Don’t let a fixation.

Here’s a comment from my last blog: “I honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, told his followers not to judge. And Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. Locate your moral compass. It’s failing you right now.”

Where do I begin? This poor individual embodies what I am fighting against today. First of all, I promise you this is not a believer but an infiltrator who knows church lingo. His goal is to rattle impressionable Christians. Don’t buy it!

It’s obvious that this one of many attempts of distraction—a distraction away from the nation-killing evil that is even at the door. If we let voices like this one fool us, by shaming our faith, it spells doom for America. Trump, like him or hate him, is virtually the last firewall against the villainous policies of the left.

Don’t say you believe it is all in God’s hands while you oppose the solution He has sent. Trump isn’t our pastor. He is a wrecking ball to ideas that hate God, Israel, you, and your children.  Don’t ask Trump to do our job.

Just look at the last few days. The Democrat controlled House removed the phrase, “so help me God” for those sworn in to testify. New York legalized killing an unborn child right up to the moment of their birth. Kamala, the front runner for the democrat party said she would abolish all private health insurance. According to Kaiser, that would wipe out coverage for 49% of Americans…not to mention throwing 500,000 people out of work. And by the way, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says the world will end in 12 years.  

The enemy doesn’t want you to see the disaster at our door. He wants you to fixate on Trump’s past so he can destroy your children’s future. The demonic engine that drives the left, hides the world they want for your children and grandchildren.

They don’t want you to see how their socialism will tax us into oblivion. Most of all, they don’t want you to see that they are everything they claim they’re against.

Here’s how lies become truth: you call in “experts.” You speak your lie with a straight face. Devoid of facts, you command the audience to believe you.

Trump is the racist? Take a deep breath and prepare for what history is going to conclude about many things in our time. They will say the events that excluded whites on campus were racist. That terms like white privilege—like any other categorical statement that includes a color—is itself racist. They will ask how a nation that elected a black man to its highest office for 8 eight years can be accused of being “systemically racist.”

By the way, this charge of racism is coming to you from the Party that started the Klu Klux Klan.

History will ask the same thing about hate and violence.  An agitated feminist told a black man to take off his MAGA hat “because it makes us fear.” That’s a statement in search of a fact. You don’t see roving gangs of youth donning MAGA hats assaulting people in the streets. You do see people wearing masks assaulting those who wear the hats.


In fact, you see Nick Sandmann and the young men from Covington High school terrorized and falsely accused because they wore MAGA hats. These boys’ lives have been changed forever. They have been vilified. Their families have received death threats. They’ve been forced to hire an attorney to protect themselves from further slander. The left is having a veritable field day of violence… and you worry about Trump’s past?

Ponder the breathtaking hypocrisy and cruelty of Mueller and Comey. How they blatantly ignore the mountain of evidence of treason and obstruction against Hillary Clinton.  But nitpick trivia about Trump and the Russians. The crimes they claim Trump did—but didn’t do—are the very ones she did do. Mind boggling!

Future thinkers will scratch their head at leftists who excoriated Trump for separating children from their parents even as they celebrate that new law, I mentioned that lets a woman dismember their child even at the point of birth.

Questions burn in me:

The noise, smoke and mirrors of today’s propaganda machine amazes on so many levels.  The Democrat Party’s hard left turn promises massive new spending. All the free stuff they intend to force on you will bankrupt a nation already in massive debt. When they beast starts eating do you really believe only the rich will be taxed? Your children will give up most of what they earn to the socialist machine that will hand it over to those who earn nothing. Why wouldn’t we try to stop this?

They know robots are about to replace millions of jobs. Why open the borders to millions of unskilled laborers?

Tehran just hung a person for being homosexual but in the leftist universe the Christians are the real moral bigots. And you worry about standing with Trump?

I could go on forever and no doubt you could throw in some real zingers I overlooked. But I need to get to the real point of this…you need to take a look at the left—they can destroy America…left unchecked they will. What do you think Trump is trying to stop?

Don’t look the other way from the doom the left carries. Don’t ignore the change in this man since he began running for president. Most of all, don’t let your fixation with Trump’s past destroy your children’s future.

38 thoughts on “Don’t let a fixation.

  1. Oh Mario thank you for shaking the church n speaking the truth to this Nation,our President we know is standing for our future,our children n Grandchildren n there’s as the Lord tarrys,what a horrendous mess America is in,my husband n I stand with n for Trump,God Bless you n your family n ministry,We Pray for you n your finances,we have a small income n we’re tithers n Trust God for our very breath,in our 70s n know we’re in a Battle of spiritual warfare AGAINST witchcraft,oh the church has to Arise n Pray n back Trump for 2020 in Jesus name!🙏🔥🔥❤️

  2. If this “Christian” questions why God would use President Trump they must be really confused about how God could use a man who got another man’s wife pregnant then arranged for him to be killed in war – King David, or who persecuted and killed Christians – Paul.

