If this doesn’t galvanize outrage.

If this doesn’t galvanize national outrage, I know God will judge us. Not gradually, not down the road, but right away. I believe we will see destruction on a scale we never dreamed imaginable. I believe heaven will revoke our right to exist as a nation.

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam—a medical doctor—said, if a fully formed baby survives an abortion attempt the baby should lay on the table until the mother decides to kill it or let it live. I quote: “If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother” But it gets even worse…

This came from a centrist democrat. He is not known to be part of the wacko wing of his party. They have come this. He is declaring the mainstream opinion of the democrat party. What we have here is a defining moment. We are faced with a political party that sounds like a sociopathic butcher. They believe a wall is immoral but letting an infant die on a table is progressive.

We have left the realm of speculation. They blaspheme the very definition of civilization. They have—in my opinion—less decency than a Satanist Priest offering human sacrifice. At least the devil worshiper is not couching their depravity in polite terms.

Let me explain where we are: New York has legalized a form of ritual murder of innocents—a ritual unknown among savages. The Governor of Virginia echoes his approval in order to spread this sadism to Virginia. There is nothing left to think about. There is no place here for neutrality. This a clear choice between God and Satan.

Silence in the face of this unspeakable evil, is itself evil. Our theological differences don’t matter now. Every church must voice its outrage. Every pulpit must thunder its outrage. You must take a stand on this debauchery or stain your soul.

I have been a minister for 50 years. I saw the free love and leftist joy ride of the 1960’s. But I have never seen Americans plunge to this level of evil. I have never believed judgement on America was inevitable. Now I am forced to change my stance.

Judgement will come if all decent Americans do not find the requisite outrage—do not act as a single voice of condemnation to the most shameful, wicked, and repugnant practice in American history.

Call who ever you have to call. Write whatever letter you have to write. Preach whatever sermon you have to preach. Take a stand or lose your country.

56 thoughts on “If this doesn’t galvanize outrage.

  1. As a credentialed minister I have no choice but to speak out…

    [This came from a centrist democrat. He is not known to be part of the wacko wing of his party. They have come this. He is declaring the mainstream opinion of the democrat party. What we have here is a defining moment. We are faced with a political party that sounds like a sociopathic butcher. They believe a wall is immoral but letting an infant die on a table is progressive. ]

    Your vote is every bit as much as a mobsters “hit” order as David’s ordering Uriah’s death…

    Proverbs 6:16-19 Makes any support, even a remote vote, of those that shed innocent blood, your guilt as well…

    Man! Mario how have we come to this level of abomination so quickly in America????

    And, we have people praying for ?????Mercy???? on these people.

    The only merciful thing for Jehovah to do is knock them off their wild horses and let them hit their heads on the pavement. But, instead of knocking some sense into them it would probably crack the pavement!

    1. This is a sad sad day! This is definitely not ever good and I’m afraid of God’s wrath. Praying these decisions will be reversed as soon as possible!! Evil cannot win!!

  2. No true Christian should ever vote for any Democrat! If so, you are an accessory to their desperately wicked deeds. God is separating the sheep from the goats in His Church.

  3. I am saddened and sickened by this. The church has surrendered their power and authority that Jesus Christ handed to us. And there are so many, that I even know, that are blasting those of us for taking a stand. Or for sharing these atrocities on our social media sites to bring awareness and a call to prayer and action. I say blast me if you must, I will not stand before Father as one who cried peace and mercy and did nothing to stop these abominations.

  4. I sit here with tears welling up inside as I read your post Mario. Because it is so horrendous so heinous, so DEPRAVED what this nation has become. The fact that we have human beings who are discussing this in open court is most egregious but that any woman would come to the point of birth & then sign the child’s death warrant right at the moment of an independent life…or that a Doctor would have to agree with that is unconscionable. Outrage just doesn’t cover it!!!! Miserable sorrow sort of does. This clip is what I watched yesterday in horror as a Ms Kathy Tran in Virginia presented this bill to a Judge & even she had a hard time answering the Judges question of purposeful murder of a BORN life…HELP US GOD!!

  5. I agree! This is all out war of light and darkness. The devil has come with great wrath because he knows his time is short. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered.

  6. I live in VA and I am outraged, how dare they think it is okay to outright murder a baby, his radio interview, the woman who was interviewing had a scowl of disgust and he had that audacity to call it a fetus, wrong, this is a BABY!!! May God bring down this house of wickedness and cast in the the FIRE of the LIVING GOD to be burned to ashes!!!

