The leading newspaper in the nation has not mentioned Christmas in 10 years. Christmas is attacked by both God haters and religionists. It has fallen into great disfavor—accused of everything from paganism to materialism. It is socially unacceptable to celebrate Christmas.  It is 1843 England. Also known as the hungry 40’s.
A young and gifted writer is deeply restless and can’t sleep. He asks an assistant to meet him in the middle of the night, “take me to see the worst of London. Do not spare me anything.”
What he saw horrified him and left a mark in his soul that would haunt his novels for the rest of his life. Children, living like stray dogs scavenged through garbage in sub-zero temperatures.
Charles Dickens had to do something. So, he mustered his considerable weapon: he marshalled the English language and sent it into war against child abuse. Vast corruption must be exposed! This nation-destroying curse must be lifted!
He set ink to paper with the force of a volcanic eruption and the skillful cuts of a surgeon. The result was a pamphlet entitled An Appeal on Behalf of the Poor Man’s Child. Then something happened:
He never released the pamphlet. Historians are divided about why. Usually, it does not fall upon facts but on anti-Christian bias. Here is what really happened: He heard the voice of God. “If you release this pamphlet it will bring good for a season, but if you write the story, I am about to give you, it will bring good for all time.”
It would be a story where the main character is the most uncompelling, and unsympathetic character to any audience: an old man—a wealthy miser! Even his name is off-putting: Ebeneezer Scrooge.
With only weeks left before Christmas how could he finish it and get it published? Astonishingly it was published on December 19, 1843. Not only that, it was made into a script and opened in 2 theaters that Christmas day.
This story is not only credited with saving Christmas, it has been synonymous with Christmas ever since.  Outside the Bible, no written word about Christmas has been more influential and widespread in its power to evoke love for children and the poor.
Christmas has inspired the best music. Musical artist regardless of their fame are compelled to release a Christmas album. It has a power that no one can explain or predict. Opposing armies have stopped combat, met on neutral ground in the middle of a war to celebrate Christmas.
Here is Nephew Fred from A Christmas Carol: “I have always thought of Christmastime… as a good time: a kind forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.”
The supernatural power of Christmas is also seen in the creation of Silent Night. It was written because the organ broke and a song for a guitar was necessary.  Christmas again showed its power with Handel’s Messiah. Handel wrote it in 24 days. When he finished the Hallelujah Chorus, he said it was as if the roof came off his room and he saw the great God Himself.
Christmas is a weapon! It brings proof of the Deity of Christ by its inexplicable effect on the world. Even when it offends it is doing God’s work. Even Scrooge screamed, “then let me leave it alone!” But Christmas won’t let us leave it alone.
But the message about Scrooge transcends even Christmas. It is about God’s power to create a weapon to combat evil through anointed artforms.
It is because of Scrooge, that I find much of today’s formulaic Christian music unimaginative, predictable, and even snowflake like. Bono from U-2 called it “dishonest.” How dare I make such a criticism? Because we didn’t use to scare so easily. We wrote songs of sacrifice and commitment; towering themes filled majestic hymns.
Somewhere in the mid to late 20th Century the church developed an insecurity complex and began to “do things almost as good as the world does.” Not just in music, but in all art forms. We even have green rooms which is a nod to Hollywood.
A great exception is Black Gospel Music. It was so original the world had to copy it for Motown and R and B. Black Gospel was so powerful the world kept trying to steal talent out of the church. Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and many others began in church.
The spark of divine creativity does not rest on those who surmise what might sell or what won’t offend. It comes on those who would sacrifice all to obey God.
However, there is another reason creativity is in short supply: We don’t recognize the multiple opportunities of service outside the pulpit. Not everyone is a preacher—nor should they be! The gifts of God fit in business, art, media, healthcare, education and yes, politics.
Because God came upon a famous novelist like Charles Dickens, the devil was blindsided. What if you are supposed to create something no one has seen before?
Finally, the idea that we need to tone anything down to win souls is hogwash. Johnny Cash comes to mind. It is truly amazing the influence he carried. Bob Dylan, Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones revered him. Yet, he never muted his faith or his witness. God gave him a sound the world couldn’t resist.
A heart filled with love for God and hatred for evil, who is willing to be completely open to do something new is our greatest need today. God is searching to drop original miracles on someone like you.


  1. Oh thank you sir for the truths you have written we so need this touch from our God a Real creative miracle with a new touch the World cannot touch but would desire.
    How I open my heart for this.
    God Bless You,
    Tina Qaiser

  2. I have been making nativity scenes for yard display for over 30 years. I was just sick and tired of people ignoring Jesus. So I got busy. Last year I sold 30 through my church. It is such a joy to serve my Savior this way. I make them as copies of great works of art, as cartoon like figures or somewhat abstract. They are all to bring glory to God. The one in my yard has over 30 pieces. They get a new paint job every few years. My neighbors love it. Last year I was a little late in putting it up. They complained.. The sign in the front reads “AGLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST”. It’s theleast I can do.

