What are you hearing from the pulpit of your church?

Are you being rallied to vote?  Are you being armed with Scriptural precepts that show your undeniable duty in this hour?

The day when vessels of God could leave politicians alone is gone.  The preacher who rebukes politicians today is not partisan or political—they are a normal servant of God.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow—but swallow it me must.   The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes said, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”  What is left to you when you remove the mask of the Democratic Party? The truth about them is undeniable.

Here is the truth about the Democratic Party:

-The Democratic Party will work to force Christianity to change.  Hillary Clinton said, “religious beliefs have to be changed.”  CA Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said, “the church must evolve.” They are the ones who let slip the goal of the Democratic Party.

-The flood of illegal immigrants you see—the open borders you see—the relentless effort to change the face of America you see is not by accident.  It is by design.  The sole intention of this invasion—for that’s what it is—is to keep an elite cadre of leftists in power.   These elitists are in education, entertainment, media, technology and politics.

-They are the one who espoused violence.  Faulty explosive devices sent to Liberal leaders?  They blame Trump?    Now they are calling for conservatives to stop violence?  They have zero evidence that anyone except one deranged lunatic anything to do with those bombs.

Eric Holder said to kick them.  Hillary said you can’t be civil.  Maxine Waters called for mobs to form and harass them.  Joe Biden and Robert Di Nero want fist fights with Trump. The New York Times runs a fantasy piece about assassinating Trump. Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House.

I ask you…are conservatives rioting, burning, or shooting Democratic politicians?  Do you see widespread civil unrest fomenting among Trump supporters?  Who holds up bloody heads of Trump? Who cheer at plays that depict the assassination of Trump?

The call to tone down the rhetoric on both sides sounds rational but it is wholly misguided unless the left admits they are mostly responsible.  Physical violence is almost the exclusive domain of the left.  Trump supporters may yell and scream but examples of violence are rare compared to the left.  How rich is it that George Soros is now condemning violence and hate after he has funded it for years?

But the real issue is that leaders in the Democratic Party will not call off their dogs.  They are okay with riots.   This is but a taste of the tactics they will employ not only on the street but in government.  If they resort to riots, burning down buildings, bullying, censorship, and intimidation now…what will they do if they regain power?

No pastor—no matter how famous or wise—has been able to offer even a weak argument to defend their silence.  Instead, even when confronted with all the facts—knowing they are without excuse—preachers simply drop the God Card: “God told me to keep quiet.”  Well, no He didn’t.

Some say they don’t want to lose their tax exemption.  What good will your tax exemption be when your congregation is driven underground?

When unapologetic evil emanates from the Democratic Party you vote against them.  When soul-withering incompetence threatens to rule the House and Senate you stop it.

This Sunday every pulpit in America must direct their congregation to vote and how to vote against the destruction of America—for that is exactly what you will be doing.

This is it!  You will have only one chance in your life to stop this madness.  So, I ask you one last time…what is your church saying about this election?

15 thoughts on “What are you hearing from the pulpit of your church?

  1. It is hard to imagine that any Spirit filled, Holy Spirit lead Christian church would ever suggest voting any way except Conservatively. Taking a stand boils down to the “contrast between” darkness versus light…truth versus conjured fiction…personal self reliance versus submission to Jesus Christ. The immorality of liberals biased idea of modern morality is startlingly tragic. The old Democratic Progressive party movement is long gone and given over to Leftist politicking with Democratic Socialism at the forefront. It’s all very clear and equally dangerous. If the Dems gain ground back in both houses all real American progress will come to a grinding halt, but at least the radical fringe left with all their rioting and violence will then calm down for a slight period of time, believing there’s more of them than they thought, and if they actually do win, that would mean that there is?…an alarming frightening concept.

      1. If we are “Holy” spirit-filled, we will eventually have to preach it we just can’t help it.
        Some pulpit occupiers may be spirit filled my question isvwhatbspirit are they of?
        Jer 20:9
        Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.

    1. You wrote: “The day when vessels of God could leave politicians alone is gone. The preacher who rebukes politicians today is not partisan or political—they are a normal servant of God.” Does this apply to our president as well? I think it should.

  2. Without question this midterm is the most important election of our time, except electing Trump of course. Vote Republican straight down the ticket, this is not your grandfather’s Democrat, these people are crazy.

  3. Thank you so very much for all you have said. You are so right, the church & pastors haven’t spoke up about all that is going on. I voted early & went straight Republican. I will pass your message alone as much as I can.

    God Bless,
    Mary Venable

  4. We can only hope that the “silent majority” shows up again for the elections. Reading Jeremiah , it appears his prophesy applies to our country.

  5. Mario you are the voice of common sense and reason. The only question is….will pastors hide their heads under a bushel at this crucial hour or stand tall and speak the truth with boldness? Personally I dont expect to hear anything about the election from our pastor this sunday….they will probably once more mention their “trunk or treat” harvest party for the kids……candy and games and fun but sure misery for everyone, IF people dont vote in righteous God fearing candidates and admit the truth about the true nature of the Democratic Party. Seriously, Im thinking in my mind what has overtaken the minds of Californians that would vote in a governor who staged an insurrection concerning gay marriage while mayor of San Francisco? Would not a person like that be considered to be a public servant who is a danger and threat to democracy? In times past, yes, but now the new normal seems to be degeneracy and mob rule.

  6. we are praying ever service for our country and it’s leaders. We are fasting and meeting early in the morning. We are telling to vote for those who stand for your moral convictions and the word of God.

  7. If we remain silent in this election then the question that begs to be answered is, will we remain equally silent on our way to the camps? History tells us plainly that when these people have come to power, Christians have paid a horrible price.

  8. Dear Mario, Yes, my pastor is adamant about pro-life issues. Fr. Jimmy Acevedo is an awesome charismatic priest . But I have recently stopped giving to any ministry that whips out: Max Lucado Tony Evans T.D. Jakes …and the Smiley one…can’t think of his name…🤔 Going to check I. With them again To see if they repented….

    Instead I am giving to your ministry, Samaritans purse, and my church.

    Sincerely, Sheri Mason

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