Because you support Trump

Because I support Trump, they stopped helping us win souls.  Funds for winning souls pulled?  Because I stand for Trump?  Won’t get involved in a soul winning crusade because of Trump?  That’s an ugly truth.  In some cases, they have allowed their hatred of Trump to trump their love for lost souls.

We got nothing but support in Texas.   But, resistance from other places drained and distracted us, forcing Houston and San Antonio to be cancelled.

Some who promised help, and have helped for years, have stopped.   Others falsely accused me of talking about Trump all the time.  Did you know that only 5% of my blogs have featured Trump?  Most of my posts deal with spiritual warfare, sound doctrine, revival, and reports of our work.

Leaders have said they can’t be a part of rallies that are political.  This shows me they have not been to any of our outreaches.  In the tent, I rarely, if ever mention Trump.  Not because I am afraid, but because I am consumed by the message of Christ for lost souls and miracles for those who need healing.  In a tent full of hurting people there’s no time for anything else.

And by the way, shame on you if that is why you didn’t get involved.

Others claim youth are turned off by my message.  The notion that youth stay away because I support our President is totally false.  They are not staying away.  If fact, we have a crisis of opportunity.  Our youth are hungry for God.  What we do have is a critical shortage of workers.

There are thousands of millennials out there connecting with what I am saying. Here’s just one sample of emails I receive:

“Every word you speak always touches my soul and spirit in a way I cannot explain. I’m a millennial head over heels in love with Jesus and laying low like how you speak about. I don’t comment on these things, but I have to tell you that us young ones are the Joshua generation! We have been sick of our parents and whomever, sinning and lying and complaining and leading us away from the truth…from God…from Jesus. We’ve had enough, and we are here to serve the Lord in love and be nothing like our ancestors. The separation has begun. I look forward to every post you write!” -Love and prayers from fellow brothers and sisters in FL

Now here is a comment from a “Christian” with the mindset that opposes our soul winning.  He calls my support for Trump “the greatest blasphemy.”  He even issues his condemnation in the form of a prayer!  “And here before you, my Lord, are the ones who have engraved their names in testimony to their blasphemies; their turning away from and against defense of the meek, the powerless, the peaceful, those who love others of your flock regardless of their name or color or race or gender. Mine is not to judge; it is only to weep for them. For they follow a false prophet, and I am saddened they have been steered from your path and then evangelize it as if it was your gospel. It is the greatest of blasphemies.”-John

If these timid souls really cared about the poor and the defenseless, they join us in the inner city feeding and clothing the poor instead of pontificating from the bleachers.

We speak out because we understand why America must remain strong, free and under the rule of law.   This pseudo-pacifism—that would make a hippie blush—is what got in this mess in the first place.  It was the church’s silence that brought us to the brink.

So, I went to the Lord and He gave me Proverbs 20:3 “A man of honor withdraws his foot from strife.”  And that is exactly what I doing…I am withdrawing.   Because I am withdrawing from strife, I will not mention any names, so please don’t bother asking.  Because I am withdrawing you will never hear me talk about this again.  I am only telling you because people deserve to know what happened.

This cancellation is especially frustrating because there are many who do support us and would have stepped up instantly.  We just got side swiped on this one.  I take much of the responsibility for failing to see the trap sooner.  The Holy Spirit showed me my failings in this situation.  I should never have allowed this to happen.

-The most important thing is that He is training us for power, wisdom, discernment, and  love to move to a new level of freedom to reach masses of youth and not be held back. 

– We will also not back down.  We will continue to warn America and the church about the demonic agenda of the left.  But never at the expense of preaching the Gospel!

Because we are innocent, God will provide abundantly.  We have learned a big lesson and the enemy will pay for what he has done. 

This is just a speed bump.  Momentum is strong at Mario Murillo Ministries.  We have cities lined up for tent crusades.  And we are going back to the two we missed.  This was a gigantic fluke I am certain will never happen again.



42 thoughts on “Because you support Trump

  1. As I read your last blog, I had a sharp pain in my arm, it quickly ran on the outside of just my arm. I knew that this attack was from the arm of the flesh! God restores! So glad you have more tent gatherings lined up.

