Don’t believe a single word from those who are calling today’s election a referendum of President Trump.  Today is not a verdict on Donald Trump.  This is not about the left seizing the perceived hatred of Trump.  This is something else altogether.
Some Republicans in the House did not jump on the Trump train soon enough to benefit from his wins.  Let’s not forget how, early on, the leadership of the Republican Party fought Trump.  They even maneuvered to prevent him from running for President.  He had to overcome obstacles on both sides of the aisle.
If the Republican Party had seized two issues, they would be seeing a Red Wave today instead biting their nails.  Immigration and the economy are the two things an overwhelming number of Americans care about.  They want jobs and they don’t want their neighborhoods invaded.  Establishment Republicans were to slow to understand that.  They still feared the media.
Even during this election cycle, many House Republicans were slow to understand the groundswell of grassroots support for Trump.  Look at candidates whose hide is being saved because, just in time, they wisely identified with Trump.

Moreover, House elections are local not national.  What the left is grabbing hold of is the frustration of a do-nothing congress.  Candidates are vulnerable because of their local, lackadaisical leadership—their clinging to establishment ways—and for doing nothing while they had the chance.  None of which is Trump’s fault.
That is not to say the Left’s answer is any good. Their cure is far worse than the disease.
The Left has good reason to try to pin their nonexistent blue wave on Trump.  They want to weaken him.  However, the weakness came from Paul Ryan’s brand of “sort of say something, and sort of do something.”  Republican tabling, delaying, snide remarks against Trump tweets, and trying to appear to be getting things done, is coming home to haunt them.
Look at today this way: Your football team was down 28-0 at the two-minute warning and you finally put the right quarterback in.  He is miraculously driving up and down the field and may have enough time to pull out a win.  Trump has frantically rallied in so many places in the last few weeks that it makes me dizzy.  If God can use anyone to pull out a miracle it is Donald Trump.
But if the gun sounds before he can save the house…don’t blame him, it is totally not his fault.  If he does pull out a win the Republican Party better give credit where credit is due.


  1. I echo the above comment. Mario, you have stood up strong, bold and brave these last several months. I pray thousands have been reading your posts and especially here in California. My SoCal pastor Jack Hibbs has been sound the drum also up and down this State speaking to well over 2000 pastors in all ethnic groups, motivating and teaching them to stand up in their pulpits about the Biblical World view issues and scriptually about what God’s Word says about voting and electing “righteous men and women” It is not just our right but for the Christian it is our obligation if we want peace and order in our land. God bless you abundantly Mario.

  2. Oh my goodness… you have said this correctly to the last dot and dash! This is a time like I’ve never seen in my entire lifetime! I too pray thousands have been reading your posts! God bless you and protect you and heal you in His mighty name! We need you. You are a witness of the TRUTH.

  3. Mario you have been the echo voice on behalf of Christians in California. Unfortunately many churches do not understand or intentionally do not get onvolve in the election process to be a voice and talk in their pulpits to save America and the importance to stand up in this time of evil attack on the church by using the democrats to bring down the church the nation the beliefs and the values. What the democrats did to the innocent man Justice Kavanaugh should have awaken the church in California to rally behind the Republican candidates. But only only hand ful like Mario Murrillo Pastor Jack in So.Cal to yell their congregation to vote for Righteuos candidates to California and America. The Democrats are out to destroy America and now the church should talk about the elections in their pulpits as it is not just just handful but every christian obligation to. Stand with President Trump.

  4. Pastor Mario, please come to The House Church in Modesto. Please call and set a date to come and speak. We need you there.

  5. This is about a totally lukewarm church w/ absolutely no fear of God whatsoever. I don’t care if it’s bethel (Redding) or tbn nonsense-their too focused on $elling book$ instead of preaching the whole Word. Everyone teaches Jn 3:16 but no one will teach Rev 3:16. And if our jesus wouldn’t say the latter then we have a false christ-2Cor11:4. It’s all this false “love” w/ no fear so there’s no sense of judgement or accountability for your actions before God. That’s why virtually all the youth from my old bethel based church are pro-trans, pro-abortion, & living like their married without being so and still think they’ll be accepted by Christ!!Its bc they’ve never heard passages like Rev 3:16, Heb10:26, 6:6-just a bunch of sugary over emotional garble that’s not produced lasting fruit and now theyre effecting society thru the ballot box.

  6. Here it is early morning on November 7th. And the Democrats won the House of Representatives. It wasn’t a Blue wave, it has been (so far) a series of rapids riding over rocks of ‘already’ Left leaning states. The Republicans still hold the Senate with a margin of extras some still too close to call it…along with many Governorships in states. 😄 But what is concerning and detrimental is how deeply this Rep. house takeover will block and seize up the progress that has been made by PR-Trump and dominating Republicans over 2 Houses of government the last 2 years. It is just as my husband said, ” Now will they (the Dems) Investigate or Legislate?”😭 For this to have happened within the House of Representatives the referendum also falls on those so-claimed Christians who decided to elect in people diametrically opposed to the Christ like biblical banner of Truth that real Christians share. So the push will begin “again” for government held single payer health care, abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy (which amounts to death on demand) open borders with fight after fight for illegal aliens rights, and massive stall tactics for the future 2 years. In my opinion we can count on the Blue held House for that. So much for your Tax crumbs Conservatives, there won’t be anymore now.

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