    God will use who he wants to.

  3. Too many Stone throwers, We all must remember from where God brought us, Your right many look at his past lifestyle but forget the past God found them in. My neighbor told me today look what Trump did, I told him we all did, he said look how he talks, I said we all did, I wanted to tell him I remember the times he tried breaking into my friends house drunk to have an affair with her and he was married. But I didn’t want to throw any stones. I listened to Pastors who were ex drug addicts speaking against Trump, we need to do some soul searching. I heard ministers say they were praying against Trump, (witchcraft). I came out of Santeria a very deceiving witchcraft and never turned back not once and never dabbled in any games since that would open doors. I see too many Christians playing with witchcraft games, praying witch craft prayers their will, not God’s will, open to familiar spirits no wonder they are confused too many voices. Witchcraft is being prayed on Trump, We christians have Power and Authority over all the works of the enemy we need to squash witchcraft over President Trump and America, not agree with the adversary. Jezebel ( accusations) WHO’S YOUR DADDY ? satan the father of lies or Jesus the Truth .. Speak life over our President, the Witches work on Your words. Repent, Renounce and Pray in tongues and Never forget where God brought you from.

  4. You can’t deceive a righteous man.
    Any one who can’t see the truth about the evil left simply can’t at this point, unless they get saved.
    Then they can see the kingdom of God.

  5. Democracts is used by satan to destroy America. The democract congressman Ocasio cortez from New york says is right in 12 years America will be destroyed. The democracts with open border policy will allow people from all over the world into America. Crime will increase. Jobs intentionally be shifted outsourced out of America just like nafta to weaken Smericas economy. Worst recession like never before is coming to America. Exactly this is what ocasio is saying. Saints pray for second coming. This fallen world is not going to get better. Democracts with satans help and anti American policies will destroy America. Few more years for democracts to acheive this goal. Jobs will be scarce. As the prophets prayed for coming of the messiah Jesus, let us the New covenant saints pray for soon second coming of our Lord Jesus.

    1. i’m reminded of the Calvon bath commercial. A mother is overwhelmed and cries out, “Calvon, take me away!”
      It’s the cry of the defeatist church! Instead of pushing back against the dark with authority backed by heaven, we look to escape evil, instead. As Salt, we aren’t to preserve self, but the world we live in!
      Let’s stop the cries to have Jesus rescue us and bring us to heaven. Instead, use our God-given authority to bring heaven to the earth.

  6. Mario, once again you’ve given profound words of truth coupled with facts. Recently I gave a message out about the very word “fixation” that you used in your article title. Holy Spirit has revealed to me more facts within scripture that open up insight to “why” so many can be blinded to the truth & facts right now. Much of this current problem revolves around what AP-Paul considered witchcraft & deceptive doctrine. The lack of internal, eternal, sight or vision has everything to do with this repugnant push the liberal Democrat society is on right now.
    God Bless,
    I hope this helps🙏

  7. Randy This is a man who used to preach a Melodyland as a teenager.

    On Wed, Jan 30, 2019, 1:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries mariomurilloministries posted: ” Here’s a comment from my last blog: “I > honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this > repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus > fed the hungry, healed the sick, told his followers not to judg” >

  8. Amen, it sickens me to see the willfuly looking the other way an out right denial of the church an Americans at what’s really going on, you can feel as well as see the hate spew out of the leaders on the left. It amazes me anyone believes a word they say. Pray people, get behind Trum make your voice heard. Lord help us.

  9. Mario, thank you for your divine insight and wisdom. The apathy in the Church is a big cause of the blindness to discern fruit. Believers must be official “fruit” inspectors. Jesus said we would know the deceivers and the make-believers by their fruit. In order to avoid the evil pull of this world, believers must become wise as serpents in true discernment. True discernment will easily detect the counterfeit, the disingenuous, the false teacher. I believe this gift alone will separate the Bride from the lukewarm Church. It breaks my heart to see so many believers going with the flow, not discerning holy character from the obvious works of the flesh. Do they even know what holy fruit looks like? We judge all character and behavior by God’s holy standards. Whatever is of the flesh is sin, is evil. Today’s churches sugar coat sin to the point it looks like acceptable Godly behavior. This is why the Lord must judge the pulpits of America. Lord, shake up your Church so it will awaken and use the standard of your holy Word to measure good from evil. Amen.

  10. Father, we pray for those who say they are Christians but are deceived and vexed by witchcraft from the spirit of Jezebel, and who have been blinded by religious spirits. They have a form of godliness but deny the power of God. By their own words they have exposed their self-righteousness by not discerning your plans and your purposes. We ask for their blindness to be healed and their hearts to be awakened so they will no longer stand on the side of the enemy.
    Thank you for brother Mario and voices like his. Thank you for President Donald Trump and the mission you have placed in him. Strengthen his resolve and protect him from every fiery dart and evil plan. Expose his enemies and the traitors who have been masked. We pray for the gift of DISCERNMENT to surround him and lead him. Father, we renounce the Ahab spirit that would cause members of your Body to turn cowardly. Sprinkle our hearts and minds with the Blood of Jesus. We pray for AWAKENING IN THIS NATION in Jesus’ Name. Let Your Kingdom come!

