The storm I described is not Lauren Daigle. I asked people not to condemn her in the title! She needs our prayers and yes, our support. The last thing any of us need is for her gift to be hindered.
I desperately need to clarify something. It’s not because I have been criticized. In fact, the amount of criticism from my post that mentioned Lauren Daigle was remarkably low. No, I am writing this is for a different reason: to finish what I started.
Lauren got an unexpected question. A question that should have been better directed at someone else. It was probably not fair to hit her with such an emotionally charged question, anymore that it would be fair to make me sing.
I did not sugar coat the mistake I believe she made, or what would have been better for her to say. But the greater fault lies somewhere else.
Satan has really done a number on the American church in especially one area: idol worship of church growth. This has so deeply infected some celebrity preachers that they have handed down terrible advice.
Take Carrie Underwood as an example. She was asked the same question about homosexuality and answered, “my pastor said we should not judge.”  If that pastor did say that, he violated the meaning of that verse in Matthew 7. We are to judge, but we are to judge righteously (verse 27)—in other words Jesus said not to judge others for something we are selves are guilty of.  How else can He go on and instruct us to remove the beam from our own eye before we remove the speck from our brother’s eye?  What about the fact that later in that chapter Jesus is calling people dogs and pigs? And what about verse 2
Here is what is happening: Scot McKnight, professor of New Testament at North Park University in Chicago sums up the marketing temptation by asking, “…and what is wrong with “marketing” the Church? If the essence of evangelism is declaring good news and “persuasion” of its truth – both in dependence on the Spirit and in the use of everything we can muster – and if marketing is about persuasion, and if there are commonalities between all acts of persuasion, what is the distinction between Church persuasion and marketing persuasion?”
The distinction between those persuasions is night and day.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 2:4 “And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.”  Paul knew human marketing, was skilled in it, and rejected it.
Paul understood what Jesus meant in John 16: 13 “However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.”
The Holy Spirit is in charge of church growth. Period. If the sharpest mind of the first century knew to lay aside human marketing in favor of surrender to the Holy Spirit…what is our excuse?
Pastors are telling famous Christians who are actors or singers to avoid hot button issues. Only they are not being honest about why they are advising this.  I want to scream, “Man of God: tell the truth!”
But they are not being truthful. They are couching their advice in breathy goobly-gook about not judging. What they really mean is…it’s bad for business. Almost every famous Christian musician and actor is getting this spiritualized bad advice.
How hard would it be to tell Lauren, “if you are ever asked that question tell them what the Bible says. Don’t state an opinion just quote verses from the word of God. That’s what Jesus did to Satan in the wilderness!
We are losing our country in a demonic leftist frenzy. But we are also losing it because compromised preachers are dumbing down the saints and giving false advise for the sake of growth.  They have forsaken the Word of God! They are one big factor in the great falling away.
This is the storm predicted by David Wilkerson, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin and Steve Hill.


48 thoughts on “LAUREN DAIGLE PART TWO

    1. As I read this post I thought, “Billy Graham always would answer ‘the Bible says,’ blame God! ( I mean this as a very very good thing). NOT MY OPINION, It’s God’s.

  1. You are right! Keep preaching THE TRUTH and proclaiming IT! The Body of CHRIST MUST get back in The WORD and be ready to give the reason for our hope and our beliefs. GOD hasn’t changed HIS mind about sin. Blessing to you and yours, Mario!

  2. Mario, truer words were never spoken!
    Your Topic reminds me of AP-Paul saying…”And how can they hear without a preacher? And how can they preach unless they are sent”? My question is are these preacher/pastors really sent?? The sent one’s were APOSTOLIC, messengers representing the KING of glory and His way of doing things.
    When one views it from that perspective (representing/ambassadors of the KING of glory and His way of doing things) suddenly homosexuality, the continuing practice of it, becomes much more than a “hot button” subject, but an embarrassment and justifiably so.
    To quantify it simply, don’t practice or do anything that you wouldn’t feel absolutely comfortable doing right in front of Jesus Christ The King of glory. Hum…that puts a whole new light on those who, “Came out of the closet.”

