They will destroy anyone and anything to stay in power


Today I address you, not as Republican or Democrat, but as a human being.  You need—for the sake of your sanity—to admit what they are doing to Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  You need to do this to save what’s left of America.

Desperate wounded animals are hiding behind words like women’s rights and racial equality.  They care nothing about these things…it is all about power.  They will destroy anyone and anything to stay in power.

How else can you explain the deception, the cruelty, and the madness?

Diane Feinstein is fighting for reelection.  She has lost support in California because she is not left-wing enough.  She made the cold-blooded choice to destroy a man with lies, so she can stay in office.  What else explains her predatory behavior?

She waits until the last minute to produce a shabby witness to an uncorroborated high school event.  She screams for time to investigate.  She is the one who wasted it!


She is far from the only villain in this psycho-drama.  We see a parade of politicians at the end of their rope.  We see the news media shedding every shred of honesty to feed the frenzy.  We see politicians who have actually sexually assaulted women crucifying a man who never did.

And why do you need to see this?  For two mountainous reasons:

1. This is a war on you. It is a war on your sons, husbands, brothers and fathers. Today it is Kavanaugh.  Tomorrow it will be a man you love—any man who stands in the way of their power.  The man in your life can be destroyed without due process.  That son of yours can be wiped out in a world that treats slander is if it were evidence. 

2. You have the power to punish the evil doers. The one bright light is your power to vote. Get off the fence and embrace reality—no matter how painful it is to digest.  The Democratic Party has been seized by power-starved wolves.  You support this by not voting.  You do so at the cost of your own decency.

God has granted us two bright lights:   

1. The power of prayer. Today we discard tepid prayer. This is the day of crying out to God in clear passion and bold faith.   We dive into prayer.  We must run to the war room.  It is all out in the open.  We are locked in mortal combat with devils—devils bent on destroying freedom.

2. The power to act.  Prayer without action is a mockery. Intercession without obedience is a sham.  Raise your voice.  Call your Senator.  Arm yourself with facts.  The scoundrels who would destroy anyone and anything to stay in power count on your apathy.  They sneer at your convictions.

This November will be remembered as the final turning point for America—toward evil and destruction, or toward redemption.  A loss will be worse than if Hillary had won.




9 thoughts on “They will destroy anyone and anything to stay in power

  1. I have contacted the office of Senator Feinstein twice within the past week to let her know how disturbed I am about the way she is handling the claims made by Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford. I have been polite, but firm in my disapproval of Senator Feinstein’s response to Mrs. Ford’s accusations. I also made it clear that I am a tax payer and a registered voter in the city and county of San Francisco.
    It is important to remind our senators that we pay taxes, because our taxes help to pay their salaries. And, we need to remind them that we vote!
    I have been praying fervently about this matter.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Mario. I am praying every day for Judge Kavanaugh and his family. What is being done to him is heart-breaking for those of us out here who love justice, truth and righteousness. We cannot lose this battle if we want America to continue as the land we know. I believe it is that serious. If we lose this one, those who love lies, power, and evil will be emboldened. It’s frightening to think of what they will try to do from there, if they should be victorious. We have to now be on our faces asking Almighty God to turn the enemy back at the gate. The liars must repent or receive their due justice.

  3. Amen!!!…..yeh one time the Lord said to me , this is not a skirmish, THIS IS WAR!!!!!…..AMEN!!!!!!We should confess….Im a lean mean fightin machine!!!!!

  4. They just won’t stop!…they keep talking, hashing & rehashing on every news channel, talk show, comedy show (SNL) – opinion program, day & night, there’s NO mercy, no let up, and it all revolves around a few women who have no actual legal credibility or validation of proof to their claims. It is like a mob with pitch forks chasing the Kavanaugh family through the dark forbodding woods, so they can catch them and burn them at the stake! Mario you’re right, how else can the madness be explained? Is it actually possible that American women in general have come DOWN this far so as to literally thrive on the utter misery and falsehood of others? Whatever, whomever really began this #metoo movement might as well consider it lost into the abyss of hell, its gotten much worse than a black eye, its been defeated by their own hands.

  5. In California, Republicans are disenfranchised by the “jungle primary” system where only the top two vote-getters in the primary are on the ballot in the general election. In one month, Californians have the choice of two Democrats for Senator. Dianne Feinstein and Kevin de León. He’s another radical leftist, but at least he’s not Feinstein. I don’t think he has a Chinese Communist spy working for him – yet. But her performance at the Kavanaugh hearings was sickening. She needs to GO!

  6. big amen we must defeat this enemy and pull down there strong hold’s,, this is a shame and disgrace in the highest form, they fabricate and make up stories and lie’s as they go destroying good decent people, putting any decent person on the line, that they want to destroy, when they are the true dog’s of the hound’s of hell. REPROBATE’S SEED’S OF satan

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