  2. I support you 100percent. Thanks for honoring our president who GOD appointed…im sorry you are going through this attack

  3. Love you brother. You speak truth. The post about false prophet was from the persons own political leanings
    This person has chosen to believe the lie. I Thank God for Men of God like you my brother. I could go on but I won’t.

    1. When praying today I asked God to ‘double’ your future crusades, as a sort of ‘divine revenge’ on whatever/whoever had caused you to cancel these last two meetings . . . then I saw your post and was delighted that you are not giving up.

    2. They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. However, they went out so that it might be made clear that none of them belongs to us. 1 John 2:19
      Dear Mario, after reading the reason these engagements had to be canceled, immediately AP-John’s words leaped into my spirit. It’s an indictment of those who for painfully wrong human reasonings went out from “the work” they had formerly supported you with. What these misguided individuals have PROVEN by doing this is that “the work” was a profitable effort in Christ’s Kingdom calling. So like all those who rely on their “own idea” of what is effectual in soul winning, they left their plow in the field that is already WHITE for harvest, and turned back.
      IF (and that’s a pretty big if) they really understood the times they are living in, they’d of gladly continued their hand at the proverbial plow in the field. IF they really knew the Gospel of Jesus Christ up close & personal they’d have understood that all of Christ’s work here & now is moving through civil constructs to engage the depraved culture. This is in part WHY your Blog has been so successful, you’ve engaged the culture.
      INSTEAD, these misguided decided to embrace worldly approaches and concepts in their own ministries in order to adapt their church house & congregants to the worlds way of doing things. Which places them in the same miserable disposition of those who despise whatever they don’t understand that God IS doing…always resulting in President Trump hating. IF they understood PR-Trump at all and what Christ is doing, they’d clearly see that all the hate shot his way is a sign he’s being mighty used of God. Be encouraged Mario, it’s obvious by the persecution you’re enduring that it’s a powerful move of God moving your way.

  4. You have done no wrong. You have followed the direction of the Lord. You have faithfully fed us from God’s word. You are a voice crying in the wilderness calling the lost to salvation. God bless you and may He supply your every need.

  5. I support Trump not because you or any other human being told me to.

    I support Trump because I humbly went to the Lord and asked Him who he wanted me to support and why during the 2016 US political season.

    While I remain a political independent, God has shown my how He raised up Trump for his purposes in this season to answer the prayers of his people both in the US and globally and to usher in a new era in the world that started with Brexit.

    I suspect that those Christian leaders who oppose Trump have relied on their own human reasoning and as a result are now in the very precarious position of being an enemy of what He is doing in this hour.

    It won’t end well for them if they don’t repent of this position.

  6. it’s so sad when the so called church will totally back the demonic, and can’t see the only chance of hope we have, and Christ never stood for wrong, and his true follower’s won’t either, the young people need to hear the truth not this bunch of crap preached today, THE POWER AND PRESENCE OF GOD NEED’S BACK IN THE CHURCH, THE HOLY SPIRIT NEED’S TO BE ASK BACK IN THE CHURCH, WHERE THEY HAVE PUSHED HIM OUT AND ALLOWED OTHER FIMILAR spirit’s in, MORE DECEPTION TODAY THAN I HAVE EVER SEEN BEFORE, AND GOD WILL REBIRTH HIS HOLY SPIRIT BACK IN THE CHURCH, AND THE YOUNGER PEOPLE WILL BE THE ONE’S TO ALLOW HIM TO OPERATE IN POWER AND MIGHT AGAIN. GOD BLESS BROTHER, STANDING FOR RIGHT IS NEVER WRONG.

  7. Mario, I have known your ministry from my days beginning at Melodyland and our time together at Resurrection City lasting more than 40 years. You appreciate every faithful servant of God but you don’t exalt any man or woman, even a head of state. No celebrity commands my obligation so I follow a person only as they follow Christ and I believe you do the same. I promote Trump or any other leader to the degree they reflect the Gospel. The president’s policies and political platform came closer to Biblical truth and that’s what I supported. As for his failings, I don’t excuse them, but all leaders err. My support of God’s Word does not mean I defend the flaws of man. In addition to a career as a mental health professional, pastor and missionary I have held both elected and appointed political office and I know the inherent challenges and how effective public service requires God’s guidance. My wish for the Trump family is that their season of service will simply draw them closer to the Savior, which is the same prayer I offered for their predecessors. The scripture tells us that national leaders are chosen by the Lord and I am willing to let Him direct their actions. Never would I deny God’s call to spread the Gospel because His selection as His instrument doesn’t satisfy me. God bless you Old Friend.