  3. They speak not the truth because they know not the truth. If you stay in the word daily it will come out and you will not care who you offend. No pastor has the right to tell you what to say or not to say. You speak the truth in love and at all cost. You speak the word and the word speaks for itself.

    1. When we stand before Christ we can’t say I didn’t stand up for homosexuality or abortion or any sin because my pastor never told me or he coached me to stay neutral on hot topics to avoid wrecking my career..That shows that pastor not true follower but if pastor would say so why we listening to man n not Holy Spirit
      We know the truth so why we not confronting sin to save our fame is the bigger question

      We can’t makes excuses for Daigle n blame church for this ..or we may as well do same too
      My pastor never speaks on the gifts of the Holy Spirit so I’m not going to teach it to my kids? Wrong answer
      I’d like to know where the parents are
      Who has more authority the parents or the pastor to teach from young to know bible n stand for Jesus.. the parents
      Yes churches are silent on much n wrong for this but Daigle is 27 not 7 nor 17 she knew the answer but chose to lie to save her career.. n that ain’t kosher nor is that good example to kids watching n imitating same response now
      This is what happens when the Christian music ministry becomes the Christian music INDUSTRY n we fueling this n partly to blame
      You cannot be loved by world n Jesus .. if unbelievers loving ye music it tells me the Christian message in lyrics are too vague ..

      Christians cannot sit on fence on these hot topics no matter how famous
      Silence in the face of evil is evil itself . God will not hold us guiltless
      Not to speak is to speak not to act is to act..
      It cannot be the problem of pastors we see once a week this is the responsibility of the parents teaching next gen n at 27 it’s your responsibility now if you don’t know bible n not take a stand for Truth even if that makes you lose it all. That’s what John the Baptist did n Keith green didn’t shy away from hot topics
      Nor the saints of old.. we psrents are raising next gen not as warriors but wrongly as love wins wronggg Truthwins n the truth ( not love)willset the captive free..
      speak the truth in love but parents gotta get off fb n train kids from young n not hand over to church few times a month expecting they do the job to train their own kids..

      1. ” but if Pastor would say so…..”
        Yes Pastor needs to say what the Word says. He/She cant force you.
        Apostle paul said….
        Follow me as I follow CHRIST.
        We must have willing Spirits and meek attitudes.

  4. Absolutely perfect reply Mario.

    The leading reason for me being a partner with your work…is your adamant stand to be led by the Holy Spitit…and confront the sin pervasive condition of compromise in the church.

    These questions are explosive…yet so foundational. They are only explosive in that we run from basic truth.

    Yey not addressing it in love …but in directness…is our mandate…lest we have their blood on our hands! We can not ” be” a message we will not ” live”.

    We were …or many of us…were deeply concerned of this matter. Yet it is more systemic of a larger picture.

    Our lives tend to not “live” in purity and ” devotion” enough to , without indictment, to boldly state openly the truth…when our very lives do not faithfully witness to that very truth.

    This is not a small matter. It is a core issue. Lot, waffled in Sodom, being himself personally entangled in the very timidity to rise against the very sin that caused Gods judgement. Our artist…our visible famed spiritual leaders…are only a very real sign our the vain and arrogance as a body that chooses politically correct over God’s own ❤ heart.

    Your faithfulness in this clarion call…is a sign we need to search our faithfulness in personal devotion first…then boldly witness the unsanitized…unpolitically correct answer that springs effortlessly from a real heart of love.

    Kindest, Jan Gaines

    On Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 1:43 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The storm I described is not Lauren > Daigle. I asked people not to condemn her in the title! She needs our > prayers and yes, our support. The last thing any of us need is for her gift > to be hindered. I desperately need to clarify something. It’s not becaus” >

  5. Sanctify the Lord in your heart and always be ready to give and answer
    I Peter 3:15
    If you’re not prepared and ready then please don’t go into the world and make a fool of yourself!

