You held on to your integrity.  When the trendy shortcuts to having a big church were offered to you—the Holy Spirit told you to stay out. Somehow, you never had a stomach for big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines. Silly you! You wanted to keep singing some of the old songs—songs about the Blood!

The devil tried to make you feel like a fool. You poured blood, sweat and tears into a community for years. Along comes a slick marketer who creates a buzz. Overnight, they get a crowd.  The enemy attacked you and said, “they are blessed, and you are not!”

Let me be so bold as to appropriate Psalm 73 to describe the emotions you faced:

Psalm 73:2 “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; My steps had nearly slipped.3 For I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.”  The evil one said, “if you had left out the negative verses like they do—if you’d finish in 12 minutes—if tell people to quit raising their hands—if you”…well you know the spiel.

Suddenly envy tries to grip you and these words from Psalm 73 fit your turmoil and temptation:

Psalm 73: 2 “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; My steps had nearly slipped. 3 For I was envious of the boastful, When I saw the prosperity of the wicked. 4 For there are no pangs in their death, but their strength is firm. 5 They are not in trouble as other men, nor are they plagued like other men. 6 Therefore pride serves as their necklace; Violence covers them like a garment. 7 Their eyes bulge with abundance; They have more than heart could wish.”

But these are the words that apply most: “13 “surely, I have cleansed my heart in vain, And washed my hands in innocence. 14 For all day long I have been plagued, And chastened every morning.”  The devil said “what have you got to show for all your diligence and integrity? All your prayers, all your faithful preaching of the Word of God no longer works. You have stayed pure for no reason.”

Then people you’ve known for years turned on you. Like the Israelites who begged for a king—prominent people in your congregation told you they want the bells and whistles of modern church marketing.  “We want to be like all the other churches.” When you wouldn’t change, they left and took their tithe with them.

It all became too much.  You and your family’s heart were broken. Still you did not say your feelings out loud. Verse 15 says “If I had said, “I will speak thus,” Behold, I would have been untrue to the generation of Your children.” You thought about the young pastors coming up. They can’t hear us saying the Word of God no longer works!

It has all become too painful! How you can try so hard for so little result while those who cheapen the message boom. Here is the Word of the Lord beloved pastor: 16 “When I thought how to understand this, It was too painful for me—17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; Then I understood their end. 18 Surely You set them in slippery places; You cast them down to destruction.”

Hold on man and woman of God! America is changing! A nightmare of anxiety and emptiness is changing appetites!  When a nation gorges on sin they begin to yearn for purity and cleansing.  Nothing can protect the sin sick soul from disgust, nausea, and the unholy hangover.

A convicted heart can reach the point where a slick church concert, outfitted with lights and fog, or a canned motivational spiel, can repulse them, just as much as the sin they are trying to escape.

A soul soaked in the sludge of our time, can yearn to collapse at a simple wooden altar, sob deep tears of remorse, and welcome the warm hand of a true pastor on their shoulder.

In fact, at this moment, heaven is releasing power for miracles, words of prophetic might, and great resources to do the work of God.  Those who have kept their integrity–and  labored in obscurity not seeing results—will receive great power and multiplication.

Americans will want to come in from the storm. They won’t feel safe in a shallow church. In a hurricane you don’t rush to the flimsy building. Many man-made worship centers will collapse like a house of cards. They are the slippery place that God said. They will be too easily damaged by the coming storm.

Daniel refused to change…even when they threatened his life. When magicians and false seers were all the rage—Daniel held his convictions. Then King Nebuchadnezzar has a nightmare and loses his appetite for half-baked entertainment.  Now he desperately needs an answer…and so will America.

The most attractive force on earth is about to flood your church building: THE PRESENCE OF GOD! It not only attracts better than entertainment…it does something infinitely more valuable—it brings people in for the right reason! They will be disciples! They will not be fickle looky-looks…the kind that leave as soon as they find something more interesting.

The same preaching that the devil mocks today will be the right preaching in the coming hour! Don’t change! The way you pray, the way you love people, the way you raise holy hands and worship the Lord now…everything they make fun of now will be perfect for the coming harvest!

Hold on! Hold tight to every promise God gave you! Tell the devil he is a liar! Confess to your people, “God has His hour of power and it is even at the door!”




  1. It’s always sad when this happens, even sadder when it happens when you are trying to become a minister…

    Discouraged and even despondent a few times. But, never lost complete hope.

    Finally, credentialed. 🙂

    Still waiting for the miracles that allow me to retire from my secular job, have a brick and mortar ministry and a supporting congregation where I can be first of many equals among thirsty learners.

    And, yes old hymns, psalms and scriptural songs.

    1. Mr Druckenmiller, how my husband and I relate to your conundrum. We set out on ‘fire’ for The Lord as definte God chasers 16 years ago gave up houses, children, family and home church positions, to move cross country knowing in our knowers that Christ The King had called us out there to preach and work in full time ministry. One 1/2 years into the attempt, we were moved back into the secular marketplace. Heart broken.😭 My husband still awaits the miracle that will allow him to retire from his secular job in order to reignite that original mission.