  8. Bless you and all your team. I am praying that God will work this together for good. I honestly believe God is exposing those who are motivated by the enemies agenda and this includes professing Christians who are blinded and deceived by the enemy. This helps our prayer focus to be accurate so I pray the following.
    Dear Heavenly Father we come before your Throne of Grace this morning and we lift up all of those blinded by the evil agenda of Satan to the point where they have become Satan’s puppets and perpetrators of his evil agenda. Father we ask you to forgive them and release them from Satan’s clutches so they are free to have a real and powerful encounter with Jesus to be saved. Lord I pray for this ministry that you will protect them and strengthen them in the power of your might. Like Peter prayed we also pray and declare Father you see their threats so now grant Mario and his team to continue to be bold and strong in their witness and grant them to move in power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. Lord we ask this in Jesus name. Amen
    Sending greetings from England and know we are praying for America and for your President and his lovely family. 🙏🙌🏻🔥

  9. As I have said before if Jesus isn’t Lord of your vote he isn’t Lord at all!
    People who call themselves “Christian” need to consider Proverbs 6:16-19 and weight which candidates espouse those things the Jehovah hates.

  10. I stumbled upon one of your posts early this year n then subscribed to your emails. I so enjoy reading what you have to say n have been challenged, blessed, n encouraged. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight. I will b contacting your ministry to see how I can contribute financially.

  11. Dear Pastor Murillo,

    God bless you in a mighty way! I stand with you and so many others stand as well. You are on the right side of history. You have been speaking with the wisdom that God gave you to speak truth. You are not a coward and you will never be a coward, no matter what the enemy tries to throw at you or your ministry for His kingdom. I declare in the name of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit that everything the Lord has set out for your ministry to accomplish will be accomplished, in His perfect will and His perfect timing.

    You will never lose my support.

    Christians need to speak the truth about everything going on in the world, politics included! The gospel is first and foremost but never apologize for speaking the truth and showing how the enemy is at work within a soul or within our government!!!

    God bless and protect you and your household. The blood of Jesus cover you. Jessica Cho

    On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 1:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Because I support Trump, they stopped > helping us win souls. Funds for winning souls pulled? Because I stand for > Trump? Won’t get involved in a soul winning crusade because of Trump? > That’s an ugly truth. In some cases, they have allowed their hatred ” >

  12. I sent an offering days ago. The left has been taken over by demonic forces. They are the people of gross sin, death, hatred, reprobate minds, slaughter of the pre born, violence, and rebellion. They hate God and his people. That fact is as plain as the nose on your face. They would silence and punish the church if ever given half a chance. Those who are deceived into believing the church should be silent in this hour are duped by hell. Billy Sunday would laugh them to scorn. Read Esther. I believe that God is shouting to believers today, “How can you remain silent, you are here for such a time as this.” Foolish people think they can remain neutral?? Pure idiocy and cowardice! Blind! Satan is never neutral!! He walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He steals, kills, and destroys! What small people, who would withdraw support of the rescue of the lost!!! I hope some of those who have shrunk back realize how hell has taken them over! My soul is stirred as I read your words! We saw 14 prisoners receive Christ as Savior this past weekend! 15 a week ago. God is moving as never before. What do these who shrink back from supporting evangelism live for? Compromise and placation?? There is no doubt in my mind that Christians sometimes become controlled by the external influence of demonic spirits. Their behavior changes and they do not realize that hell has begun to control their actions and decision making. They no longer recognize that the Spirit of evangelism burns hot in the souls of God’s messengers. And that Spirit will never be quenched as long as souls remain to be saved. Keep moving, dear Brother, God will raise up sources of support who have Holy Fire in them. That fire will not allow cowardice and compromise to destroy their vision of the lost burning in hell. God, this is your work, thank you for making a way for it to go forward, in Jesus name!

