David Wilkerson saw this division and depravity coming to America.  We see it in the Kavanaugh witch hunt.  But David also said that in the midst of this deep darkness a fresh work of the Holy Spirit would break out. I am asking you to read this prediction from David Wilkerson not only because I know it is true but because it will satisfy the hunger in your soul, and encourage your heart. -Mario Murillo

God is doing a secret work in our day. He is raising up a hungry people who are growing more and more dissatisfied with the fleshly, worldly system as it now exists — even in the church.

These God-hungry people are saying among themselves, “This is not it. There is something more. The bigness and the sensationalism of it all has left us empty and dry. We want more. More than entertainment. More than big, showy buildings. More than a shallow celebrity gospel. We want deeper values. We want to see Jesus. We want spotless robes of righteousness. We want to go back to doing things in total dependence on God.”

I see it all over the nation today — disillusioned Christians searching for reality. The people in the pew are beginning to fast and pray. They are the ones who now weep between the porch and the altar. And, they are crying out for more depth and more of eternal values from the pulpit. If the minister of their church goes on in some egocentric way, pursuing expensive dreams, they will go out looking for a place where their deepest spiritual needs will be met.

I know it to be a fact that numerous ministers share my own desperate hunger for a deeper work of God in the church and ministry today. There seems to be a secret underground network of men of God who are stripping themselves down, humbling themselves, and getting back into the secret closet of prayer. Recently I have met a number of ministers, of various denominations, who are praying up to 6 and 8 hours a day. They are fasting. Some of these dear men of God grieve over conditions in the church today.

God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.


Be honest, saints of God. Are you really satisfied with the religious system today, and especially in your church? Some are. But most are not getting their needs met. I believe we have gotten off the track of true spirituality. The spiritual leanness of so many Christians today is a direct result of getting into the flesh — trying to do kingdom work in our own power, with worldly methods. Our values are becoming perverted.

Shame on us! We are substituting temporal values for eternal ones. We have evangelists and teachers who specialize in telling believers how much God owes them. Material blessings are magnified, spiritual ones minimized. According to some, it is our right to be rich, successful, and immune to all pain.

These teachers point to themselves as examples of prosperity. “Look at me,” it is said, “I have proved the promises. I live well. I am never sick — I have no unpaid bills. I drive the best cars. I live in the finest home. It works for me, so believe as I do and you can have what I have.”

Beloved, how much of that teaching will stand up before the judgment seat of Christ? There is a growing inner knowledge in me that most of our modern, self-centered teaching is going to be consumed before the flaming eyes of the Son of God.

John, in his vision of the Son of God, saw an awesome sight.

“…his head and his hair were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire…” (Rev. 1:14).

John goes on to say,

“…I fell at his feet as dead…” (v.17).

Will any of us, as teachers and evangelists, be able to stand before those piercing eyes of flaming fire? Can any Christian look Him in the eyes? No ego can withstand His gaze. No self-centered dreams can go unexposed. All secret sin will be exposed as a terrible abomination in His sight.

All the things we have accumulated will burn. All the great works we have done for Him, with such zeal and sweat, will they also burn?

How important is what you are doing to God’s kingdom? God can give you the desire of your heart, but send leanness to your soul. God assisted Israel in their desire to have a king. But He later disciplined them for their selfish motives.

Are you in some kind of competitive race? Are you doing things for God just to keep up with others? In eternity, looking back — how really necessary will it all be then?

Children of God, what is the good of what you and I are doing? Do we have motives based on eternal values? If we truly believe the end of all things is upon us, what should we be doing about purging our values? What is it going to take to wake us up and get us out of the drift toward ease and comfort?

I confess to you that it has taken years for me to live only for eternal values. I grieve when I think back of the time and money I wasted trying to build something tangible for God. I wanted something people could see. How important I thought those buildings were to God’s kingdom. I convinced myself, “God deserves the best.” He does-but not in bricks, mortar, and steel. He deserves the best of our time and yieldedness. Thank God for the day the Spirit revealed to me how shallow my values were!

I spent 20 years planning programs, building buildings, running all over the world trying to show God how important to His kingdom I was. All the while my reputation grew as a minister of faith and vision. Yet, after each new project, I felt a letdown. No sooner was one building finished, and I was already planning another. I was an idea-man for God. I had more ideas than any preacher in America. Ideas on how to evangelize. How to organize New Testament programs. The programs and ideas were successful enough to entrap me and keep me on the treadmill of busy-ness.

But all along my heart yearned for more. I knew the blessing was not in building. Not in some well-planned scheme to reach the lost. Not in bigness, and not in activity. I discovered the hard way, that the glory of God, the peace and joy of the Spirit, was in being stripped down, emptied, and made totally weak. God had to expose all my values. He turned His flaming eyes on my soul and showed me I had better reject my old way of doing things, or be lost in a maze of self-imposed activity.

Now, my greatest joy is waiting upon Him for direction. I have made time to be alone with Him, and have prepared my soul to abide in His quiet presence. He is letting me sense what the Spirit is saying to this generation. The more He empties me, the more He fills me with a desire to depend only on Him for everything. I see now that all along the Lord was waiting for me to lay down all my plans, all my ambitions, and be given over to Him as a bondslave. The sweat is now gone – the pressure is off. He is recreating all my values.



