Donald Trump: Working to improve the lives of people who hate him

Donald Trump is working to improve the lives of those who hate him.  He just kept his promise to put Brett Kanvanaugh on the Supreme Court and he is being hated for it.  Ironically, this will make life better for women even though many on the left refuse to see it.  He risks being hated, embraces the hate and keeps working for those who despise him.  He is working to make life better for every demographic group that is calling for his removal and even his death.

Now humor me as I engage is some sarcasm:

-Even though only 8% of blacks voted for him and many black leaders vilify him, he is working to reduce crime, fix crumbling streets and buildings and bring real jobs and real hope to the inner city…I can see why you hate him.

-He is working to improve the lives of women.  He built a multi-billion-dollar empire on a system of merit that promoted men and women equally.  Because of him, the workplace is becoming family friendly with maternity leaves.  Companies are giving women bonuses because of the strong economy.  I can see why you hate him.

He got government off the back of small business—women are the fastest growing group of small business owners.  I can see why women don stupid hats and cuss him out and call him Hitler.

The President is working for the environmentalists who hate him.  Everyone knows the future is in renewable energy but we need a bridge to that future.  Environmentalists want to shut down all fossil fuels and create calamity for the rest of us—especially poor people.  They remind me of the new-age midwives who want women to give birth cold-turkey just to feel all the pain.

These elitist environmentalists don’t have to drive a semi to feed their family.  They will fly around in private jets polluting the air while they lecture they poor fighting to get to work in the only car they can afford.  Refusing to build this bridge to renewable energy is a great way to kill the mother and the baby.  I can see why you hate him.

He is working for poor Americans by securing our borders.  When a criminal or a terrorist enters our country where do they go?  They immediately set up shop in the inner city.  They take the jobs from those who need them most—they plan their mischief in the ghetto.  I can see why inner-city Americans hate Trump…he is putting them first.

When will you wake up from your liberal media induced coma?  Obama had eight years to make black lives matter in Chicago.  He could have sent in the national guard and stopped the killing.  He was more concerned about Syrian refugees than American refugees from violence—I can see why you loved Obama.

An overwhelming number of millennials lived in your parent’s basement under Obama.  Now you don’t.  He put way more energy into putting a man in the women’s restrooms than to putting you in a real career.

And finally, to all of you celebrity Pastors still afraid of support Trump because he is not “pastor” material, let me say this: Would you stay in a church where half of the people lied about you every day and wanted you out.  Would you—knowing there were greener pastures, a bigger church with a higher salary and more adulation—stay and serve?  Yeah I see why you look down on Trump.

Government work?  Trump didn’t need it.  But tell me, where else could Obama have gone?  Can you see Barack trying to build a business in New York City?  He couldn’t do anything but government…and, in my opinion, he was deplorable in government—buttressed by the fantasies of the liberal left.  Again, I can see why you credit Obama for our current economic boom and you hate Trump.

With all bias against him and the massive unfairness heaped on him…Trump still wants to make America great.  How easily—Mr. celebrity pastor—could Trump say, “the heck with all this, I don’t need this for me and my family.

There are many areas Donald Trump needs to grow spiritually but in one area he has zoomed ahead of most preachers: Matthew 5: 44 “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…”

13 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Working to improve the lives of people who hate him

  1. Hope you dont mind that i wrote the white house about what a blessing you have been and posted a link to your blog.

      1. I like Franklin Graham but not a big fan of all the preachers who prayed at the inauguration.
        I know one of those preachers is from the Charismatic influence of christianity i wish it would have been you there leading in prayer instead of them for lots of reasons.

  2. Thank you, Mario, for being a voice that is not afraid to speak the truth. You do not compromise. I agree with every word of this. We are truly blessed to have this man in the White Houe fighting for the country and the people.

  3. Bless your Heart I Pray For You & Your Family Every Day; And Also Vice President Pence And Your Whole Team; Mr trump Please Give All Of Us[[[[” A Big Raise On Social Security “]]]]; Many Needs A Cheaper Supplement….. I Have A Brother That Has AARP As A Supplement And It Cost Him $300.00 A Month; And He Only Draws $1,100.00 A Month And Has To Pay For A Copay On His Medication; He Has COPD Real Bad & He Is Scared To Try To Get A Cheaper Supplement Well Scared No One Else Will Cover Him.

  4. To Patricia Mayo…… In my opinion AARP is a rip off. Their cost are too high for what they pay. I only pay 118 mo for Cigna. I have a lot of meds. Change to Cigna saved me aboutb100 mo. Nearly enough pay them.
    But, praise the Lord, he, yes l say he, put Trump in the White House. Just look t what he has done so far. .l had been praying for years for a president that was a successful businessman that knew how to run a big Company, never dreaming we could get someone as good as we did. Trump had, all the libs, women, the media and even his own party to fight to get elected …. Impossible. Impossible, see how God works. He got him in there, a man of “hot blood”, now he is going to touch him with his spirit!

    1. Amen to all those insightful remarks as they are the God-given words of wisdom in an
      Atmosphere of the denegration of common sense …..which has been trampled underfoot for all the world to see…..sadly embarrassing besides being the obvious spiralling downward to our potential demise ……”But God……!!!”
      on our behalf has intervened and given us (US) another chance by raising a standard against the enemy of national suicide and “except for those who’ve chosen not to be counted into the mass corruption of that spirit….” Because of the watchmen on the wall who have maintained the dwindling “fear of the Lord as the beginning of Widdom ”
      God has given us a leader to bring up some beauty for the ashes that will be scooped by the bushelfull as a Mercy from God
      To rekindle the flame of light this country has always been to the rest of the world ….as our example in Jesus Christ has so given unto us …unconditional love…may we take up that torch of love and pray for our God given leadership to see us through this recovery to the Glory of God for His Faithfulness to His Character of
      Mercy and Compassion despite the folly of the few …… Thank you Lord !!!!!

  5. Excellent! You gave us an eye opening message for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.Thank you for truth and hope for our President government and we the people.

  6. The devil is fighting Trump with all he’s got. California grieves me. Thanks, we love Trump.

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