You don’t hand matches to an arsonist

The victory of Brett Kavanaugh faded quickly in my spirit.  It was something President Trump asked the crowd in Kansas.  “If they act this way trying to get power what do you think they will be like if they get the power?”

Then he said, “you don’t hand matches to an arsonist.”

Diane Feinstein will slander an innocent man—hold back that slander till it has the most sadistic impact on a godly family—just to win an election.  If she does that now, what would she do with a Senate majority?

The left believes men should be guilty until proven guilty.  They want carte blanche to investigate until the lies suffocate the truth. 

And what if Kavanaugh had quit?  What if that towering miscarriage of justice had carried the day? The war on men would have reached critical mass.

As it stands, all we have won is a battle.  The war goes on.  We will still see this ideology canonized in the courts if the left gains control.

Oh, they won’t go after every man…just your man.  They won’t investigate Bill Clinton for rape or Keith Ellison for beating a woman senseless.  They only want to stop men who oppose their agenda.  What do you think they’d do to your Christian, conservative son, brother, husband, father, if they get in the way?

What about the street thugs of the left?  With a Democratic majority they will be emboldened to expand and deepen their disruption and violence.  The streets can become their reign of terror, destroying property and reputations.  They will operate with impunity shielded by a Congress sympathetic to their cause.

Whatever restraint Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all the social media platforms are showing now will go away.  Instead of shadow banning there will just be banning.

Hollywood, and all the media voices of the left would churn out complete propaganda, drowning out all opposing views.  Look at this tweet:

The writer of this vile tweet is a writer on the Stephen Colbert show, and has nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter. As the Senate confirmation vote was gearing up, she wanted everyone to know that “whatever happens” she is “just” glad she ruined a man’s life. Never mind if he was innocent, never mind any of the facts or corroborations or shifting stories of his accuser. The important thing to her was ruining his life. That was what mattered.

We have entered a moment unlike any in history.  They only time it reminds me of is in Luke 4: 13 “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.”

The left is a bloodied beast regrouping.  Their vile behavior against Kavanaugh was just a dress rehearsal. Starting today, they will unleash deceit, intimidation and yes, violence.  Dark money will fuel their dirty commercials.  A tsunami of leftist sewage is about to crash into the nation.

Mario, I don’t believe you, this can’t happen.  Yeah and did you ever think something like these depraved confirmation hearings could happen?

The stakes for November are beyond calculation.  I have never seen, nor will I ever see a closer tie between my faith and my vote.  They have become virtually inseparable.  One is now an extension of the other.  Every believer must storm heaven in prayer!  Every believer must go and vote.  If your pastor is not rallying you to pray and vote why are you still listening to them?

You don’t hand matches to an arsonist.  However, if you think you are spiritual by not voting you need to realize this:  while you aren’t handing an arsonist matches, you are leaving them out on the table.

26 thoughts on “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist

  1. I can’t even watch the news… any news. Not even Fox, as they too seem to want to perpetuate the hate and give the left way too much coverage! Instead of celebrating Kavenaugh’s victory, the covered the anti Trump/Kavenaugh frenzy for hours! I’m so done with media in every form. I’ll read my Bible, pray and listen to my Shepherd guide me in the way I should go/vote. #MAGA 🇺🇸

    1. Same here..I’m so over fox and their are right in a dark way they are cover over his nomination..i am soros is helping that along too..we much pray diligently

    2. I don’t even have a church anymore so much deception and falseness for years and I will not be a part of it..I won’t go to a 501c3 church..looking for a body of believers who meet in a home..I have seen enough..

      1. Pam, something that stirred my spirit 4 years ago was when I found out about Simple Church, heres the link…
        House meetings of believers all over the globe these meet. Don’t know what part of the country you live in, but if you click on the ‘find a location’ button and key in USA, it will show you where in the US nation these have in home meetings in your area. 🤓 Have witnessed their meetings and read their core doctrinal beliefs and values they are sincere.

      2. Remember this, you attend a church to worship God and Him only, not the pastor or the other parishioners. Don’t give up on Gods church, because of those that misrepresent Gods Word. There are still God Fearing, Bible Believing, Born Again Christians and Church’s that still preach the Truth and the Infallible Word Of God! You may not find this church in the “mega church’s” but instead in a much smaller setting where the pastor knows your name, and has a true calling of God on His life.

      3. Pastor Alan : Blessed to see a pastor of a church is following Mario’s blogs and ministry! Are you pastoring in the Chicago land area? It is difficult to find a pastor who engages the culture,” in such a time as this”, like Mario or Lance Wallnau. Thanks for any respnse, Blessings, Jeff

  2. Wow ….rallying the troops of righteousness to march forth dauntless in the faces of disfigured individuals whose goal it is to intimidate and thwart all who opposes their selfagrandisment ….doomed… they deign to admit the defeat of their evil schemes for the self deception they’ve chosen to be blinded by to the destruction of all things decent, Holy and wholesome as dupes of the greater enemy …. the devils last attempt to eliminate God….what a fool! We will not be fooled however as long as men of God with common sense like Mario keep us focused to be watchmen on the walll …God bless you and your ministry ….triumph on!!

