The Trump miracle is not for wimps


Satan has stoked the fires. One big reason is to get the church to abandon Trump. However, in doing that, we also abandon our miracle. Trump is only the start of a miracle. Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution.  He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life.
Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer. His role is specialized and only for a season. If we don’t seize the time and the door God has opened, disaster will strike.
Consider how Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will handle the next 2 years: Endless investigations—ignoring the economy and American families—a frenzy to normalize immorality, and giving billions to people who are not Americans.
Trump annoys you? You want a saint in the Oval Office? Grow up! His foibles are nothing in comparison to the overt godlessness spewing from the left. Instead of wimping out on Trump, blame the real villains.
Those of you who worship Trump need a wake-up call too. He is not supposed to usher in revival. We are. He is not the one to pray without ceasing. We are.  He is not the moral leader of America…that is the church!
You claim Trump is a miracle like King Cyrus. But Cyrus didn’t help Israel build for very long. It was up to the people of God to seize the miracle. If not for the astonishing endurance of a handful of priests, prophets, and one notable cup bearer, Israel would have remained in ruins.  (Read Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai).
It took nearly 80 years after the king’s decree before the Temple and the wall were finished. Let me let you in on a secret: we don’t have 80 years.  If we do not learn from history—America will never be restored.  If we blow this…expect disaster.
It is silly to worry about what people will think if we stand with Trump. The spirit on the left will hate you and God with or without Trump. At least with Trump we have a firewall to let us preach the Gospel and hold on for another miracle.
We can’t be passive! We can’t fear supporting the president because things have gotten so heated. We also can’t sit back and abuse the miracle we have received.
The American church must build on the opportunity that Trump gave us. We must wake up to our task!  Our disunity is killing our cause. We must shake off the disastrous apathy and complacency that is dulling us to our duty.
There is great hope because we have gotten a miracle. Miracles have power beyond what we understand. God let this blog get in your hands so that you would pray and obey. Don’t worry about others…just do the right thing. God will take care of the rest.

29 thoughts on “The Trump miracle is not for wimps

  1. Dear Mario,
    Again You’ve said the words of truth so many are unwilling to say. Let us hope and pray that Christ’s Holy Spirit rallies awake the sleeping part of the Body of Christ to the benefit obtained by having Faith in God’s choice using as a human instrument, Donald J Trump.
    I would add to the “Cyrus” type and shadow idea regarding Trump’s leadership, AP- Paul’s words given for us who are the remnant according to God’s Grace this reminder regarding D. Trump as America’s President…
    “This is so that God’s multifaceted wisdom may now be made known through the church to the rulers and authorities in the heavens…according to the purpose of the ages, which He made in the Messiah Jesus our Lord, in Whom we have access, and confidence through Faith in Him.”

    Saints use your Faith!♕ (Ephesians 3:10-12)

    1. Mario & Bloggers,
      Since I sent this upper reply early this morning a MIRACLE has happened today to give us encouragement and a view to the future 2020 election.
      News is… Martha McSally will take the late Senator John McCains seat in 2019! Governor Ducy of AZ appointed her. That’s an answer to prayer and Thank You Mario Murillo, because you answered me when I asked for prayer for Martha Mc Sally for Arizona the day before the midterm elections. Ms Cinema (a Democrat) won during that race for Senate seat that was left open by Jeff Flake. Which was the first time EVER a woman won in AZ for Senator, but also the first time in a very LONG time any Democrat won a Senate seat in many many years there.
      Hallelujah! Its a sign!

      1. Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing this news. Had not heard this important update. It matters!

  2. I read an article long before these mid-term elections. A leftist said this concerning Christians and the church: “You are having your moment now, but when we return to power, and we WILL return to power, we will not only punish you, we will destroy you!” The satanic left is not a “live and let live” bunch. Live like they live, and celebrate it, or die is their motto.

  3. The satanic leftists will suffer when their transgendered mutant children find the light of the lord and revolt. The sins of Pelosi and Ocasio-Rodriguez will be revealed as Trump ascends.

  4. The Lord of hosts musters the army for battle. They come from a far country, from the end of Heaven- The Lord and His weapons of indignation, to destroy the whole land.

  5. We have more Christian freedom under Trump than we had in the last 8-10 years . Our rights were almost gone but God has given us mercy to repent and seek Him with our whole hearts. I pray we will see this time as our final chance to prepare for the end times.

  6. Perfect reply…common sense..excellent Mario…

    I will be continuing as a monthly supporter.. Bless you!!!!

    Jan Gaines 619-745-8390

    On Tue, Dec 18, 2018, 1:31 AM Mario Murillo Ministries mariomurilloministries posted: ” Satan has stoked the fires. One big > reason is to get the church to abandon Trump. However, in doing that, we > also abandon our miracle. Trump is only the start of a miracle. Trump is a > foot in the door—a stay of execution. He is an act of God to b” >

  7. I pray in agreement! It starts with each repenting and humbling believer, and in whatever church/ministry one belongs. Let the unity of the church be built and manifested. As we go out to our own harvest fields, the souls that are coming in will be greater than our abilities, for God is about to do the greatest supernatural harvest in man’s history!!

