Millions of born again and Spirit-filled Christians voted for the Democratic Party.
What I am about to say will close the doors for me to preach in Atlanta. That is sad because it is a great city with many powerful churches.  It is even possible that some will try to accuse me of being racist.  A charge that I will summarily ignore. So don’t bother.
Atlanta is a snapshot of what happened Tuesday in urban areas across America.  Let me begin by quoting Don Lemon, “White men are the biggest terror threat.”  He says that remark is not racist because statistics bear it out.  Fair enough.
Now let me give you some statistics.  90% of the African American vote in Atlanta went to the Democratic Party.  We know that there are many black mega churches in Atlanta.  It is impossible that only non-Christians voted last Tuesday.  We are left with the inescapable conclusion that born-again and Spirit-filled Christians in large numbers voted for the Democratic Party.  That is not racist it is simply a fact.
This is not just true in Atlanta. It is also very true in Houston. For that matter every city in America.
It is no surprise how this happened.  It is the pulpit’s fault.  Believers are fed all the verses on blessing and few that relate to conscience.  This is how they can walk into a voting booth oblivious to the fact that the Democratic Party has declared war on the Bible.  Hillary Clinton said, “we must change religious beliefs.”
Even if you buy the myth that Trump is a white-supremacist…a charge that even his avowed enemies find hard to say with a straight face, you are not innocent from knowing what you are voting for.  A vote is not a statement just of what you are against but also what you are for.
What does the Bible say about abortion? Psalm 139:13 says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.   The Bible clearly teaches that a fetus is a person not a glob of flesh.
Have you ever wondered why Planned Parenthood fights so hard to convince a fetus is not a person? Even they know, if a fetus is indeed a person abortion is taking a human life.
Therefore, abortion is murder. Of one’s own child! Late-term abortion is out and out savagery.  The Democratic party not only defends late term abortion, they have said women “should celebrate our abortions.”
Democrats say that portions of the Word of God are hateful.  We know the portions they mean.  They are crusading to defend every sexual sin condemned in the Bible.

It is possible that your pastor soft-peddles or ignores these verses and tells you that grace covers this.  The Bible says different, “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2 By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?  The Democratic Party is not just saying they disagree with the Bible but that teaching certain parts of it should be banned because it is hate speech. Do you want the Bible banned?  If we let them ban certain parts what is to keep them from banning it all.
My message is to all races.  You can’t leave Jesus out of the voting booth. God will hold you accountable.  God also holds pastors accountable for hold back vital truth and creating this moral confusion by not teaching the Bible.
A famous Christian Country and Western singer was asked why she supported same sex marriage.  She said, “my pastor told me not to judge.”  There it is.  The Body of Christ is having what my good friend Dusty Kemp calls “an out of Bible experience.”
Many California Christians especially suffer from Biblical malnutrition.  They can’t even fathom what is wrong with so many things that the Word of God calls sin.
America is seeing once again the damage done by Christians detached from their Bible. You raise your hands in worship. You sit in church and open your Bible and declare it to be the Word of God, and then you go and vote for the avowed enemy of the Bible?  If you did that, then unlike the blessed man of Psalm one “who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly” you did.

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  1. It’s amazing the number of Christians who cite Trump’s vulgar tape from over 10 years ago as a reason not to support him who never comment on the Democrats going to the last election supporting taxpayer funded abortion up to 9 months.

    Here’s a clue – one of these is merely offensive while the other has a 100% fatality rate.

    Challenge them on this and they cite the lame excuse that rightwing Christians only care about the unborn, purposely ignoring the number of adoption centres and children’s charities run by rightwing Christians.

    1. In reference to those who are PR-Trump haters yet say they’re Christians, so they chose to vote Democrat in rebellious resistance – The Beloved Apostle John rendered this statement;
      “We love because He first loved us. If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For the person who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And we have this command from Him: the one who loves God must also love his brother.” 1 John 4: 19-21 (HCSB)
      What did John say again?…” If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar.” And where do we learn and understand all arrogant liars go?…You got it, into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur. Apostle John goes onto PROVE why these liars don’t really love God, “For the person who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.”

      Now here’s where the proverbial rubber meets the narrow Kingdom road. When these Trump haters see PR-Trump on TV or anywhere else they are stirred with flames of hate and disgust, not the flame of Holy Spirit love. These will also make the argument that Donald J Trump is not a true Believer, yet he said he is and worked hard for other Christian Believers & Pastors rights to Believe freely without government imposed hindrance. So these who vehemently exclaim they’re lovers of God, Apostle John said are liars.
      Scary isn’t it?

      1. President Donald Trump, elected by the majority of voters in 2016, is a born again believer as of the summer of that year. God has raised him up to spare us from the communist leaders of the left, who hate righteousness and espouse lawlessness and the ‘right ‘ to sin with impunity, actually thirsting for others to accept their actions as normal and ok.
        Please pray for our President!

      2. I applaud your effort to make sense of an increasing senselessness. As you stated, the same words you used as determining the base line for truth will be used by “them” to attack you. And there is the difference. You’re not attacking anyone but, the weak easily programmed minds will perceive it as an attack. In turn they will cast God’s pearls to the swine because they don’t have the decency of inherent objectivity which the love of God guides us by necessity. Jesus will be glorified no matter what. The truth will be acknowledged by the fruit that is borne. Death has been defeated. This is the ultimate truth passed over by far too many. Sit back and observe the tower man has built to glorify his own righteousness that is filthy rags before the holiness of God. That tower is starting to crumble. Stand far away from it. Do not mourn its passing. The lying governments and false religions of man are built within and around the tower. Could we be in the “end times?” God owns this as well so there’s no point in trying to figure it out. True believers are a mystery among the children of men. Love.
        (My email is disabled so if you choose to communicate, go through Facebook)

      3. Great point. Absolutely the truth in worldly words. I wonder if the Trump haters or the Hillery lovers can be converted back to Godly wisdom. They worship a false idol because the refuse to see or hear the rest of Gods word.

      4. Although, Donald Trump did win the electoral college vote, he did not win the popular vote. and seems to be a sore spot for many. there are so many people that like to hang onto that fact.. which really makes no difference. because we have never elected a President by popular vote in the last 200 years.
        I believe that God raised up the present man for out President, for a reason. we have one more chance, and If we blow it this one last time. God will bring judgment on the earth, and people that profess Christianity, but deny the power and grace of God, will be included in that judgment.

      5. Are you saying Trump is a bother in Christ (and of course it isn’t right to hate him), because according to his own statements about faith, he is not. He has maintained that he’s never needed forgiveness for anything. That is a basic, foubdational tenet of what the gospel requires for salvation.

      6. Who Knows!!
        Do you know BeSerious?…”For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us. This is what we speak, not in words taught us by human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, expressing spiritual truths in spiritual words. The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment: “For who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct him?” But we have the mind of Christ. Now that is from 1 Corinthians 2:11-16, and read again the words AP-Paul said; “The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

        So it is with Donald J Trump, if he didn’t believe in God in Christ and Christ in God and The Spirit of God wasn’t within him, then he would consider all the spiritual aspects of the Christian faith and Judaism “foolishness” and PR-Trump would never have worked so diligently to override the Johnson amendment so that Christian pastor’s and Jewish Rabbi’s etc…would be enabled to flourish within their churches and synagogues. Securing your’s and my right to worship freely the way we chose, even publicly if we so desire. OF COURSE PR-Trump is a Believer and knows the spirit that is within him, the “clue” for you lies right here within Apostle Paul’s words.

      7. Very thoughtful reply. I do not hate my brothers or sisters because they sin differently than me. It is sin though, just as much as my sins are.

        What are your thoughts on the abortion issue that was eloquently discussed by the author?

        Your last paragraph alleges flames of hate and disgust yet you do not see mobs of Trump Supporters beating others for their beliefs as you do with left wing supporters across the country. Why is that?

      8. Brandon, I was using this sentence I wrote as an example of Trump derangement syndrome, “When these Trump haters see PR-Trump on TV or anywhere else they are stirred with flames of hate and disgust, not the flame of Holy Spirit love.” (end of quote) I used that to exemplify the contrast between what Apostle John said we’re to acknowledge toward others who say they are Believers too,” If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar.”(end of quote) And PR-Donald Trump has stated on many occasions that he is a Christ Believer and follower.
        Regarding abortion and its practices in America or anywhere, I hate it and am saddened for all women who find themselves even considering it as an option.

      9. Thank you for speaking truth and calling the evil spirit out into the light. Too many lukewarm Christians in this world that just want to go along to get along. The Democrat/Liberal/Progressive and NOW Socialist party will say and do anything to misled and deceive the masses! Satan is clearly lurking among them all and clearly making a claim to each of their soul(s)!

    2. I would like to ask those people are you looking at Trump through God’s eyes. How does God see Trump does he see who he was or he who is now.
      The Bible is all about repenting of the past and letting it go Those who bring up your past are not walkingin God’s ways.

      1. Mr. Trump was not elected by the majority of voters. He won by the electoral college vote. Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote.

      2. Bye with the mess you are talking about and death has over ran this country more no they ever before under his leadership. And these Pastors that cheer Trump is hatemonger that’s that’s using the Bible to agree with #45. To all the Bishops and preachers that’s believing Trump foolishness is turning a blind eye the the hate and disrespect he let come out his mouth. YOU ALL ARE RACISTS DEEP DOWN WITHIN PERIOD SHAME ON YOU ALL

      3. Repentance is becoming a thing of the past in many Christian churches, making them cults and leading their followers to judgement.

      4. The electoral college folks won’t even consider the abortion issue discussed in this article. Sorry that you guys think 2 large counties of liberal voters should determine the elections’ outcomes. Thankful the forefathers of the country saw that coming. And you folks offended by a 10-minute vulgar comment give no consideration for how many years of legally murdering the unborn. Nice.

      5. J think Christians forget that D Trump was not elected to be a pastor or because of sainthood, he was elected to fins job, based in promises gd made to benefit nation. H His belief systems are aligned ho the Word , eg pro abortion , econlmic improvement, agreement with Israel, protection of Kingfom based organizations , etc . The msn has delivered incredibly well , despite the horrific obstructionism from the left , what is mattefbwith our “family” thinking? No lack of available info; even I, Who does not live in USA heard it myself from evangelical leaders ! Simply that we don’t pay attention to what God cares about , represented by the politicians we elect ! But we forget thsg ukykmstelh wdbeach jokingly snd severally are responsible for the state of our nations, before God Himself! 2Chr7:14 to Ehom we WILL account, whilst God is neither Dem nor Repunlic, we need to align with Him & His choices , & His policies= Word , care sbout what He cares & hate what He hates . Question is : do American Christians actually care about what Hd cares about? If not, option is either repent & fix this next time, or don’t go play “Church”, God is not ZpC ; remember what happened Ananias/Saphire in NT, Book of Acts ? In near future as His Presence is moving manifestation more & more in churches, compromisers may find themselves not in a safe place, for HIM we cannot lie to!

        ReTrump birthright; he is talking of illegals coming to give birth . Wish left stopped lying : it is about doing things LEGALLY , not stopping legal immigrant delivering nannies in USA.

        Lastly Hisgofjcallg , DEMS voted for slavery, Tepublicans/Christians were the ones who fought to stop slavery, & while about 1st slaves were owned by black slavery owners; incidentally they were sold by their black brothers & Arab traders in Africa!

      6. He is a “Christian”. I cant help, but think of Matthew 7:21-23 when I see him. I am a conservative and can’t stand the idea of abortion, but we need a true man of God in the White House. Not one who uses whatever words are necessary to get what he personally wants.

