One thought on “us in the tent

  1. Mario Murillo Min. In Tent Pic.
    I remember my last tent meeting years ago. Was eating rocks and still wanted closer to God. Well the internet was not around then and has help us in many ways to draw closer and share the love of Christ. As a matter of fact I was bed bound a good portion of days for years with L1L4-S2. Pelvic floor muscle spasms B&B issues. But God kept letting me hear, “Be still and know that I am God.” Being still helped the nerve coverings heal and swelling go down. Then retraining muscles necessary, plus strategic injections over a period of many years I’m nearly healed. Being still internally with God, I persevered.
    Now to have the courage to slowly rebuild peripheral muscles that then atrophied from doing120 steps-500 steps per entire day. I average 1,800-2,000. But if I push say3,000-3,800 cause I want to be up all day like a reunion, then I tire, spasm and hit nerve Bladder pain issues again pressure of inflamed disc . So slow n steady- not lazy nor crazy gets me better.
    Not about age, as over the hill, but not retired. But still anxious of the pain.
    Your message spoke so clear to me. I can’t go back, lost all if I gaze at it in my memory. But yet your right God wants me to Rest when needed & Rest in Him All The Day Long. My arms work, legs, all of me- just can’t push a shop cart, Push my body physically, nor lift over 2lbs. But I can write, talk, smile, then encourage others to Trust God to help, heal, restore and more.
    So thank you Jesus, I KNOW You Lead me to read this as sure as a You had pressed the Anointing in the writing.
    Keep obeying, He is using us to help one another,as Children marching on.JC

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