  8. In the ‘house of card’s the deck is stacked, the wild card positioned to strike down the foothold God has given to His own. But the plans of the enemy will fail, for the Trump card is in God’s hands, not man’s hands, and in His perfect will God will triumph over evil ! Watch now as He causes those who purpose to stack the deck in their favor begin to fold! They will bend like the willow in the wind and claim defeat, for our God is mighty in battle and no weapon will prosper that is formed against His will for our Nation. Having done all, stand! Be strong in your faith & loyalty to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob! Pray God’s will be done! Let Him lead! Be still and know that He is God! It’s His to make war and to cause war to cease! He has the plan of the ages in His charge! And He will carry it out! Be of one accord fellow believers! Pray God’s will be done on earth as in heaven! Then be still and witness the move of His Spirit in ways beyond human reason! Unite and stand as one together! The body of Christ we are, Christ in us, the hope of glory! We follow, He leads! That’s the victory for which we stand! Praise be to our God and King, and all Glory!

    1. Mr Joe, if you’ll notice, its not been PR-Trump that sold this country out & down the proverbial economic river to the Chinese, but it ‘was’ the recent past Presidents that did that and did it with gusto! While PR-Obama was in the WH most of us expected to see the Chinese flag draped over the WH instead of the American flag! Of course that could’ve only occurred in-between all the other flags (Egypt, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico) that Obama draped over the WH.🇺🇸

  9. Couldn’t agree more. It is my prayer HIS bride is moved to remove distractions- anything or anybody hindering their commitment to seek Him with all their heart, soul and mind; pray in secret to the Living God who hears and blesses according to His will! BEEN SAYING AND FEELING SAME am praying Almighty God opens those ears to hear and those voices to proclaim what the Spirit is speaking. PLEASE OPEN THOSE EARS TO HEAR AND VOICES TO PROCLAIM WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SPEAKING. IN CHRIST JESUS, AMEN!

  10. My brother Mario you are so right, and I thank God for you, we must stand together united in the faith and in prayer and support of our Godly elected President, Donald J. Trump. It bothers me to the core that so many believers can’t see the truth and the obvious evils of the different issues our nation is facing there were so many people that I know personally that voted for the party that had NO Biblical Convictions to guide our country by and claim to be in love with Christ and all that is holy and right. It bothers me, they thought Hillaries experience was the Ticket to the Nations success disregarding God and what he requires of us and are leaders, I know we have to pray for them, so I thank you again and hope to see you at the next revival.

  11. Sister Margaret, I don’t know if you know who this man is but we do and he is right on the money. God gave us a reprieve to repent and witness to more people about Jesus!

  12. I would love to post some of your articles but I haven’t found a way to do it!  Can you help me out!

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.

  13. I have prayed and will continue. I believe that GOD ALMIGHTY is in control! I’m going to pray fervently and then watch GOD ALMIGHTY do His thing. Please PRAY Christians PLEASE PRAY!

  14. This is the most critical time in Americas history. If you don’t believe that – then you probably believe in Leprachauns and that Elvis is still alive. Let’s stoke the fires of prayer , ministry and evangelism. Also stay with D J T -He’s God’s chosen vessel!

  15. I think it has been said that you can tell a lot about someone by who there enemies are.
    Look at who hates trump,is that the side you identify with?
    Anyone think it’s time to get serious about deciding what side your on?
    Choose ye this day.
    Rev 22:11
    He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

  16. Welcome 2019!! Had to share this…. Don’t know author but it has my sentiments!

    “My heart hurts for our President most days….and this is coming from someone who was extremely anti-Trump in the beginning. Here you have a man who is doing what surely is the toughest job in the world — for free. He donates every single one of his paychecks to an American cause. Whether it be towards our infrastructure or to a veterans organization…he has kept his promise.

    He has kept many of his promises to Americans, and yet each day I turn on the news and without fail, the media has found a new way to slander him, to smear him, to accuse him of things that are despicable lies. I often wonder…does anyone think critically anymore? Does anyone wonder why there is so much hatred for one man? All you ever hear is “He’s racist” “He hates Jews” “He hates blacks” “He’s a bigot” and on and on and on they go. Yet a simple google search will bring up pictures of Trump with the black community receiving awards, or Trump praying at the holiest site in Judaism – the Western Wall. You’ll see him hugging frail black grandmothers, or kissing and hugging on little black babies. You can find story after story of instances where he’s heard of someone who is suffering and moved heaven and earth to help them while never seeking the spotlight for doing so. Yet you’ll never hear those stories from the media. Have you ever asked yourself why?

    Over the years this man has watched America be robbed blind by other foreign nations, he’s watched as politicians have made promise after promise to garner a vote and yet break those same promises time and again, he’s seen families be traumatized and forever destroyed by drugs, gang crime, and loss of livelihoods.

    Simply put, he’s watched with great sorrow as the American spirit was broken and I honestly believe it broke his heart.

    He didn’t need this job. He had a good life. It should have been time for him to slow down and enjoy the fruits of his labor – but he loved America. He loved her people. ALL of her people. He vowed to make America great again – and by God he has kept his word. I love our President and I know he cares deeply about me. But yeah – my heart hurts for our President most days….”

    This Is Steven James
    Good Day

  17. God Bless You Abundantly, Mario… you speak my heart!! You speak what I say daily… only YOU have the public forum to do it in. One I wish I had. I stand with You my brother. I pray that God would bless me so that I could bless you. Don’t give up, you were created for such a time as this!!

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