      7. @Deidre, Hate is a two-way street. I can’t believe the amount of hate that spews out of CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the liberal media. For two years they did nothing but attack President Trump in an effort to destroy him, yet it absolutely amazes me how these same pundits place blame on Tump for hate. I say it takes one to know one. The latest hatefest were the accusations from CNN that Trump caused the shootings in Pittsburgh. This is despite the facts that the synagogue killer hated Trump and said he was controlled by the Jews. President Trump moved the embassy to Israel. No other president would do that. He loves Israel, yet fake news spews there hate justified by a mandate to stop him at all costs. They do this even if they need to lie and misrepresent the truth.

        Abortion is pure evil straight out of the pit of hell and supported by the Democratic party. Mario is right! There is another danger that no one even talks about. Marxian Socialism has attached itself to the Democratic party. well Over 100 million deaths were caused by socialist revolutionaries in the 20th century followed by religious persecution. Karl Marx wrote the communist manifesto and he was an atheist. He hated Christians. Religious freedom is not only lost under Islam. It is also lost under Socialism. This is another reason to vote Republican.

        As far as the electoral college goes, the popular vote does not matter. Elections have never been decided by popular vote. We are a republic, not a democracy. That is not how our election process works. It’s like saying that the Dodgers should have won the world series in 2017 over the Astros because the Dodgers got more runs. That is not how you win the world series. There is a reason for the electoral college and as soon as you start limiting the constitution you begin to limit your freedom.

    3. This is an absolute disgrace – the two different parties are in total opposites good against evil – for ANY CHRISTIAN to be on the side of obama/clinton shows there is no discernment in their voting and no appreciation for a man (President Trump) who is seeking to role back the evil installed by obama’s administration and reclaim the Nation – it was Ps Trump who also gave the Church back its voice, its vote and liberty AND this is the way we teat him/our vote – WHAT A DISGRACE THEY HAVE BROUGHT ON THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA – would it not be a good time to check the Pastors who led these people into error and deception – thus embracing and encouraging EVIL to rule!!! Born Again – ARE THEY???????

      1. I remember years ago Jimmy Swaggart told of a vision he had, where a man was walking through the flames of the lake of fire and cursing while he was grabbing the top of the heads of people in it and
        pulling them up to look at them. Jimmy asked what was he doing, and the Lord said he was looking for the preachers. A very scary warning.

      2. Clinton did NOT win the popular vote, when you remove the illegal votes she got!!!! She CHEATED to get the votes she did get!!!

      3. Wrong again Noel. He and I by the way, do not want the 14th Amendment to become a tool to extend Constitutional rights to every refugee in the world. A freshman in economics would know that is certain folly and bankruptcy. BTW I never said anyone who voted Democratic was not a Christian…I said they were. That was the point.

      4. Try to get that right. The 14th amendment he is attacking is to prevent it from encouraging people to commit criminal acts not in any way to affect black people. Facts please…..

      5. Legalized abortion is a result of the Roe vs Wade decision, correct? This happened in 1973 shortly after the majority of Justices that were appointed by Republicans in 1972, according to the research I’ve done. In addition since 1973 there have been more Republican appointed Justices than Democrat appointed throughout the 45+ years. Still Roe vs. Wade has never been overturned and stands yet today. Now again after Justice Kavanagh has been appointed the Republican appointed Justices have the majority 5-4. I have never figured out why the party that says they are Pro Life appoints Justices that decide and upholds the Roe vs. Wade decision. In fact what I’ve researched when the decision was made it was decided 7-2 with a Democrat appointed Justice against. The majority of Justices appointed by the Republicans at that time was 6-3. From what I can find the decisions made on same sex marriage, transexual bathroom use, and any other liberal agenda made since 1972 is by in majority the Republican appointed Justices. I have changed my voting and try not to vote for either of the two major parties. I think both are corrupt and vote for individuals, at times for the Taxpayers or now known as Constitutional party, Libertarian and independents. I’ve seen Democrats that are Pro Life and second amendment supporters. I remember Vice President Cheney a Republican in favor of same sex marriage. I think vote your conscience because I don’t relate any political party with being saved by the blood of Jesus Christ or being a Christian. I have in my lifetime witnessed that Cristian voting changed from Democrat to Republican. I can only imagine what it would be if we still had the Republican-Democrat party. I hope I didn’t offend anyone just wondering how anyone derives that the Democratic party owns legalized abortion and liberal agendas in their entirety.

    4. So many people are blinded to the truth. Hope they get that straighten out before The last Trumpet sounds. It’s going to bad to wake up in Hell because they don’t know the difference between the voice of The Lord and Satan.

      1. Hey jean Claude Van damm,
        Your stats on African American conservitives is inaccurate.
        Not 1%
        USA TODAY AUG 17th
        Trump 36% approval with African Americans.
        UP from 16%.
        Even your beloved CNN had to reluctantly report it of course with back handed comments to leave the reader confused.
        So a little unsolicited advice…
        Don lemon is a political commentator “not a pastor”
        You really need to get a good pastor so get off the recliner put down the remote find a church that believes the bible is the word of God and that a man must repent of his sin and be born again.
        Begin to agree with what God says about sin and the world get delivered from the mindset of the world man.
        That’s why your confused.
        A double minded man is unstable in all his ways you can’t hold on to atheistic Marxist socialism and a moral God that governs a moral universe simultaneously.
        Choose ye this day who you will serve.
        You can’t serve two masters.
        What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.
        Christianity is not race first then Christian.
        It’s not black,white,brown,red,yellow in parinthises then Christian my friend.
        Either you are part of the kingdom of God or not.
        Start identifying with christ then you will be free.

      2. just a reminder to those who keep bringing up who one the popular vote. our constitution requires elections to be determined by the electorial vote so that the part of the country that is most populous can’t dictate who becomes President each time, It is well thought out and fair system. I would certain hate for California to dictate all the elections.

    5. It’s amazing the number of Christians who cite that President Obama was raised a Muslim – WAY more than 10 years ago.

      It’s amazing the number of Christians who believe that “up to 9 months” was even an option. It’s literally 27 weeks. Here, I’ll help you. 27/4 = 6.75 months – heck, I’ll even be more conservative. 27/3.75 = 7.2 months. I do understand that 6.75 or even 7.2 is “up to 9 months”.

      I am a Christian as well.

      Don’t embarrass the rest of us with your misinformation.

      1. The Bible tells of many nations that offered up babies and children as a sacrifice to false gods…how is this different???
        God is indeed punishing this nation by letting us worship our false gods and suffer the consequenses

        just read the papers, watch TV, social media. He is allowing Satan to work his will in this nation.

      2. My daughter is now 35 and was 2+early when I think of her little body laying in a waste bin I grow sick in spirit and body. Praise God for people that realize an actual living breathin spirit and body lives in and with them before birth and in no way see them as a glob of cells. HE knew us before our bodies were born.
        Animals are held in higher esteem than our children in these days.

      3. Seriously?, What is more amazing are the people that want to make up excuses for the inept fool Obama. Obama was raised in a Muslim nation, by socialist parents, he spoke of loving the sound of the call to prayer, knew how to recite it by heart. I heard an old saying years ago, if it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and looks like a duck, it just may be a duck. This is the same president who went out of his way to try to tell us Islam is the religion of peace (that is the biggest lie of all, 97% of all terrorism in the world is committed by Muslims, many times against their own), after sticking up for Islam went out of his way to attack Christians for something they did 1500 years ago. Goodness, I am Jewish and I am not as ignorant as you.

      4. True he was raised a Muslim. He even acknowledged that he IS a Muslim during an interview with George Stephanopolis. Obama has said Kenyan is is home country. Michele has even acknowledged this when speaking to the Kenyan people on several different occasions. He applied to college as a foreign exchange student. That’s why he wouldn’t release any info regarding his colleges. The birth certificate that “he” supposedly said was his listed him as an African American in the racial section. If you do your homework all of the other certificates from that time were always listed as negro. African American was not even an option. Besides he is a half breed. He is just as much white as he is black, but everyone who likes him always chooses to forget that. America still has not had a “black president”. They have had one who is half black. Just because his pigmentation was more dark then white everyone just chooses to forget that point. Now image if his pigment was more white than black. The man never would have even been nominated for the presidency and certainly never would have won. Please get your facts straight before you jump to conclusions. Everything that I have just stated is fact and has been proven. The problem is the left down’t want to do any digging for the truth. They are “sheeple” just following all of the msm talking points and being led quietly to the slaughter. One days your eyes will be opened and YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH. But probably not anytime soon.

    6. We cannot judge whether the President has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior, that judgement is meant for GOD alone! We must as Christians judge Sin as the evil of Satan! None of us are perfect but we are forgiven, including the President! We must strive to not continue to committing the same Sin over and over! We must not do that which causes our fellow Brothers and Sisters to Sin and we must Not do that which harms the innocent child! If you dont believe this then you don’t know your Bible and I question whether you know Jesus Christ! The Democratic party preys on people’s ignorance of the Bible and lies and tricks people into believing that evil is good! The Bible tells us in Revelation that in the end times this will happen, “that which is good will be thought to be evil and, that which is evil will be thought to be good”,. We have all read this and know it to be true!

      1. And when a brother or sister has fallen, pick them up and continue to pray for strength to return them to the place they are meant to hold within the body. If they are tares, God will sort them out in due time

    7. As a parent of four, this claim by the left is outright wrong! I am the guardian of two kids who are not mine biologically. The parents (one was prostituting herself,and the other is an addict) literally dropped them off at our door! However, because of the laws in the state that the parents are from, I CANNOT adopt them due to MUCH red tape! I provide for their every need with no child support (not that I want money) but I cannot adopt them! To say that I just care about the unborn is both ignorant and wrong!

      1. What does that (emotional self-congratulation) have to do with the unborn? If you vote to have them aborted then no you do not care about the unborn, A child can see that.

    8. I’ve found there are a tremendous number of people who continue to vote a particular way because that’s how their grandparents and parents voted and they’ve never taken ownership of their vote; become informed in the world/time in which they live.

      As we’ve seen, there has been a notable shift within the democrat party. JFK would never have advocated for the rights of illegal aliens above our veterans. During his run for president, Bill Clinton passionately campaigned on the necessity of American sovereignty. You couldn’t sell that stuff to today’s democrat party. I don’t line up with 100% of what the republican party does but there’s nothing the democrat party represents with which I agree.

      Our schools no longer teach history and civics, and our churches no longer teach the Gospel so it’s no surprise we are where we are. I do believe we will be held accountable for our votes one day and I can’t fathom standing before Christ, trying to justify killing his innocent children.

    9. In the world today we all have I on opinions and support who you want too. Let’s stop talking about the parties and let stand together in unity. We only use the word of God when you find the scripture that fix what we stand for. If we would as a nation and put the Head back in His place, then we would come together as a whole. This country were build on the foundation if God, but we have taking God out of all our business. God need to be in the White House and all houses. We let one woman took prayer out of ours schools and the Devil went into the schools. When are we going to learn, No man are greater than another. If we promote more LOVE instead of HATE, we could have super County. We got to remember, this world that we Live in, isn’t our end, we all got to stand before the almighty God. No man in this world can hinder you in serving God. Much Love to all people’s!!!!