  11. I would share this but I know the people who need to read it will NOT. You are preaching to the choir here. But the choir knows that God is in control and we can trust that He will bring about his purposes.

    1. pkadams,
      Oddly enough Pk, Mario has over 5million viewers, I too have over 380 thousand viewers in my tiny ministry & I post Mario’s Blog on my site as well as occasionally posting my messages on his. As well, I personally sent Mairo’s link and website page to The White House where I know (from personal experience) that they receive my emails to the President & on occasion share them with him directly, as PR-Trump has personally responded to me in the past.
      So right there…are only 3 areas where Mario’s Blog posts and the bloggers responses most probably reach out much farther than only “preaching to the choir.”
      We simply must keep trying and preaching and praying and sending, along with knowing that God will always bring about His purposes.😇

      1. Thank You Pk!… can’t help it, I still hold the flame of hope in my heart that liberal thinkers from Facebook, Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter and all the rest, will be wooed by Holy Father God’s Spirit, to pop open a page and be changed for eternity.🙏

    2. It may take 10, 20 or more posts to get just one of your liberal friends to click, but God will use that one click for His purpose.

  12. Satan himself used the words”hath God said” to deceive and tempt the Son of God. Pay no attention to those who attempt to “accuse” those who stand for right. We know the spirit of “The Accuser if the Brethren.” Leftists are seething with hatred, and sharpening their tools in anticipation of the day they are again in power and can take full vengance on the church.

  13. Mario… I am speechless… Again, you have spoken such profound TRUTH!! I will share and share and share this message. I agree with ALL of the comments in favor of you & your ministry!! You inspire strength and courage in me in this modern day… founded on the Word of God. God Richly Bless you ALWAYS… and given the Blessing to BE a blessing… I will give it to you!! Amen & Amen… Brother!!

  14. I totally agree with you- but there’s one thing you need to make a correction on. The young man whose picture you posted is named Nick Sandmann, not Michael Hodges. Someone incorrectly identified the young man at first. He has since done an interview and released a statement regarding the event. Please update with his correct name.

  15. AMEN!!!! Truth spoken!!! Awake to righteousness, awake to Truth!!! O Lord, may we speak Your Word boldly in the face of opposition! Thank you, Mario, for being a voice of Truth!!! We need many more to be the same!!!!

  16. President Trump happens to be a born-again believer. He isn’t a toddler, even though he sometimes tweets ineffectively. At least he’s attempting to reach out to his supporters. But please stop demeaning him! He’s the BEST president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan!

    I FIRMLY believe God has given us a REPRIEVE by allowing Trump to win the election rather than Hillary. Please stop demeaning him and support him! He doesn’t deserve been ridiculed and torn down by someone who claims they are a Christian!

    D. Gillingham

  17. Another awesome post Mario. We need the Church to get involved in their local Republican party. We need our people voted in on the local level. It is the local players…like precinct committee people who appoint leaders who then appoint those to state and then to national. We need people with our values to take up the vacancies and get appointed now. Otherwise, the RINOS that are globalists and Trump haters take those spots and the silent majority is stopped in their tracks!

    On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 12:39 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Here’s a comment from my last blog: “I > honestly don’t understand how God-fearing Christians can defend this > repugnant, amoral, adulterous, whoremonger, toddler of a President. Jesus > fed the hungry, healed the sick, told his followers not to judg” >

  18. Mario, you are such a great light in a very dark world. Thank you for your boldness with Holy Ghost truth. Can you share what happened in Manteca this past weekend. We’ve been anxiously waiting to hear about it.

  19. I agree. I remember that in my typing class in high school, the phrase “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” was a daily exercise. Seems perfect now. America needs our help.

  20. People get offended because Trump is so blunt and untactful in the way he talks. I was worried about that at first, but really that is one of the reasons I like him. He is so out in the open, something rarely seen in government. He is strong, can’t be bullied and stands facing his opponents without flinching. He’s an Eisenhower, Patton and Churchill all rolled into one. And if you know anything about Churchill or Patton you know they stomped on toes all around them and weren’t popular with other leaders because of their pugnacious ways of pushing through where they felt it was necessary and right. I don’t care if he is socially acceptable or nicey nice; I care that he has been elected by the people to do what they feel is right and he is doing that. I care that God has raised him up for such a time as this and he will do what has been given him to do regardless of the opposition. Those that are trying to bring him down will fall. We need to stand behind him and trust in God’s promise that if we humble ourselves before Him and repent of our wicked ways He will hear us and come and heal our land. I believe that is the purpose behind Trump’s election.

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