Manufactured crisis

First of all, Trump is right to declare a national emergency to build the wall. More on that in a moment. What is truly disgusting is that Pelosi and Schumer still think this is a manufactured crisis. The worst part is where and when they said it.

They said in front of thousands of people who lost loved ones to murderers–murderers who had no right roaming among innocent Americans. Murderers that Nancy and Chuck still protect.

What is truly cold-blooded is that they know they are lying. They know we know they are lying. They stand there embalmed of all human decency and robotically reel off their talking points.

No compassion. Not even a nod to those whose husbands, wives, sons, daughters, moms and dads were taken from them. Women were raped, beaten to death with a hammer—neighbors shot, beheaded, dismembered—a young police officer shot and killed the day after Christmas by a man who could not be arrested in Nancy’s home sanctuary state of California. Most of them killed Americans after several arrests and deportations.

The real victims, said Nancy and Chuck, are the federal workers who  didn’t get paid during the shutdown.   But they did not lose a penny.v However, none of the real victims of the crisis will get their loved ones back.

What kind of a mind can draw a moral equivalence between a family that has lost a loved one to murder and a worker who at worst had their paycheck delayed? Chuck and Nancy think the unpaid federal workers are the greater victims?

The smug, dismissive, intelligence insulting tone, of leftist leaders confirms the fear that our nation is run by an elite class.  The are demagogues who deem themselves above any accountability or the rule of law.  An elite class that themselves, live behind walls and are guarded by men with the guns, the same guns they want to take away from us. This elite class is served by everything from the media, to late night sock puppet hosts, and Hollywood.

What you see should enrage you. They are telling you that they don’t accept Trump’s facts–facts backed up by those who enforce the law and work at the border. Schumer and Pelosi believe they decide the facts. They issue the only reality we are allowed to believe. They told you that you are too stupid and unworthy to draw any other conclusion than the official one that we give you.  Look closely at their expression it says, “when we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.”

Trump is a true outsider. That is the root of all the hatred toward him. He shocked the denizens of the Washington swamp by actually keeping his promise. We all know that Chuck and Nancy voted for the wall but only changed their minds because Trump won. They have no motive but hate. They have no plan but to oust Trump.

The wall must be built not just for national security but for national sanity. At some point the people need to see the president they elected exercise the platform that won him that election. If ever a man needed to hold his ground on a matter it is Donald Trump. Do not give in Mr. President. Never!

You are right to declare a state of emergency for two reasons: 1. Drugs and killers are pouring in through the border costing us countless lives. 2. Democrats will let the disaster go on no matter what the cost in lives, so long as they can expand their voter base with illegals. Both are true national emergencies.

61 thoughts on “Manufactured crisis

    1. The irony to it all is Nancy said a wall isn’t morally correct BUT when a reporter brought migrant outside of HER wall she called the police to remove them. What not housing no food no education. I’m so sick of the swamp

  1. Amen Mario, I thought I was going to literally be sick after I heard Pelosi and Schumer speak. Praying that God keeps draining the swamp of America’s current corruption and evil leaders in Jesus name.

    1. They were the very ones that were for the shutdown of our country for Obamacare. Pelosi said pass Obamacare now and read it later! They didn’t care about the workers not getting a paycheck then. Why now??? Because they hate our president!
      On another note. How does Pelosi have a net worth of over $200,000,000 with the supposedly salary being a paid public servant? And I’m sure both REN and Stempi have their borders secure at their homes.

      1. They hate him because he is succeeding in disposing of the Progressive Socialist’s efforts to establish the NWO. That’s all we need….slavery to a world government forever.

      2. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Pass the bill and learn whats in it..Open the Govt to see if we will negotiate. What garbagethey expect us to accept.

  2. we are truly experiencing perilous times and thank God for men like Trump who will stand their ground….He is holding back a flood of evil and deserves to be supported with intercessory prayer and in any way possible… God bless America

  3. Amen Mario, I thought I was going to literally be sick after I heard Pelosi and Schumer speak. Praying that God keeps draining the swamp of America’s current corruption and evil leaders in Jesus name.