  2. I’ve been saying so for months…

    For the sake of as little filthy lucre for family members that they and their churches should be taking care of instead of the givernment…

    They continue to compromise the cardinal tenets of the Whole Counsel of Jehovah’s Word. see Proverbs 6:16-19

    They applaud those that do such things with their votes…
    See Romans 1:32

    They may have a rip roaring service, but I have to wonder if it’s The Holy Spirit that is visiting…

    1. Seriously?
      You could just clear it all up by answering mario’s question.
      But your desire to appear clever has distracted you from divuldging were you stand.

  3. In the last week of October I witnessed the enemy come in like a flood, and unfortunately, to our shame, the megachurches leaders did not lift up a standard against it, and there is now demonic power and activity at work in America that has not been since the beginning of time!!!

    1. Seriously?
      Do you believe in abortion?
      (Do you)I think that is referring to you as a person or individual.
      (Believe)could also refer to your system of reason or moral standing pertaining to subject matter either for or against.
      (In abortion)not in the abstract but as a personal conviction pertaining to the act and myriad of potential consequences of said act, including but not limited to the premature execution of the zygote,fetus or premature infants life and spiritual, emotional and physical toll it has on the mother.
      Is that specific enough?
      If I could have done this in crayon for you I would have but I did not think I should presume that you were just jerking my chain.
      What that means is that you are being insincere or heaven forbid sarcastic.
      It would be terrible if I disappointed you🙄

  4. Amen Mario, no soft peddling here ! Thank the Lord for men of God like Mario Murillo and
    also Lance Wallnau, who both can speak the truth after all this hypocrisy shows itself from all
    the “Christians” in this election. 2 John 1:11 say that if you agree with certain people in what
    they are doing, then you share and become a partaker in their evil deeds.

    1. I understand your thoughts however u said they were Christians and Spirit filled that voted. my thoughts is you shall know them by their works most people in church show no signs of being Christian I say that from my experience as an evangelist

      1. I agree. I question if most Christians understand being born again and a surrendered lifestyle. Many live for themselves not for Christ.

  5. All I can say is, it’s not the hearers of the word that are justified. Amen Brother Mario, keep bringing the truth.

  6. Yes Mario this is a sad reality we must face. In my own family 2 of my closest relatives that I literally take care of, one of which is my Mother, zealously voted all Democrat ticket on Tuesday. For years & years I’ve had countless conversations with both of these family members attempting to clearly explain WHY a person cannot be a committed Christian fully embued with biblically invested purpose & with the Holy Spirit indwelling their own soul and then turn to make agreement with Democratic party depraved civil policies. In fact everybody within my husband’s & my relatives (which adds up to over 17 people) with the exception of 2… are devout Democrats. Since this issue comes so close to home for my hubby & I …it is no stretch for us to understand what you’re expressing here today! It is very honestly heart breaking.😢

    1. PS…I have often pondered why so many Pastors in church culture don’t use the WHOLE counsel of God by teaching directly from the Apostolic letters that are within the New Testament scriptures? It was Jesus Christ HimSelf that assigned these holy men to the paramount task of spreading HIS Gospel and making disciples of all nations. They’re the ones who had direct instructions to “go forth into all the world”, the known world of that time. They are THE one’s that sacrificed themselves ending in martyrdom, they are the one’s Jesus Christ, The Son of Man, hand picked and in Paul’s case appeared to. These letters given to us are the biblical corner stone of Christian principles and doctrinal teaching. Until these precious men of God were called and chosen, there was only the Torah and Prophets to learn from. BUT NOW…we have the WHOLE counsel of God written down etched in the Apostles blood, for all to glean from. Yet when I pondered this to my great dismay I understood that far too many Pastors simply cannot use these letters effectively (particularly Paul’s letters) because if they did, it would clearly be an indictment to them and their congregants of how far amiss they’ve become by adopting an attitude of modern seeker friendly church business.

      1. This is why I have chosen to go to churches where exegetical teaching is predominant. This would be studying the whole counsel of scripture, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, to draw out the truth written by the original author, as they wished it to be understood by the original recipient. Topical study I prefer to be at a minimum. The latter can be dangerous, as a pastor can choose to express opinion, then attempt to back up their line of thinking with a few, out of context verses from the Bible. Opinions can be, very simply, wrong but God’s Word never is. Real, genuine study of the Bible is where the beauty happens and is the safest way to interpret scripture. It keeps God’s Word as preeminent and possibly wrong thinking to a minimum.

  7. Truth ….thank you MARIO for expounding on the real truth of the
    Complacency issue ….the church has failed to truly instruct from the Living Word ….The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom ….praise God for this ministry assignment you carry out in Faithfulness to the Integrity of the
    Words of Christ and all the Divinely Inspired Words in our Bible ……Survival Manual…you are Blessed to be a Blessing

  8. What amazes me is that, while Trump is not a saint (but neither am I), how many so called Christians will not acknowledge what the Trump administration has done for religious freedom and how the so
    called Christian Left is so focused on hate strictly based on what they are told to think.

    These Left Wing “Christians” have no problems telling, or repeating lies to express their hate. They do not understand what they will be judged for on Judgement Day!

      1. Remember this, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor!” Need I say anything more, or shall we get in the lies over Benghazi? What about the people caught on tape saying their candidates were only saying what people wanted to hear, not what they were going to vote. Or you want to talk about Chelsia saying G-d would not want her not supporting abortion?

      2. How about gay marriage is okay? Point me to the scriptures that confirm this? Abortion is okay? Again, point me to the scriptures that confirm this?

        You need to make a decision that Christ is Lord of all or He’s not your Lord at all.

  9. This very thing boggles my mind. My ex used to call me a “one-issue voter.” Oh how I wish I had the freedom or “choice” to vote on other issues, but for my entire adult life I have not.

    Abortion had been legal for just a few years when I first learned of it. I was ten. I read a pamphlet, and, horrified, ran to my mother demanding to know if it was true. Put on the spot, she reluctantly had no choice but to admit it to her little girl, knowing I’d forever be scarred wondering how this could be. She explained it was because of evil people. But gradually I learned that so-called Christians were not all that alarmed. Some even embrace it. They salve their consciences by saying “it’s awful” and “I wish it weren’t necessary.” What?!

    Later I went on to have five unplanned children. Five. I tried multiple birth control options (not realizing that the pill was potentially an abortifacient). Even had my tubes tied and cauterized. That failed. Twice. (In case you are wondering, a single failed tubal ligation has a statistical chance of 1/365. No idea of the stats on my situation.) My husband at the time, that I thought was a great Christian when I married him, proved to be an alcoholic, among other things. I became the statistic everyone dreaded, including myself. Yet abortion was never an option. Oh, my life could have been so much easier, right?! I’m not going to lie, it has been hard. But ask me if I ever regret not having my children vacuumed or killed by dismemberment? God forbid.

    Where are the Christians? Why aren’t we louder? Why aren’t we joining in unison to stop this?

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

    1. God bless you. If you vote solely to protect those who can’t protect themselves, especially from a holocost of brutal proportions, you vote in God’s will. Not to diminish the other horrible injustices our world endures, but abortion is the biggest and most alarming machine of evil that exists in our modern day and age. Thank you for that scripture passage. A very eye-opening one for all of us in the church. God does hear our cries, and we are right to speak out boldly to awaken the rest of the Church with the truth of God’s word, which we know to be altogether perfect and true and full of His passion and wisdom. Thank you for your courage and compassion. ❤️

    2. Hark the herald Angels sing. Glory to a life well-lived and well spent. but it’s not over there are still a lot of people out there that believe the same way and I’ve lived the same life. Blessed, with only four children, I was brought up in the 60s with the nuclear family idea, of 2. England and many other lands are trapped by abortion living. Their troubled lives are being racked by the border crossing and immigration laws. God will make a Way. Straight and Narrow. Pray more folks vote the raskles out. Hgmarx

    3. but as it was written above….

      Legalized abortion is a result of the Roe vs Wade decision, correct? This happened in 1973 shortly after the majority of Justices that were appointed by Republicans in 1972, according to the research I’ve done. In addition since 1973 there have been more Republican appointed Justices than Democrat appointed throughout the 45+ years. Still Roe vs. Wade has never been overturned and stands yet today. Now again after Justice Kavanagh has been appointed the Republican appointed Justices have the majority 5-4. I have never figured out why the party that says they are Pro Life appoints Justices that decide and upholds the Roe vs. Wade decision. In fact what I’ve researched when the decision was made it was decided 7-2 with a Democrat appointed Justice against. The majority of Justices appointed by the Republicans at that time was 6-3. From what I can find the decisions made on same sex marriage, transexual bathroom use, and any other liberal agenda made since 1972 is by in majority the Republican appointed Justices. I have changed my voting and try not to vote for either of the two major parties. I think both are corrupt and vote for individuals, at times for the Taxpayers or now known as Constitutional party, Libertarian and independents. I’ve seen Democrats that are Pro Life and second amendment supporters. I remember Vice President Cheney a Republican in favor of same sex marriage. I think vote your conscience because I don’t relate any political party with being saved by the blood of Jesus Christ or being a Christian. I have in my lifetime witnessed that Cristian voting changed from Democrat to Republican. I can only imagine what it would be if we still had the Republican-Democrat party. I hope I didn’t offend anyone just wondering how anyone derives that the Democratic party owns legalized abortion and liberal agendas in their entirety.

      as a conservative Christian against abortion it seems both parties say whatever they need for votes…

  10. Several years ago I had a vision of the inner cities. They were dark..dirty..degrading.

    I heard that many are cursed. They have voted pro abortion (democratic values) for decades and their children are killing each other (curse of murder)

    The big Churches are heavily invaded with freemasonry…which is nothing more than worship of satan.
    Praise God there is a remnant that has a heart to teach the whole counsel of God!
    Gail and Greg

    1. Yet, it is those cosmopolitan bastions and liberal institutions that brought us the technology that’s making our lives easier. Trump may talk about inner city decay–“American carnage”–as for me, I am thriving from within an inner city bursting with love, art, and technology. And, to answer him directly, I have plenty to loose in his America. Those youth he is stopping at the border WILL become doctors and engineers who will work and play with us, pay taxes and take care of us in our old age. I am an immigrant of missionary parents. The daughter I birthed on American soil is working on an advanced science/engineering degree at Harvard while also working to bring the new generation of cancer drug (immunotherapy) to the market–she’s not 30 yet; she rises from the loving and ethnically diversified cocoon we provided for her but that Trump prefers to describe as American carnage.

      1. You want to give America to those who broke laws to get here and totally neglect our children who want to become doctors and engineers? We are overrun with homelessness…a problem we, as a ministry, confront every day. Whoopee for your community. It is not the norm. The broken immigration policy is not Trump’s fault. It’s the hypocrisy and cowardice of both sides that we do not have fixed system. We welcome more people than any nation on earth…but if we need more babies, Noel why are we killing our own–forcing hard working Americans to pay for their killing–and to pay for the care of those from other nations? Is it solely because they know they’ll vote Democrat? My parents came here legally. There is no excuse for breaking the rule of law. There is nothing more hypocritical than a person who aborted their own child and then marches for foreign children to get here safely.

      2. Noel, while it is not clear to me whether you are (legal/or illegal) I am assuming a legal immigrant and/or legally here as a missionary, President Trump has been very clear that he is talking about illegal immigration. And the possibility of importing the criminals from other countries into America to harm its citizens. We cannot allow, people to illegally cross our borders without being vetted. He knows our country needs immigrants, he has directed them over and over to go to a port of entry to do it the correct/legal way.

        President Trump is married to an immigrant, and this country was built on immigrants. If my history is correct, only American Indians were originally here. Legally immigrating is the issue President Trump is working to solve. It also used to be a democratic “issue” until Democrats decided to resist all things President Trump. It is my belief that illegal immigration is an American issue.

