Breaking News about California

This will be the result of years and years of preparation. The time is now the place is the Central Valley of California. If you can’t grasp why this is so strategic then you have not been watching our nation unravel. At this moment, the government of California has made it a goal to transform every person in the state into a post-Christian world.
Sacramento has no intention of making life better for Americans in the State. Their radical agenda is all about spending and essentially looting the middle class in California.
Gavin Newsom is barely Governor and is already buying ads in battle ground states to attack Trump. He is on a crusade to get Trump impeached.  The reason I bring this up is show you that what is happening transcends politics. This is a war on a way of life.
It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican. What they are doing to the people of California—especially youth—should enrage all sides.
What is at stake here is the very future of our children. And it is even worse than that: your Christian child is already in the cross hairs of a gender revolution that will bully them into submission. Bible faith will be openly ridiculed. And like an ominous shadow of the Book of Revelation…their economic future be conditional on their submission to the agenda.

Already, the symptoms of leftist ideology that have ruined so many nations have turned vast parts of the State into poverty, crime and despair. None of these things matter to the elite that love to appear to be for the people.
These leaders see themselves as revolutionaries bent of spreading a movement away from God and toward socialism. The future for the church in California is—without any doubt—one of controlled speech and regulated activity. Believe me, the Bill of Rights won’t matter.
The dream that let me see Highway 99 from heaven’s perspective with a river of revival and healing flowing overwhelms me every hour of the day. I have no illusions about my role. I am only one preacher with one very clear mandate.
From the day that I first step foot on the U.C. Berkeley Campus in 1970, until this moment, God had been preparing me for something. I saw the weed of Marxism germinate in the heart of American youth. I knew it was a cancer. I knew it would bring freedom to an end if it was not stopped.
I also knew no human political platform could stop it. The miracle that diffuses the spell of wicked socialism happens in the heart. A witness must be given.
Mario Murillo Ministries is not the savior of California. Only Jesus Christ is! However, we have endured decades of honing and training to face this zero hour in California.
Our tent will rise if key parts of the Central Valley beginning in Marysville this March.  We are asking the Lord for an outpouring of His Spirit that will scatter devils to the four winds and set the captives free.
At this moment, I am pleading with you to join our cause. This is not a funding raising letter although your gifts would be greatly appreciated. No, this blog is about churches, intercessors, and workers.
Jesus said to pray the Lord of the harvest that He would send workers.  My prayer is that you will use the link at the end of this message to take a stand against the destruction of America and for lost souls to meet Jesus.

What do I need now? I need pastors to come alongside and help. These precious young souls who will saved from untold darkness need loving families to disciple them. We need an army of workers to assist in praying for the sick to be healed—to give away the vast supply of food and clothing we aim to deliver into the hands of the poor.
It is time for our Christian faith to activate! It is time to leave the safe zones.  I am not guaranteeing these meetings will turn California around. Although I know they can. What I do guarantee is that your life will be changed dramatically by praying and working with us.  I also guarantee that these nights in the tent will be the mightiest demonstration of the power of God in our history.
Do you live anywhere near these Hwy 99 cities?  Paradise, Oroville, Marysville, Sacramento, Stockton, Manteca, Modesto, Turlock, Los Banos, Merced, Fresno, Visalia, and Bakersfield? Then click on the link to let us know you will help redeem this time for Jesus.  Even if you live far from California you can seek God for miracles, favor, tent sites, food, clothing and many other desperately needed miracles.
Thank you for reading this. I am asking God to set your hear on fire right now!
Remember even if you live far away you can at least pray. California effects the world. Click on this link to join our movement. Act now!


15 thoughts on “Breaking News about California

  1. Revival often only comes after great calamity. I have been telling Christians to get out of california.

    California will first be shaken, all that can be shaken will be shaken. There will be great economic loss, great infrastructure loss, beyond what the Federal Government can assist with. And, sadly great loss of life.

    May Jehovah preserve his true saints and may they be the beacon of light when the dust settles.

    1. Clarity of fervor for one’s president is not necessarily idolatry.

      The sins of the church both Black and White are too numerous to transcribe.

      Sins which can only be atoned by true repentance and a full application of 2 Chronicles 7:14…

      But, before you point fingers please ensure that you are not also in violation especially of Proverbs 6:16-19 especially if your vote enables the slaughter of innocent blood for fun, lust, profit and convenience.

