Emboldened by overstated victories, the Democrat party will persecute the church.  I believe we’ll see it this week. The mood—the one that pleases people when Christians are harassed and blamed, is upon us.  I am warning you it’s about to spike, and the mindless ferocity of it will surprise you.

Already, the University of California at Berkeley is trying to squash—like a bug—the only Christian on the Student Senate.  The left believes they have permission to wreak havoc on the church because of the victories in the midterm elections.

A moment like this is recorded in the Book of Acts: Acts 12:1-3, “Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. 2 Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3 And because he saw that it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to seize Peter also.”

As I prayed, I experienced colliding emotions of dread and excitement.  The Holy Spirit made it clear that persecution against Christians is going to spike in the United States in the next few months.  He also made it clear that this would touch off a towering flow of miracles of healing.

Satan wants America destroyed.   It is the grand prize.  With America gone, the devil can unleash worldwide devastation.   But the global tyranny that he craves cannot happen until the American firewall is removed.

He also knows that he can only destroy America from within.  Somehow, he must pit us against each other. 

The only deterrent to civil war at this point is Christianity.  Notice that I do not say the church, I say Christianity.  The church is sidelined by equal parts division and denial.  The Christianity seeping out despite religion is the only thing protecting us.

The devil’s weapon of choice is hate.  He must foment hate.  Today, that hate is coming from the very people claiming to be fighting hate: secular progressives, and social justice warriors.  You have seen how the things that were once loving, moral and trustworthy, including marriage, manhood, military service, freedom of speech, witnessing, the Bible and, yes, freedom itself, are now hateful.


God has been lovingly warning the American Church.  He has repeatedly ordered the church to stand as one against immorality, but she has flatly refused.  God now reserves the right to use persecution to wake up the church and spare the nation.

Is there any good news in this?  There is much good news, but only for a certain group.  The core of Christians who refuse to side with the compromised church, and who are seeking Jesus, will be protected and used mightily.  Persecution will backfire!

The boomerang effect is seen in ancient Israel.  Exodus 1:12 says “But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites.”

After Herod arrested Peter, an angel appeared and brought him out.  This miracle ignited the church.  I am telling you what the Holy Spirit has told me.  Every vessel that seeks God right now will receive greater power and greater miracles.

Call it legend, call me crazy, but I know that this wave of persecution is here.  We can turn it all around.  We can regain lost ground.  Those who disobey God cannot escape this misery and those who obey God will granted special grace and increased supernatural power.

Paul wrote to a worried Philippian church to tell them about the shock outcome of his imprisonment.  It serves as a promise to us of what is about to happen as a result of persecution in America.

Philippians 1:12 “And I want you to know this, dear brothers: Everything that has happened to me here has been a great boost in getting out the Good News concerning Christ. 13 For everyone around here, including all the soldiers over at the barracks, knows that I am in chains simply because I am a Christian. 14 And because of my imprisonment, many of the Christians here seem to have lost their fear of chains! Somehow my patience has encouraged them, and they have become more and more bold in telling others about Christ.”

Writing about the book of Acts Church Matthew Henry said this:  “The persecution that was designed to extirpate the church was by the overruling providence of God made an occasion of the enlargement of it. Christ had said, I am come to send fire on the earth; and they thought, by scattering those who were kindled with that fire, to have put it out, but instead of this they did but help to spread it.” Amen!


17 thoughts on “BACKFIRE

  1. “Emboldened by overstated victories, the Democrat party will persecute the church.”

    The compromising “Christians” that voted them in will find themselves at a loss as to why Jehovah is no longer protecting them…

    But, the churches true to the concept of Preserving Life over momentary welfare will find themselves protected even while under assault…

    So be it!

  2. OH dear Mario, your voice is (1) that we need so badly right now both in the church and outside of it. You said this; “He also knows that he can only destroy America from within. Somehow, he must pit us against each other. The only deterrent to civil war at this point is Christianity. Notice that I do not say the church, I say Christianity. The church is sidelined by equal parts division and denial.” This entire article is without doubt an honest assessment of the condition of Christian Believers right now. Last week, I just recorded my views and opinions regarding all this, and I pray this might help!🙏 God bless You and Your ministry efforts;

  3. I saw in a dream that the result of this midterm election which was some Republican loses was exactly what God made happen in order to put the right person in the white house down the road. I knew more in the dream than I am going to say, but I don’t think it was right after Trump – but possibly. With the manifold wisdom of God that is probably not the only reason for the election results.