      3. Sir we want immigrants but only the legal way. We don’t know who are gang members or terrorists. That is all most Republicans want. Including Trump

      4. My grandparents had 14 children born in the USA. They came from Portugal. They were vetted. You cannot let people into this country without vetting. My husband became a USA citizen a few years ago. We hired a USA law firm and got everything done for $3500. People have been here twenty yrs and never did the proper paperwork. $3500 over twenty yrs is nothing.

        I am all for immigration but doing it legally.

        I do not see doctors…nurses…and productive members of society there at all unless there is proper vetting.

        If soros really wanted to make a difference he would use his money for infrastructure…vocational…higher education..water..sewer etc

        This is nothing! Like! The immigration of our previous generations! This is an attempted invasion!

        These migrants refused jobs on Mexico!

  11. Good one, Mario! Knocked it out of the park. Too bad so few are out there to catch it. It is why I will not go to Church. They say they belong to God but their actions speak louder than words. Some are His but I have yet to meet very many where I live.

  12. God created government, man instituted politics. We can not justify using the names Democrat or Republican as our excuse to vote against GOD’S WORD and instruction. How can we claim our convictions and beliefs and then do the opposite? Just as true followers of Christ declared from the temple steps – We will say and do that which GOD ALMIGHTY has placed in our hearts. I say, prepare for what is about to happen in the upcoming days and know that our LORD will prevail. Amen Len Wisniewski.

  13. Absolutely RIGHT ON! Mario, I pray for you and know you’re in the midst of the fire because you tell the TRUTH! I know where you are and what you’ve been called to is hard…. and a lonely place. But the Lord is with you. Thanks

    1. I posted one comment this week on my FB page only saying that Republicans who don’t vote elect Democrats, and a young woman who sings on our praise team at my church took offense at my comment and said, “ how does that statement promote peace”, and I simply replied, that I vote my conscience and Biblical values” because I did not want to get into a lengthy heated argument with her on a FB feed , although there are many scriptures I could have stated such as that stating the truth that is clearly shown in the Word will absolutely bring division, Jesus Himself said that the truth would bring division even among ones own household. So this time, I left the issue alone as I felt that it would have turned into a fruitless argument in which she would not change my Biblical views and she would only defend her views that standing for truth is “ judging “ others😩 God bless you brother Mario, for proclaiming the truth in God’s Word boldly and without compromise 😊

  14. Mario Murillo we are in Central Georgia preaching truth so there are some churches here doing it. 2.5 hours our of Atlanta, but you are always welcome to preach here! Thank you for speaking truth!!!

  15. Amen Mario…..Thank God for your boldness!!Yes God belongs in the political scene!!So many christians think He shouldnt……God is supposed to be in every part of  our lives…..I dont get it….

  16. Mario would you venture to say the folks your talking about are not really born again?
    Just my opinion but mostly they are generational church attendees that can’t point to any conversion experience in there lives.
    They can’t tell you anything about repentance regeneration,sanctification or consecration.
    Clouds without water.
    We need a revival in the church of genuine conversions.
    Were sin is exposed and standards are lifted back to were God wants them.
    Ministers are living in rebellion refusing to vocalize anything that might upset someone.

    Anyone who challenges their congregations to live clean for God and holds their staff to an accountability is labelled as religious or cultish.

    We may have modern applications of methodology but we must redig our fathers wells of consecration and hold them blatantly unashamedly before the peoples eyes and challenge them to higher living.
    *MEN* need to get their act together and start leading by example and quit casting thier spiritual responsibilities on their wives.
    I digress.
    We need couples to be dicipled for Gods call and invest in them and launch them into these stronghold areas to pioneer real churches.
    But that takes time and it is costly and their are sometimes failures, we have to risk everything for God if we are going to please him.
    It seem like Gods way is the path of most resistance.
    Would you agree or am I off base?

    1. You are correct and I have said it many times…anyone who votes Demonrats is the son or daughter of the devil! After 8 years of Obamination you’d think we’d wake up! Everything they stand for is against God and that should be all that matters. Don’t vote at all if you hate the other party, but to vote for the Demonrats is telling God whose side you’re on. We have been given enough time to repent and we still defy Him. Lord have mercy!

      1. You are so right. I believe God has groomed President Trump from the day he was born, to put him in power of our nation. And God knows us from the moment were conceived. I pray for those who turn a blind eye to the truth.

    2. Satan walks the earth with his army of evil angels who followed him when God threw him out of Heaven. It is evident that many people are taking the easier way out by ignoring God’s Word simply because they do not want to give up their evil lifestyles that have been ordained by the evil media, the globalists, the corrupted politicians, the people who believe we are to accept people as they are and it’s not our business to call them out for their sins. Who told all of these people that this is acceptable, because it surely wasn’t God. And those who do not believe they do not need God or believe in Jesus, they will find out in the end, when it’s too late.
      I have asked proclaimed Christian’s hundreds of times, why do they vote for the progressive politicians, that worship Satan, believe in abortion as a woman’s right to choose, believes in same-sex marriages and homosexuality, transgenderism, who are anti-police, push the Muslim faith on our children, steal from our government, commit fraud, lies, brings illegals aliens into our country, let’s our Vets starve & live in the streets and wants to remove our US Constitution… how can their actions be straight from the Bible! God does not make mistakes when he’s chosen your sex or gender… Satan is the one that confuses the sinners. Many have been so brainwashed by the lying MSM, which is owned by the evil illuminati, globalists, Shadow Government that wants a One World Communist goverment…. A.K.A. The Anti-Christ. The media is told to lie by the elitists and when a news host makes $20 mil a year, they have sold their souls to the Devil. The Deep State has been tearing down our country for 50+ years and almost succeeded until 2016 when God said, NO More! Many have laughed at me, called me terrible names and even cursed me for telling the truth and I have really come to realize how many have fallen to Satan.
      President Trump did make a comment regarding he did not need forgiveness back in 2015 when he announced his candidacy, but God surrounded him with a great Faith circle of great people of God and he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and I have seen the transformation in him since.
      It is not for us to question if he is really saved…. that’s between Jesus and him, but I believe he is. Like the Bible says, ‘Dont talk about the splinter in another’s eye, when you have a board in your own’. (Paraphrase). People need to worry about their own souls first and once your are saved, help others to see their evil ways before it’s too late. I am blessed that a Godly man helped me to see my wicked ways and I rededicated my life to Jesus. Jesus says ‘Love the Sinner and Hate the Sin’.

  17. Yes, I am sorry to say this IS TRUE. The state of our Nation is s reflection of the Church‼️ God help us✝️🙏🏼✝️

  18. Mario Murillo,
    You really and truly are a God-Send! I love your blog and read them daily. I myself have wondered why so many Christians are voting for people who do not support the biblical views that they claim to have. I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone who supports abortion, gay marriage, and socialism. If no other topic was important, abortion and simple life matters. It blows my mind when certain of my friends who are spirit-filled believers accuse me of being judgemental for speaking against abortion. They contend that its a woman’s choice. When you said that they were told by their pastors not to judge, it struck a chord in me. It helped me understand what has happened to them and why they are so far removed from sound biblical teaching. I am trying to walk in love and not write them off completely. Abortion is a huge deal to me. If we as a nation and church can’t get simple things like a right to LIFE correct, then we are in serious trouble! Thank you for standing! I am with you, and I love what you are doing!
    Tanya Greene
    Navy Active Duty, soon to be 20 year Veteran.

    1. Tanya, first of all thank you for your service to our country, and to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God there are more of us than we know. Christians are growing sick of the deadness and the cowardice in so many places…but God is at work. As the song says, “there’s an army rising up. -Mario

      1. Thank you for the uplifting words! Reading your message and these comments have been a real eye opener for me. I couldn’t understand why Christians vote democratic…whew! So sad…but God put Pres Trump in office, so He is involved…thank you, Jesus! God bless our president and nation with His love and wisdom…also your ministry!

  19. Mario please write a book on the modern church movement. we need someone like you who will speak with Godly boldness to the masses.

  20. These “Christians” may be filled with a spirit, but it is NOT the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in agreement with the Word of God, and is against and hates everything that God hates. Whatever “spirit” these Christians profess to have is of the enemy which is in agreement with murder, hate, and division. And that is NOT of God. They would know this if they read God’s Word.
    Hebrews 4:12
    John 16:8
    Proverbs 6:16-19
    Galatians 5:17
    Romans 8:5
    2 Corinthians 6:14

  21. Thank you Mario for speaking for so many of us. Praying you will continue to speak the whole counsel of God! I long for those Christian Pastors to have the backbone to not fear man and only fear God.

      1. Sorry, but there is NO WAY a Christ Follower (not Christian, because it doesn’t mean anything anymore ie Nancy Pelosi, Chelsea Clinton, etc) could EVER EVER EVER EVER Vote for a Party that believes ABORTION is ok. Plain and simple. You are not a Christ Follower if you are NOT following his WORD! No excuses!!!

      2. Thank you. I’m not a “one issue” voter. However, positions on certain issues disqualify a candidate. If a candidate was great on everything else, but supported putting Jews on boxcars and taking them to concentration camps, then no one should vote for them. They are disqualified.

        Likewise, if a candidate’s positions were great on everything else, but they support killing unborn children, they are disqualified. When you vote for them, you participate in the murder of millions. No excuse.

  22. We hear and know His voice. We understand the times we are living in. We must pray for all mankind especially for these blinded and deceived ones. With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. He can and will change their minds and hearts. He is coming back for a glorious church. Let’s stand in the gap for them and declare “Awake and heed the Word of the Lord.”

  23. Mario, I am a pastor of a small home missions church in Northern Ca. I agree with everything you said, I don’t understand when Pastor only want to preach feel good messages, and not preach the Bible which isn’t always a feel good book. It is however the true Word of God and should be preached, with conviction and honesty. I for one do not hold back on truth, that is what’s lacking in the pulpit today is truth. Jesus said “I am the Word the Truth and the Light…” Blessings to you and yours.

  24. We not only have fake news, we have fake “Christian” leaders. They have had the fake news drummed into them for so long that they have no idea that they are doing the devil’s work. People who don’t even try to pray and know what God wants for them will be left behind. It’s extremely heartbreaking, but it also true.

    Keep up the good work Mario. You are VERY blessed by God.

    1. Hebrews 10: 31- “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”.
      Thank you, Mario, for standing strong in His Truth! I was blessed by your message @ The Main Event in Cleveland! God Bless your ministry as you continue to speak His Truth/Word! Praying for His hand over you!

  25. We live in the end times. Churches become more worldly and use the smiley Jesus to tell us all is well and God is a stand up guy. But the truth is terrible to behold. God is a holy God and will not tolerant sin use whatever excuse you wish. You cant be born again and vote for a party that believes in murdering babies disobeying Gods laws. May God have mercy on us.

  26. Keep preaching it til they finally listen. I cannot understand how a true Christian can vote democratic in state and national elections. With gay marriage(Sodom and Gomorrah)and 60 million plus in murdered babies((evil as Hitler) it does not compute. Judgement will come.