  6. Thank you for speaking truth!!! People are spending way too much time trying to be non offensive that they are buying into the lies and deceptions that satan is spreading across this planet. We have to stop picking and choosing parts of the Word and start applying it to our lives in its entirety as it was meant to be.

  7. We are to judge in order that we be not judged—in other words Jesus said not to judge others for something we are selves are guilty of.
    Shouldn’t that read we are to ‘not’ judge…?

    1. Simply put if we don’t judge we will be judged for not judging. Once we remove the beam in our own eye we can remove the speck in our brother’s eye. Judge not that you be not judged means not to judge in something your are guilty yourself. Matthew 7:27 even says, “judge righteous judgement.”

      1. Amen!
        Simply put we must distinguish between/discern and not form opinions without having all the facts or presupposing. And even then……How easy it is to presuppose. We all do it.
        On another note…..Lauren should have discerned when Holy Ghost nudged or spoke to her….
        “that blouse reveals too much flesh and will be a temptation to many”
        If she is Born again conviction of the Spirit was inevitable.
        She chose to compromise
        In words and deed.
        We will all be put to the test
        And purified as Prophet Daniel said.
        Apostle Mario you continue to be in our prayers.
        Come back in that Tent.
        Our valley needs you.

  8. Brother Murillo, I have been preaching for just under 50 years. I remember David Wilkerson’s warning well. He spoke the truth, as well as Wigglesworth, and Bro. Roberts. The church world in general is blind to what is happening and many want to stay that way. Please keep preaching “Thus saith the Lord.” If we do not repent, and soon, we may see some things that will get our attention in a way we do not want. Thank you for your boldness. The church world in general is not in love with the “truth of the word.”

  9. Acts 3:19 commands that we repent and be converted, that our sins may be “blotted out.” (Erased, removed from all records, no trace remaining to be used against us) I John 1:9, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” It is grossly unfair to any person, straight, gay, or otherwise, to be left unchallenged in their sins. The world we live in wants homosexuality approved, accepted, and celebrated. LGBTQ: Lesbian (women with women), gay (men with men), bisexual (man with a man and woman, woman with a woman and a man), transgendered (people taking drugs, having their sexual organs mutilated, trying to become something they are not and can never be). The suicide rate among these folks is way higher than the average rate for society as a whole. How can the body of Christ ignore, refuse to confront, and allow those caught in this demonic trap of hell to get a pass because the PC Police tell they must be celebrated? Truth is the only source of blotting out sin and being set free. Why lie to them and say “Your lifestyle may be OK, I really just don’t know if it is sin or not?” God loves us all so much. John e:16. Jesus loves us all so much that he who knew no sin became sin for us. Isaiah 53. Thank God for the preacher decades ago who told me I was a sinner, and that I needed Jesus. How sad if he had told me, ” I can’t judge you, I don’t know if you are a sinner or not, if you find out, then let me know.”

    1. Hi! Mark, I read your post and it got me thinking on a situation I have experience with some people i know of. I understand when Lilliana said,
      “Sanctify the Lord in your heart and always be ready to give and answer
      I Peter 3:15
      If you’re not prepared and ready then please don’t go into the world and make a fool of yourself!” well, I feel unprepared. I understand how it feels not to be able to answer correctly. Thanks!

  10. With deep respect to you Mario I want to know :
    1. How do you know it’s the Pastor’s Counsel to Celebrities that is causing them to avoid hard questions?

    2. What % of “ Compromised Preachers “ do you know of that is a “ big factor “ in the great falling away ?

    3. What about personally responsibility of a believer to give account for themselves ?

    What I see is an anti-church ( Sanctuary ) movement in our area that has been fueled by anti-leadership and has resulted in a Sin-Soaked, Doctrine Dump , Discernent-starved people.

