So Now

If you woke up today with a depressing sick feeling that America has lost its mind you are not alone. Highly visible people…especially CNN approved of violence for a kid who did nothing but smile.
It turns out he was just waiting for a bus. It turns out that a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites came over and started cursing him because he wore a MAGA hat. It turns out the famed Indian in question—who may or may not be a Vietnam veteran—also came over and started beating his drum in front of him.  It turns out the boy did absolutely nothing wrong. For this they wanted to kill him.
Here are the things Tucker Carlson told us that leftists said after the video came out: “Maggie Haberman of the New York Times suggested the boys needed to be expelled from school. Ana Navarro of CNN called the boys racists and “a**wipes” and then went after their teachers and their parents.
Others called for violence against them. CNN legal analyst Bakari Sellers suggested one of the boys should be, “punched in the face.” Former CNN contributor Reza Aslan agreed. Aslan asked on Twitter, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Longtime CNN contributor Kathy Griffin seemed to encourage a mob to rise up and hurt these boys, tweeting, “Name these kids. I want names. Shame them. If you think these effers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat. Think again.” She repeated her demand again later: “Names please. And stories from people who can identify them and vouch for their identity. Thank you.”
Hollywood film producer Jack Morrissey tweeted that he wanted the boys killed: “MAGA kids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.” He paired that with a graphic photo. Actor Patton Oswalt linked to personal information about one of the boys, in case anyone wanted to get started on that project.”
In all fairness, at first the video looked like the kid might be a provocateur.  The boys behind the young man in question were making tomahawk gestures and that is offensive. But that does not justify the tidal wave of rage by “adults” in this incident.
The terrifying part—the part that fuels this blog—is that after proof the young man’s innocence, they still want to harm him.  They will not take back their vile and vicious threats or even acknowledged that they got it wrong. A writer for Saturday Night Live is currently offering to perform a sex act on anyone who punches the 15-year-old in the face.
The message to you is that wearing a MAGA hat automatically makes you a racist worthy of being assaulted.
How vile—how despicable—how debauched, must they become before America right or left rises up and says we will not tolerate this kind of anarchy, hate and vulgarity? When wearing a hat is an automatic license to be attacked and called racist becomes normal no one will be safe.
This young man was exercising his right of non-violent protest at the March for Life. The irony is that he was doing it near the birthday of Martin Luther King who gave his life for this very kind of protest. While leftists celebrated King’s life, these leftists were blatantly desecrating his ideals.

20 thoughts on “So Now

  1. we are vexed like lot was in sodom and gommorrah…….i cannot understand the change that came over these people its getting worse and worse like an onslaught from hell……..Everyday theres more evil spewed out… bad will this get?????

  2. Mario, I was hoping for some hope and encouragement after reading his but instead I’m just as discouraged and angry as if I watched the news.

  3. Dear Mario Equally as sickening is the new law that New York has passed legalizing full term abortions….no medical doctor required. This can be done by the plumber I suppose putting the mother at risk for hemorrhage , infection and ultimate death as well as the barbaric torture and dismemberment of a live full term baby human being.

    Sickened and heart broken Robyn Elam


    1. Robyn, I am literally sick to my stomach after learning of this law and the fact that legislators cheered and clapped after Cuomo signed it! shades of Hitler!

      And people called for killing these young men who dared to stand up for their beliefs!!

      Oh, Lord…..have mercy!!!!

  4. Yes, the irony is that the very same people who claim that anyone wearing a MAGA hat is a “hater” see absolutely no problem with saying that they should be killed! How sick is THAT???

  5. These children are from my hometown of Park Hills, Kentucky. It is sickening to witness the vile hatred and the moral debauchery that has gripped many in our nation, especially members of the mainstream media and entertainment industry. It seems many have been given over to a reprobate mind, with their consciences seared as with a hot iron. What a terrifying moral state to be in.

  6. This is a time when we can clearly see that the battle is spiritual. I used to think that most people were what we term “normal”. They had a certain degree of common sense and logic, and it would be possible to reason with them. Now I realize that many have been completely blinded and are puppets of something very evil. They say and do things that only mindless, senseless beings could do. I see it everywhere. People have lost their minds and ability to think rationally; they have gone crazy, for lack of a better term. We see it everywhere. I live in Canada and am from a small town and I see and experience it here as well. This is a concerted attack on North America as a whole because we are one of the last bastions of good, standing between the devil himself and control of the world.
    We must all push back now. We must use our voices and abilities to stand up for the Lord and what is right and good. Thank you sir for telling it like it is. Many Christians and ministries have been silent and even become like them. You haven’t! God bless you!