  7. Maybe we should pray some of the Psalms. There are so many places where they call for vengeance.
    Here’s one from my reading this morning, but I’m not sure it’s the best one.
    Ps 68:1-2
    68 Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.
    2 As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. KJV
    I have challenging health problems, but I think I can’t stand idly by. Oh Lord God, restore the fear of God in this nation, and don’t withhold judgment from those who want to bring child trafficking and killing babies into the mainstream. And help me to humble myself under Your Almighty hand. Use this to bring the Church in the US to deep, deep repentance.

      1. I agree…

        I posted this to my Facebook with a picture containing Ps 68:1-2. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

        [I have been talking for months about the need to pray warfare prayers…

        Yet, I keep seeing people praying Jehovah’s mercy on the wicked…

        If any mercy is due, it is the mercy of them getting knocked off their wild horses, hitting their heads on the ground, perhaps to knock some sense into them…

        Unfortunately, they’d probably just destroy the pavement…]

  8. Please watch this video and realize the devil is at work in a way unfathomable. This “prophet” of Baal is actually endorsing Kamala Harris as she apparently is running for Presidency in 2020. God will not be mocked. Mario think of what deceit this is…this Jezebel is a black woman – I am too – who is in the demonrat party and is being endorsed by a so called “prophet” that God wants to use her to turn things around!!! NO LIES FROM THE PIT OF HELL! The same lies that had blacks voting for the demonrats in the last elections for the same wicked, incideous, demonic party. Please be aware and raise the alarm. Thank you.

    Watch “Kamala Harris Prophecy- Prophet Charlie Shamp” on YouTube

    1. I have heard this fella Shamp once before and I knew then, he had zero credibility. I’ve been around REAL prophets and people of God with REAL prophetic ability in my long lifetime, and this poor guy just isn’t one of them.
      Kamala Harris is a curt disrespectful, rude, uniformed, pushy progressive liberal who hasn’t got interest (1) in the nation’s majority of citizens and their needs or desires. Ms Harris is a part of the problem but certainly NOT a solution to it!!!! I say she & “Sparticus” make a perfect pair.

    2. Charlie Shamp is NOT endorsing Kamala; you have twisted what he said. His word is actually accurate so far as indeed she is “rising” BUT, he said she will not succeed.

    3. Sister you are a Holy believer, please before you do spiritual harm to yourself by cursing a prophet, go back and listen to this video. He is not endorsing her. He told us that God has told him that He, God has plans for her and they do not include her being the president. We are to pray for her that she makes the right decision. Saul would never have become Paul the Apostle if Jesus had not turned him around. None of us wants her to be president. So we are praying that the Fear of God will fall upon these that are rebelling against everything that is righteous! Nothing but the Fear of God can change these that are working great wickedness in the platform of Satan.

      1. Sherri,
        I don’t see any curse being passed onto anyone including Mr Shamp, frankly according to biblical Christian doctrine no one has that kind of power, only Father God has that.
        I did what you recommended & re-listened to Shamp’s video very carefully. What I hear Mr Shamp saying is clear, he believes he’s heard from God regarding Kamala Harris. Now we MUST apply this test of the spirits as AP John said to do. As well, according to AP-Paul and his instructions at 2 Corinthians 13: 1, “On the testimony of two to three witnesses, every word will be confirmed,” also AP-Paul instructed the church, at 1 Corinthians 14: 32,33, “And the prophets’ spirits are under the control of (or subject to) the prophets’, since God is not a God of confusion but of peace.”
        So when and if, I hear at the very least 2 more valid proven prophets’ come forth and reveal the exact same instruction from The Lord’s Spirit, to them, then I can take as credible the words of Mr Shamp.
        Credible theological exegesis is always necessary in examining all prophetic unction.

  9. I am sad and angry 😢 I very much feel as you do about this Barbaric procedure.It is nothing less than Baal Worship.My heart is 💔Broken .I know Swift and Merciless judgement is on it’s way .I saw this in a Vision in 1982 .It’s Time for Elijah to rise against the prophets of Baal . Even so ,Lord Jesus Come !

