The real reason for the witch hunt

What I need to be telling you is about the street people being saved in Reno…about the 3 Mary Magdalenes who walked in—saw the miracles and collapsed at the altar to be totally transformed—or about the man whose life was ruined by a car accident—whom God healed and started jumping up and down on new legs.
Instead, I cannot help but speak to you about the madness being directed at Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  What we have here is beyond wrong—beyond a lie, and beyond partisan politics.  You are watching the most heinous smear campaign we have ever seen.  You should be infuriated—especially, when you see why they are doing this.  First, let’s get the facts.
That’s just it…this has nothing to do with facts.  Christine Blasey Ford made a list of people that will confirm the attack on her by Kavanagh.  None of them can confirm it.
That has not stopped the usual suspects from reporting it as a fact ala fake news CNN and MSNBC.
Even Democratic Senators have abandoned all reason to declare Brett Kavanaugh guilty.
Then there’s that pantheon of integrity—sleaze attorney Michael Avenatti—who claims he has another woman who was attacked by Kavanaugh…only now, she has decided not to testify, and he has frozen his twitter account.
And the attorney representing Professor Ford, Debra Katz, has views on sexual assault that have been extraordinarily political and inconsistent.  For example, she said this about Paula Jones—the woman Bill Clinton raped: “Now, Paula Jones’ suit is very, very weak and she alleged one incident that took place at a hotel room, that by her own testimony lasted 10 to 12 minutes.  She suffered no repercussions in the workplace.”
If you are a liberal—and the only way to get your movement gets it way is to abandon the rule of law and due process to destroy a good man’s life—you should be horrified.
The Republicans must forge ahead and confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court forthwith.  If they do not, they will lose in the midterm elections.  And now that the Democratic Party’s true colors are exposed…how on earth can any Christian vote for them?
And why is this all happening?  In a word: Abortion.  This war on truth is being waged by abortion worshippers.  They will kill for abortion—I know, that’s redundant.  For the sake of abortion, they will absolve bad men—who have actually attacked women—because those men support abortion.
Every woman should be believed and taken seriously? Not if she was beaten by Keith Ellison…groped by Cory Booker…raped by Bill Clinton…or drowned and murdered by Ted Kennedy.
If there is one reason God would destroy America it would be because of abortion.

20 thoughts on “The real reason for the witch hunt

  1. No matter what we cannot lose the midterms to entities who are so far removed from reality, entities who will slink to whatever depth of depravity to destroy Jehovah’s last bastion of freedom (such as it is)…

    We *MUST* vote no matter how angry, how livid, we get against folks who purported to be protectors of the US Constitution, American Freedoms and the rule of Law.

    VOTE! we must!@

  2. #Pray4kavanaugh #ConfirmKavanaugh In order to maintain authority in our National leadership, in spite of the criticism. Other wise chaos will rule and reign in society.

  3. True believers must be in fervent prayer for Brett Kavanaugh and for our midterm elections. The left is bankrupt of even one shred of decency. Their motives are Hell inspired and demonic, beyond evil. They must never rule America again. Only God can deliver us from satans flock.

  4. Like my mom use to say “What is this world coming to? Hell in a hand basket! That is what I feel if we don’t stand up for what is right and just. May God give us protection against evil that is lurking all around us.

  5. I took a course on Campus Evangelism in ’78 at San Jose State College taught by Mario Murillo. It was called Catalyst,
    and its Systematic Theology was a powerful foundation in my life. I’ve used my notebook many times through the years to teach others Truth basics to build their faith upon.
    Here I am 40 years later, and Mario is still standing up and proclaiming the Truth that people need to hear, and embrace.

    Pray for Mario, the Revival and the Healing of our Nation….be sure to VOTE !

    1. Amen and yes we are praying and seeing God move in ways we are astonded. Changing hearts and lives by the power of Holy Spirit. Every Tuesday 12-1pm Bellville United Methodist Church Bellville,Texas.

  6. AMEN Mario!
    The illegitimacy of these claims some 30 years old leveled against Justice Kavanaugh are sociopathic in construct and fly in the face of judicial prudence or constitutional norms. The liberal left is become exactly what they’ve supposedly been protesting and resisting against!…they are using intimidation tactics and bullying schemes with violent rhetoric and aggression hostility strategies. With the motive in mind, to stifle and shut down Conservative beliefs norms and goals in order to get back the power that was removed from their dirty hands in 2016.
    YES this is all about abortion rights to them and ground they feel they’ve gained from years of Roe versus Wade with Planned Parenthoods help. They want to continue abortion on demand (at any stage of pregnancy) and have renamed it to make it more palatable, “Reproductive Rights and Family Planning”, when in reality its plainly legal infanticide. The link below is a riveting account by Tucker Carlson on this subject…don’t miss it;

  7. We are truly living in the last days. I know you’ve heard that before. I’ve heard it for over 40 years. But it’s obvious now. God is working to keep America in tact as the evangelical base from which he will reap the final harvest of souls, after which the evil we see encompassing the world will be dealt with. God is separating wheat from the chaff as we speak. A line has been drawn, the evil is being exposed, so that all can be aware and informed as to which side of that line they will close. There are no gray areas, there are no do overs, there are no exceptions. All must clearly choose to follow the light or retreat into the darkness. O

  8. As went through my Bible reading this morning ( Matthew 27), I couldn’t stop thinking about Judge Cavanaugh! Although nothing will ever compare to the persecution of Jesus, there is such opposition to him people are making unfounded claims

  9. I agree with all of the comments here. I cry for America, at what we have become, with half of the country under the delusion and evil thinking of the liberals/democrats. The seem to have lost their souls, lost any sense of truth, dignity, right or wrong. It’s like they can no longer recognize what is true and what is false, like they believe it is perfectly fine to tell the most vile lies they can come up with to get their way, and to encourage and pay other people to do the same for them. Never in my life did I think I would see the likes of what is happening now. I believe it was Bill Yount-someone correct me if I’m wrong-who said that God said He is taking us to the bottom, the we will hit bottom, before He brings us back up and cleans this mess up (not the exact words). And a poster said that God said the flood waters have gone as far as they are going to go and will begin to recede. Please, God, let them begin to recede now. Please protect Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

  10. Mario, sir, military tribunals…see Lindsey Graham’s questions to Judge Kavanaugh during hearings. Delay, win 2018, corrupt players skate. This is critical to restore The rule of Lae AND JUSTICE.
    Not just abortion.


  12. The structures of abortion must come down. Pray, fast, understand, abortion is a sacrifice of innocent blood spilled on the earth in our times. We must understand we cannot tolerate this abhorrence in God’s sight.

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