No, I am not kidding you.

I am not kidding you.  A man robbing a convenience store—while holding a gun to the clerk’s head—called the police to complain that the clerk would not open the till, unless the thief first purchased something.

Democratic leaders are exactly like that armed bandit.  While committing a crime—they not only falsely accuse the victim of a crime—they call the FBI.

As a nation swimming in moral confusion—we can’t see the towering injustice of this entire lurid affair against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  But that is not even the worst of it.

Now imagine if the police had sympathized with the armed intruder and investigated to see if the clerk had behaved properly. Imagine if members of his own family questioned the clerk’s reluctance to give into the robbery.  (Jeff Flake.)

Republicans should be outraged in the face of tyranny—they should push for the vote, confirm Kavanaugh, and let the chips fall where they may.  They should heed the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

Now, wouldn’t you love to hear the original recording of the robber to the police?  “I am trying to rob this store and the cashier not cooperating.”  That is precisely what Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the committee felt like to me.

Julie Swetnick—the other Brett Kavanaugh accuser—was sued for misconduct allegations at a Portland company.

In the suit, Webtrends alleged Swetnick claimed to have graduated from Johns Hopkins University but the company said it subsequently learned the school had no record of her attendance. Webtrends said she also “falsely described her work experience” at a prior employer.

The suit also alleges Swetnick “engaged in unwelcome, sexually offensive conduct” while at Webtrends and “made false and retaliatory allegations that other co-workers had engaged in inappropriate conduct toward her.”

The suit alleges Swetnick “engaged in unwelcome sexual innuendo and inappropriate conduct” directed at two male employees during a business lunch, with Webtrends customers present. Swetnick claimed two other employees had sexually harassed her, according to the suit.

Webtrends’ suit said it determined Swetnick had engaged in misconduct but could not find evidence to support her allegations against her colleagues. Later, the company alleged, Swetnick took medical leave and simultaneously claimed unemployment benefits in the District of Columbia.

Diane Feinstein is as irrational as the now over-referenced robber—holding back false accusations until they would inflict the most pain.   Turning a blind eye to the collateral damage to an innocent family.  This man watched his children traumatized, and his sparkling reputation besmirched.  He got mad.  Which leads me to the heart of this blog.

The left—in the stupidest argument ever—says his anger proves he is unfit to be on the Supreme Court.  Listen to the Los Angeles Times editorial by David G. Savage: “Determined to clear his name, he did not just argue that Ford, whom he says he had barely known, had mistakenly identified him as the attacker she feared would rape her, or suffocate her by muffling her cries. Rather, he portrayed the accusation as a politically motivated attack by vengeful Democrats, arising from “the frenzy on the left” to “blow me up and take me down.”

Should he be confirmed, however, at a minimum his nationally televised remarks are likely to linger in Americans’ memories, further undercutting for many the notion that the high court’s decisions reflect a fair, impartial reading of the Constitution, history and precedent — and not the nine justices’ political leanings. In particular, Kavanaugh’s judicial temperament has been called into question.”  After that, Saturday Night Live had a skit satirizing the Judge’s anger.

An unnamed source put this all in proper perspective: “In watching the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh, I am as angry as Mr. Kavanaugh for the absurd questions asked of him by the assortment of senators. These are the very people we elect to be fair but instead choose to embarrass themselves with questions about drinking beer, parties, his groping – all of which took place 35 years ago. If I were Judge Kavanaugh, I would tell them all where to go and walk out. The Democrats are on this rant because they want to hold the seat open just in case they win in 2020. Disgusting!”

My question to you is…what kind of a Judge, husband and father would Brett be if this did not make him angry?  And what kind of people are we if we don’t plug this open sewer hearing in Washington?

11 thoughts on “No, I am not kidding you.

