I have never been prouder

Mr. President, you caved in on the wall and I have never been prouder of you. The wall must be built. It is immoral not to have the wall.  The wall will be built.  So why am I saying that I am proud of Trump for caving on the wall?

All your enemies are parading right now and you are being ridiculed.  But I know the real story.  You did not lose or fail.

This will be the blog that I will get the most criticism for writing. However, I have never been so certain that I am speaking the truth. Please do not be lazy and judge me before you read this.

Look with me at 1 Kings 3: 16 Now two women who were harlots came to the king, and stood before him. 17 And one woman said, “O my lord, this woman and I dwell in the same house; and I gave birth while she was in the house. 18 Then it happened, the third day after I had given birth, that this woman also gave birth. And we were together; no one was with us in the house, except the two of us in the house. 19 And this woman’s son died in the night, because she lay on him. 20 So she arose in the middle of the night and took my son from my side, while your maidservant slept, and laid him in her bosom, and laid her dead child in my bosom. 21 And when I rose in the morning to nurse my son, there he was, dead. But when I had examined him in the morning, indeed, he was not my son whom I had borne.”

22 Then the other woman said, “No! But the living one is my son, and the dead one is your son.” And the first woman said, “No! But the dead one is your son, and the living one is my son.” Thus they spoke before the king.

23 And the king said, “The one says, ‘This is my son, who lives, and your son is the dead one’; and the other says, ‘No! But your son is the dead one, and my son is the living one.’ ” 24 Then the king said, “Bring me a sword.” So they brought a sword before the king. 25 And the king said, “Divide the living child in two, and give half to one, and half to the other.”

26 Then the woman whose son was living spoke to the king, for she yearned with compassion for her son; and she said, “O my lord, give her the living child, and by no means kill him!”

But the other said, “Let him be neither mine nor yours, but divide him.”

27 So the king answered and said, “Give the first woman the living child, and by no means kill him; she is his mother.”

Look deep into the eyes of Nancy Pelosi and what do you see? A grasping, cold heartless individual. Do you believe for one moment she cares about the government workers who aren’t getting paid? How far would she go to keep the government shut down. She would have kept it going no matter how much harm it did to families. She wouldn’t care if people were devastated.

When the two women stood before Solomon the real mother would not give into the false mother. Not for anything. But that changed when the life of the child was threatened. She was willing to lose. She was willing to be labelled the false mother.

Donald Trump loves American families and especially the American worker. The Democrat party on the other hand, does not—not even a little.

Does Trump care that this made him look weak…when he is actually being strong? Does he care that Nancy will do a victory dance with all the pomp of Jezebel in the Old Testament? No he does not. Neither does God, He knows the real story. Just as He brought justice through Solomon, He will reveal the true villains in this situation.

When it became clear that the damage would escalate to the point of doing great harm to families—when he realized that this was not a real estate deal like the ones he mentions in his bestselling book—when he realized that Pelosi could care less if it lasted a year and completely destroyed people—he, like that mom in the Bible, gave up his right to be right.

To the 800,000 of you who will now get paid remember: It was Donald Trump and not Nancy Pelosi who put you before politics. And by the way…Donald Trump will get the wall.

Mr. President, even some of your own will turn on you now. But I know…more importantly God knows, what is deep in your heart—what you did, and why you did it.  I have never been prouder of you. God bless you.

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      1. Trump is only growing stronger and stronger in his walk with God and God sees this and he will be rewarded. Keep praying for the only man that can triumph over evil with the help of God and save our morally decayed nation. God Bless Trump and the USA.

    1. Amen to that! I agree with every word. President Trump does care about the American people and Nancy Pelosi would have never given in nobmatter how many families were harmed! Now she gives lip service and sounds like she cares but we all know if your actions don’t match your words then you’re just blowing smoke!

      1. I agree 100+++% President Trump is a compassionate man and knew Pelosi didn’t care how long the government stayed shut or how many families suffered. Pelosi proved it by not accepting the President’s last offer! And I predict Pelosi and the Democrats will do nothing by February 15 and President Trump will declare a state of emergency and OUR WALL WILL BE BUILT!!!!! Thank you President Donald Trump!!