  13. Mario God is bringing you a mighty revival.
    Our church is in a cooperate fast I will bring this up in our prayer meeting tonight.
    Until then this is For you👇

    A song of praise👇

    A powerful word👇

  14. Mario, be encouraged my brother! God will provide what you need to continue the vital work of evangelism He has called you to. What God calls us to do, He finances. Many believers have been deceived by the rhetoric of the left! Love those who oppose you and pray for them. They have simply been deceived. They have tried of reason with their natural minds and have not sat quiet long enough before the Lord to hear Him whisper in their ears what His opinion is on these matters. I will be sending an additional offering to help with the shortfall. Bless you and Mechelle. Don’t grow discouraged! All is well! Claudia Bonfante, your friend and supporter!

  15. Thank you for speaking up for our President. Only clueless, coward Christians are not involved in the battle to save our country! White washed tombs with nothing but hypocrisy inside. We thank you for being bold as a lion!
    God bless you and your ministry.

  16. the separation of the sheep and the goats Mario . . . so many having the FORM but are not of Christ. The world is quickly changing, Jesus may take us out of this world in the very near future. With the influx of a mob beating upon our borders, we see satan (no caps on purpose) alive and well all around us. What is to do? If the military begins shooting then crazy non-Americans will become outraged that we protect their country. If the crazies walk into a restaurant and take food away from a Senator and throw it on the street, think of what they will do when we defend our borders. It is purely satanic and nothing else. Jesus is coming! Meanwhile Mario you have nothing to be ashamed of for speaking the truth. They didn’t like Jesus and Paul and Peter either . . . . R.G. Lee preached “Pay Day Someday”.

  17. This was just a attack to you Mario because the enemy is trying to tell us to shut up, sit down and stop, The enemy is running out of option’s in this warfare that is taking place in the USA right now. This is why we as children of God need to stand firm, stand strong and pray for our country and our government. God is about to move in a Big way and Satan is in a panic, God is in control and the enemy knows it.

  18. Somehow I have been starting to get you posts sent to me and I look forward to every one of them. I love that you have chosen to support our president who God has miraculously given to us and am so thankful you are not afraid to proclaim that fact. This is our last chance God is giving us. I believe God is separating the sheep from the goats now. Not everyone who goes to church or sits in authority over the congregation is a true believer and I for one thank the Lord for showing us who to trust, how to be wise and stay close to him. There are so many liars and deceivers out there we need to stick close to the word of God. I wish I could go to your church and worship. Keep on preaching and teaching and God will bless you and give you your hearts desire because to me it is in the right place.

  19. Thank you for being bold and standing firm for righteousness no matter the cost! We need more like you in the ministry Mario! I listen to many podcasts but look forward to yours the most because of the power of the truth and love you teach….all Jesus!

  20. Brother, my heart aches for those who are blinded and those who will miss hearing the message in TX, this time. But GOD! He always has a way of getting His message to the lost. As you said this is just a speed bump, and now that we see the plan of the evil one we know how to pray against it.

    Thank you so much for what you do, you are in our prayers and hope to see you soon.

  21. Dear Mario,

    I am sickened to read this. I am sick of the snakes that are crawling all over America. The floodgates of Hell have been opened early. I thought that wouldn’t happen until after our departure. I am sick of the evil renamed “political correctness” that attacks everything that is good, especially anything that will win souls for Christ. I can hardly believe the difference between darkness and light in America. I was born in 1943, and this is not the America I grew up in.

    I grieve for you, for how this must hurt your heart. I live near Seattle, Washington, I would love to attend one of your crusades. My son lives in Houston; he’s a Christian but brain damaged (TBI) from the war in Iraq. He hardly knows his own mother now, even joined the Mormon church! Believe me, that’s not the way his momma raised him. I was going to tell him about your crusade in Houston and hoped he’d go, and be touched by the Holy Spirit.

    God bless you, Mario, and I will lift you up in prayer.