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  27. Thank you this is what I have been saying for many years- one time at Assembly of God church in Jacksonville Fla I was verbally and almost physically attacked for stating how can you claim to be a Christian when you vote for a candidate who vote to kill babies I left this church for their position you had to be sensitive to all types of people ( cherry picked verses from bible to meet politicaly correct position.
    Thank you again you will be greatly blessed
    georg brigman

  28. What we are seeing that what some call a great awakening in the late 60s and early 70s in the Jesus movement.
    So much false doctrine has come out of that movement.
    It looked good on the surface but underneath there was a seed of deceit that our Pentecostal Churches swallowed, hook, line, sinker and all.
    There was some good come out of it. But for the most part it was full of deceit
    We were introduced to WORSHIP music, which was not wrong, but now they have evolved and refuse to sing the old hymns and removed the hymnal.
    The songs are on the wall, the bands entertain for the most part while the congregation stares
    The preachers preach sermons with power points on the screen.
    There is no flow of the Holy Spirit anymore.
    A form of Godliness with no power to convict the sinner.
    The sinner can come to church and not feel uncomfortable.
    We quote “I know thy plans,” and we are happy.
    But quote the scripture “Seek out the old paths and walk therein” and they mock and refuse to walk in them.

    1. Scotty, I agree, the Hymns had more Gospel in them in four verses that we find in many songs of today. I embrace and Love the depth of their ministry. I sang them all my life, but until I was Born Again, didn’t understand much….but when I did, WOW! They came to Life. I too wish we could include them in our services more. Of course Worship and Praise are how we enter into His presence…..and it did start out that way with this movement, but perhaps has been highjacked. But Sir, with all due respect, none of what you have described came out of the “Jesus Movement”. The Jesus Movement was a powerful movement of God in which hundreds of thousands if not millions were Born Again in America and around the world. If anything, what you describe came to be during the “Seeker” movement when true evangelism was ushered out and replaced with “feel good – self serving and self centered” ideology became the “thing”. The lights went out, the sermons got shorter and an Invitation to know Jesus became a thing of the past, in many churches. I believe that is why we have so many “confused” church goers today. (As in Mario’s post).

      As a musician/evangelist who was Saved during the Jesus Movement, I can tell you we were taught TRUTH; we were told to witness, soul win, (it wasn’t even considered an option-it was part of being a Believer) and we got kicked out of schools, off the streets, and out of churches and lost our jobs – for presenting the Gospel every chance we got. We followed the teachings of scripture – all of it – called each other out, in love and followed the example of Leonard Ravenhill, Billy Graham, Arthur Blesset, John Dawson, Winky Pratney and many others, as our example of how to win the Lost. The “Seeker” movement dumped outreach and made it all about how one “feels”. Jesus said we are to be Salt and Light – all of us! Somewhere that teaching got lost to the point that most people 40 and younger, don’t even know they should read/ follow/study ALL scripture and win the lost. Thus we have the mindset of today. Sadly, I recently had to explain to one of the more famous Praise and Worship leaders, why the Blood of Christ, was important to Redemption and Salvation.

      Most of those who are strong in their Faith today and are still preaching the Whole Gospel of Christ Jesus, came out of the Jesus Movement.

      Mario Murillo, you are spot on. I join you in prayer that this will go Viral. Can’t wait to read the book you are working on. Blessings.

      Be Faithful to the end, to receive the Crown of Life!

      1. Jayne Farrell, thank you for your testimony!…how I remember those days and YES I agree with and confirm what you’re saying. Without the Jesus Movement of that era, I dare say there would be no profound Evangelism today. I was there at that time, I lived in the San Fransisco area while in high school, I saw, felt, heard and embraced the sanctity of what Christ Jesus was doing within the Hippie generation. Mario Murillo was a “key” Kingdom player in all that defined the Jesus Movement. ‘Had I been’ more Spirit filled and biblically educated at the time, I wouldn’t have encountered and endured some of the mistakes, trials and errors that I went through during the late 80’s. You are correct the doctrinal teachings of true traditional Christianity were taught and encouraged during that movement & it was everywhere. I just never got with the right groups involved in the movement, I came from an affluent family at the time, where they moved me out of San Fransisco area, and then the whole family attended an affluent mega southern Baptist church in the city where we lived so there was no Pentecostal leanings or Holy Spirit emphasis there, yet they did preach the cross, the narrow way and straight path through Christ. I’m thankful for how our Lord uses every seemingly unusual opportunity in this world & through our journey due to His GREAT Godly economy always bringing more people to HimSelf.

  29. Thank you once again, Pastor Mario, for standing loud and strong for righteousness, for counting the cost, no matter what it is. My unsaved husband shocked me by saying that he believes the praying Christians are what is holding this country together, but he wishes that they would speak out and speak up more than they do. This from a man who used to have total disdain toward Christians and Christianity. So, my Christian brothers and sisters out there, don’t give up and be careful what you actually do say. Yes, admonish those who are asleep, and those who are too wrapped up in the world, and definitely those who are allowing themselves to be deceived by the democrat party, but realize that the hour is late and the time for “Churchianity” and just dutifully giving God an hour or two on Sunday and ignoring Him the rest of the week, is long, long gone.

  30. I have always known in my heart that abortion in down right MURDER… If you who are called by HIS Name watch the movie “Gosnell” which many Theatres have removed for people’s viewing because it is a movie that exposes and no denying that Abortion is MURDER. If one is not convinced that this is the case after watching “Gosnell” then you better go before God the Father and ask Him for a new heart…

  31. I am an African-American woman in Orange County, CA. I am conservative in my thinking about taxes, abortion, and marriage. I also will not vote for an agenda that robs the poor, put heavy tax burdens on the poor and middle class. I will not support an agenda to mass incarcerate men of color. I will not support an agenda that rewards only the white or wealthy and I will not support racist that think it’s alright for police to pull my sons over without cause or kill my sons because they are afraid of them because they have dark skin. My sons are all educated and love the Lord but racist, inflammatory, lying rhetoric from the President of the United States has emboldened white men and women to spew out hate in all of its forms on people of color. So if I have to pick between voting for someone that would cheer at the lynching of my sons or for someone that would not stop a woman from having an abortion, I will pick the one that would help preserve the life and well-being of my sons here and now! If the church fail it’s because it’s more concern about the effect of sin then at being effective at dealing with the root of sin!

    1. You are quoting the media. While i agree with you completely that our President has problems all presidents have problems. Many are not truthful. But the statement you made is a lie from Hell. The President has no such intentions to harm you or your children. Blacks are punished more because they commit more crimes unless you also believe there is a vast conspiracy designed to convict black people. Listen to rap music, look at the murders in Chicago and Detroit. Do what is right and God will look after you; if not in this world in the next. This world is not the most important. Repent.

    2. As a black woman, conservative in all areas of my life I really do pray you will do your homework about Donald Trump. The MSM has deceived people to no avail. And no he is not perfect, none of us are. As a born again, spirit filled Christian, God should come first in ALL we do. Killing babies and ALL sexual sin is abomination to God. That should be your compass. Jesus first in everything! Deceit is the devils best weapon and unfortunately black people are one of the main ones he has been able to win in this area. The color of our skin will not be something God looks at on Judgement day, be it at the Bema Seat or Great White Throne. Repent. Time is running out! Blessings.

    3. When one votes for Murdercrats, he supports and continues the 2500 abortion murders every day and becomes guilty of those murders as an accessory (II John 9-11, etc). Murderers are thrown into the lake of fire. This issue will result in millions upon millions of Americans going to hell eternally because they just don’t care. Even many of the religious vote for murder (as the article indicates) because they are worldly and vote for trivial matters compared to the holocaust that now numbers 60,000,000 unborn babies since 1973 and ruins millions of other lives as well (women who have had abortions, their partners, and others). There is NOTHING anyone can say or bring up that is worse than this. So those who want to protest and justify their murderous votes will bring up things like Trump’s flaws or helping the poor. But put all of Trump’s sins in his whole life on a scales and 2500 murders IN JUST ONE DAY far outweighs all of that. What’s wrong with you people who vote for Murdercrats. This book is available at Amazon – Murdercrats: Millions of Abortion Murderers.

    4. Lovanda… just because Trump called white nationalists very fine people does not mean he is a racist… you are perpetuating fake news.

  32. You are exactly right Brother Mario when you say it isn’t taughed from the pulpit. What did the dobkey say ” look there are more with us than against us go forth”. Our President is a new child of God, any of us who walk with God can tell you it takes a lifetime to become what God has chosen for us. God chosr King Cirus who I might add, didn’t even know God to bring the children out of Babylon. He can use anyone if they alow Him to. I believe Trump is the man for the season, if so he will get the job done.
    We as the body oh Christ, in our relationship with the Father what he wants us to do. This GREAT nation will go on as long as God intends it to. If we continue to pray against this abortion issue He will show us how & when. The precious babies being so brutaly destroyed are His. God is the Comander & Chief we are his company to carry out the plan. Pray for thecother Generals in the pulpet that they won’t be so conserned about their # of members or the $ & that their hearts will be convicted & they have to fall to their knees & repent for NOT ministering the whole truth from the pulpit.

  33. Mario,
    Please get it straight! It is NOT the Democratic party!. It is officially the DEMOCRAT Party. The “democratic” has a nice, patriotic sound. “Democrat” is the official name of the Leftists!

    From: Dr. Paul Collins, “Retired” United Methodist Clery in Springfield, MO. We need to talk. my email is

  34. You are right on Pastor Mario. Keep preaching. Eyes are opening up. i once was a democrat. I have had a change of heart for many years. I will not be voting democrat ever again. I know that there is a miracle in the life of Pres. Trump. He handle the attacks on himself with strength and grace as no-one could. He stands for those of us who haven’t been heard. Thank God for giving us such a strong man in this hour of our need.

  35. This is a very sad truth. The bible says that they exchanged the truth for a lie. Satan is a deceiver and many are being deceived, speaking in the name of human rights, not God’s commands. I not necessarily pro-Republican or pro-Democrat, but I believe that I need to vote according to God’s standards and how that person holds to or does not hold to His standards. I am praying for our nation and for the God to wake up those who claim to be believers. Thank you for sharing this.

  36. Seat of Jealousy , when Gods leaders join with the abominations of the world. Accepting of abortion hands shelf innocent blood, deep dark perversion of pedophilia, all the sins of Proverbs 6 that God hates. Teach the leaders/ Pastors to line up. The rest will come along.

  37. Pastor Mario ,you keep on teaching and eduating us . I share what you write, my hearts is aching BUT GOD ……. I have to believe that something GOOD will happen , my daily “share” is ” eat the scroll land pray the Bible and nothing but the Bible, but has to do EZEK 36:26-38. ICLV ” HOP”. Louise (FB = CLAUDINE RAPMUND, my dob name). GOD BLESS YOU , MUCH LOVE

  38. I’m so disappointed in the Hispanic community. Thank g ou d my parents came out of the lies of the democratic party. All it takes is a little research to fi mb d the hate the left has for Christians. They dont even try to hide it anymore.

  39. My former pastor who is African told me (a female minority), never put my culture before God, yet I see so many spirit filled Christians doing just that. Putting the American culture, their gender, and ethnicity before Him. I’m so disappointed in Christians that are Christians in name only. After the election, I asked God, “where are the Christians?!” Why aren’t they standing up for righteousness, justice, purity, holiness, and sanctity of life? They are so immersed in the world and not in Christ. If Jesus came today, hardly anyone would be taken up.

  40. Time for some community meetings of pastors of local Christian churches. “Effecting our communities for Christ” (or something similar).

    – Meet and great.
    – As a group, pray for wisdom and grace.
    – Break into small groups of 8-10 with as much diversity as possible. Determine one person as spokesman.
    – Ask the question, “What would Jesus say are the main issues of our community and this country?”
    Write the answers down for all to see.
    – “What scriptures would you use to support your case?”
    Write down the answers.
    – Have spokesman share findings with the group as a whole.