  1. There should be some people getting mad at the injustice being done here, a bunch of sorry low life devil accusing a man in front of his family, for his children to hear, while they totally try to destroy his name, and make him out to be something that will never come close to rate as low as they are, is a shame and disgrace to this whole country and congress, WE NEED TO CLEAN THE SWAMP AND RID THE GOVERNMENT OF THESE LOW LIFE DEVIL’S FOR GOOD, PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

  2. You know it’s bad when a man of God in the midst of a revival (in Las Vegas no less) is so troubled by the machinations to post something like this…

    But, do the majority of Christians really care? After all they have the soon return of Jesus and Heaven awaits…

    But, as I said before judgment begins at The House of God, and you may not like the road to The Lord’s Return…

    There’s this little phrase that precedes The Rapture and Tribulation, called the beginning of sorrows…

    Yeah go ahead a settle on your lees, set the kings teeth on edge, and enjoy. While you can.

    I pray I’m gone before then…

  3. This isn’t just about SCOTUS. It’s about transforming the culture to eliminate the presumption of innocence. This shift will be very useful for the persecution of the saints…

  4. If the left learns they can silence any voice that speaks for what is right permanently, they will be further emboldened to attack all good men and women who will be nominated positions of national power and influence. They will also come for the church in the very near future. My grandchildren deserve to have people in authority who are filled with indignation at evil. And this is a Spirit battle against purely evil humanity desiring to chart the course for the future of America.

  5. Having been closely involved with real victims of sexual predators, and knowing well Women who have been abused, there is no way that victims have any inclination to publicize or be scrutinized in public by others. Those who proclaim the loudest and the most publicly that they have been victimized usually are after something ‘other’ than factual truth findings regarding their stated abuse. Quite the opposite is true, real victims withdraw and struggle sometimes for a lifetime to avoid limelight, public scrutiny or any other form of casual discussion regarding their painful victimization. The fact that the Senatorial Congress is forced to Believe they must make public victimization claims such as these, is proof in the putting that these self proclaimed victims are possibly no victims at all. The Arizona prosecutor who offered her services to the Senate judiciary Committee knew this because of her specialty in-service to real victims of Predatory abuse. Furthermore it is ludicrous to reach back to teenager years in order to develop a narrative of realistic predatory sexual misconduct by Mr Kavanaugh , Ms Ford or anyone else. High school students are by their pubescent existence at the time of their teenage years most vulnerable and unaccountable for their own radically hormonal conduct, they are by nature at that time temporarily out of their cognitive minds and very confused.
    Keeping that in mind, for the Democratic Party to dredge up teenage conduct is such ludicrous nonsense and such an utter waste of the American public’s time, goodwill and resources …Its easy to see that – that is the actual crime committed!

  6. 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12
    vs 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; …
    vs 9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, (10) and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. (11) And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, (12) that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    This last line certainly spells out what we are witnessing in the Democratic Party, especially in the hearings. God, help those blind eyed ones who lead others into blindness to come to a place of seeing and hearing Your Truth and repent of their sin and are saved from their unrighteous behavior.

  7. Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    Love the analogy here! Sorry about the politics BUT, this isn’t about the Left and the Right, Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative.
    I have been praying for weeks now and this is about EVIL and RIGHTEOUSNESS! You don’t have to agree with me, but you can’t deny what is and has been playing out in front of not just Americans, but the world.
    As Christians, we need to pray for LIGHT to be shown on the dark and hidden and we need to pray above ALL ELSE for God’s WILL to be accomplished! Not just in the lives of Brett Kavanaugh and his family, but in the upcoming elections on November 6th!

  8. How convenient it is for Senator Feinstein that Christine Blasey Ford decided after 36 years to cry “Wolf.” She became the “Pawn” that Senator Feinstein is using to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. If she succeeds, her next victim will be President Trump.
    Senator Feinstein was a great mayor here in San Francisco, but I have been disappointed with some of the things she has done as a Senator. I have contacted her office here in San Francisco and expressed my concerns. I have been polite, but I firmly expressed my disapproval of the way she is handling this situation. In the expression of my views, I also stated that I am a tax payer, a resident of San Francisco, and a registered voter.
    Mary E. Stewart

  9. The hebrew word “kavanah” means with intent. Judge Kavana u g h, President Trump and our country needs radical intent of the redeemed right now. Prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare with radical intent right now and continuing through Nov. 2020

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