    2. I have heard that Nancy has a big wall around her house in California? Why?
      She doesn’t believe in walls as she says they are immorral. Why doesn’t someone ask her to take her wall down around her property and see how she likes that? She can have drones and electronic sensors instead of a wall.

  1. Amen! Our President cares for the people of the United States of America! God will prevail and the battle is the Lord’s!!!

  2. President Trump does have a heart for this nation and it’s citizens! I agree with his move, let the mockers mock,they’ll do so regardless! Pray God guide POTUS and give him discernment, wisdom and protection so he may lead this nation as the Lord wills.

  3. I totally agree with you Mario. I pray many times a day for our nation and President Trump in particular is constantly on my heart and mind. Yes, he did the righteous thing….and just like the devil always does….over-plays his hand and gets totally exposed. The evil witch will get what’s coming to her all by herself.

    1. Absolutely agree! He is exposing her as the heartless, traitorous witch she is. He’s giving her enough rope to hang herself. Literally !

    1. Our President is walking with God and he has a plan…just support him and he will deliver!!! The odds that he is fighting are huge…but he will win!!

  4. I know President Trump loves the American people. And the wisdom God is giving him, I too believe at the end of those days he will get that wall! Praying always for my president!

  5. I feel like for the third time in my life, my President would die to keep me safe. The first President who made me feel this way was President John F. Kennedy. The second was President Ronald W. Reagan, and now President Donald J. Trump. They all made America great, and loved beyond the call of duty. Thank you Lord Jesus.

  6. For a significant portion of his supporters, perhaps a majority, we’ll have to see, the president went eye to eye with Pelosi and Schumer and blinked. You may be right. I pray that you are. I pray daily for Mr. Trump. I am trying hard to cling to the knowledge that Mr. Trump is a deal maker with the skills to match. But the way that this will be spun by the Democrats and their captive media will be that the president caved and it was the Pelosi-Schumer cabal that ‘saved’ all those government workers. If he cannot turn the narrative around in three weeks that is how it will go down for 2020.

    1. No Need to worry, Trump has never cared what his accusers thought of him , he would be just another ordinary poor man if he did, President Trump gives from the his Heart, cares about you living in a free Country and wants you to prosper all you can. The ones that are doubting now i would hate to be in a fox hole with them in a war. He is not perfect , no one is ,but he tries to be , he will fail again like the other Presidents have , but I WILL BE THERE FOR HIM NO MATTER WHAT

      1. Yes I agree with you. I will pray and keep praying. My president has the bigger heart and softer heart for this nation.
        We need to keep praying for him and his family.
        Pray for Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat party to get saved and to work better with President Trump.
        May the families affected by this not turn from President Trump and the we gain many more to help re-elect our president.
        All this in the name of Jesus, amen

      2. I believe too, that Donald Trump, our President, was raised up to be THE PRESIDENT for this specific time in the history of our country. He loves this Country and its people and knows that God has given him the very qualities and experience to save us. To God be the Glory! And President Trump would say that too! We will have the wall and it will be beautiful in its fulfillment of purpose!

  7. Sadly, this insight from Mario will be utterly drowned out by the cacophony of gleeful liberals on one side and the disgusted conservatives on the other side since both sides will believe that Trump caved, when it reality it is only a 3 week reprieve. I believe that we shall see something unprecedented after this 3 weeks is up.

  8. May God continue to BLESS Mario Murillo for sharing the TRUTH of this, and may God continue to Greatly BLESS President Trump for doing the right thing at this time for the American People, even though it was the hard thing to do! The wall WILL come.
    We serve a Just and Faithful God. HE sees all, and hears all! Continuing to Pray His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth now…..

  9. This post should be made viral. So much wisdom and insight in this post. Cant help but equate Pres.Trump’s giving in to restore provision to 800,000 families to Aslan’s committing himself to the turn table of what looked like defeat (In Narnia’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe).
    You are absolutely right….Praying for greater strength and wisdom and an unrelenting desire in Pres.Trump to restore peace and order in the land, God’s way….Oh to be the hands and feet of Jesus….being a leader of the free world is ministry at its best!