    Ask participants to pray about the findings of the group, and be prepared to share Biblical solutions to the issues at a followup meeting in a couple weeks.

    Create an agenda with a positive, Christ exhaling goal that is attainable, measurable with deadline for achieving the goal.

    Group decides direction from there.

    Meet quarterly (at a minimum) to discuss direction.

    Not really an answer to this issue, but a step in the right direction.

    1. Meant to say that every goal must be based on clear scripture and agreed upon by the majority of people.

      There are way too many good things that can be done, that are “good” but not necessarily Biblical.

  41. For the time will come (and is now upon us) when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables
    2 Timothy 4:3

  42. 1 Peter 4:17…Judgement will start from the family of God according to the Bible. It’s so sad that the leaders in the Church are now the ones dropping the ball. No true Christian shld vote Democrats. Preachers it’s time to preach PIETY NOT PROSPERITY this is what is destroying the church. Yes God’s ways are not our ways but his Words are Clear. I’m a pastor in Jackson,MS and I always tell the congregation that being politically correct or popular is NEVER a criteria for Christians. I pray for a revival in the Body of Christ before it’s too late.
    Thank you so much pastor Mario, and may you continue to preach the Word of God with BOLDNESS.

  43. Why does this surprise you? The Modern Church teaches that once one is saved they can never be lost, in spite of scriptures. This simply leads to people living the life they want, the choices they want and not what God desires. It is captured in a new book Pulpit Fiction: How the Modern Church is Endangering the Eternal Destiny of its Followers.

  44. Right off the bat, the people who voted for the murder of the most innocent, ie: democrats are NOT spirit filled, they are in Satan’s grasp. God has blinded these people, which makes me believe that God is not going to put up with this genocide much longer.

  45. Amen, Pastor. I am blessed to have been raised up in the Whole Counsel of God and His Word. The Biblical standards and principles Never Change and neither should we, His Church. One issue voter – Life! For our God is the Creator of Life and all that is Holy and Good! May God bless you and strengthen you and keep you!

  46. My born again experience came through reading Gods word…the words came alive in me and flipped from a humanist to a Bible believer lover of truth.

    Without truth there is no love and without love there is no truth…its like water without oxygen.

    I can not fathom voting against Gods eternal principles. People are sinners…Gods principles are eternally true.

    To be in the truth…one knows the truth.

    Post moderism has watered down the modern church…

    If you do not believe in the word of God which is Jesus Christ. do you call yourself a true believer?

    I have to vote fot the truth of the bible. ..Pro Life…Traditional family and for God in and above and through this nation.

    1. That is the reason for the new book called Pulpit Fiction: How the Modern Church is Endangering the Eternal Destiny of its Followers.

  47. I would really question whether one is a spirit filled Christian if they willfully support Democrat platforms.

  48. Everything you said is soooo true! It boggles my mind to know people are calling themselves Christians and vote Democrat. They blatantly reveal what they stand for o there is no excuse and yet….so sad!

  49. As a Texan, I vote against the tyranny of a one party ruled state. But as Christian, I can’t agree with either party.

    You can outlaw abortion, but you won’t stop it. Our war against illegal drugs hasn’t exactly worked. We’ve locked up millions and whole nations are ruined over it, but we’ve made absolutely no progress.

    We don’t need a change of politics in the United States. We need a change of heart.

  50. Mario, if the Lord ever puts it on your heart to preach the Word in Georgia, let me know. You will have a platform.

    By the way, your article is spot on.

  51. They vote democrat because it offers free free free and are blinded by how voting “free” is actually enslaving them. People don’t really grasp the desperate level of intensity that the war against the Bible and Christians has come to. They are voting with their pocketbooks rather than their moral compass. Christians have been called to a different standard than the world.

  52. tmandell, after reading your comments In the first paragraphs you stated line for line the Dem’s ongoing narrative; “Gun violence is another. Policies that help the less fortunate and under privileged, policies that protect the future of the earth that God gave us, policies that don’t demonize refugees or dehumanize those who practice other religions (muslim, etc)”…”Personally, I feel that there are more overall policies designed to respect human beings on the Democratic platform than the Republican.”

    Yet tmandell, thousands of Christians right here in the US over Obama’s and the Dems predominate days in power (8 Years) thousands of Christians were persecuted due to their Christian faith at the hands and policies of Democrats. It is PR-Trump who just waved the Johnson amendment in order to protect ‘everyone’s’ rights to be free to worship how they choose in this country with out civil reprisal. Already the first 2 days out of the voting booth, while votes are still warm & being counted in several states, the Dem’s DC leaders have announced their platform for the year…(1)Obstructing the DOJ replacement for Sessions, (2)more Russian conspiracy investigation theories and their really big news, (3) a prosecutorial attempt for PR-Trumps Tax returns! Wow, doesn’t that all sound more like an Enquirer Magazine focus than intelligent relevant government policies being implemented to better this nation and its citizens? And please don’t forget that “today” thanks to the #metoo movement and the Democrats abortion on demand legislation hundreds of viable living infants will be killed, TODAY in the United States.
    Your Tax dollars at work!?…

    1. I don’t quite understand the demonization of one political party..or essentially over half of America. I registered as a Democrat. That doesn’t mean I can’t be against abortion. I don’t approve of abortion. Why is that difficult to understand? Democrats don’t decide whether abortion is legal or not. The Supreme Court ultimately does that. And if this Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v Wade, then it will be illegal in America….and then?? What to do next….on all the other issues that affect millions of people. If you could simply see people not as Democrats or Republicans, but as human beings, then maybe we could accomplish so much more.

      1. It is not demonization. it is a candid assessment of alignment with the Word of God. That is all. How can you even question this when there were direct efforts of Democratic leaders to punish Christians for not supporting homosexuality and gay marriage? Are you not aware of what is going on. Again, we know Trump is not a choir boy but he was not running for office. We desire our country’s laws to mirror our God’s teachings.

  53. As I look on from another nation and read what those in Christian leadership are penning in the USA, the first thing that rises up in my Spirit is this;
    “How much time does leadership and Christians in general, spend on their knees, interceding for others?”.
    No time at all?
    A few seconds a day?
    A few minutes a day?
    An hour a day?
    A few hours a day?
    All day?
    Friends, your answer to this simple question will determine the depth of your relationship with The One who controls your government.
    I am more than blessed to have grown up, surrounded by mighty intercessors. Samuel Rees Howells, son of Rees Howells at The Bible College of Wales, where I was both child and student.
    Leonard Ravenhill, Derek Prince, David Wilkerson,
    Dr Martin Lloyd Jones, Dr Sidlow Baxter &
    David Pawson, to name but a few of the men who greatly ministered and influenced my life.
    Show me any mans prayer life and I will tell you how their walK with God is.
    As we read and digest 2 Chronicles 7, we see how God views us and we Him, before any other aspect of life has any level of importance.
    I read many hundreds of articles and barely once do I see PRAYER or INTERCESSION even slightly addressed or approached.
    Dear ones, the powers of darkness are out to kill you and you cannot, I REPEAT, YOU CANNOT debate a lion while your head is in his mouth.
    Your weapons of prayer and God’s Word WILL bring satan to his knees.
    “Oh I’ve heard it all before” I hear being exclaimed.
    The problem is my dear ones, we want the answer or resolve in our time, and many give up before they even get started.
    I must say in closing, that if you have
    ANY UNCONFESSED sin in your life, DEAL WITH IT dear ones. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, but don’t expect God to have you come into His presence, asking anything of Him, while we know sin resides in us.
    God will move heaven and earth for your nation when you get your priorities right.
    If you were in the presence of my Queen, would you talk, talk, talk? or would you show great respect and wait until the Queen invited you to speak?
    The King of Kings must be afforded the same honour and dignity.
    Thank you for your time.
    May God richly bless you and your nation.

    1. You are a blessing Mr Hyslop, thank you for your kind words…yet I promise you this American nation is filled with intercessory prayer and covered with prayer warriors. What YOU are seeing and reading is what we are debating right now as we use our faith to expose the demonic agenda that has moved stealth fully within the powers and principalities in our human civil government while the wickedness in the heavenly realm has inspired these within civil government to engage with an evil lawless agenda.
      America is always on display as a human experiment in freedoms. But dear Mr Hyslop we Believers know where our true freedom comes from, King Yeshua. We are fighting for this nation’s right to exist and that takes practical courage as well as spiritual dependance.

  54. Lawless people vote for those who approve lawlessness. And too many will sell their integrity and soul for the party promises to keep their “government” handouts secure. A hundred bucks a month in food stamps buys their vote and loyalty. The see nothing else.

    1. I agree Mark, yet it should be said of the Republican party that they missed a golden opportunity before these elections ever got so close, to prove their sincerity by pushing more legislation to improve the lives of people under the Taxable income strata which I believe is some $34,000.00 per year now. My Mother is one who benefits from government assistance SNAP program, she is blind in 1 eye, and 86. We spend thousands of $$ per year taking care of her but she also needs extra for food each month. The really sad thing is the Church where she attends and works each week won’t give her any real help. The Conservative voices will be heard and heeded much more by actions than conceptual words. The Republican legislators simply must engage with specificity the under middle income sector of society as well the poverty sector and elderly. Trickle down economics doesn’t feed the belly or the babies belly when its crying from doing without. And of course LEGAL immigration practices would eventually help the states to have enough funding to feed American citizens who are in need more than throwing it to all the illegals who have never paid a dime in Taxes. I am a Conservative.

  55. Why in the world do you assume that the Republican Party is more righteous than the democrats? I am Republican, however, I do know very godly democratic people. My parents, for example, who raised me in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NO NOT ONE!!! My father was my pastor for most of my life, who preached nothing but the truth of God’s word.

    1. Never said that Duane but abortion is far more evil than anything Republicans espouse. God will not excuse us for bending verses to justify abandoning our civic duty. Everyone around Jesus was a sinner but He directed His attack to false ministers and politicians. If we follow the Bible we will do the same.

    2. Untrue; we are to discern. The Republican policy platform is much closer aligned with what God teaches than the Democrats. Yes all have sinned but that does not mean there is no difference in sins or in willful or unintentional sin. The Modern Church has misled people on this point making them all seem the same no matter whether they are intentionally and continually sinning or trying not to sin. Errant Doctrine…..

  56. Look neither party is without their problems but read ALL of scripture. There is no question as to which party’s platform aligns better with scripture (that is all of scripture). People can make all the arguments they want but they are rationalizing doing evil when they vote for persecution of Christians, homosexuality and the acts involved, premarital sex, abortion, violating our laws, etc. Finally, Donald Trump was not running for anything so a claim that is why they voted for those leading the country into sin does not wash either. They will have to answer to the Lord. Let us hope we are all lifting our leaders up in prayer that they may hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and His voice only……

  57. To all you liberal lovers you choose to support an anti American party that has control of the media so all u see is Trump hate. He has done so much good for this country. You support violence and just pure hate for anyone that doesn’t go along with the liberal agenda. Do not call yourself a Christian and then vote for killing of unborn babies that libs want to include up to birth, libs that support crimminals of violent acts to be free to kill or rape again. You should look into your own sins since you can judge our president for something he said years ago. You hear he doesn’t like immigrants when he just want the proper procedures met for coming into this country the right way. To keep the ones who want to come here to make our country into the country they are fleeing from. You want to pay high taxes, have high unemployment, pay for all the ones who do not want to work. Well I don’t!!!! Dems put illelgals and crimminals before harding working citizens . They hate police, military, I.C.E., anyone that tries to enforce laws that stop their agenda to make this a socialist country. You hate Trump for something he said yet you agree with all the crimminal acts that the dems do. How come so many are so rich that are in politics all of a sudden, Where do you think that money came from? Trump takes no vacations, doesn’t throw the lavish parties every week for celeberties that obummer did. He has a backbone and keeps his campaign promises, Do some research and see what your dems have said in years past. They wanted borders and legal immigration and all of a sudeen now that is wrong. Do not call yourself Christians and then condone the crimes they are committing. I don’t think you all are perfect, you can’t be and must be on the same level they are. I have learned u can’t have a discussion with a liberal or your life could be at risk. I will never stoop to your level because you have to be insane .