    1. I am responding to you because I know you to be a man of God who is seeking to do the will of God. You asked. “With deep respect to you Mario I want to know :”
      1. How do you know it’s the Pastor’s Counsel to Celebrities that is causing them to avoid hard questions?
      A. Because of their preaching and their influence. When the celebrity repeats actual phrases from these men it is evident that’s their influence. Next, there is the glaring similarities in their talking points. No doubt someone prepped them. I cited the example of Carrie Underwood. Justin Bieber is another example.
      2. What % of “ Compromised Preachers “ do you know of that is a “ big factor “ in the great falling away ?
      A. All of them. Because they are facilitating the move away from commitment to Christ.
      3. What about personally responsibility of a believer to give account for themselves ?
      A.Yes, they are accountable to themselves but “compromised preachers” can’t have it both ways: They can’t stress their authority over believers and then excuse themselves when the believer makes wild assumptions based on their preaching.

      What I see is an anti-church ( Sanctuary ) movement in our area that has been fueled by anti-leadership and has resulted in a Sin-Soaked, Doctrine Dump , Discernent-starved people.
      A. I never condone that element in the church. I made that clear in my blog about how small churches are God’s secret weapon.

      1. Thank you. I fully respect your ministry, and I still believe you are the voice that has fill the void of David Wilkerson 🙏

    2. Both Pastor and sheep are responsible. One for preaching the other for hearin, how they receive and what they do with it.
      Preacher. Pastor will be judged
      Harder because they will be held responsible for the Call of the Office.

  11. I love hearing your explanations of truth in respect to the worldview. I do have some sincere questions. In reference to scripture addressing judging- I was taught and believe that they, in general, are addressing believer judging other believers (I think you would agree this is rampant and causes division within the Church)
    (Romans 2:1-3 Luke 6:37-42 just a couple references)
    ‘Brother’ refers to our brother/sister in Christ? ‘Neighbor’ refers to all people, believers and non?
    How can we judge those who do not know Christ in the same way we judge those who do? (Doesn’t 1Corinthians 6:1-6 support this?)
    I have been led to believe through Christ’s teachings that you must first love others and that is how we lead them to Christ. (Luke 6:31-36 Matthew 9:10-17❤️)
    Homosexuality is addressed in the Bible and it is clear how God views this lifestyle as sin. But many other sins are also addressed and sin is sin. Why do we as Christians decide to make this the ONE sin that is without excuse in this world? (I know this statement is vague but there is truth in it)
    I pray to the Holy Spirit for clarity.
    I am not all knowing.
    I desire to know God’s Word and truth.
    My desire is to be a Light in this world to those who live in Darkness.
    I believe the Fruit of the Spirit is a ‘work required’ with intentional, daily prayer and focus! It does not come naturally in our sinful nature.
    I believe speaking the truth in love works inside the church and outside in the world.
    One more thought. I agree responding to Lauren’s question with scripture is good! But to those who do not know the Word? I believe they are looking-first- for compassion from a Christian who is in the spotlight for her music. The words in her songs, the passion it shows for her love of Christ, I think will do the best work in softening hearts. I pray she knows the truth and that there will be other opportunities and forums for her to better explain why she believes in our Savior- because he first loved us and then he saved us.
    Please respond if you feel my comments need addressing.

  12. I like your posts. I think that this leftist issue is what the enemy is using to change laws and take away freedom of speech and Christian rights, making us look bad to the rest of the world and as simply ” judgmental” by standing for truth. I think this is the beginning of a storm. In the year 2000 i saw a world wide storm that was coming. Then i saw what looked like ” Fred Flinstones” house. It was made of Bedrock and came up from under the ground to form a dome over us. Inside people were safe and it seemed impossible to be safe outside as the turbulence was so tornadic everywhere. People were eating at a table inside in safety and were at perfect peace and quiet. Then i saw a name written on top of the house it was Foreign, unknown language to me. When i awoke very clearly the word ‘ Zondervan’ came surging through my spirit. I knew Zondervan was a publishing house. They published Gods word. Later the Lord let me know that at the time of this GREAT STORM, where nothing seemed solid anymore, GREAT WOULD BE THE PUBLISHING OF THE GOSPEL OF PEACE! Many would come to the Lord during this turbulent time through the ones who liKe ISAIAH 26:1-3 Knew and had THE PEACE OF GOD BECAUSE THEY LIVED OUT OF ZION and not based on the foundations of THIS EARTH. Glory!!! IN 2014 the lord allowed me to know we were on precipice of going into the whole chapter of Isaiah 26. Isaiah 26:20 Shut yourselves into God. PSalm 91 live out of there. Keep your eyes on God – THOSE THAT KNOW THEIR GOD WILL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS THEY WILL BE WISE AND BOLD AT THIS TIME!!!