  10. Here is how i see it. In an awkward relationship with a narcissist one parent loves the kids and wants to protect them (Trump) and the narcissist (dims) is self absorbed and only uses the kids to get back at the caring parent. Will play chicken with them… harm them, neglect them, abuse them…to “win” because the good parent shows them up. The evil parent will always sacrifice the kids, destroy everything, but talk themselves up and trash the good parent to everyone…and not hesitate to turn the kids against the sacrificial, loving parent.

    1. You just spoke my 28-year marriage to a narcicist, which is in process of divorce so he can crush me more and spin it like you wrote. He filed and is breaking covenant with both me and God. So much similarity.

      1. is Facebook not a part of the Media ? like Press , T V all News organisations .most of them dictated to by liberal social Left . Community guidelines HA

    1. I posted on facebook! I approve of this word! We continue to stand for our President and Gods people! Thank you Mario! God Bless!

  11. Thank you Mario for Gods perspective. Pelosi and her followers can celebrate all they like but their supposed victory will be short lived. Satan rejoiced when Jesus went to the cross as he thought he had won. What he didn’t know was Gods plan but found out he was defeated on the 3rd day when Jesus rose from the dead with the keys of death and hell removed from Satan and Satan was no longer in control of Gods creation and he can now only make any gains through deception and lies if we believe him. Pelosi thinks she has won bu God will have the last word on this matter. God bless Potus and His love for the Americans.
    God will work this together for good as He is exposing the real heart of the likes of Pelosi and their true agendas being brought to light. God bless you Mario. 🙌🏻🙏

  12. How about not suffering any into your country unless they uphold your laws and your ways? The Children of Israel were commanded to do the very thing. Ezra 10, even women and children of the men.

    That was commanded Israel but they did not listen. Those strangers who dealt among them watered down the impact that unity brings. United we stand divided we fall. We are seeing the result of that in our country. Israel only knew peace and prosperity when they followed the simple truths. When they did not, the suffered. If it is better to pluck out your own eye than to let it cause you to sin, what’s throwing out a lot of trouble makers. Obviously God is good with that.

    Oh yeah, the new covenant never says to be a door mat for anyone. It talks of neighbors, brothers and sisters. Of the strangers we are to not oppress them and share the word. But three times is enough then stomp the dust off your feet. The practice of continually being a door mat to non believers and strangers is not in the Bible. That doctrine is a product of the Roman Church. It is a “tradition of men”, not the law.

  13. I have to admit when I heard him say he was reopening the government I was a bit disappointed. Then I got to thinking abcess he did it for the people. He did it for the 800,000 that were struggling to pay bills. He cares more about them than any president I have seen in years. He didn’t cave on the wall. He will get the wall!

    1. You understand that every penny that they use to “pay bills” originates from stealing money out of the taxpayers’ pockets, don’t you?

      Many of these do absolutely nothing other than spend 30-40-50 maintaining “the process” and never accomplish anything but avoid to make any contirbution to the world.

  14. Absolutely agree 100% Mario! God Bless and protect our President. And may God bless and protect you also! MAGA!!!

  15. Thank you Mario for this perspective. You are right on with the analogy. Praying for POTUS, and praying for spiritual awakening and scales to fall off of the eyes of multitudes. It’s time!!
    Dennis Rivera

  16. Doesnt God’s word say to pray for All those in authority?? My bible says ALL NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT. They all need prayer and Gods direction and so do we all!! Would this article had been written had the democrats conceded first? The deal he accepted is what was presented 32 days ago. Thank God he heeded to stop this power struggle.. The bible also says that in a multitude of couselors, there is wisdom. He is not a one man show and needs to accept correction and advice. Its not all about what he wants. Lets pray that God will continue to order ALL of their steps in the coming days.

