A Dream Over California

I told the Lord I wanted to reach America. I immediately felt this in my spirit, “Then you must reach California.”

Five years ago, while preaching in Stockton, I had a vivid dream—the kind where you don’t know if you are awake or asleep.  I saw Highway 99. I saw it from Red Bluff all the way to Southern California. This artery of the great central valley is special to God. In the dream I saw a river—Ezekiel’s river flowing with great healing properties, trees of righteousness on both banks. The voice in my dream said, “This is a corridor of glory.”

I did not understand why I was getting this dream. It was hidden in the Spirit until just recently. It portends a miracle of a magnitude I can’t fathom. Especially when you consider the condition of Sacramento, Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

At this moment, these bastions of California have declared war—war on the Federal Government—war on the church, and has even declared war on science. For that matter, it has declared war on anyone or anything that disagrees with their radical agenda.

How far gone are California leftists? At his own inauguration, Governor Gavin presented neither a vision nor a plan for the nation state—he simply flew into a rant against President Trump and emphasized that California is a total sanctuary state.

Silicon Valley alone possesses power that boggles the mind. This bastion of technology and social media controls information like no other agency on earth. Right now, social media is an unchallenged mouthpiece to billions for leftist atheists.

Their power to brainwash young minds is beyond staggering. They have the power to shut down any voice they wish—and the voices they shut down are notably Christian, conservative, and patriotic. Facebook shut down Franklin Graham! If that doesn’t give you a chill, nothing will. If they won’t hesitate to silence the chief voice of Evangelical Christianity…what will they do to the rest of us?

California Assembly Bill 2943 has been delayed. It’s the bill that will ban the Bible by coming in through the back door. It means to ban any literature that suggests help for a gay lifestyle.

Faith doesn’t matter, fact doesn’t matter, science doesn’t matter and now, outcome doesn’t matter either. Sacramento politicians are one big never mind. Never mind that California is dead last in education and a slew of other quality of life categories. Never mind that they are spending like a thief with a stolen credit card. Never mind that innocent people are murdered by illegals they protect from being arrested.

California politicians, tech moguls, Hollywood and media have made an unmistakable declaration. They will remake America in the miserable and decrepit image of California. The are the black hole that can suck a nation into its abyss.


What can we possibly do about all this? What we do is put our natural mind aside and obey God!  What God says will stand. What God commands will triumph over the enemy. Never forget that California has been the catalyst to historic revivals and has launched worldwide Christian ministries. Those wells are still in the heart of California.

That dream has lain dormant in my spirit until now, when God said, “If you want to reach America, you must reach California.”

Here and now, I am announcing to you Living Proof California. Living Proof will follow the route I saw in my dream. We will set up our tent in key cities starting in the north and working our way south along Highway 99.

If you live in or near the cities of Paradise, Marysville, Sacramento, Modesto, Turlock, Los Banos, Fresno, and Bakersfield listen carefully: the tent is coming to a site near you.

It all begins in March in Marysville and will continue south like a mighty river of healing and salvation. Will these crusades turn California around? That is totally in God’s hands. What I do know is the Lord will hit demons hard in California. All we can do, and must do, is obey the voice of God.”

I am asking you to obey God by starting to pray right now. Pray for favor to finalize our permits on the very best sites. Pray for the workers to come into the harvest. Pray for protection as we expect high resistance from the enemy. Pray for abundant provision because we will be investing massive amounts of money to make this invasion possible.

The urgent message of this newsletter is this: The best way to touch America right now is to invade California. I couldn’t understand that at first, but now I do. It is the way of God to take the fight directly to the main threat.  I am hoping, with a great hope, that you will see this.

Acts 4:29-30 says, “Now Lord Behold their threats and grant to your servants that with all boldness they may preach Your word while you stretch out Your hand to heal and let signs and wonders be done in the name of Your Holy Son Jesus.”

California is a great threat to America. This state may have deep perversion and intellectual arrogance, but none of these things can withstand the mighty power of God. The Holy Spirit is at work to empower and guide a mighty invasion of California’s Central Valley. Pray! Get involved.  No matter where or what country you live in…you can pray! I feel a miracle on the horizon.  Click the link  below if you want to be a part of Living Proof California!  Details coming soon!

I want to be a part of Living Proof California

61 thoughts on “A Dream Over California

    1. Mario – something that comes to mind about it being “route 99” that you saw. How the Shepherd leaves the 99 to go after the one..
      I’m very familiar with California. I have family currently living there. I was also born there but moved north to Washington when I was 2 and have been here on the west coast ever since.