  13. You, my brother, are exactly right. Christians are running from the truth because it is uncomfortable and are going along with the crowd. Telling someone the truth, about their sin in a loving way, is not hate speech but love speech. How are sinners ever going to know what sin realty is unless they are told. This is all about what political correctness rather than Gods truth.

  14. Great response Mario. When I saw Lauren step on stage on Ellen, I knew the question would be asked to see whose side she takes on the gay agenda. Its almost as if the ungodly knew that question would be asked. They knew her from American Idol and other shows. Were they thinking perfect candidate to take their side to get more Christians to fold? Sounds like she was set up by satan to rub in our noses.

  15. Thank you, Sir, for your ministry and your stance. Very refreshing and inspiring! Because YOU stand, others (like me) receive more strength in our standing!

  16. I just read this – great stuff. I wholeheartedly agree it is God’s to bring growth. I learned this from a minister who is very different than me theologically – took me by surprise but it changed me. He said – “you worry about the depth and let God worry about the breadth.” Mark 4:26-27 says we scatter seed (God’s Word) but have no idea how it grows. It grows automatically (it’s there in the Greek) and creates a crop because it has divine Holy Spirit power. How could church growth methodology have any real power when we don’t even know how it happens? (Mark 4:27). This is not only true, but it should offer preachers/believers freedom from the weight of feeling they need to create growth or maintain large numbers of people. Be free from that bondage and preach Christ boldly – that’s our responsibility.

  17. Hi Mario just want to comment about the question asked. Media asked the same thing to a Rugby player in Australia. Question do homosexuals go to hell, he quoted scripture and said yes. The hate towards Isael Falou was unbelievable, he never brought the question up he just answered truthfully
    Evil times we are living in. Love your posts but the way.
    God bless from New Zealand

  18. Love Lauren and your posts and everybody’s support.

    We ought to be normalizing our God given power through our gifts, like healing in the name of Jesus Christ. It happens to be easy. It’s taught by a good number of men and women of God. One for example is Pete Cabrera Jr. (RFI ). Curry Blake of John G Lake Ministries, Todd White and Robby Dawkins are few more. Torban Sonderguaard of The Last Reformation also teaches deliverance where people get freedom from democratic oppression . Ooops I mean demonic not democratic.

    Anyway, most “Christians” aren’t doing what Christ commanded us to do.

  19. Words are so important as you speak from a position of great influence.

    We are in a battle, where our sword is the words from out mouth.

    We are NOT LOSING OUR COUNTRY, in Jesus’ Name.

    God declares that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. I love digging through his words for examples of Godly Wisdom and to get his perspective . Solomon tells a story of a great battle in Ecclesiastes, and said, in Ecclesiates, 9: 13-18, ” This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed great to me:>>>(read the story)<<<<<<<<<<>>”

    “Wisdom is the principle thing…” I pray that you are guided by the Wisdom of God as you speak into our nation and our Church.

    With respect………

  20. I thank God for men like you who stand firmly on the Truth according to God’s Word, rather than the “waves of doctrine” like the whole demonic PC movement! I heard you speak in Cleveland, TN & came away exhillerated that finally God has sent someone to follow & teach what The Word says in 2 Tim 3: “16All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17so that the servant of God a may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” God have mercy on the pastors/leaders you describe that He might open the eyes of their understanding and bring them to repentance. It is way past time for the Church (the Body of Christ) to become the Standard that God raises up against the enemy in these last days & become the Army He wants us to be instead of the sheep which blindly follow! I believe that one of the main problems “Christians” have in being led astray is that they never open their Bibles; have no idea of what it says, other than what they hear from the pulpit, which has been so diluted, watered-down & corrupted. They hear, “Judge not…” but don’t know how to “rightly divide the Word of Truth”, which can only come by spending time in The Word and receiving rhema from a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit!
    God bless you, brother & may He keep that hedge of protection around you as you keep fighting the good fight!

