There are no words to describe tonight.

It is easy to say there are no words…it’s an often-used cliche.  But tonight, there are no words.  It is impossible for me to explain what my eyes saw tonight.  It is hopeless to try to do justice to tonight.  It is just too wonderful.  The pictures do not do it justice.  And I know that my words will not do it justice.
To begin with, nothing like this has ever happened before in Reno.  It is impossible to appreciate the shift—as a direct answer to prayer—that came over this city tonight.

An unheard-of number of pastors came to support the crusade.  Many homeless people and addicts came tonight.  The crowd was 3 times larger than what we were told to expect.  We exhausted every chair until it was standing room only.
What has me at loss for words is the atmosphere that was in the tent.  Everyone knew my preaching couldn’t last long because the GLORY was intensifying.  Then it began!
The miracle power of Jesus revealed itself first in a woman to my left.  The Holy Spirit made it clear to me that a woman to my left was in a great agony—an agony that flooded her with pain and greatly impeded her limbs.  Like a shot, she took off running.  Totally pain free.
Her miracle touched of a rapid-fire burst of more healings.  Many took Jesus at this Word and received a miracle.  Some say that over 100 people were healed tonight—it could have been much more.  All over the tent, people shouted and cried out as they discovered their sickness was gone.  A dozen them marched to the front of the tent and started power-walking back and forth to demonstrate their healing.

A wave of power swept through the crowd bringing testimony after testimony healing– of heart disease, diabetes, and many, many more.
Then came the altar call.  I told them they had to give up everything for Christ.  We were shocked to see nearly 100 souls rush to the altar.  There they met Jesus.
The powers of darkness were driven back tonight—God is fulfilling prophecies and there is a supernatural buzz across Reno.  Tomorrow night is a miracle service.  Bring someone if you possibly can.  Come and see the impossible made possible!

13 thoughts on “There are no words to describe tonight.

  1. With all my heart and soul I praise the name of Jesus. What a merciful and loving God we serve! All glory to His name!

  2. Hallelujah !! Dear God and Father Touch that Tent and fill it with your glory tonight fill it with your glory let the glory shine up & out throughout the city let the light shine in the darkness let it be seen like the cloud of your glory over that Tent and manifested in the sight of many people so that none can refute it…in The name of Jesus thank you Father God. Amen.

  3. Thank you Jesus for souls, signs and wonders following your Word, and Holy Ghost revival. More!

  4. To hear all that good news is good for the heart and soul although my heart need some healing I am sure the heavenly father is guiding me every day and proud of what I’ve been through and proud but I’m not giving up we all have a story I think you for every day heavenly father in the blood of Christ Jesus 👍🏼

  5. Looking forward to seeing u at main event.
    My dad died of ALZHEIMER’S I stood in for Norvelle Hayes the Tues night Tommy Combs was at oci he will live and not die of ALZHEIMER’S!!!
    That very night I sat beside a girl who had never been there. She became a widow exactly one yr today, she moved here to stay with her father in law with Alzheimer’s I told her before he called out the disease I was going to sit with him?
    By that Mon I was sitting with him. I had asked brother Tommy for that anointing. I took POP’S to the FLOWING OIL in Dalton on the 2nd day I worked. I’m BELIEVING he WILL BE miraculously visibly healed. We are going again tomorrow to Dalton. I will be like the widow woman & unjust judge. Alzheimer’s is going down! & OUT OF HERE! I plan to bring POP’S to oci. I’m ready he is 84 his dad died at 97 his granddad was over 100! I have FAITH! IT’S DONE!

  6. Praise ALmighty God. Mario, bless you for being a faithful man and a general in His army. HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY , TOMORROW AND FOREVER.

  7. Pastor Mario, we serve an awsome GOD . so teary eyed , several of my friends are with you . ICLV .” HOP”. GOD bless you with healing and strength.

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