    Diane Gilbert

  22. If you’re not popular then you’re doing something right!

    I find it quite interesting that people assume or know what us young ones think, like or know….hmmm

    Those of us on fire love the truth, SOUND DOCTRINE and I could go on and on and on. Every time I read your blog posts I cry and my spirit flutters to the point where I just want to move to where you are bc of how much of the Father radiates out of you….how much Jesus shines thru you. We are of like mind…same spirit…it’s very rare. I look up to you so much!

    But hey what do some of us know that Jesus called us out of under highways and such lol….it’s only written in the bible!!

    My love and prayers stand with you always brother!

  23. Mario, we have read and heard you say categorically why you have supported the president. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that it isn’t because of theological purity but rather the recognition that Trump’s stepping on to the world stage has given the body of Christ an unparalleled opportunity to return to her soul winning roots.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to the gospel and I believe that Good will honor the faithfulness of those believers in Houston and San Antonio who committed themselves to that work sometime in the near future.

  24. God bless you, continue to keep you well, safe, proclaiming the only Gospel Message that will get any one thro those Pearly Gates!!!

    Only God could open those doors for Trump to be our President. Only 5 months before he was elected I was praying and unknowingly in my prayer called him PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Be encouraged. We are on the winning team!

    Sent from my iPad


  25. No matter how much this type of thing happens, it still boggles my mind that people who call themselves Christians can be so lacking in discernment. The same people who detest president Trump voted for Obama and Hillary. That’s stunning to me. I’m sure I don’t have to list here the things that Obama did to hurt the Church, or the things that Hillary most likely would have done. How can someone who was saved by Grace not understand Grace? How can they think forgiveness does not apply to a gruff-talking billionaire, even though he has extended his hand to the Christians and is keeping his promises to us? I fear for the man named John in your blog, Pastor Mario, who used a prayer to judge and condemn those who support Trump and understand how God is using him, and then claimed he wasn’t judging. Incredible. He would do well to read Michael Brown’s blog from a few days ago regarding why he went from, “Never Trump”, to supporting him. I was excellent. Go forward, Pastor Mario. We love you.

  26. Hello Mario and fellow workers for Christ.
    It is with great sadness to see members of the Body of Christ asleep. Much like when one of our own members of our body falls asleep. We wake up to find our hand is numb, non responsive due to the lack of circulation of life giving blood.
    So that hand needs a good vigorous shaking to help the blood flow to return. Although these are true members of the Body of Christ. They are still asleep, non responsive.
    Not aware of how the circulation of the Holy Spirit is pinched off by there form of godliness. Denying the power of God in what “He” is doing in America’s politics and leadership. A full on war between good and evil.
    Yet when we are asleep we are non responsive to the full on battle taking place. This is by and large from no real fellowship with the Holy Spirit. No real power in our midst.
    Playing church or practicing religion with the tools of mans ministry that has been replicated in us. And we repeat it over and over lacking the power of God.
    Name one thing that happens on an average Sunday morning church service,
    (That if God chose not to show up, the we would even notice? )
    Because with or without God the show must go on.

    We have learned to operate with our own tools of ministry.
    Skilful and trained.
    And asleep non responsive to the Holy Spirit in what He is doing.
    My dear Brother Mario
    You are awake and on target. We, the Body of Christ need a great shaking from God

  27. This might be part of the problem perhaps👇

  28. Here’s another positive statement of support for you Mario.
    It is always inspiring to hear about your outreaches. You will return to San Antonio and Houston. They will still be there.
    We are thankful Trump is here. You are thankful. Christians are thankful and forgiving of their brothers. That’s the key, Trump is a brother. Your disputers need to read 1John again, he wrote to the brothers to have love one for the other. The brothers and sisters of Christ.
    Bless you in your continued work for the body of Christ.
    You are blessed. The body is blessed. And what is blessed cannot be cursed.

  29. If I read your blog correctly, I am glad you’re going back to Houston and San Antonio. They deserve to have your crusade in their city if they support you, and so does everybody else who supports you. Mario, please pray God replenishes all my $700,000 I inherited that I’ve put out in donations and bills and family and greedy lawyers so I can keep giving to God and His needy people who depend on me to give them money all the time. Pray I do wisely with the money God gives me so I can give wisely. If and when God gives back to me, He’ll be giving me double as I have given double to everyone.

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