empires and independent kingdoms. They—at this hour—will not unify to speak to the nation as one voice.  They can’t afford to offend for the sake of finances.   Little do they know that once the left gains power they will have no empire left to defend.

Mario is there any hope?  Yes, but we need God put electrode paddles to our faintly beating hearts.  We need holy rage, holy boldness.  We need to talk to every believer we know and wake them up to vote and to tell others to vote.  We need to confront Pastors to get in their pulpit and energize believers by the millions.

I realize that it takes courage to support Trump and our faith at this hour.  Just remember, right now it is hard but if we lose in November it will go from hard to impossible.

No one believes in miracles more than I—and that’s just what we must have at this hour.  We need a miracle of repentance, boldness…but it all begins with humble appreciation that we have this man in the White House.


  1. How dare we as Christians think that God can’t use imperfect people to administrate His agenda. This belief negates the redeeming power of the shed Bliood of Christ. Pastors and church leaders, do you believe what you preach? Maybe the question should be what are you preaching? Who are we to question His ways? Whose agenda are we trying to enforce, His or ours? We need to wake up and change our lens. We need to quit viewing what is going on through a natural perspective. I don’t know much, but even I can see this a battle between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness.

  2. Donald Trump is a much better president than the church deserves, if the truth be told.

    How ironic that a brash thrice married billionaire with a playboy past is the leader to step up and defended Christians and Israel so fervently in the face of fierce opposition from all sides including his own.

    The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.

      1. So, go into all the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! As well as spreading the word to VOTE REPUBLICAN AT EVERY ELECTION ANYTIME AND EVERYTIME you can!!! We all have things in our past, you who has not sinned, cast the first stone! now go out there and tell others to vote republican!

  3. I was thinking of Feral Cheryl’s post…

    How like a missionary giving up control of all he has built to go into one of the most dangerous mission fields in the world, if not the most dangerous.

    Yes, Trump *IS* our missionary to political Washington and the head hunting cannibals have been stalking him for a feast…

    But, as Daniels was protected in the lions den, and then his detractors were then thrown to the lions and ended, so shall it be.

    So say we all, Amen!

  4. God has Chosen this man as we prayed and now we have pastors who have come against him.. Why? The all mighty Dollar, will buy many the others are plainly not hearing from God..
    God says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm..

    So protect Gods elect. and Pray for President Donald Trump. God says If I be For You Then who can be against you.. So line up christian people and take care of your President.. I declare the Blood of Jesus is upon Him and that no weapon formed against him can prosper and every lying tongue that rises up against him will be shown to be in the wrong.. ❤ does no evil.. God is Love, and He commands us to pray for our leaders..So pray.. 🙂

  5. The Holy Spirit dealt with me at the last election. I felt that we, the church, were the Esthers of our moment. If we kept silent, if we did not intercede boldly before the King, that we would be in mortal danger as a body at the hands of Hillary and the radical leftists Haman’s of our land. Millions of us prayed as never before! My news email from Rueters on election morning said Hillary had an 85 % chance to be president by nightfall. But God!! We received a miracle of divine intervention from heaven, and were given a 4 year setoff. I have read many leftist comments saying that we were just lucky. That this midterm and the next presidential election would be theirs. Hate filled leftists have said, “Enjoy your brief moment, we will be in power soon, and you Christian bigots will be punished, and this time we will destroy you.” They truly want us dead. I have read those exact comments. They want to remove tax exempt status to ruin the church financially. They want to arrest and imprison those who preach the truth, if it condemns homosexuality as sin. We again face an Esther moment. What is the church and it’s pastors doing with this 4 year reprieve? Will we seize the moment, or sleep away in our comfort until we forfeit what God did in 2016! I shudder at the thought of apathy in this critical hour. I will storm the throne room of heaven, and the gates of Hell.

  6. “They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and stir up trouble against it. But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.”
    ‭‭Nehemiah‬ ‭4:8-9‬ ‭NIV‬‬


    1. As a Messianic Jew, you would not believe the absolute FILTH that has been thrown at me on social media! It is beyond ugly, it’s HIDEOUS and EVIL. Please know, we are NOT in the last days … we are in the last HOUR!

  7. By now he probably knows more about two Timothy 2:10 than those believers who look down their noses at him.

    “I live in agony for the sake of the elect” or “I endure all things for the sake of the elect.”

  8. We must seek the face of our God, it is He that treads down our enemies. God has His agendia and we must take our places of battle, knowing that our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling of strongholds and every high thing that exaults itself against the knowledge of God.
    Pray , let us cleanse our hearts and lives and call upon our God who hears us and will deliver.!!!!
    BUMC every Tuesday 12-1pm in sanctuary. We pray in unity for our churches, leaders , nation, etc.
    Praise be to God who has called us.

  9. Thank you for your Clarion call, Pastor Mario, and for standing true and strong with no compromises. Thank you for not coming on here and telling us about all the blessings that are in store for us, and how wonderful everything is, and how easy God is going to make all our lives, and thank you for not telling us you need a jet airplane or two or three, to be able to preach the Gospel. I pray that God will raise up more true Men of God such as you are before we lose America as we know it. If your words don’t wake up some of these pastors and Christians, I’m afraid nothing will.

  10. Yes, thank you for reminding us that coat tails to ride don’t exist where this President is concerned. All the ground President Trump has gained and given to the church and to our citizenry can be eliminated in this upcoming general election. The stakes are at the very least equal to if not more dire than they were in November 2016.

    We have all witnessed and to some degree compartmentalized the blatant and furious savagery of satan against the precious born and unborn children of our earth. His undeniable hatred for children is played out every day and with more examples in the public arena than ever before in history. Who is going to protect them more in this country? Republicans or democrats? The voting record of the past answers that question without equivocation. God has placed the children in our charge and we must not fail them spiritually or deny them physical protection from the one who seeks to devour them.

  11. Thank you for saying this. God bless you and Lance and everyone who’s trying desperately to wake up an apathetic church. I pray for the day this message is the norm and not the exception. It’s getting very late.

  12. Christians had better wake up. The democrats are working straight from Hitler’s play book. Hitler marginalized and dehumanized the jews and then seized their property. Once he had herded them into ghettos, he was all set to round them up and exterminate them. Look at how the democrats are teaching the young to think about white people, Christians and all conservatives in general. Mark this day well, the day democrats get back into power will be the day that violence and persecution of Christians will move out of cheesy end time movies and into our daily reality. We need to campaign for decent people as if our very lives depend upon it, because frankly, they do.

    1. What she saw was real. We aren’t in the last days, Aaron, we are in the last HOUR!! He is coming for His Bride and maybe THIS Feast of Trumpets, which is just next week! If not, then more soon than anyone can understand! The last trumpet is IMMINENT!!

  13. Jesus told us they would hate us because they hated him first. I see Trump in the same position. We are praying which is what we are told to do. God is for us not against us. I pray for your country and for mine that Gods mighty hand will strengthen us to fight the raging battle in the spirit. Thank you for your words of warning.

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