    1. Mario your creative Christmas village is amazing!…It must have taken weeks to design and construct it.👏🏻
      Sheri Mason it is WONDERFUL what you’re doing for your community by making these Nativity scenes.👍🏻

  3. Mario and Bloggers, the older I get the more I realize that the extremes in life are truly ridiculous!! There’s more than Dr Seuss’s Grinch trying to steal Christmas, there’s all those who for the sake of their own vainglorious schemes and agendas want to ‘dis’ CHRIST-mass. Even some within our own faith of Christ, refuse Christmas as a bonafide celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Calling it a Pagan holiday. It is true NO one knows the exact day or time Jesus was born, and it may be that His birth occurred in the fall or even spring of some Hebrew festivals. There are many varied opinions on that. But for right now, thanks to our current President and beautiful First Lady…Christmas is once again being celebrated gloriously in the this nation and FL-Melania is superior at expressing it with the beauty, elegance and dignity Christ deserves.🎄🇺🇸

  4. Thank you for sharing with us Mario. Very interesting facts and reason to celebrate Christ’s birth. The reason I always loved it so much was family coming together, Church plays and services, color, lights, Christmas displays. My dad used to take us up into the Oakland hills where there would be streets of people who decorated their lawns with displays on their lawns. Beautiful music in the malls, video’s of stories around Christmas, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, good food and exchanging of gifts. Even at school we would get special sheets to color about Christmas. One year we had all had the flu right after Thanks giving and we went to church in the car and saw a play out on the lawn of Christ’s birth. O those were the days! Seemed like everyone treated each other with more good will and than any other time in the year! It always seemed so special because it was Christ’s Birthday! How I miss those days!

  5. Hi Mario,
    A friend sent me your blog and I am thankful he did, it was a good read! I think he sent it to me because I just published a book titled The Gospel of Santa Claus – Inspired by the True Story of St. Nicholas. The Spirit behind it is to illuminate and celebrate the true Reason for the season. I would love to hear your and your reader’s thoughts.
    Thank you for all you do for the Kingdom!
    Merry Christ-Mass to you and yours,
    Wayne 🙂
    Wayne A. Van Der Wal

  6. Duane Bottoms, you wrote to Mario regarding his article-A Weapon Called Christmas- ; “your incredible success in Reno this fall was not by coincidence it happened to be during Sukkot, one of the Father’s holy days I don’t suppose you will see that kind of success on this holiday posing as a holy day they call Christmas.”

    I have this question Mr Bottoms, who is “they”? If you mean “those within the Body of Christ” that give consideration and spread love through the holiday that has been called Christmas for over a thousand years, then I would quote to you from the scripture from Apostle John, (1Jhn 3:10) “Whoever does not do what is right is not of God, especially the one who does not love his brother. For this is the message we have heard from the beginning: We should love one another…”
    Mr Bottoms, your zealousness for Judaism’s holidays is a popular theme right now among many in Christianity who aren’t actually of Hebrew lineage.
    But I am and I am very familiar with all that Judaism contains includin feast days. Yet I promise you Mr Bottoms, Apostle Paul wasn’t kidding when he endlessly spoke and wrote about going “backward” (read letter to Galatians throughly as 1 example).
    Try to broaden your spiritual horizon by re-gaining your theological equilibrium. Christ is WELL able to inhabit the Praises of His people within any venue, time, season or festivity. Apostle Peter found this out in God’s example to him, of Cornelius the Roman Centurion. Try not to grieve the Holy Spirit by limiting God Almighty anymore.

    1. I hesitate to get involved here…

      For me it is a matter of is it a “have to” to become or stay saved or is it for the sake of beauty and pictures of what Jehovah has done and will continue to do?

      I have friends who have gone “Messianic” and will not longer eat many of their favorite foods lest they violate some ritual or rule.

      I doubt that they pray in their Spiritual Pray Language anymore, having “gone backwards”.

      I also have friends that are “prophecy buffs” but I have begun to wonder whether prophecy or Jesus is their Lord. I mean if I am not clinging to every word this prophecy prognosticator or that one says about the end times it’s like I am a heathen to them.

      Many Messianic’s are the same, they can’t separate a beautiful type Jehovah has given us from the Levitical Law…

      And, absolutely yes! Paul spoke much about this in Galatians, calling them foolish.

      Duane, by all means honor the feasts, but do not let them become your master.

      1. Amen Mr Druckenmiller Sr,
        I once was zealous also for all things Hebraic, for a ‘short’ time wouldn’t give December 25th any credence, as also my husband & I would only acknowledge Saturday Shabbat services as true Sabbath legitimacy.
        THEN our precious Lord’s Holy Spirit helped me/us, understand through the New Covenant theological press, that AP-Paul was exactly correct in all that he said and I had become an elitist using Hebrew as my cover. WRONG!
        Christ Jesus The King, shifted my paradigm ‘once again’ and brought me to understanding through Holy Spirit’s guidance and much advanced biblical education, that Jesus is LORD of all, and if I magnify (Mosaic Law works) that Christ Jesus came to ratify and fulfill, then I am putting myself to shame and counting Christ’s finished work as no effect. WRONG!
        A course correction was needed and we got it.
        Early historical church patriarchs would rebuke very quickly the voluminous Judaism trend going on in Christianity right now…and they’d do it in a heart beat! Knowing that God is NO respecter of persons and shows NO favoritism. ALL born anew are welcome when invited to Christ’s Covenant Table…My dear Messianic friends and relatives whom I love, need to fully receive the Baptism indwelling of Holy Spirit and without fear or prejudice.💕

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