    1. Syliva, you must be new to Mario’s website and Blog?…that’s all about what this community of Bloggers are called to is PRAYER for this nation & its terribly bogged down American leadership. NO ONE here ever expects to “just” pray for PR-Trump. Most posters on this Mario’s site are developed Christians.
      Most of us also routinely recognize the SPIRITUAL WARFARE from darkness, that’s being leveled (by Leftist ideology) against our current President.
      I ask you Sylvia,…”how’d you miss out on that piece of Kingdom wisdom & knowledge”? 🤔

  17. The right thing to do is often the hardest thing to do. Thank you Mr. Trump and thank you Mario for shooting straight. Keep the prayers going for our POTUS and his family. He is gonna need the LORD’ wisdom, strength and protection in the days, weeks…ahead. May God arise, His enemies be scattered. Remember, whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. I for one, will bind the spirits that seek to kill, steal and destroy and loose the spirits of peace and unity, asking the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do to change this very sin sick nation. LORD. bless

  18. Prayers and many Blessing to President Donald Trump,,,,,, Love you and the first family
    God Has This, The Wall Will Be Build

  19. AMEN!!!!!!!!!
    Mario your words are a reflection of those who can SEE as opposed to those who CANNOT. If PR-Trump wouldn’t have stopped Pelosi & Schumer DEAD in their tracks, by releasing the civil servants payroll to them, the Dems would have continued to starve them out of their homes, cars and lives. Mario is CORRECT, these Left thinkers do not care about the citizens of this nation, the hate for PR-Trump and the hate for a secure southern border (that PR-Trump accomplishes) is PROOF of that fact. The Democrats just want a political victory at ANY cost, even at the cost of America itself.

  20. This message is so inspiring and so dead on. I can’t thank you enough. God Bless you, your family and your ministry unbundently.

  21. Many have been sleeping through the Democrat’s diatribes.
    May Mario’s words wake them up!
    Great biblical analogy…so true!

  22. Please listen to me.If you are against president Trump and have a deep resistance to him and cannot see the the issues clearly you have been deceived.
    Because of pride it is hard to repent, please allow God to speak to you.
    Trump is not the real issue, its the hearts on men God is calling people to choose between him and this world system.
    Separate yourself from the world and the things of the world or you will loose your soul.
    This is the time to choose ye who you will serve.
    Baal (the God of rebellion,lawlessnes, pleasure,abortion and self indulgance)
    Or The one true living God(the God of Selfless Love,Sacrifice,covenant and order)
    Mario is truly a voice in the wilderness calling the church to repentance consider what God said about the human heart and consider that perhaps you have not protected yours.
    JER 17:9

    Please watch the interview below⤵

    1. Mario, I totally agree with you. The blessings of God crown our president head and raise him up. To God be all the glory and honor. Virginia Drastrata

  23. Mr. Trump will get OUR Wall built and will be elected in 2020. It took great courage for Mr. Trump to let it go, but what else could be none? Three times funds for the workers were stopped my liberals in Congress, and to keep wages from men/women that earned it would cause great harm. I am so proud of our President.

  24. Amen and amen! God bless you Mario. What you have shared is the heart of God and we must continue to pray and stand for His truth to be revealed. And now, especially pray for President Trump at this moment of heightened attack from all sides, even from ‘friend’s, to continue to stand and be encouraged in the battle.

  25. I agree with you Mario! God has placed President Trump in his position at this critical time in our nation to bring light to the dark and ungodly so-called leaders in the White House. Sometimes I think this is so impossible as Kingdom against Kingdom battle. BUT, I know that God is in control and when He declares the time is over for these disgusting individuals to trash this country and our Lord Jesus Christ, then judgement will come and all will be revealed. Remember, in the last days even some demons will still never bow down before our King and Savior.