  58. Here is the interesting thing: If you were to evaluate the life of Jesus according to political platforms, you’d find him to be morally conservative (primarily Republican), but also a strong proponent of social justice and the poor and oppressed (primarily Democrat/Libertarian, all moral considerations aside). Catholicism has the same issue—morally conservative, but socially progressive. Fine line between the two.

    1. It is not pinning hopes in this world. The Modern Church has lied to us. There is a difference between intentional and continual sin and occasional, unintentional sin. We are to try to avoid sin. If we are truly listening to the Holy Spirit we will avoid more and more sin. Our president struggles with this. But policies which oppose God what God teaches are intentional and continual sin for they affect all and have been established to endure. The Lord says of these “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?” This is what we are faced with. The choice between intentionally embracing willful and continual sin or tolerating intermittent sin (which all Presidents do, some more than others). They represent people not yielded to the Spirit. Neither are desirable but there is a huge difference scripturally; thus all sin is not the same scripturally.

  59. Surely you do not believe being a Republican or Democrat determines your walk with Christ. I too believe sin is sin as clearly stated in scriptures, but I am also aware of the “sheep in wolves clothing” we are warned of in scripture.

    Matthew 7:21 King James Version (KJV)
    21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    I do not pin my hopes of heaven or justice on this world or how it is ruled. I will go so far as to say I seriously doubt a “wholly righteous, holy ghost filled” individual “could” be a politician. It takes a special breed for that and my hopes and trust are not pinned on it.

    Many are scared to death of the new world order they say is coming. I’m interested in the “new world order” God speaks about.
    Revelation 21 King James Version (KJV)
    21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    This world we live in is just about out of time. We need to be preparing our hearts and minds to be ready for it. This world is NOT going to flourish! It is not our home as it is, we are on a journey to our home through this wicked world. We’ve got to endure for the end and not faint, which is fast approaching.

    One political party does not have the market cornered on sin. We cannot compare level of sins in the camp, ie: whoremonger, liar, deceit, adulterer, and all sins of the flesh. ALL sin is equal. The only way to tip the balance scale against sin is grace and I don’t see anymore grace in one party than the other. One party’s sin is another’s pleasure. Just because they sin differently does not make them less sinful or more sanctified. They have ALL participated in sin regardless of party affiliation. If we condemn each other faith by their political vote, we are all doomed.

    Still in this world but being not “of” this world we need to stop beating each other to death about our “render to Ceasar” obligation (vote) and making judgements of each others salvation based on it.

    1. Martha, you have some very good points yet I wouldn’t say that you’re getting the full message being discussed here today or maybe not even the original message article written by Mario Murillo himself.
      Most of us are assured of our blessed assurance in Christ Jesus and that our walk here on earth depends exclusively upon Him. And yes Martha God has concluded that ALL have sinned and come desperately short of His glory, that’s why HE provided grace. But what I understand that Mario & those of us who are startled by proclaimed Christians voting for civil leaders and their accompanying policies who are liberal left leaning Democrats, is that, we are actually expressing in this Blog that we are beyond surprised no, more than stunned, by the fact that any Christian can and will fully did…vote for policies that “include” the infanticide of infants, lawless behavior at the national borders and completely redefined definition of marriage, the marriage bed (which Apostle Paul addressed with sacrosanctity) and many more such policies and lines of thought the Dems exercise.
      It simply put is astonishing to us within the Beloved of God in Christ, that this happened!? As the Body of Christ we are also to remember that our lives on this planet and in this fallen world do count and do matter applicably in the Kingdom to come and in heaven. Else Martha why did Jesus pray this way;
      “Our Father hallowed be thy Name they Kingdom come, thy will be done, “on earth” as it is in heaven.”

  60. God answered your prayer, #MarioMurillo. Sometimes God’s answer is, “Democrats care more about children who are already born, children who can cry, feel pain, die from malnutrition, die from lack of healthcare, more than they care about fertilized eggs. So can it.”

      1. Not a big fan if any politicians but was it not bush # 2 that started giving all the big child tax credits away to poor folks?

      2. “You have zero proof that Republicans care less about children than Democrats” ~ Mario Murillo

        How about a Policy by the head of the Republican Party with the term “Zero” in it that separated children from their parents with “zero” or no plan for reuniting them. How many more zero’s do you need, they are everywhere.

      3. Parents made a choice to break the law and expose their children to danger. A law that Obama enforced as well. We have prisons full of parents who committed crimes like drug dealing, burglary and murder. They are separated from their children too. Does that not count because they are American citizens? By the way, Abortion separates children from their parents by murder.

      4. Mario, you asked for an example. Putting children in cages, without a plan for how to process them, regardless of the choices that their parents made is not “caring” in any sense of the meaning. It’s the opposite, be consistent in your condemnation regardless of Party, otherwise you are just a hypocrite yourself.

      5. I’m not sure how one thinks children temporarily in a “cage” or whatever because of something illegal their parents did compares to murder 2500 unborn babies a day. But whatever excuse one needs for voting for murder by voting for Murdercrats.

      6. Mario, you said that there was “zero proof that Republicans care less about children than Democrats.” We have “proof” that the head of the Republican Party, cares less about “children”, period full stop. It’s clear that this President along with supporters like you have shifting values that are based on party politics, which relates directly to “It happened again” because of the “Pulpits fault” and it’s “conscious”.

        Hypocrisy, like it or not, fuels the exodus of the nones, and done, as well as those you mention, and their shift in voting patterns.

  61. Ezekiel 34:1 And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying,

    2 Son of man, “Prophesy Against The Shepherds Of ISRAEL”, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God unto the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do “Feed Themselves” (takes the tithes)! should not the shepherds “Feed The Flocks”? (with Gods Word, line by line, verse by verse, precept upon precept; not the philosophy, or traditions of men)

    3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, “Ye Kill Them That Are Fed” (by teaching the flock that they are gentiles, and Judah is the whole house of Israel): but “Ye Feed Not The Flock”.

    4 The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have ye brought again that which was driven away, “Neither Have Ye Sought That Which Was Lost” (i.e. Matthew 10:5-8); but “With Force And With Cruelty Have Ye Ruled Them” (“proving the shepherds are teachers of the sheep who are Israel”).

    ***** Matthew 10:5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, “Go Not Into The Way Of The Gentiles”, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:
    ***** 6 “But Go Rather To The LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL”. (their-by becoming Christians, and the light of the world. The Caucasian Christian Heritage of Nations.)
    ***** 7 And as ye go, “Preach, Saying, The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand”.
    ***** 8 “Heal The Sick, Cleanse The Lepers, Raise The Dead, Cast Out Devils: Freely Ye Have Received, Freely Give”.

    Ezekiel 34:5 And “They Were Scattered” (The Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by Assyria in about 700 b.c., migrated over the Caucasus Mountains, becoming known as Caucasians and losing their identity as Israel. The Southern Kingdom of Judah was conquered by Babylon some 200 years later, allowed to return to rebuild the city Jerusalem some 70 years later.), because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the “Beasts” (i.e. nations) of the “Field” (i.e. world), when they were scattered.

    6 My “Sheep” (i.e. Christians) wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill: yea, “MY Flock” was scattered upon all the face of the earth” (Becoming the Caucasian Christian Heritage of Nations; as prophetised in Genesis 48-49), and none did search or seek after them.

    7 Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the Lord;

    8 As I live, saith the Lord God, surely because “MY Flock” became a prey, and “MY Flock” became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, “Neither Did MY Shepherds Search For MY Flock”, but “The Shepherds Fed Themselves, and Fed Not MY Flock”;

    9 Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the Lord;

    10 Thus saith the Lord God; Behold, “I Am Against The Shepherds”; and “I Will REQUIRE MY FLOCK AT THEIR HAND” (i.e. 2 Thessalonians 2:3; falling away = defection from truth), and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves anymore; for “I WILL DELIVER MY FLOCK FROM THEIR MOUTH, that they may not be meat for them.

    1. Its true God called Israelites His people but remember He sent. Paul to
      gentiles. Also Peter and apostles were given languages to speak to all people groups to spread Jesus’ love and forgiveness through His Sacrifice on the Cross. Everyone belongs to the Lord. NOW if only we believed and lived to honor His Sacrifice. Praise To God

  62. Deidre – I challenge you to get off your TRUMP hate and just READ and TAKE IN what the writer is saying…See the REAL picture and not that of one’s really small world.

  63. This article says it all. I just argued with my grown daughter about this. We attend an evangelical church, but no one speaks out.

  64. If your on this thread and your trolling Mario an antagonist how did you find this blog and why would you spend your precious time doing this?
    Just curious.

    1. Hit the “enter” button before finishing my post (no edit or delete options).

      Intended to say…

      There are many Republicans who are not in Christ, but there is a not one single Democrat who is.

      “…no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” 1 John 3:15

      You cannot identify as a Democrat without being complicit in the murder of innocent children in the womb.

  65. I commend your consistent standing for truth over many years and largely agree with your post. However I disagree with making no distinction between apostates and “born-again and Spirit-filled Christians.” Additionally, I was shocked and dismayed when I read the accusation, “The Body of Christ is having what my good friend Dusty Kemp calls ‘an out of Bible experience.’” That is impossible!

    I am deeply grieved that many godly leaders, including some of my dear friends, commit this error and brush aside my plea to refrain from doing so. Please consider that it is a grave accusation against God’s Remnant that genuine Christians are guilty of flagrantly committing egregious and unrepentant wickedness. It is agreeing with the world system and Satan that all Christians are hypocrites. Baptists think true Christians were not delivered from sin but merely it’s consequences, and conclude that we are consigned to remain under the power of sin and must commit it daily. However, I am certain that you do not believe that error.

    Jude wrote:
    “And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh.” – Jude 1:22-23

    It is imperative for us to make a distinction between the true Church (the Body of Christ) and the deceived one’s that are becoming or have become apostate. If we tell flagrant, unrepentant, sinners that they are “born-again, Spirit-filled members of the Body of Christ,” how do we fulfill the above scripture? They have no fear even to blaspheme God since the full benefits of salvation remain. Furthermore, how do we define the entry point for sinners and the exit point for apostates? For the former the entry into the Body of Christ is genuine repentance. The exit point for apostates is their willful and unrepentant sinfulness.

    We can blame the pastors for not clearly defining sin, but it is a very grave error to present the Body of Christ as containing flagrant and unrepentant sinners and apostates. Here is truth. Anyone who votes for abortion and other rank wickedness remains in their sin until they repent. Millions of professing Christians have not repented over past voting. The Body of Christ does not contain such people and the Holy Spirit does not dwell in their unclean temples.

  66. Most churches are preaching a watered down, feel good, prosperity gospel and installing coffee and doughnut shops in the foyer to attract more customers. Focused more on numbers than substance.