      You said it here in your post, as California goes, so goes the nation. ONE STATE. Perhaps there is something else to consider here, Jesus, the Shepherd of the USA, is going after the “one, California” in order to impact our nation.
      Also, there is something about the picture that stuck out to me and the area. It’s the heart of the state. Jesus wants to be the center, the heart of the state, and our nation.

      Just some thoughts that I hope encourages you…

      btw… we really, truly appreciate you and your boldness, sir. Grateful for your strong stand and we share your posts quite often via social media. There are a few voices out there who are speaking out! (my boss is one also)..
      Blessings from Washington State! 🙂

      1. So excellent are your comments Sheri …God bless you ….
        Mario is so blasting light through the darkness of complacency in Calif…at last we have been brought in to focus as the truth will reign ….Through it all….Jesus never fails ..

    2. I’ve finally stopped laughing…it was beautiful!🤓
      I just watched & heard PR-Trump just STOPPED California’s Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and a bundle of legislating delegates, who actually were waiting in an Air Force Bus in DC to be taken in an Air Force Jet waiting on the tarmac (some $250 thousand dollars per hour to operate) on a 7 day tour of some foreign countries to meet dignitaries. Apparently the Congress members supposed to be on this trip didn’t understand they needed to be “in their seats” “at their desks” doing US government business, instead of playing world tour games. PR-D J Trump says…YOU’RE GROUNDED…get to work!!

    3. Mario,
      This is confirmation!! Last February 2018 I went up to mountains for a God time. He showed me highway 99 to go all the way as far south as the grapevine to the north up by Redding and begin putting stakes down taking territory praying fasting down the entire 99.
      Fast forward to this March 2019 of this year He gave me a dream, seen a huge carved image of Jesus in the sky the geographical area was between the south & west. When I woke He said it represented The Religous spirit that hovers over the Central Valley. He also said from these 16 counties that make up the Central Valley will come the revival that will burst not just California or our nation but through our the world. We have started to pray in accordance to this in our church in Modesto. Believe it’s gonna take a force effort together Amen!!!

  1. Praying that this mighty river will draw all sinners to it’s banks and that they may bathe in it’s mighty flows: bringing them back to their Father, who is waiting for them with open arms.

  2. Several years ago I heard Kim Clement day and God repeated it to me through a dream, “is My arm too short to save California.”

  3. Dearest Mario,
    Your own words reveal the Truth… “The best way to touch America right now is to invade California.” Invasion in response to invasion!!
    Beauty personified that is what our incredible American California used to be. Sadly now it has become something else something so sinister that it can and would invade the rest of America if it is allowed to. This is such GOOD news from you Mario and MMM ministry, I for one will pray and be a watchman on the wall for Christ’s The King’s success in this region with you, Mario, at the helm. Don’t forget King Yeshua this year has His powerful Foot in the Door! 🙏

  4. I’m so happy I live in California and I’m praying for a revival, and California belongs to God. Do you know they call Calif kill grid .. cause of how there trying to kill us with everything and make us sick . We’re thier practice targets for thier agenda I WILL PRAY HARDER THEN EVER THANK YOU . I WILL CONTINUE TO FAST AND PRAY AND WALK THIS AREA GOD BLESS YOU !!!

    1. There are many Christians and Christian churches in California fasting and praying for revival here. God has a righteous remnant of radical believers who are actively pursuing Him! We are standing because God has positioned us here. God is on the move!

    Mario, I’m your longtime buddy from Melodyland days when we were together, Larry Tomczak. Would you be kind enough to give me your email so I can send you something that I trust will help you as you put together your wonderful blogs? I’m with you and we are in this together. Larry

    1. I like you Larry. I have read a book of yours years ago, I believe it was your testimony of salvation. But I especially like a remark I read where you quoted Acts 8:4 as proof that ALL Christians are called to share the Gospel. I had been using that Scripture and a few others for years to try and persuade Christians to share. I felt blessed that you used it. From here in New Zealand.
      I am in New Zealand, but I believe Trump is a firewall to the rest of the world, not just USA, therefore I look with special interest at the affairs of USA.
      I will be praying for this situation too.

  6. Mario, I was the youth Pastor at Chico First Assembly with Ray Shelton these were the years just after he was at Resurrection City. God used you to light a fire under me during those years as well as Larry Tomczak, Francis Anfuso, Keith Green, Bob Maddox, Gaylord Enns … I have friends from the UK who have been at our church here in Visalia for a year who have heard God’s voice to plant a church in San Francisco I am sorry to say my first response was “Really??”
    But as your dream has revealed California needs of a move of God – every soul is valuable, do not abandon the state Believers, jump into the revival wave!