      A persons vote makes them complicit in the sins that politician continues to enable.

      Which is why we are not making Trump and idol, if he starts actually breaking Jehovah’s Law he’ll be dropped like a hot potato. So, far he has shined on the sanctity of human Life in the Womb.

      And, as Nehemiah built a wall around a sovereign Jerusalem, so to Trump intends to build a wall and keep America a sovereign nation.

  2. Pray for Virginia also. The Gov. Lt. Gov. A/G, and demoncrat legislators paraded their evil faces before the media to announce their efforts to appeal all “draconian” laws hindering abortion, right up to the moment of birth!! Demon possessed, satanic, heartless, soul-less devils in human appearance. God, please, we need you to show up in power and might to save the soul of America!! May you visit these wicked minds in their dreams at night.

  3. Our country is turning its back on God and it’s own people. Remember folks, Satan is flexing his muscles because he knows he is defeated! Turn to God, His Luck and Mercy!

  4. The house of the wicked will be destroyed,
    But the tent of the upright will flourish.
    Proverbs 14:11
    Dear Mario, May your tent flourish with miracles of salvation and healing, may your tent flourish like a well watered spring on a bright sunny day, may your tent flourish with thriving testimonies of repentant hearts set ablaze by the power of Jesus delivered at last, and may your tent flourish with new beginnings of people born anew that spread out across the American landscape igniting Holy Spirit revival! Amen.✞

  5. Residing in Texas, I will join in prayer for REVIVAL. Deliverance and repentance to begin in California, spreading across this sin sick nation. May God arise, His enemies be scattered. LORD bless.

  6. Without a doubt, the epicenter of that which seeks to destroy America lies in California. The most people, the most money, and the most sinful acts against humanity and God reside in the major cities of CA. As evidenced by unprecedented disaster upon disaster there, a reckoning is taking place. Meanwhile the elected officials spend all of their time and effort attacking the President and pandering to refugees rather than tending to the needs of their own citizens!

    Thank you Mario for the work that you are about to do for the lost souls of CA. God does hear the cries of his people there, of which there are hundreds of thousands. If there ever was a time and place for a modern day revival, then this is it.

  7. My family and I will help in anyway we can. Prayer, worship, healing, but I do wonder why you didnt start farther north like in Redding

    1. and Chico, California , when on a conference call with Intercessors for America, it was Spring Break, and someone called out when we were praying, for Chico that it had a spirit of death there. I realized that I never thought of that Spirit being there, but it makes sense, as there are a lot deaths during Spring Break with drinking & drugs. And also with the Abortion Industry. Calif. does need to be cleaned up and God is the one to do it. He will purge Calif., and we must pray. And pray for the labors of the harvest to come across those peoples pathways to minister to those who have accepted Jesus Christ, & for those who don’t know Jesus Christ that they will accept Jesus. Something comes to mind & that is the fields are ripe. The Pastor of the church I go to said one Sunday that he will never say to pray for Revival, as that would be reviving something dead, as we are alive and not dead. Amen! Also, pray for the eyes of believers & non-believers eyes are open & the Lord peels the blinders off of their eyes, that they may see what is going on & repent & also for those that don’t know Jesus will accept Him. I pray for the labors of the harvest to come across their pathway to minister Jesus . I have had that happen in my own family after I have prayed for the Labors of the Harvest to come across their pathway & minister Jesus. WOW! They have been Born Again for quite a few years now & teaching their children about Jesus. I praise the Jesus Christ and thank Him. Well, we have alot to do, but you know it is well worth it. God bless you all and don’t give up in well doing, for if we do not faint in well doing, in due time we will reap a harvest. Gal. 6:9

  8. Thank you so much for all you do. I will make a contribution. I’m so thankful that I can follow your ministry now. Amen!!!

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  9. My heart goes out for everything out there I have nieces and nephews in Stockton my son Lamonte is Lieutenant for California highway patrol he lives in Vacaville but he works in San Francisco. I have a sister and brother-in-law that lives in Livermore I have a brother that lives in Stockton area. And lots of friends live in the bay area how can I connect with them I don’t have their email addresses. I also have minister friends in San jose area.

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