The doctor told me I had one of the worst disk injuries he had ever seen.  This was my 4th doctor.  I survived 5 months of excruciating pain—but the worst was yet to come.  He told me I needed surgery fast.  But, choosing the best neurosurgeon meant I had to wait.  Waiting in pain—not knowing how long you’ll wait—is a hard thing.

During that season, I could not understand what was happening to me.  Our tent crusades were shut down.  I wondered if I would ever be able to stand again.

We get an appointment.  Even though the neurosurgeon had all my X-rays, his office ordered me to rush and get a new set 1 day before my appointment.  We had no idea how important that was.

We finally see him.  He says, “I compared your new and old X-rays.  Mario, this is a miracle.  If you had come in 4 weeks ago, I would have had to operate. It means going in through your stomach, leaving an 8-inch scar on your abdomen.  Even then, there was no promise you’d get better, and you’d face a year of rehab.  But something changed and now all you need is physical therapy.”  God makes us wait for good reasons.

I am excited because my injury even without surgery should take a year to recover.  Instead I am restored and, on a soul-winning vendetta.

Satan attacked me to stop our tent crusades.  He was frustrating an urgent project.  We have been building an industry around our tent.  We have amassed equipment, soldiers, and systems for a mighty evangelistic weapon.  One of our most important developments is our teamwork with Inner City Action and Frank Saldana. 

We developed an explosive training program called FIREPOWER.  This training is going to give us a national army.

Last year, it took several months prepare to do just one Living Proof Tent Crusade.  Now all the working parts are in place.  The machine is humming!

I am excited because we are going to do three crusades before Thanksgiving!  Here are the details:  

Living Proof Reno


 Living Proof Houston TX


 Living Proof San Antonio TX

My injury was one of the greatest tests of my life.  Strange as it may seem, the Lord visited me every night and poured in revelation and insights to the future of America.  He told me I would see unprecedented miracles—radical healings.  He told me He would pour out His Spirit on the inner cities and send forth a shock army—made up of people who were thrown out like garbage.

He warned me to expect revival in small churches among broken-hearted pastors.  He told me He was going to start a movement to break the political curse on America.

Yeah, I am excited…how could I not be!  -Mario Murillo

P.S. I know this sounds strange, but you need to pray about being in Reno for our Living Proof Crusade there.  Every atom of my being resonates with expectancy for this one event.  If you know anyone in need of a miracle—do what you must to get them under the tent!  To know more call us at 775 238 3473 or click here  mariomurillo.org  MM


  1. Hi Mario!

    Glad to know you are doing better! Praise God!
    I would go to Reno (I live in Sacramento, but not for long) I’m moving to Florida on Sept. 23!
    My question is, is there any chance you and your teams would come to Florida?

    Peace & Agape!

    1. Mario you & your mission team are anointed for such a time as this!🤓
      Our LORD will leave no stone unturned through you, for HE does work most powerfully in our weakness, strength being perfected within what appears as a defeat in our bodies, then His perfect Grace shows up and shows off. I’m always reminded of the Philadelphia church (Revelation 3:7) though HE says they have ” but little strength” HE sets before them an open door no one can shut, He causes those who claim to be Jews but are liars and are of the synagogue of satan, to come and bow down at their feet (Philly church) and admit that HE (Christ The King) loves them, HE makes them a pillar in the temple of God never to out from it. He keeps the Philly church from the hour of testing that comes over the whole world to test those on earth.

  2. I have neck fusions(4,5,6,7 and now pinched nerve in left shoulder;waiting to get Mri.
    I pray and pray and have strong faith that God heals but every time I turn around I’m hurting and half crippled. Your letter was what I needed to hold on. Wait!!!!
    I am a servant of the Lord and am a partner with another doing prayer every Tuesday noon in our Methodist church sanctuary since May.We pray God’s Word in unity for our nation, leaders all peoples and nations.Iknow God heals, I have been blessed by His mercy so many times and nothing shall keep me from believing in my mighty God but as you know a person gets weary of pain. I’m reading Prayer Circle and it has lifted me up. Thank you for passing on to us what God is doing. Praise the Lord.I’ve made copies and will pass on to others.God bless you.Virginia Drastata

    1. ICLV’S “Hearts of Prayer”, pastor Mario , ABA saw your tears , heard your cry and anwsererd your/our prayers . I am also encouraged .Shared with “HOP”, we will continue to call on Jehovah Rapha YOUR HEALER. I will share with ICLV . I believe that ABA is up to something good. we have many healed of cancer , declaring Matt. 15:13. Pastor Mario, I/hop will in the spirit ” Rub your spine with the balm of Gilead” The fragrance of the balm will protrude from your spine , you will KNOW that ABA had HIS HAND on you . healing hugs , Louise Van Den Eikhof

    1. Praise God for his healing power! No weapon formed against us shall prosper. God bless America with a mighty outpouring of Holy Ghost power, anointing, and conviction.

  3. I am so happy for you Mario! What wonderful and encouraging news! You made my Day!!!!
    I live in Houston and will put your crusade on my calendar.

  4. Praise the Lord Praise the Lord
    Remember the Lazarus generation you talked about a long time ago???
    You said we better love them!!!! that they would look different . I’m already on your email list.

  5. Pastor Mario I am praying for the Reno Crusades for many healings I went to your Firepower in Stockton and I was healed of arthritis God gave you a word and I am completely healed I can move my neck my arms and my back I thank God that he’s working through you and through and your team God bless you continue the work amen

  6. Pastor Mario,

    Don’t know if you know it or not. But…this tent revival is the beginning of YAHWEH’s Feast of Tabernacle. What an awesome time to be in a booth at HIS appointed time. We will be celebrating Sukkot here in Amarillo…and praying for souls to be saved and healed. That you will be anointed as never before as you preach HIS GOSPEL! It is in the numbers that we defeat satan…so we ban together in unity with prayer & fasting.



    On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 12:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The doctor told me I had one of the worst > disk injuries he had ever seen. This was my 4th doctor. I survived 5 > months of excruciating pain—but the worst was yet to come. He told me I > needed surgery fast. But, choosing the best neurosurgeon meant I had” >

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