Freedom flickers like a candle in the wind.  We have come down to it: America’s darkest hour.
We are the giddy inebriated fool laughing and stumbling in the dark of night at the edge of the cliff.
When they said Trump was racist.   Did you accept that without a shred of evidence?  Then you helped kill freedom.
When you hear CNN and MSNBC blame Trump for the massacre in the Pittsburgh Synagogue you weren’t outraged?  Then you are the assisting the suicide of our nation.
People hold candles as they gather for a vigil in the aftermath of a deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
You witnessed the assassination of Judge Kavanaugh’s character—without a scintilla of proof he had ever done anything wrong.
Who trashed the presumption of innocence?  Who trashed due process?  You can’t see it?  You still see no reason to vote out the scoundrels in Congress who perpetrated this?     If so, you are helping plunge a knife into the heart of Liberty.
You heard Oprah promote celebrations of abortions and you continue to take her advice on your vote?  You are helping call down the judgement of God!
Are you the pastor who spiritualized your cowardice in America’s darkest hour?  Did you use trite phrases to recuse yourself from the horrors of wickedness—the very wickedness God called you to oppose?  Are you, by this, aiding and abetting the downfall of your nation and bringing misery upon the sheep—the very sheep God told you to protect?
If you don’t use your rights to stop evildoers tomorrow, you will never get another chance.  Because if they win, a shroud of darkness will descend on our beloved nation and snuff the lamp of justice.

They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Parading themselves as champions of justice, and equal rights.  They infiltrated everything from the media to the pulpit.   Now we see their real face.  Now their true intentions are exposed for all to see.  Now, we are without excuse if we elect them.
And tell me America, how is it possible you still can’t tell who the real fascists are—who the real racists are—who the real haters are—who the real liars are…and, who the real lunatics are?  If you don’t know at this late hour, you never will.  And history says if you can’t tell good from evil then you don’t deserve to remain free.
You call yourself a Christian and you choose not to vote?  You are not innocent.  You are complicit.  You are one of the authors and finishers of decency in this country.  If you don’t vote, you are voting in Marxists by default.
Marxism has absorbed the Democratic Party and the press has no clue of what freedom of speech is.  We have never seen these things before.  Mark Levin is so right when he said, “So this election is not only about defeating many, many radicals that the Democrats have nominated. Some of them are outright bigots,” he said. “But it’s also about pushing back against the media that has no comprehension whatsoever what freedom of the press means, the history of freedom of the press and why it’s so important.”
The importance of tomorrow cannot be overstated.  This is America’s darkest hour.  Only once in your entire life will your duty be this clear.  We have wasted valuable time and it never should have come down to this. But now it has, and it is what it is: A last call to do what’s right.
If we don’t stop them, we will be doing something that no nation has ever done and survived.  No country has ever handed power to candidates like these and kept their freedom or prosperity.

17 thoughts on “AMERICA’S DARKEST HOUR

  1. Amen, Mario. Unfortunately, the Christians who are complicit or compromising to vote for ungodly fruit, are not reading your blog. We pray that their eyes are opened and that they are convicted for their failure to discern, to yield to righteousness, to vote on a platform producing good fruit.

  2. Thank you, Mario, for your continued warnings to Christians. It’s amazing how so many are being duped by the media.

  3. Mario and Blogging Friends, this is so well said by You Mario, It is my constant prayer that your voice Mario, which is like a voice crying out in the wilderness “REPENT, make straight paths for The Lord!” Due to the fact that there is a present darkness that has infiltrated the hearts and minds of far too many Americans and even the American Christian church culture. Several months ago I spoke to that darkness in hopes to ‘reveal’ what was (in my opinion) causing it, I hope this helps;

  4. Thank you Mario Murillo for your ministry. I am sitting here after reading what you wrote with complete thankfulness in my heart for someone like you. I am surrounded by so many who do not see the truth – even in my own home and it is painful. I pray that everyone reading what you wrote here will heed your warning and get out and vote for righteousness to prevail in our country. God bless you and your wonderful wife.

  5. Trying to decided which portion to post as a headline when I share this. So much “in your face” truth! Thank you, Mario. You are like Jesus and John the Baptist calling out the religious brood of vipers! I recall during the 2016 campaign, a prominent young evangelist (about as prominent as you can get) with a worldwide organization, went on FB and railed against Trump. I told him to get back in his closet and repent for his religious judgement, pray and go to Trump, if he had something to say to him. I slap my hand to my forehead! Do they not understand?? They were encouraging people to vote for Hillary? A few years ago I watched an on fire, young British evangelist call out Obama by name in a revival meeting. That’s the last time I’ve heard him do anything like that. I don’t know this, but I have a feeling that someone “corrected” him. Don’t preach on politics. The pastor of the church I attended for a while literally said while he was preaching, “Don’t expect me to talk about politics from the pulpit. It won’t happen.” Apparently someone else must have spoken to him about it. It wasn’t me. I cannot even describe how difficult it was to be in that church. I finally said, “I can’t do it anymore.” When I came across your blog a couple of years ago, it was confirmation that I wasn’t alone in how I felt.
    We have a big God! According to the Bible, He does get involved in the affairs of nations. His people sometimes act stupid, but He uses “someone” to deliver them, even from their own stupidity. Today, I pray, “Father, deliver Your America.” I stand against the enemy who would steal the victory that was hard fought and won in 2016. I believe for ANOTHER miracle! In the name of my Jesus!

  6. Keep up the good work, God bless you

    On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 12:57 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Freedom flickers like a candle in the > wind. We have come down to it: America’s darkest hour. We are the giddy > inebriated fool laughing and stumbling in the dark of night at the edge of > the cliff. When they said Trump was racist. Did you accep” >

  7. Joe 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.
    Joe 3:15 The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

  8. I am African, American Indian but most of all I am Christian. A handful of us speak about politics in our church but for the most part there is silence. I will vote for values, not lies. I have lost relationships because of where I stand but it’s really horrible trying to live alongside evil

  9. In this nation’s “darkest hour”, our light shines the brightest. Our vote is our seed and it has been planted by millions. God bless you and all you read your blog.

    1. Thank You Mario Murillo for your Blutness in these times we are living in! I am so tired of seeing ministers being so vague in their words. We must speak plainly with No Political Correctness! The foundation we are currently speaking on is in Serious Danger! Most are acting like this foundation of freedom of speech & religion will always be there. So many have acted like they had a free speech muzzle in the pulpit. If we don’t speak out freely we really will be muzzled by those who hate us. Those that are controlled by demonic forces are fighting to take control. Wake up, We Are The Body Of Christ on the earth!

  10. Last night a woman collapses at trump rally trump stops speaking crowd begins to sing as paramedics work on her.

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