  4. Shalom!

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    1. I am so happy that I no longer are a Democrat. The way they are taking our government down is a disgrace to our Country. They should get out and stop hurting our President Trump that means good on making America great.

  5. We should suggest that Congress pay the federal workers. Congress shouldn’t get paid until this ends…

  6. All the reason in the world to seek GOD during the chronic times of Man making up lies about the so called truth. As Christians we have been blessed with the Holy Spirit. The truth THE WAY. Although the liars feel empowered with their followers, WE know who is in control and will NEVER forsake us. This is no different than the Jews making false accusations against Jesus, Paul, Peter………

    I am thankful we can bond as Men and Women in Christ and yes i am going to him in prayer NOW and forever.
    Love ya!

  7. It was nauseating!!!
    The continuing narrative, the endless dupery from the Dems is both sickening and stunning.
    WHO I ask WHO in their right mind could possibly buy into the deceptive cover up of Mr Schumer & Ms Pelosi ?? WHY the backdrop of American Flags? These elitist leaders have zero heart for this nations right to Sovereignty…they had another one of theirs announcing at a press conference PR-Trump as a liar prior to our excellent President’s bona fide Oval Office address to this nation.
    PR-Trump gave a cleared eyed Immigration reform crisis directive to those lawless liberals?!
    Mario is SO correct, these Democratic leaders know exactly that ICE is right, the White House administration is right, the Homeland Security Dept is right, and the millions of American citizens who want southern border protection and a BARRIER wall are right!!
    But as is their practice, the Dems choose what is wrongful, slanderous and deceptive.👎🏻👎🏻

  8. A few simple actions that could help our country out:
    1. Whenever there is a government shutdown, Congress receives no pay and theirs is not retroactively paid after the shutdown. This would motivate members of Congress to work towards agreement and not just politically posture.
    2. When ever the national debt increases, Congress automatically receives a 25% cost of living decrease. This would encourage them to live within our budget.
    3. Eliminate all retirement benefits for Congress. This would help them enact laws that favorable impact the average American
    4. Institute term limits. This would eliminate career politicians that pass self serving laws and perks.
    Just these four simple actions could move us ahead. I would vote for a candidate of either party who authored and got passed any of these. MEL MING

    1. Actually Pastor, newly elected Mike Braun of Indiana is in process of introducing legislation to do just that. Pray for him and that our congressmen and senators will be required to truly represent the people and not the lobbyists and
      themselves, filling their pockets rather than fulfilling their promises. May they be required to actually go to Washington to get good things done and not just have microphone and camera time while trying to investigate and destroy those with whom they disagree.

  9. I spoke with a law enforcement officer who had just retired after 30 years service. He said that he had to retire. He said never in a million years would he have dreamed he would be instructed by higher ups to NOT enforce his nation’s laws! He said he could not live that way, so he retired. Hell is behind a nation that becomes lawless.

  10. The LORD showed me an iceberg and said. ‘The evil in America is like an iceberg. You can only see the tip. The evil below the surface is much more than you can imagine.’ We must be men and women of faith. The perilous times in which we live demand it to be. 2 Chronicles 7.14

  11. Please dear Jesus intercede and get rid of the evil of Schumer and pelosi start with the leader Soros. How dumb do they think we are how much money is Soros paying these animals?

  12. It makes my blood boil! But, I feel like the tide is about to turn. I feel that God is about to be a wrecking ball to the plans of the enemy here in America. God is going to bring those who would destroy this Country down! They will be removed from office or resign with out notice. Some will be held to account for what they have done. I believe God will allow this as a show that He is in control and he isn’t finished with America!

    1. I agree. GOD is our only hope! These people are going so far against God and his laws! God is not mock! I believe they will pay the price! Praying for President Trump and our country. He is trying to bring our country together and he does care!