  7. I am greatly encouraged by this, but you need to know that Highway 99 doesn’t end at the Grapevine Grade south of Bakersfield. It used to continue all the way to Calexico on the Mexican border. While the segment from Los Angeles to Indio has been buried by Interstate 10, from Indio to Mexico is now called Highway 111. I suggest that you add Indio, Brawley and El Centro to your itinerary. And maybe Beaumont or Caliimesa, too.  BTW, Los Banos is nowhere near Highway 99. But the highway runs right through Merced. You might consider stopping there instead.  See: U.S. Route 99

    | | | | | |


    | | | | U.S. Route 99

    U.S. Route 99 (US 99) was a main north–south United States Numbered Highway on the West Coast of the United Stat… |



    1. I see my link to Wikipedia didn’t work. But, Modesto and Turlock are so close together, I suggest that you go to Tulare instead of Turlock. Will be praying and looking for updates!

    2. I think coming farther south to Indio would be awesome! We live close to there and would be great to see Mario again. It was back in the early 1980’s that I attended a Revival in San Jose that lasted for 6 months, every night!! Mario was dynamic in his love of the Father and what he was doing there. Many people came to know Him and Mario’s message was powerful. So glad he is still giving the message!

      1. So excited to hear this and will be praying also. For a few years, in the 70’s, we lived in the geographical center of California, which is Madera. That town is right on 99 and has experience huge growth between and now. Any chance that town would be included?

  8. I’m with you Mario,
    The churches need to be activated into action. There is no pushing back in all these laws that take away our liberties.
    There needs to be massive demonstrations to stop California from total destruction. Staring in Sacramento, we need a leader to organize such demonstrations.
    I heard that in South Korea the churches get together in the streets and demonstrate in singing worship to God.
    We can no longer sit back and do nothing!

  9. I will be in prayer for you and for California! My family lived in the Marysville area for several years, my husband was stationed at Beale AFB. Imagine my surprise when I saw such ungodly changes when I returned there a few years ago. I desire to see the beauty of Jesus’s love flowing there, even greater than that natural beauty! Pray, pray, pray!

    1. I believe this dream is from God & when these tent meetings begin in Ca the dream will begin to become a reality.

  10. Apostle I attemted to post a dream, vision, word I received about prayer for our central valley.
    But some how I erased it.
    Email me and I will email it to you.
    Vision of Oroville
    Dream of Fresno and a Coming Niagra falls
    San Fran and the earthquake a spiritual experience and the required
    Dream of you in your Priestly garment.
    On the Watcmans wall for this valley
    Since 1989.

  11. Thank you Mario for this newsletter. It is easy to only see the bad effects but now I understand California can be saved.
    I join in prayer. Love you and Mechelle.
    Love Hope Gallon

  12. Yes, my heart is heavy for California! Praying that God will pour out The Holy Spirit upon California in a mighty way!!!!

    1. Brother Mario,

      Seen you over the years when I was at Heart of The Bay in Hayward. Pastor a small church in Vacaville and The Lord has given my a vision to reach the small cities along 505 and I 5 North. Keep the revival fire burning!

      1. Pastor Russell,
        How is Vacaville these days? I have such fond memories of it…used to live around there with my Grandparents in Leisure Town 1968, went to school there, loved to go to the public park off the town plaza. Does it still smell of cooking Onions everywhere? Always made us kids want a Hamburger! Is the Nut Tree still in business? Then it was a quaint little town, but accessible to everything us Hippie kids would want to attend in San Fransisco. I Loved my Grandparents so much.
        I pray the young people in Vacaville come to your church and thrive there!…in Jesus Name. 🙏

  13. This sounds a lot like the prophetic word to our church here in the San Ramon Valley. A great vision that we are the tool to bring the valley to Christ.
    I would ask one thing as you review your vision. is it for sure highway 99. I say that because that is far inland from where the heathenry is. Are you certain He isn’t leading you down 101 or 1 or even north I 5 where Sacramento is?? These are in the midst of the areas you speak about, Silicon valley, SF, Hollywood, etc. Thanks for hearing my challenge.

    1. This part of the Central Valley is desperately in need of a move of God also. The agricultural area is full of good, hardworking people, but they do not have a true walk with the Lord. Some are nominal believers, but many are agnostic or atheist. We need a move of the Holy Spirit.

    2. Yes, Duane, I agree with you. The heathenry is on the coast! I live in Mendocino County where it is so liberal I fear for my safety!

  14. Abba,has placed Califorina on my heart I lift it up nightly .That His will as it is in third Heaven be done there.

  15. I can’t begin to say how excited I am about this! Thank you, Pastor Mario, for being such a willing servant of God.

  16. Brother Mario,
    If anyone can be used of God in California it’s you!
    God’s blessings on you through this journey.
    My prayers are with you.
    If you need a day off, and a great home-cooked meal come by and visit my wife and I here in Glendale, AZ.