  7. It seems like a full time job to keep up with all the praying we have to do JUST for protection for the people who are trying to make a positive change, let alone against all that we’re coming up against….but the really REALLY hard part is praying for our enemies. Let alone loving our enemies- that almost seems impossible now. But I just focus on praying that they have whatever the equivalent of being knocked off their horse and blinded for 3 days that would get them out of their blindness and rebellion toward God. That is about all I can muster at this point…

  8. The irony is that of all the actors in this it was the “smirking” kid who behaved the most honourably.

    The adults were the provocateurs and racists but who did the media condemn alone – the Catholic kid with the MAGA hat.

    When they can’t lay a glove on President Trump a child will suffice.

  9. Oh Mario, we thought Berkeley was bad. This is hideous. What is a fifteen year old to do? His friends are watching, he knows he is on national television. Exactly what kind of expression should he be wearing? The “thought” police are vicious and cruel and it is obvious they hate us all. What is really frightening, is that with all this happening it is causing us to start hating. I am fighting it, but man, I’d like to smash little Kathy’s face. How dare her? Did she learn nothing at all after the Trump incident that caused her a lot of money. Things were dark when you were doing your crusades in Long Beach. You were so anointed and I’ve never seen the Spirit move as strongly as He did. You were then attacked like so many ministries. It is a war and now the Spirit will have to move even more aggressively. Thank God, I know we are in for many miracles! Sent money last week and will be sending more as I am able. Keep up the Good fight!

  10. One World Trade Center Lit Up Pink to Celebrate New York Passing Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth NATIONAL BRITTANY HUGHES JAN 23, 2019 | 11:02AM NEW YORK, NY

    The One World Trade Center was lit up pink Tuesday night to celebrate the passage of a bill by the New York state legislature that legalizes abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy while rolling back protections for babies born alive after a botched abortion. The “Reproductive Health Act,” which New York Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded be passed before he’d agree to sign the state’s budget in April, relaxes the state’s already-permissive abortion laws to allow abortions past the 24 week of pregnancy – the current limit in New York – while also allowing non-doctors to perform abortions. The bill passed 38-24 through the Democrat-led state legislature and was met with thunderous applause from both lawmakers and those in the gallery. Keep up with the latest pro-life news and information on Twitter. Video Player

    00:00 00:07

    The bill itself states that “Section 2 of the bill creates a new Article 25-A of the Public Health Law (PHL), which states that an abortion may be performed by a licensed, certified, or authorized practitioner within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect a patient’s life or health.” However, it’s important to note that the term “health” doesn’t necessarily have to mean a woman’s physical state, but can be subjectively expanded by her physician to include her mental or emotional health – i.e., whenever having a baby no longer jives with what the woman wants and can be deemed harmful to her emotional well-being. “The Reproductive Health Act is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values,” Cuomo applauded after the bill’s passage. “In the face of a federal government intent on rolling back Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights, I promised that we would enact this critical legislation within the first 30 days of the new session – and we got it done. I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.” In a horrible twist of irony, pink is also the color used to celebrate the birth of baby girls, more than 30,000,000 of which have been murdered in the womb since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. LifeNews Note: Brittany Hughes writes for MRCTV, where this originally appeared.

    > > >

  11. Mario & Bloggers,
    How can we expect the general citizenry of this nation to function with any civility toward each other including toward this young man, when the civil leadership authorities of both houses of Congress cannot be civil with each other or toward the President himself! We expect the typical liberal leftist thinkers to get down & dirty, but when the leaders of a nation, reject all traditional norms within their own politicking and refuse to apply values, ethics and standards, that actually influence the culture correctly, then the results are evident in what the wild cards did to this young fella with a simple red Trump hat on. The Leftist are playing follow their leaders.
    I spoke about this because I’m aghast at what the Leadership of the House of Representatives is doing right now to the President of these United States and to the rest of us in this nation. We (Christ lovers & followers) must lead the way because we know who our true Leader is!

  12. This is how the Antichrist will come into power. The left will be so unhinged, that they will joyfully approve the destruction of the church and the execution of believers. What is “talk” now may be carried out in actions sooner than we think. The true hatred is there now.

  13. Mario, once again you are used “mightily ” by THE LORD. You reveal the truth of what is happening, yet ears don’t want to hear . For days, THE LORD has been pushing, yes, pushing…to look at “DECEPTION ” and to seek HIM for revelation of any that remains active in my life and to seek HIM for freedom….with your post today, I now understand HIS urgency. HIS WORD IS clear that in the last days many will be deceived, and as we look around us, if we will listen to what THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SAYING and stop arguing with HIM, HE will reveal what HE IS DOING. HE spoke this to me several months ago…”JUSTICE DEMANDS JUDGMENT “. HE had shown me the month before what was coming in this country, and in seeing it, I wept before HIM, pleading for just a little more time, to give them time to change their minds, to turn to HIM, I was undone in my grief and I heard HIM say “NO”. What you have shared is the revealing of what I saw. With a grieving heart I know that this WORD is true.

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