  26. I thank for writing this. However I have one complaint. Putting someone down to edify another person is not Godly. You could’ve written this blog without putting down Nancy Pelosi. We should pray for her. She is in a place of power and we do not know what’s going on personally and her life. We do not have to like her but we do have to pray for all of them. Jesus said love thy neighbor as yourself. He did not define us as people that you like in people that you don’t. It is a straightforward commandment that we are to follow simply no matter what!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, but in this case I stand by my remarks. Jesus said much worse of the Pharisees than I have of Nancy. My description is accurate as borne out by her actions. She is called out for the evil she is doing to people. Not the least is her hypocrisy to her own church on abortion. God bless

      1. When Nancy Pelosi was 12, she kept the books for her dad (who was mayor), on who owed him

        Nancy Pelosi’s wealth comes from her husbands’ investments in Facebook, Google, & Amazon.

        The Pelosi vineyard is a red herring, adding less than $5 Million to their bank account: but who
        would do all the menial labor in the vineyard if Pelosi did not back illegal immigration ????

        Speaking of vineyards, seems a certain Jezebel had no problems murdering the true owner,
        and then taking possession (1 Kings 21 )

        The true owners of America are the people who work for it, fight for it, and teach the true history
        of American Culture. California’s Jezebel seems adamant on slaying the true owners of America,
        and letting others take possession of the rightful owners land and resources.

    2. I add regarding Jennifer’s comment;
      That in complaining about ‘The man of God’ Mario, & his blog article here, you’re accusation of telling Mario, he “could’ve” written his blog without putting Nancy Pelosi down’…is indeed putting ‘The anointed Man of God’ down?!😲
      My question to you Jennifer is, “Do you have respect for civil earthly leaders (Nancy Pelosi) MORE than that of the Spiritual Kingdom Leadership of Christ found in 50 year ministry veteran-Rev. Evangelist Mario Murillo?😳
      And then there’s the some 51 other blogging Believers in Jesus Christ within this Blog post that AGREE wholeheartedly with Mario’s post and insight. Are all of us in need of your religious tutelage too??🙄

    3. The Bible also says the wicked hate the righteous, and the righteous contend with evil (Proverbs).

      Your mistake is in thinking is no one should call out evil: Jesus Himself called out the Rulers of His day, and told them they were the children of Satan.

      You can’t cherry pick The Bible: it’s all or nothing.

  27. Thank you for your boldness. At first I was disappointed about his decision, but then I realized he had a plan. He didn’t back down, he moved forward towards a goal with this move a part of the plan to reach that goal. And when it is all said and done the real victory is, and always will be, God’s victory. Trump is a part of God’s plan and we need to stand strong and stand firm, continue in prayer and know that God loves us, hears us and will not abandon us. Faith…doesn’t mean things will be easy.

  28. Yes Bert & I agree with you Mario!! When I first heard about it, I never thought he caved in! We have friends and clients who have been affected by the shutdown, but NEVER bad mouthed the President. We have prayed so much for him lately and to remain strong and not be moved by the left radical. Pelosi and Schumer could care less America or the people—-only their agenda! They think they won and dancing in the streets———the Lord is High and Mighty and He sees everything. President Trump put the people first—that’s a heart of compassion and mercy! We must continue on daily base to cover President Trump and his family in prayer! The intercessors to rise up and the believers to uphold him in prayer! Jezebel and ahab lost in the end!!

  29. I agree wholeheartedly with Mario and pray daily for our President and I am so thankful to God for President Trump. Thank you Aaron for sharing the video “God and Donald Trump-Stephen Strang”. God Bless our President and God Bless America!

  30. Wow. Great article. Just confirms what I’ve been saying myself. The heart of Donald Trump being revealed. Thanks

  31. Amen! Our President really has a big heart and is full of wisdom. I agree… I still think Mexico will end up paying for the wall. He prophesied it too many times in the beginning. And so this is part of the plan God has to get back to Mexico paying for the wall. It has been their citizens who have shed the blood in our country so they are accountable for it.

  32. Thank you for this wonderful commentary!! I am so happy to find your (previous) articles,and a biblical perspective on some of these issues. Unfortunately I cannot “join” in commenting on those articles as the process to go through to “join” is difficult in the extreme. I’m not exactly technologically advanced, so emails and Facebook have to do for me… please continue to send us these posts (via email) and know that we are cheering and praising the Lord in the background as we read them!! We are also praying for your upcoming crusades down the spine of this reprobate state, for God to do His wonders in the hearts and minds and lives of many many people, through them (the crusades)! We pray that you will receive wisdom and discernment, scriptural insight and the leading of God’s Holy Holy Spirit, so that Jesus is glorified through your work and in the lives of countless unsaved people. May God save America! Sincerely in Christ, Mary and Wolfgang Mueller Rio Vista, Ca.