    I am not going to try and figure out the mind of God on that. Mastermind doesn’t even begin to describe him, but he is massaging things somehow (don’t tell Bob Mueller). I have been wondering though if it wasn’t partly about making things a little more uncomfortable for the church. He really had to shake the Israelites to get them out of Egypt. He had the Egyptians double their workload and they started taking the male babies in order to change the prevailing attitude enough to get them willing to leave when the time came.

  4. Recent history illustrates that Christianity is not destroyed or defeated but made stronger under persecution. The flowering of faith in the east bloc states affiliated with the USSR and communism defied every effort of government up to and including murder. Poland is perhaps the best example of that truth, and Fr Jerzy Popieluzcko its leading voice. The truth is that we do God’s will — every one of us — as His child or His tool. It will be so here, in our time and place, as well.

    1. Soljerblue, I find your comments regarding the eastern bloc nations a tad understated. I did find however, the young gentleman I spoke to last Thursday who was immigrated into the USA via a marriage to an American woman, I found his testimony riveting! He was from the communist occupied country Slovakia from his childhood to his young adulthood, watching his family torn apart by communism and his father imprisoned because he grew vegetables in his back yard. This young man explained to me how “out of touch” Americans are with real socialism and communism. How it affected Poland and all the Slovak countries with miseries of every distinction (including religious persecution) . Needless to say he was very happy to be in America at last.
      That’s whats really at stake here our right to live, love, worship and work, and to do it freely as the pilgrims intended.

  5. As you look around, you see the church moving more to entertainment, passing out ear plugs, fog machines, dim lights … like bars. Some even offer Yoga classes – Yoga is Hinduism and each position is a WORSHIP position to a false god!

    Yeshua/Jesus said “come OUT of her!” He showed us how to live and told us that “My yoke is easy and My burden is light,” speaking of the Torah He lived and taught. So many Christians blow off His Sabbaths and His Feasts, yet they are our “dress rehearsals” for the Kingdom and we will be keeping them THEN! Notice how small groups are forming that keep Messiah’s Feasts & Sabbaths and also notice that even though they have their problems – everyone does – they have so much more love and joy than those who doggedly trek to church on Sunday morning!

    Constantine chose to change the day of worship to Sunday to include the Pagan sun worshipers in Rome and we MUST break OUT of that pagan church of Rome! Recently, the Vatican admitted it! Today’s churches are little Catholic sisters of the Pagan church in Rome!

    But you who are GRAFTED IN, are part of the original TREE! The Tree of Life, which is Yeshua! Please start studying and keeping the Torah He loved, taught and lived!


    On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 1:52 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Emboldened by overstated victories, the > Democrat party will persecute the church. I believe we’ll see it this > week. The mood—the one that pleases people when Christians are harassed and > blamed, is upon us. I am warning you it’s about to spike, and the m” >

  7. “What has been spoken has fallen on deaf ears. Millions hear but seldom does it impact their lives. Wars, rumors of wars have become common place. The camp of the evil one flourishes while My church lies buried beneath the rubbish of the world.

    Coming…coming soon a great shaking to awaken the slumbering among you. Donald Trump is a man…a man with a mission, a destiny, but still a man. Those who look to him as saviour will be greatly disappointed. America has no future apart from Me. I rule supreme…There is no shadow of turning, I change not. Enough of your games, I grow weary of your games, your pretense, your uncleanness, your perversion. Bitterness, jealousy have no place in the house of God. Turn from your wicked ways that I might bless instead of curse.

  8. Are these devotions available in the Spanish language?
    If so, how or where do we go to access the translation in Spanish?
    If not, how do we obtain permission to translate some articles, from time to time, into Spanish to share with our Latin friends?
    Jerry/Connie White
    Living Water Teaching
    Paraguay South America

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    Sunday, November 18, 2018, 5:48 AM -0300 from :
    mariomurilloministries posted: “Emboldened by overstated victories, the Democrat party will persecute the church. I believe we’ll see it this week. The mood—the one that pleases people when Christians are harassed and blamed, is upon us. I am warning you it’s about to spike, and the m”

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