Dear Left…you’re salivating at the thought of throwing Trump out of office.  Be careful what you wish for.  You are truly in a lose-lose situation.
Let me say upfront—I want Donald Trump to remain president.  I believe he will remain president.  And then he’ll be reelected.
I know, I know…some Christians are wringing their hands at all the drama going on right now.  But I am at total peace.  These histrionics are simply proof of two things: President Trump is not a politician.   And who could have foreseen, when he started draining the swamp, how vicious and abundant the monsters.
Trump is impulsive?  In a zombie apocalypse, you must act fast!
So, go ahead and dump him.  You never will, but let’s just say you did.  You’d bring to power the most committed Christian who has ever been president.
Don’t get me wrong I respect Donald Trump, I believe he is a man of faith, but I might not crown him theologian of the year.  Mike Pence, on the other hand, knows the Bible well.  He will take a strong stand for godly principles.
And so, dear left, if you get your wish, …here is who, and what, will be in the White House:
He is even more socially conservative than Donald Trump.   Mike Pence is stronger on abortion, and marriage than Trump.  For social progressives, this is exit frying pan enter fire.
The new MAGA would read Make America Godly Again.
 And if you think you can use the tactics you currently use on Donald Trump…consider the Mike Pence temperament.  He is calm, measured, listens before he speaks, uses few words and leads a squeaky clean personal life.  He is the yellow journalist’s worst nightmare.
I can’t wait for Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon to try to tell us what an evil person Mike Pence is.
Remember the vice-presidential debate?  Recall how he reduced Tim Kaine to a caterwauling infant.  The more Mike stayed calm, the shriller Kaine became.  It looked like a school principal talking to a hysterical junior higher.
Instead of the zingers from Trump (which I love) you will get the rational, considered opinion that demolishes stupid questions. (Which I also love).  You really want that?
Mike Pence also has bi-partisan support—even from those that disagree with his convictions.
Left-wing God haters rest between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  For those who want one nation under God, Mike Pence would reinforce it
Trump is an answer to prayer.  He is the wrecking ball to corruption in both Democrats and Republicans that we so desperately needed.  This just in:  Trump will not be thrown out of office.  Donald Trump will fulfill his destiny.
However, the thought of a president Mike Pence should give the left a fresh nightmare.  But it should give the faithful another feeling: the feeling of win-win.


  1. YES Mario,
    I see the Faith in action of VP-Pence and his unswerving commitment to Christ and Christ’s way of doing things, and it just makes me so proud of our Holy Lord of heaven & earth, it is all so clear what God divinely arranged for these 2 men in our behalf back in 2016. We Believers win either way, whether with the exciting success driven Donald J Trump remains or with God’s back up plan the committed, smart, loyal, dear Michael Pence, either way they both have “tenacity”of Faith and America wins with that!
    I spoke to this issue of the sickness of loss of faith and the difference when we have Faith that makes Heroes.
    My constant hope and 🙏 is that this helps;

  2. Amen! Love,love your writing! Thank you for what you do for Jesus! Bless you! I’m sharing thus in Facebook and Twitter!

    1. I completely agree!!! Both our wonderful President & Vice President are in my prayers every day & night !! They are just what the Doctor ordered !! Thank you Jesus ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I think Mike Pence is a globalist and as a resident of Indiana saw first hand his weakness in defending Christian’s when he caved to big business and the homosexual lobby regarding the right to conscience bill that was put forth here. He’s also not a defender of strong borders, and I called his office several times when he was our Senator to complain about his support of illegal immigrants. I think you’ll be very disappointed if, God forbid, Trump is removed from office.

      1. I know very well what I experienced and what happened here. I’m not a blind follower and though Pence may or may not be a true Christian, he is weak and stands with the RINO’s and globalist much of the time.

  4. What’s this mess the leftist journalists are saying about Mike Pence being involved in pedo acts? More propaganda? That makes me sick to my stomach that they print that trash. They will pay for what they do!

  5. Love it and it’s absolutely true; President Trump will be there 2 terms; V P another 2 terms because it’s gonna take a while for the mess to be dealt with and then the clean-up….interesting. It’s a God-thing and He will decide as He did when He played the Trump card. Father God started this and He will finish it. I am at total peace as well. He is an answer to prayer of “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth and it is in Heaven.” Little did we know…..LOL! It just doesn’t “look” the way we thought it should and I’m glad! I am one of those who asked the Father “who” is your choice and He told me and He showed me why. We have no reason to wring our hands or worry about anything; in this thing, our God “is” in control!

  6. What is amazing and also disturbing is that the Leftists take delight in slandering individuals and President Trump . Anything that is decent or moral they immediately attack. And this of course also includes Christians or the Christian Churches. Have you ever really wondered why this is so ?

    It seems that the Leftists (Deep State ) , Atheists. Agnostics and pagan cults never attack Buddhism,
    Hinduism, Islam or any other religions ???
    These people simply follow all those that hate Christians without any logical reasoning.

    It is wrong and immoral to slander anyone and try to assassinate their character and personal image.

    Shame on those that do !!!!!!!!!
    A day will certainly come in their lives when they will have to tell God why they acted that way.

    Denying God (Christian God) is foolish .

  7. All the more reason why we pray just as hard for Pence as President Trump.
    The left is attempting to weave a Web even now.

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