  33. It really is funny, yet annoying, how the 24/7 news cycle continues to try and catch DJT mid-plan to laugh at his incompetence and ignorance, only to realize one more of his strategies has worked as he throws another “This can’t be done” accomplishment on the pile. He has the edge of a box balanced on a stick that he has a rope attached to. And while the haters keep dancing under the box he has prepares to yank the stick. There will be a “Kaboom!” moment – again. ps. The Catholic students/Indian story is a perfect picture of how the media slants not only President Trump’s plans, but each and every story they share.

  34. It really is funny, yet annoying, how the 24/7 news cycle continues to try and catch DJT mid-plan to laugh at his incompetence and ignorance, only to realize one more of his strategies has worked as he throws another “This can’t be done” accomplishment on the pile. He has the edge of a box balanced on a stick that he has a rope attached to. And while the haters keep dancing under the box he prepares to yank the stick. There will be a “Kaboom!” moment – again. ps. The Catholic students/Indian story is a perfect picture of how the media slants not only President Trump’s plans, but each and every story they share.

  35. Amen, Amen, Pastor Mario. Thank you once again for your great commentary. I totally agree. It’s been evident from Moment #1 that Pelosi and Schumer care only about destroying Trump. How they manage to sleep at night, maybe only God knows. Perhaps their consciences are completely sealed now and they can no longer tell what’s true or false, right or wrong. They care about what is politically expedient for themselves. Shameful.

  36. Well said! I also believe POTUS has a plan up his sleeve and in his wisdom, he is just laying the ground work for the hammer of justice to fall! Keep those pearls coming Mario!!

  37. Amen well said

    Henry Elario

    On Sat, Jan 26, 2019 at 12:26 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Mr. President, you caved in on the wall > and I have never been prouder of you. The wall must be built. It is immoral > not to have the wall. The wall will be built. So why am I saying that I > am proud of Trump for caving on the wall? All your enemies are” >

  38. Right On Mario. Good Word.
    Not to pump you up, but you are not timid to speak the truth and stand up for us all.
    Like our President for instance.

  39. No one knows trump better then me, no one. I know trump better then he does. He gave in not because he cares about the people but because he feared the people were no longer caring for him. (Numbers dropping)

  40. I agree, too, with your comments and I’m going to repost them if possible on Facebook to several groups I’m in patriotic Americans such as Basket Of Deplorables, Bikers For Texa, Cyber Patriot Safari, Story, Choose To Refuse Common Core, President Trump’s Basket Of Deplorables and Resist the Resistance; not to mention sending it out “public”!

  41. I am so proud of President Trump. He is fighting for us Americans. He has done that since he took office in spite of the media and the harassment his family has had to face every day.

  42. He is my president. I know he cares for the people. I have seen his compassion and I know it is genuine. Pelosi and Schumer are smug and rude. I know GOD is using President Trump.

  43. This is a much bigger picture as to what is going on in our nation. Continue to pray for Our President. So much evil, maybe start asking God what He would have us to do. So that we know how to pray. I continue to pray for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

  44. I think he is the best president ever. I am so proud of him. He does not have to live like this . He has been lied about,has the family been threatened and he stand high. I would hate to be a democrat right now. I wish the Americans people would wake up and stand with him.

  45. Yes our President is for real , not a politician not one who just wants to be herd. He is an individual who is not afraid to take on the enemies of freedom of the common man, being in business he knows how to put Americans to work. He is a defender of our borders and a stronger military around the world, very few could weather the storm of lies ,falsehoods and criticism thrown at him. I say as one who loves God and loves America I say stay strong!