    1. True; again suggest you read Pulpit Fiction: How the Modern Church is Endangering the Eternal Destiny of its Followers

  67. You don’t know Jesus from Adam.

    You boast in YOUR “moral compass:, while supporting those who murder the most defenseless. You are complicit, and have an evil heart.

    “…no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.”

  68. The moral compass for all Christians is Christ Jesus and Him crucified for the sins of humankind, in particular for the gross sin of immorality due to what humanity at large would hazard to say is morality.
    The idea that the Democrat party today carries some ethereal humanistic moral code is pathetic. Their policies, conduct and elitist beliefs belie any sense of Christian conduct or biblical instruction. In fact and indeed they recite with fervent heat that the cannon of scripture is “hate speech”. It will soon be outlawed fo use in general in CA. They’ve encouraged, for a decade, the removal and confiscation of monument memorial crosses and monument 10 commandment memorials all over this nation. Most of the Democrat party now identifies as “secular humanist” and those who do that simply want no part of the doctrines of the Christian faith. I’m sorry to say your arguments don’t hold water particularly in light of recent behavior by what has become known today as the Progressive Liberal Left Democrats.

  69. We don’t really know if President Trump would have won the popular vote or not, because absentee ballots are not counted in a Presidential election unless it is close. Everyone I know who sent in absentee ballots; military personal, missionaries, friends living overseas, all voted for Mr. Trump.

  70. Though the author meant well, he missed the most important point, he called them “Christians.” The author is not omniscient, and therefore he cannot know who is saved, and whom is not. Therefore it would be wise to call them “professing” Christians. These buildings that he wrongfully called “churches” are full of false converts. I’m not saying that if you voted democrat that you cannot be saved, but I’m saying this. No matter how you twists one verse out of context, a ‘profession’ of faith with our lips is not salvific. But a justified regenerated ‘possession’ of faith is. Having said that, the part I agree with the most is this. “It is possible that your pastor soft-peddles or ignores these verses and tells you that grace covers this. The Bible says different, “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2 By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?”

    1. I direct this to all who accused me of false doctrine for the title of my blog about Christians who voted Democrat. “These people aren’t Christians!” they said. Now read the Bible: 1 Corinthians 5:1 “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate: A man is sleeping with his father’s wife. 2 And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have gone into mourning and have put out of your fellowship the man who has been doing this? 3 For my part, even though I am not physically present, I am with you in spirit. As one who is present with you in this way, I have already passed judgment in the name of our Lord Jesus on the one who has been doing this. 4 So when you are assembled and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present, 5 hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.”
      Far more than voting for a Democrat these believers…many who had received the Spirit were covering for incest. Paul rebuked them but he did not say, “because of this, you are not Christian.” How could he think they were not Christians if he is instructing them to act in the power of Christ to bring judgement? I certainly can’t fathom a believer voting Democrat, but I also can’t fathom what the Christians in Corinth did either. If you reject me for this I am saddened but your accusation is not, in my opinion, scriptural.

      1. Mario how about the issue of conversion.
        Calling ones self a Christian is not the same as having a genuine born again experience.
        I’m not saying your preaching false doctrine but I am wondering in your opinion what the issue of conversion plays in the opinions and actions of believers.
        Before I was truly saved I had no moral compass but when I was delivered of a spirit of rebellion I could see issues so much clearer.
        So do you think these folks just need deliverance perhaps?

      2. A very good exegesis Mario!
        If I may I would share something additional Franklin Graham said from Billy Graham Ministries, he denotes the out of step as, “Casual Christians.” This term is not straight out of scripture yet it helps to explain their given approach to their Christian walk here on earth.
        I must say thank you Mario, it helped me greatly in my spiritual discernment, learning several months ago from You, how to view the many who claim their Christian faith but act out opposite to it’s teachings. For a fiery Evangelist preacher who exhorts people to repentance, You exhibit a GREAT Grace message regarding those who most Believers would just right off as apostate.
        Blessings in Jesus.

      3. Good morning…we must never forget Jesus said “If you love me, then obey me”. Who is their first love? God help any of us to hear the words “Depart from me, I never knew you”.
        Time is running out and our actions have cause for repentance daily. Mario, the “shepherds” need to be warned that their sheep are missing! But then again, were the sheep actually encouraged to vote for the Demonrats? That takes it to another level! May any who did vote for them, repent and come to the true saving knowledge of Jesus and not this “pseudo” Jesus being peddled in churches today! Maranatha!

  71. As a pastor in metro-Atlanta, I say THANK YOU for boldly and accurately calling out the grievous condition of many within the Body of Christ. I would add that the numbers of Christians who voted for the Democratic Party in the Mid-Terms, and otherwise, are not just African Americans…. not by a long shot. A fairly surface view of the statistics of church goers in metro-Atlanta and the way the votes trended, it is impossible for the votes to go the way they did without professing Christians of all ethnic backgrounds departing from Biblical truth to either vote Democratic or to stay at home because they don’t believe we should be involved. We desperately need an awakening to the Word and ways of the Kingdom of God in the Church, starting with leadership. God help us!

  72. I Love you and this UNITED States of America. I do have one request for you and others faithfully keeping us informed – please stop referring to the “Democrat” Party as Democratic, they may be many things, but democratic they are not. God’s Blessing on you and anointing multiply you and your fruits exponentially!! I pray. L

  73. Mario (and Blogging Friends) who embrace scriptural integrity as well as the understanding of our accountability during our walk here on earth. Will You please pray for Arizona right now?
    There is a current focus so much on Florida and the vote count and ballot overrun there that AZ is being forgotten about. This is a big Senate race for Arizona, with the late Senator John McCain now gone and soon to be leaving, Jeff Flake, both Conservative Reps. This is the 1st time in AZ history that a woman will be Senator, that said…also the 1st time in many, many, many years, that potentially a Democrat could be Senator of the state. Information is Arizona has always been a Red state with most voters Conservative. With so many people relocating to Ariz. from Calif. and the fact that its a significant southern border state, this state election is “key” to beginning a national trend and spiritually “key” to revealing its Christian identity.

  74. An estimated 12 to 14 million humans were exterminated in Death Camps in Europe by the Nazi Reich from 1933 to 1945.

    Over 60 million abortions and counting have been performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

    Somewhere in Hell, Warren E. Burger, Harry Blackmun, William O. Douglas, Potter Stewart, Lewis F. Powell, William J. Brennan and Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court Justices who voted for it, are asking Adolf Hitler to fan some cooler air in their direction!

  75. This is excellent and should be shared with as many folks as possible (especially fellow churches).Madeline in NC

  76. What I can’t understand is how Christian people can support the party who started the KKK? I don’t think they have researched the history of thier party. Lots of Trump haters don’t realize the amount of chd sex trafficers he has had arrested. Thousands. If they would look it up there are 30 + pages of people who have been busted.More than all others combined. He is a hero. But I guess they will never know any of the things he has done, unless it comes from the lips of Don Lemon.

  77. It absolutely escapes me how anyone who claims to be a New Testament Christian can support the Democratic Party. In my opinion, it is one of the antichrist that the Apostle John prophesied about. It is immoral, heathen, and barbaric.

    1. Completely but such is the state of the Modern Church (and what happens when you tell people they can live anyway they want and remain saved)

  78. This stuff splits churches.
    If you make stands, rebels rise up and take members to another church down the street.
    You know one of those churches that claims that all are welcome and they really love people because they never judge anything or anyone.
    But they leave out that no one changes for the better there,the pastor is living a carnal life, folks are on the platform that fornicate and are in a state habitual revolving door backsliding and condemnation.
    There is a church like this that the pastor has literally gone after our converts I happen to be white with a church of mostly Latin folks.
    He tries to make a point that because I’m white I can’t relate to them.
    He hates trump.
    He invites our folks to his low rider style events.
    Thank God our folks are saved and have convictions.

  79. The author is so right. It is shocking that millions of born again and spirit-filled voted for the Democratic party in USA, when they aren’t.

    Why are they being called “born again and spirit-filled Christians”, when they aren’t?

    It’s like calling those who support freedom to lust and love anyone or anything, homosexual ‘marriage’, abortion as ‘Christian’, open borders….

    “Millions of born again and Spirit-filled Christians voted for the Democratic Party.”
    When Paul wrote, “love believes all things” (1 Corinthians 13:7), he was talking about a kind of charitable judgment. Christians are called to believe the best about each other until sufficient evidence confirms beyond a reasonable doubt that a transgression has occurred.

    When evidence does confirm that a transgression has occurred, a second way we take great care how we judge is to “aim for restoration” (2 Corinthians 13:11). Thus, Jesus said judge righteously…

    1. I direct this to all who accused me of false doctrine for the title of my blog about Christians who voted Democrat. “These people aren’t Christians!” they said. Now read the Bible: 1 Corinthians 5:1 “It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that even pagans do not tolerate: A man is sleeping with his father’s wife. 2 And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have gone into mourning and have put out of your fellowship the man who has been doing this? 3 For my part, even though I am not physically present, I am with you in spirit. As one who is present with you in this way, I have already passed judgment in the name of our Lord Jesus on the one who has been doing this. 4 So when you are assembled and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present, 5 hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.”
      Far more than voting for a Democrat these believers…many who had received the Spirit were covering for incest. Paul rebuked them but he did not say, “because of this, you are not Christian.” How could he think they were not Christians if he is instructing them to act in the power of Christ to bring judgement? I certainly can’t fathom a believer voting Democrat, but I also can’t fathom what the Christians in Corinth did either.

      1. It is why I wrote the book i described – Pulpit Fiction: How the Modern Church is Endangering the Eternal Destiny of its Followers. The idea is that the Modern Church teaches that you remain saved no matter what you do once you accept Christ. When this is done, people completely reject the leading of the Holy Spirit and do “what is right in their own eyes”. Actually submitting to the Holy Spirit is a choice we make and many, many claimed Christians have no interest in submitting to God

      2. Those religious people who vote for Democrats may be Christians or they may not be. Only an individual case by case examination could determine that. But even if they are Christians, they become murderers by accessory in voting for the Abortion Party, a case I made in my book, Murdercrats: Millions of Abortion Murderers, from II John 9-11 and other passages. And murderers are thrown into the lake of fire.

    2. We are called to LOVE one another that was Christ’s “new commandment”John 13: 33-35. From what I have seen & heard there are many American church culture Christians that believe in the concept of ‘Separation of Church and State,’ in many cases they have been taught that concept since their youth and they believe that it is the correct way to view American government. In this way they often cite themselves as believing their faith is independent from what goes on in politics and government. In my opinion this is due to a lack of Kingdom theology knowledge. Hence they vote as if God in Christ was separate from the governments of men (or humanity.)

  80. This was truly eye opening and I hope every living human will read it and be able to see and understand the truth. I pray we can all find our way back to our heavenly father and better understand his word.
    Admittedly, I have fallen short. I have not dedicated my time to reading God’s word. I want to be blessed by God and shine in his favor. Please pray for me, brothers and sisters in Christ, that I may find my way…back to church, back to his word….back to GOD.

    1. We all fall short from time to time, the key is the heart to acknowledge and return. Will pray for you. in Him

  81. on a similar tangent, it doesn’t help that one of the most touted magnum opi of Christian literature aka the Pilgrim’s Progress has a very disturbing section in part 2 anc chapter 7.
    also , please keep in mind there is only one race the human one.

    very thankful for Ephesians chapter six.

  82. Nobody has taken into account, “He has given them over to a reprobate mind that they should believe a lie”. Or, “When you begin to see all these things begin to come to pass, lift up your heads and look up, for your Redemption draws near”. “Even so, come Lord Jesus”.

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