  1. big amen, I just now seen this, I was writing a post to put on fb and we said a lot of the same thing’s, people trying to move in the flesh rather than the Spirit, and I have stood face to face with Jesus for a fraction of a second when I appeared in heaven, before him it’s all most like a giant magnet pulling you to the floor, u fall as dead and I mean fast, because you never seen any thing HOLY like this before, fire for eye’s, hair like wool, and the sound of a rushing mighty wind came from around him, the sound I heard the night I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in my bedroom, and they think they can get by with sin, one of the first thing’s you recall, is he committed no sin, and you know you did, but you don’t move or utter aword until he say’s fear not stand and read and your heart is about to beat out of your chest, Moses put it best I did fear and quaked, we play with sin, but no sin will enter there, for we don’t even know holy the way he is HOLY, he is a sight to be hold, something we can’t really even imagine, because of the power he hold’s, and people have the nerve to shake there fist in his face, it’s stupidity is what it is, we can’t phantom his kind of power. God Bless Brother

  2. Thank you Mario..discernment is the only way to survive and seeking the father there are many things that are wrong ..sound teaching of scripture is so off that it is hard to find in a church anywhere..I pray that the Holy Spirit of Yahweh breaks forth and cuts out all the false ..the flesh..and the pride..and brings forth sound doctrine and truth through the true men of God ..the teachers that we need who will get their prideful self centered flesh out of the way so that scriptural truth comes without all the hype! And emotionalism and fake worship .. false prophets and false prophecies from people who are not even living the truth themselves..worship is not for men on platforms it belongs to GOD..the true worshippers are in there homes on their faces worshipping God in private and not for everyone to see! Worship is on your face before God it is a reverence to him only! Not in a room with thousands of people..I just want God and his truth otherwise we are living a lie taught by men..I pray that discernment will come and that all the false everything will go back to the pit of hell where is coming from.

  3. My greatest joy and being in his presence was just getting saved in 1972, I had no job and the food was almost gone,. The power of the Lord was strong.

  4. Thank you for posting this. For months now I “felt” His gentle hands on me , to be still and wait upon Him, He is my everything, He is my supplier and my deliver in everything, people said I was wrong and I should stop “daydreaming” and get a life”. I didn’t know what to do, got fired from my job of 10 yrs, trying to keep house from being foreclosure, Food on table etc., still I felt “wait, be still, I am with you”. My son being attacked with an pain etc Dr’s have not been able to diagnose yet or treat. I keep pressing on, I know He will never leave us. Am I missing something? Don’t know direction, keep waiting for His instructions, please Lord don’t let me miss it!

  5. Thank you for blogging this message. Truth is hard to come by nowadays. We need to return to our roots and stir ourselves up in the Holy Ghost. The body of Christ is in repair mode and needs to get in sync to what the Holy Ghost wants to do through it. It will take “self denial” to get the job done, but it will be worth it all! Thanks again Mario.

  6. I so appreciate this blog. As my home burned here in Santa Rosa last October, The Lord has spoken some powerful things to me regarding all He is doing. One of the things He said was, “I want you to live in the Eternal Presence, in the Eternal Present.” In receiving this word he showed me how I often live in the temporal and in the temporal lies anxiety, fear and worry over circumstances that have happened, may be happening and may happen in the future. Living in the Eternal Presence in the Eternal Present is living in Him continually. Jesus described perfectly the meaning of the word “Eternal” in John 17:3 when He said, “This is Eternal Life, that you know Father and His Son whom He sent.” Knowing is intimacy, dependency and trust which is continuous, constant and dependable.

  7. Jesus knows those who only want a glimpse of him from a distance. In Mark 8, a blind man begged for healing. Jesus stopped evrything, took his hand, “led him,” away from the crowd, spit in his eyes and laid hands on him. “What do you see?” “Men as trees walking.” Jesus then put his hands on his eyes “again” and “made him look up.” Then he was restored and saw “everyone clearly.” Some want Jesus to really get his hands on them, to know he is leading them, they are willing to follow him, they are not satisfied with an under-developed glimpse of Jesus, and they are honest with Him that just a brief touch left too much unclear and did not satisfy them. They really wanted to be changed completely, not partially. Jesus loves those who say “Jesus, get a hold of me until I am healed, delivered, set free, and changed forever. Not part way, not part of me, but get hold of all I am. Lord, I want to realky see!” It is those that will find a Lord who stops everything for them, makes a powerful connection, and who gives them a satisfying, continuing flow of grace and love and power until their desire is fulfilled. With the connection to his great power, they will hear his voice as he speaks, and they will obey his command to “look up!” Only through a new life vision of “looking up” does permanent change occur. They will then experience the release of Holy Ghost power that allows them to “clearly see everything” of the deep things of God. Do we really want a life changing “connection” with Jesus, that releases power to change us? Or do we want him to only pause as we get a brief glimpse of him that never allows us to see his kingdom and glory in it’s fullness? How sad if he had only gotten only a blurred glimpse of Jesus and then let him pass on by. He let Jesus get a hold of his life, and he was forever changed. He now sees “everyone,” his fellow man and their needs, as well as his own need for Jesus, “clearly.” He is prepared to serve the kingdom now.

  8. Thank you for your vulnerability. I believe the Lord is doing this with many of us. I pray for his continued direction and speaking in your life. Thank you for including us in your journey.

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