  21. Lauren listen to this song. It really helped me. 😀💕
    Ryan Stevenson
    Always Been You

    Focus on Yeshua The Good Shepherd (Leader). Read His Word everyday and really get to know Him, so you are known by Him. He is the One that matters Most. Yeshua is my Hero! 💞💕❤
    When His name is found in the parables of your songs, they become the Praise songs His heart wants to hear…from the purity of your heart for Him. You live when He lives in you! He will be alive in all your songs. He is Powerful to move the world. They will hear His name and Praise Him through your Love songs to Him. Blessings Always 🌷💕

  22. Great word Mario, I have nothing but pity for Lauren that she either doesn’t know the truth or is too afraid to speak it out. Sad! The preachers who THINK they are doing God’s work by preaching weakness are going to find out the hard way why Paul said not to be in a hurry to be called “teacher.” Those of us who handle God’s word and divide it for others to follow will be held to account for our omissions of the truth, how we live the truth before others, and whether we RIGHTLY divided the word of truth.
    The question that we need to have answered is not do you know Jesus, but rather, does Jesus know you? It’s going to be a sad day, but I fear that many who have spent their lives preaching are going to hear those awful words, “to tell you the truth, I never knew you.”

  23. Good day, yes, the Church has left off judgment because we don’t understand it. Judgment is the self cleansing mechanism within the Body. We confuse correction with condemnation. Jesus didn’t tell the brother in the Bible not to judge. He told him don’t judge hypocritically. At the end of the day, Jesus was telling him, hey, I want your brother free from the beam in his eye, I want you to get it out, but do it with righteous judgment.

  24. The advice I received many years ago regarding an answer to the homosexual question, or any other sin is ‘I am not the author, nor the editor of the Word of God, what does the Bible state is timeless, if there’s an argument I recommend you go to the Author of the book!’ as a jail chaplain it points that person to the Lord.

  25. I am appreciative that you are pointing out the root of the larger societal issue. A while back now, we had some famous Christian musicians in town (you’d know who they were if I mentioned the name) who were doing a large outdoor concert. One of the singers stood to preach, and went on a rant about how Christians strive against sin; we were supposed to stop striving to overcome sin, and just accept grace. What a profoundly ignorant of the Gospel message to make! Shall we stop striving not to sin?! Or as the Apostle to the Gentiles put it: ‘Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?’

    But the teachers of the people were taught wrongly themselves! Jer 12:10
    Many PASTORS have destroyed my vineyard, they have trodden my portion under foot, they have made my pleasant portion a desolate wilderness.

    Amen, brother – the issue is that the church at large has not received the love of the Truth (2 Thess. 2:10); the church has become wholly ill-equipped for the time we are now coming into.

    Dan 11:33-35
    And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword, and by flame, by captivity, and by spoil, many days.

    34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries.

    35 And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge, and to make them white, even to the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.

    May we not be among them that fall!

  26. Matthew 24 Jesus predicts the destruction of the temple… “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” (24:4-5) And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.” (24:13) “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” Pray! Pray, decree, declare and command in blood covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ, for the Lord’s blessing, protection and awakening upon our nation, our president, the presidency, the church… that we unite as one with the Holy Spirit and break off and bind the Jezebel, Leviathan, Python, witchcraft spirits … command all curses against us, our nation, the church, our president and his presidency be null and void. Stand on the shoulders of and draw strength from the blessed ancients (Noah, John the Baptist… )who were pure of heart in their faith in the Lord as you pray, repent for the sins of the church, our nation, the government, our failures, and appeal to heaven for purity of faith and heart to come upon the church and the nations … Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Evergreen, Everlasting. PTL PTL PTL Amen & Amen

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