  46. THANK YOU MARIO for writing the truth in a biblical & spiritual way. It has made me realize I need to
    pray more for our President, family & country. I pray this will reach millions of americans by sharing it
    with our friends. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT & OUR COUNTRY.

  47. Thank you Mario for being a voice of reason with boldness. I truly hope that the President would have access to this blog. It would be a great encouragement to him as it is to those of us praying for him .
    Although I chafed at what seemed a great disrespect toward Nancy Pelosi. She is a leader and Paul’s letter to Timothy stated “respect those “. However, Jesus did call Pharisees white washed walls. So there you go.

    1. Dear Mario Murillo I am grateful for your letter regarding President Trump. I agree with you.

      Most of all I want to thank your your ministry. Outside of San Francisco I think it was called Resurrection city. I was healed of nightmares through your ministry in 1972.

      God bless you

  48. You are so right Mario; I totally see it because God is so in control of our Presidents decisions since he asks for His wisdom all the time, every day and our Presidents heart pleases the Lord. This is wonderful because our God is brilliant. I am so aware that so many times; even most times, it looks like defeat until the Lord steps in and totally annihilates His enemies. I believe it’s vindication, restoration and justice time; God’s justice and I believe some have crossed a line because they would not repent and love their sin and lawlessness. God is our protector and He is so full of mercy! Thank you Lord because we as a Nation certainly do not deserve it but praise God; the remnant who see and hear and standing in your Grace and mercy and faithful to His agenda. God bless you Mario, you are one of them!

  49. WOW!!! that was enlightening and very educational for me I love Trump he’s one of the best wish he was running my country god bless him !!!

  50. Wonderfully said!

    EVERYONE – forward this article to President Trump, and show him he is understood and appreciated.
    AND that we stand behind him – on paying federal employees AND the WALL!

    1. Flyovercindy & Mario,
      I sent this Blog link with a message to President Trump yesterday afternoon, to the White House Team, where I’ve already had response from the Team that they are reviewing this carefully, as I alerted them to PLEASE see to it that PR-Trump received the information with Mario’s Blog link to view that I sent him. Another positive note…I know PR-Donald J gets my emails as he personally responded to me, by letter & I have that one signed letter from him framed and proudly hung on my wall.

      1. Thank you so much! I also have the blog printed and ready to send him. I believe that the more he hears that there are Americans who feel this way the better!

  51. Thank you Mario for always telling us the truth. praise God for our president , God and DJT has a plan . can’t wait to see what they do. It’s going to be a doozy. Our president is a Cyrus, a man for such a time has this, Praise God MAGA

  52. This is a well written and thought out article. If we as American Christians understand the baseline of Democratic or the Progressive left then we’ll look at every decision thats made in politics by them is , ” murder”. If your benchmark or foundation to your platform is a woman killing innocent life in her womb, a place that a child should only know as a place of security, love and growth, then every political decision they make is one that reveals a seared conscience of a sociopath . It time that Christians leaders step as Mario or Franklin Graham and call it they way God defines it and keep using the same rhetoric. The prophets called out teh people in the most graphic ways and so did Jesus. The democrats have been masters at wordsmithing by always labeling their opponents in derogatory terms to make their point. We need to speak and say the in unison as a nation as called them what they are ! Mindless Murders. Prewar Germany was a dominant Catholic /Lutheran nation and refused to see and accept the blood lust drool of a Bavarian maniac and stayed in denial as long as the government delivered its promise of a secure future for all ! We need to undertake the largest prayer revival in America’s history where no preacher/minister is in a limelight but we American need to find a place on our face or knee’s asking and pleading with God for a supernatural visitation of love and mercy that will perhaps change the hearts of people who’d align themselves with liberal politics one day and the next day feel remorse for the murderous onslaught of the unborn ! We need prayer not preaching , we need prayer not soaking, we need prayer that prevails over every agenda a pastor could facilitate. When we turn our church services over to prayer meetings for our national sin then we’ll hear from heaven and see the move of HIm who has done great things !

  53. As a pastor, I am seeing how much we must turn back to God – pastors, churches – repenting to the max, and praying for mercy and revival for America!

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