  3. Total agreement, same spirit of Nazi murderers is alive in the liberal left.
    God help to war in Prayer and faith in Yeshua’s name our help and strength not by might nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord.

    1. YES it is the same spirit of darkness that exudes its dominance over and controls these US Leftists who defy (just exactly like Nazisim did) opposing violently, capitalism, free markets, liberal democracy, parliamentary systems of government, true Republics, and the traditional American Republic. Nazi…Nationalsozialist Sozialdemokrat, was a member of the ‘Social Democratic Party’ (of Germany). Hitlers entire project of world take over BEGAN with what he called “the Resistance” Fascism at its apex. Hitler used Socialism tactics to overlord his insane views onto a German public that wanted to depend on the Nanny state idea of government workers depending & controlling but also being controlled by the very government they worshipped. After they became Nazi’s all hell broke loose & antisemitism and eugenics was born!
      Think What in God’s precious name would happen to America if these poor ignorant Leftist souls got their way? They’re doing the exact same beginning principles of Nazisim.

  4. Mario, Excellent reasoning and logic as usual, as if you needed it to prove our case. Those ‘Christians’ who vote for the Democrat will do so at their own eternal peril. Yes, God sets one up and takes one down, and He will do so again. But He will only do so at the request of the real, fearless Christian citizens of this country. Attention ‘Christian’, Get on your knees and pray for a healing in the land and the election of godly representatives. Then, get up off you knees and work for the candidates that can and will withstand the onslaught. Answer the phones, place the signs, go door-to-door. Then, open your purse strings you stingy b_stard christian snowflakes and finance the candidacy of the Republican who can win, not the candidate you necessarily like. There are likable candidates that simply appear as an angel of light. WAKE UP!! It’s time to join the fight and defeat the enemies of the Living God! Have I offended you? Good! This has nothing to do with Mario, but it has everything to do with you and your ability to attend a church that is open, not locked. I went to a Mario crusade in Branson, MO., about three years ago, and after flying 1,000 miles, renting a car and getting a hotel, the night of the crusade the church doors were locked with no explanation and it left a sizable crowd standing outside in the parking lot. The explanation? “Christian church” p_ssy board members and a cow-tow ‘pastor’. Find a church with a militant preacher and get some starch in your underwear, Mr. and Ms. Christian believer or lose everything.

    1. You speak truth…but it is getting harder to find the true church..we better know God more than we know a pastor and a church of lukewarm so called believers.. I can’t find a church where I live that is not about themselves including the pastors still trying to find the worldly way of building their churches than God building the church..I would rather study my word at home and not be tainted by the enemies deception working through pastors who don’t know God them selves ..the church is in big trouble..I pray that God will shine truth and expose to bring the true body of believers out! We must pray for their spiritual eyes to be opened to the truth including men who call themselves pastors..

  5. Mario, many of us were challenged by the Holy Spirit to become Esthers who would step boldly into the presence of the King in intercession for their nation’s survival at the last election cycle. God indeed wrought a miracle against all odds. I have prayed in the Spirit for our nation Battles have been won, but the war goes on. Unless we pray and intercede fervently, we will perish. There is power in the name of Jesus.

  6. Once gain, Pastor Mario, thank you for telling it like it is. If only more pastors and ministers had your spiritual backbone, this country would not be in the mess that it is. They are still preaching self-improvement type messages. There’s a need for those, I know, because many of the new converts have literally come off the streets and need to be lifted up. But we neglect the discussion of current events in church at our peril. The wolves are at the door and many of the sheep are asleep.

  7. Can anyone imagine what they will do to the next candidate, should Trump get a chance to appoint yet another conservative to the SC? If that is the female Barrett? Will anyone actually accept a nomination, knowing that they will be savaged as Kavanaugh was?
    It is just not right to attack someone as he was attacked, and then to add vitriolic attacks on his CHILDREN! Unhumane, and inhuman!

  8. Reblogged this on The Warrior Anointing and commented:
    I am in complete agreement with Mario. We must stand for righteousness now – for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Freedom isn’t free and it is under the most heinous and vicious assault from the radical left that I’ve ever seen.

  9. A most precarious time for the church AND the world. In Genesis we see the beginning ,Gen 3 shows us the very inception of the battle.Gen 4 the start of violence and rebellion. It continues!! All through scripture we see the battle playing out and then it culminates in Revelation!
    Two scriptures which keep popping in my mind,both describe the results of
    “continuous disobedience” ; Deut.28:28 The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart. We see that playing out everyday.
    Ezk.14:12-23 vs.13 Son of man,when a land sins against me by ” persistent unfaithfulness”, I will stretch out My hand against it;I will cut off it’s supply of bread,send famine on it, and cut off man and beast from it.
    Sincere repentance and true obedience are our only hope !
    As for the church, “Do not take the name of the Lord they God in vain; for those who do will Not be held guiltless” commandment #3 .

  10. Hard to reason with pastors who seem very unconcerned about especially California politics…..what is their excuse for passivity ……here is the catchword we all might be hearing from these “shepherds”……….oh dont worry, God is sovereign?

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