  13. I was just wondering when someone that lost a family member to an illegal alien. Just got a great lawyer and SUED those to idiots. You know Nancy P and her partner in crime Chuck S. It would be nice to see a republican judge award the parents a one billion dollars . That just might change these STUPID democ rats minds about the American WALL

  14. Sadly here’s so many supporting Pelosi and Schumer because of their hate for Trump.

    I was literally feeling sick and furious after I heard Pelosi and Schumer speak.

    You can Hate Like or Love Trump and believe me there is times he gets on my nerves but if our country was not headed in a downward spiral this business man would not have felt the need to leave his cushy life to put up with so much hatred.

    Pelosi and Schumer neither are for what’s best for everyone just showing Trump they can beat him at any cost and people want to keep their hatred going for Trump instead of seeing what’s right in front of them.

    People better wake up and pray to God they don’t have to bear the heartache that so many have already experienced!

    1. Absolutely Dee…your view on this is correct!!
      Unfortunately these liberal Leftist types have lost their ability to access common sense.
      Literally, Donald J Trump a wealthy billionaire and all his family members “gave up” their independent freedoms (and lifestyles) to live as you put it, “a cushy life” and did that in order to SERVE this country, this nation & its people. Their lives will NEVER be the same. D J Trump did not need this job.
      PR-Trump who I’ve known casually since 1989, GIVES his Presidential salary every month back to the government for its use. AMAZING, but NOBODY in mainstream media talks about that! Additionally I’d like to ask Mr Chuck and Ms Nancy…”are YOU 2 giving back your congressional salaries to Americas government’s causes every month?…since You both are well capitalized in your personal lives??” I think NOT.🙄

  15. I am: Female, Christian, pro-Trump, anti-illegal anything, pro-life, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and my husband works for the Federal government serving Americans everyday keeping them safe.
    Hes working long hrs plus overtime. He’s exhausted and the only thing that keeps him going is knowing he’s keeping his family fed and clothed and housed. Now, WE are also victims of the democrat/liberals. Im Not saying that the lives that are being impacted by evil.. illegals, drugs etc are less important then us But WE are Not less important then them either.
    Those crimes against ‘humanity’/Americans happen whether they are illegal or not. I want that wall too.
    But, who is going to tell my mortgage lender that I can’t pay, who is going to tell my surgeon that I can’t go to appt. Because I can’t afford the gas or copay, much less the actual bill when it comes (healthcare robbery) so I just have to remain in constant pain (even if my body Could handle pain meds….I cant… I couldn’t afford them). How do I keep the lights on… which run my water and my heat (20 degrees gets very cold up North). The Congress should be ashamed of hurting all of us but they aren’t.
    Build the wall, but don’t hurt More Americans trying to play hardball with people who just don’t care. There’s got to be another way.
    GoFundMe….Build That wall

  16. They have no conscience and the devil has possessed their souls. President Trump cannot be controlled like the previous decades of presidents and the dems who need to retire cannot stand not having the control. I pray that God will soften their stance and that our border can be protected. Those who have lost their lives by illegal aliens deserve that much. Build the wall, President Trump.

  17. I agree with all the above. A friend of mine said she thought Chuck and Nancy looked scarey. I think it’s because the demons driving them are becoming more transparent. The Word says when we call evil good and good evil we can be given over to a reprobate mind. I didn’t listen to their comments because I didn’t want to get swamp water in my ears.
    They care nothing for the good of this country and we who pay the bills, so long as we keep paying their bills. They only care about power. That’s why they are filled with hatred for our President, Donald John Trump. He is a disrupter to their plans and also knows where all the bodies are hidden. No weapon formed against him will prosper and every tongue rising against him is condemned and will be proven wrong.
    Pray, and then pray again! Pray for Pres. Trump not to become discouraged nor lose his resolve. Btw, it’s time for USAmericans to stand up and quit letting the One World Order people have the loudest voices.
    Last time I checked, the Church still has authority in the earth. Whatsoever we bind and whatsoever we loose. It’s time to do more binding and loosing in Jesus’ Name!
    Praise the Lord, let the earth hear His Voice!