  17. I saw that G-D was bringing a spiritual revolution. This was clear in the 1980s. That we would reach a point where nothing any man, neither politician nor pastor, would be able to fix. It would take a movement of G-D. A spiritual revolution. That time is now.

    Think of this: would the Adversary have allowed Hollywood to be as powerful if he knew the G-D would take it from him to use? That our entertainment industry is the new “Roman Road” that reaches everyone on earth.

    I see a spiritual revolution coming. And the first waves will be strongholds controlled by the left and by the Adversary. Places given to hedonism and decadence. Thus California, Oregon and Washington state will be among the first. As well the corridor from Boston to Washington DC. Then a mop up operation to hit smaller strongholds. Especially academia.

    Pray. That is our first weapon.

  18. Appreciate your ministry,Brother !

    Watched you 15 yrs ago or more when you preached to men as ‘good soldiers’of Christ.

    It was inspiring and to the point !

  19. So thankful to have rediscovered you! Still a powerhouse for the Kingdom! Godspeed towards all those raising up His righteous Name! Praying!

  20. We have a intercession prayer team who meet in Visalia California every week. We have been praying for the glory movement for several year. We are with you.


  21. Modesto.. Beardbrook Park Homeless Camp… Oregon Park/Church in the Park.. Look into it.. We all Need help out there.. 🙂 God Bless!

  22. Will be praying for unity among the churches in California and a mighty move of God that will be told to generations to come!

  23. Blessings to you and all at Mario Murillo Ministries 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. I thought you may receive this word I received during worship and prayer at our church last Wednesday night the 16th. We were praying about your requests as well as for California and when our Pastor read your email and mentioned the Glory Corridor I was immediately reminded of a short vision I had one morning in prayer. There is an overpass at 4th street in Madera California and I saw vehicles pulling over and getting out of their cars to repent and worship along the 99 because the Glory was so powerful. Then the LORD told me that 99 or two nines are twin brothers that are birthed with you as you travel up and down the 99 and their names are Justice and Judgement. I pray this will encourage you 💯🥰

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  24. I have felt God brought me to the Central Valley, almost 10 years ago for a mighty purpose. Lately, I have wanted to leave because of the political, immorality and hate that has infested our beautiful state. For some reason, I haven’t left. After reading your article, I am resolute in the purpose God put on my heart. And, now excited to see how this river, reaching the spanse of 99, will bring forth cleansing and new life to our weary hearts. God Bless you and this ministry! I hope to be part of this as your river ebbs and flows through our state. I’m located along the banks of Fresno/Clovis.

  25. Trying to donate money for the California revival. Please email me the best way to donate. God bless you in all that you are doing. Praying for you and your ministry.

  26. So excited to hear of this plan of God, and will be praying also. For a few years, in the 70’s, we lived in the geographical center of California, which is Madera. That town is right on 99 and has experienced huge growth between then and now. Any chance that town would be included?

  27. Russell recently had an open vision that Christ Graced him with.

    In a totally vivid clear blue sky he saw movement in the far distance. As it came closer and closer into Russell’s view he could see it was a large bird…a Sea Eagle. The Eagle’s wings spread wider and wider and kept coming closer and closer to him.
    When it was within just a few feet of Russell, its wing span spread 8 feet across, the Eagles pinions became a shining golden like metal, burnished with sunlight glistening and sparkling in reflected light. The Eagle showing its strength as if to define what is credible, true and holy.

    Then this divine passage came into memory, with a promise remade brand new…

    Yahweh is the everlasting God, the Creator of the whole earth. He never grows faint or weary; there is no limit to His understanding. He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless. Youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint.
    Isaiah 40: 28-31

    Jesus went to Galilee to preach God’s Good News. “At last the time has come!” He announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! Turn from your sins and believe this Good News!” One day as Jesus was walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon and his brother Andrew, fishing with a net, they were commercial fishermen. Jesus called out to them, “ Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!”
    Mark 1: 14-17

    There’s a Jesus Revolution coming back to America remade all brand new.

    Love in the King in 2019!

    Russell and Carolina

  28. We lived in San Diego for 28 years. Each day, I looked out my windows overlooking hwy 94 and the Pacific Ocean and Pt. Loma/ Coronado bridge and Coronado. I would pray for God’s Holy Spirit revival to that city. I prayed for walls in the hearts of people to turn toward our Lord. For God’s glory to be permanent in that city and state. Thank you for your obedience.

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