      1. I remember an old Star Trek: The Next Generation where this species had a motto (they didn’t obey), “EYES OPEN”…

        Let our eyes be open to what Our Lord is doing, and about to do. There is an excitement brewing and with excitement comes Faith and then miracles…

        I don’t know how, but… He is able… And, while I did *NOT* like the learning experiences I’ve been through, I am much better emotionally, learnedly and maturely prepared to treat those that Father entrusts to me than I was as a 20 year old single sailor in the middle of a glorious revival on Guam.

        Moses had his “40 years”, let us not be as recalcitrant as he when Father reissues our calls to arms.

  2. Thank you so much for this …
    We are Pastors of a very small church in the foothills of Northern California. We are surrounded with poverty,witchcraft, cults of all kinds….
    The attacks are great..
    It has been very hard and I will admit, discouraging at times…
    We need prayers from other spirit filled folks who can stand with us for this community as we stand and take back what belongs to God…

    We thank you for prayers …
    And any other support that God puts on the hearts of our follower Christian family of ministers….

    God bless your ministry to Jesus…
    Until all hear
    Pastor John and Lisa

  3. Thank you my friend…I am deeply discouraged by lack of answers to prayer…lack of tangible direction.
    I live holy…love my God night and day…yet everything mocks my direction…deceptive ministers reign large …even when exposed…they are supported!!! I am both appalled and destroyed…even suicidal…I must admit.
    I spend endless hours in prayer…no answers…yet I am about to fall through the cracks. I keep my temple chaste…yet no sound from heaven…so I am mocked within…for I have no proof of anything.
    I said this morning to myself…” I can say nothing…for God may answer others..i do not want to hinder anyone else…just because God has rejected my life for service…i have none…no proof of answers…
    So i quietly plan to leave my State…quietly move where i am unknown…and take my life after closing all social media sites lest I am found …i want privacy. Yet I want to be moral…and not sin in this act.

    I realize I can not continue with no answers…

    Thank you for your word today…

    Blessings on you…very much.


    1. Jan Gaines,
      Privacy is not what you want, if you also want suicide?… What you need is a Christ based counselor who can help you regain your spiritual equilibrium. If you know Christ in a personal way, then you also know that suicide (self murder) is NOT an option. When you know Christ Jesus you know that YOU were bought with a great price and that was NOT of yourself but of God and Christ’s sacrifice for You. You dear Jan “do not belong to yourself” You simply cannot ever think that way again. You might have a chemical disorder right now that comes from depression, or it could be an effort of the darkness to derail and destroy your life right before Christ The King’s answer comes through for You.
      STAND and back away from the edge of this precipice you’re teetering on. FIND help, a Christian Counselor and do it quickly!

    2. Dear Jan,
      your comment touched my heart deeply I want to tell you that God’s silence is not God’s denial….we must wait for his answer and I can tell you out of personal experience that it is so sweet to hear from Him after we have obediently and patiently waited for his answer ….you’re not alone, God is with you, suicide is not an option! do not commit that sin!
      I will certainly be praying for you dear sister and God bless you.

  4. Amen! I’m longing for that day when we return to the Gospel being preached from America’s pulpits! I don’t listen to anyone not preaching the Gospel.

    Thank you for this blog. I know now I’m not the only one who feels this way!

    God bless you!

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Thank you Mario for this timely word. I forwarded it to our son Randy, he is staying the course, preaching the Gospel, but some have left, wanting the glamour. He went to Christ For Nations in Dallas, been pastoring here for almost 30 years at times he must be discouraged, but never voices it, even to us. Please pray for him, as finances are low with people leaving, some because of jobs. But his desire is for souls, been to India 6 times, our little church has raised enough money for 25 Wells too drill. for India. Been to Mexico twice with a team to help in the earthquake area This word for sure is for him. Thank you, God Bless you keep preaching the true Word. With Prayers Donna

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  6. Okay…I read it…I beleive your credibility…may God help me in this hour!


    On Mon, Nov 26, 2018, 1:31 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” You held on to your integrity. When the > trendy shortcuts to having a big church were offered to you—the Holy Spirit > told you to stay out. Somehow, you never had a stomach for big screens, > skinny jeans, and fog machines. Silly you! You wanted to” >

  7. Thanks for this encouraging word. I have been pastoring for 40 years and our church in past few years has been struggling to grow and I constantly get emails about how my church can grow quickly by doing what they sell. I am determined to stick to Jesus and HIS WORD for growth. Bless you brother.

  8. To ALL of the “Sold Out, on Fire for GOD” ministers as Pastor’s John and Lisa
    🌲🌲⛪️🌲… Help is at the door. Don’t quit nor allow your hearts to grow sad.

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