  18. Wow, what a display of the “other” religion by the Democrats!
    Rejecting the truth of Jesus Christ drives people to look for LIES to take His place.
    Rejecting the righteousness of Christ drives people to seek THEIR OWN righteousness.
    That’s the religion of the left. Feelings are more important than TRUTH.
    When you don’t embrace “what’s right” all you have is “what’s left!”

  19. I’m not sure I understand why people think a wall on the border will somehow help. Even Ronald Reagan understood the sophistry of a wall when he famously said, “Mr. Gorbachev, LEAVE THAT WALL RIGHT WHERE IT IS BECAUSE IT CLEARLY HAS HAD NO IMPACT”. While recently visiting Huntsville, Texas, I noticed the prison there has walls. Not sure why! They should take those eyesores down. I have family and friends attending school there, so I would of course like to wait until after they graduate and move away before the wall removal takes place. We just had another life taken by an illegal, this time a legal immigrant and police officer. The officer was not someone I knew, nor do I know his family, so it isn’t a big deal. Hey, if it is someone else’s mom, dad, husband, wife, daughter, son, or other family member that gets beaten, robbed, raped, and/or killed – we good. Ya know, since adopting the Nancy–Chuck line of logic I’m starting to feel sick at my stomach, nauseous, disoriented, and somewhat delusional.

  20. The lies of the Democrats can easily be discerned, and common sense reveals their plans to destroy america, keep praying for our President and his family, and that the media stops breeding more lies.

  21. They are sitting in the seat of God showing themselves as god. just as the Prince of Tyrus (Tyre) in the scriptures did, but they are fallen and corrupt man. Just like the prince of Tyrus.

  22. In a sense they are right. But it is they that have manufactured the crises. A crises of a minimum of 30,000 Americans killed by illegal immigrants since 9-11.
    That is the currency they are going to the bargaining table with. What’s in it for them is quite simple. 20 million New Democrat voters through amnesty. That is what they want out of a deal to build the wall.

  23. Amen Bro. Mario, to Nancy and Chucky,,,Mama’s know when their babies are lying. We are not sheeple, without wisdom or direction. No, NO, No.
    Thank you, and blessing to you Bro. Mario

  24. I am a Canadian watching & praying for President Trump as he sure has a difficult task in front of him. The enemy has been caught & he is not happy. Unfortunately, our nation does not have a strong leader like President Trump. We have a puppet who goes against anything that is righteous so I am praying that Canada will wake up as well before it is too late! Keep speaking truth Mario, as it is the truth that will set us free!

    1. To tjgwynn,

      THANK YOU!!…for partnering with us who pray & hope for America’s President and its future.
      I know from my ministry webpage on Vimeo, that many of You Canadians are our God’s Kingdom colleagues and American partners.
      We love You and appreciate You!😇✞

  25. God bless you and everyone who has left positive messages so far. I pray God’s richest and best blessings for all God’s children who are choosing to be bold and stand in the gap and lift up each other in constant prayer! Praise God that evidently none of satan’s minions has read this yet, so I am thankful there are no vile, vulgar comments that we would never be able to “un see”!

  26. two idiots here need to be put in a circus or a zoo somewhere well they sure ain’t got no business being in Congress or government this is the kind of people and we have trying to run our country and they not worth the breath they take even open their mouth these are two stupid idiots

  27. It really is mind blowing, in 60 years I never understood the depth of corruption in our own government until recently. You articulated this so much better than I could. It’s very challenging to keep the right attitude towards everything going on right now. It really requires trusting God which seems to get harder as the stakes get higher.

    Thank you,

    Jeff Jenson 818-714-0421

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