    On Thu, Jan 31, 2019, 3:56 AM Mario Murillo Ministries mariomurilloministries posted: “If this doesn’t galvanize national > outrage, I know God will judge us. Not gradually, not down the road, but > right away. I believe we will see destruction on a scale we never dreamed > imaginable. I believe heaven will revoke our right to exist as a nation. ” >

  10. God is pulling back the curtain of darkness in our land! Exposing the Kingdom against Kingdom. It’s happened before for never in our own homeland like this. Millions of unborn babies (human beings from first heart beat in my mind) are being slaughtered.

    I was adopted…my birth father wanted to abort me but I thank God my birth mother fought him. I’m a retired 69 year old and have had a Blessed and prosperous life. 5 Children and 6 Grandchildren. I thank God everyday! And YES, I was born premature and with some heart trouble buy with the challenges of my health, I thank God that the adopted parents loved me enough to fight through all of it.

    Maybe not now but someday those who have welcomed this evil to seep into our lives (as Satan can do) be brought to judgement. Unless the shackles are cast away from their eyes, they are doomed eternally.

    And what about the laws that are in place today??? Murders are convicted for their actions…what about the doctors that have taken an oath to preserve live??

  11. Kathy Tran won’t answer her phone, and then your call is disconnected without allowing you to speak to anyone. I left a point blank message on the Virginia governors voice mail. I called him the heartless, evil, murderer that he is. Yes, I said I was praying for his soul, but I was not in the frame of mind to speak kindly to one who smilingly signs for innocents to be slaughtered right before birth. When I called to get these phone numbers, I asked the woman who answers the phone in Virginia if she understood how evil and murderous the lawmakers of her state have become. She began to cry as she tried to give me Tran’s phone number. She apologized and said she had to go. At least one there still has a heart and soul and has the ability to feel the evil that surrounds her. I actually sensed a glimmer of hope in that. God, it is time.

  12. This world has chosen wickedness over righteousness, except for a select few. My heart hurts and I’m totally disgusted how the hand of man has turned to such evil. God will not stand for this! The Lord of Judah is the King of kings and the earth will face His wrath!! Even so Lord, come quickly!!!

  13. God is forcing people to take sides. No longer will family members compromise with each other. It will be come clear to those on the fense what spirit the left is of. The devil over played his hand and will loose most of whose eyes he has vieled by his deception and spells. It will get worse befor it gets better but it’s all part of God’s plan to expose the devil behind the leftists.

  14. WHERE IS THE CHURCH????? WHERE IS THE OUTCRY?? I think all true Christian LEADERS in our country should hold a joint press conference and STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for LIFE!!!! Who is holding up the righteous standard that a HOLY God requires?? Certainly not the Catholic church!!
    Hypocrites! Who is reminding us that murder is a sin??? And that there are consequences to sin?
    How much longer can a loving God put up with the deafening silence from the Church and the depravity of our nation?

      1. Carolina…I have watched Pastor Greg Locke’s video and he is on FIRE over this!! He has been banned so many times from FB along with many death threats for speaking the truth! Sadly…way too many so called pastors are PC and fearful of losing their flock as well as their tax exemption. Many more have stood up but sadly…I think more have sat down rather than stood up!

      1. We cannot allow this to stand.we can be strong for Jesus and humanity.we have never stooped this low in this great country.GODis not going to let this slide I believe wrath and judgement will follow..we have got to unite, fight, because we have GOD on our side we will not be defeated.we need to pray like we mean it and stay in prayer and GODS WORD..

  15. What the enemy means for bad is what Jesus means for Good! The enemy is falling to the Perfect Will of God and this evil will get President Trump re-elected and open the door for more Faith based Godly Republicans. Rise up Church, speak and cast down the evil! Jesus will make America Great!!

  16. I agree wholeheartedly! I am ashamed of my country! God’s judgement WILL come and it will be severe! I have spoken openly about this also. This is a Hilter act! Babies now being murdered, already states legalizing the murder of the elderly … the handicapped will be next. I believe God’s mercy is about to end on America.

  17. Thank you for your faithfulness in delivering the Word of the Lord. I share each one and agree with you 100%!

    On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 1:51 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “If this doesn’t galvanize national > outrage, I know God will judge us. Not gradually, not down the road, but > right away. I believe we will see destruction on a scale we never dreamed > imaginable. I believe heaven will revoke our right to exist as a nation. ” >

  18. I refuse to accept our country’s downfall. We have the power behind us. Instead of “if my people will pray” change that to “when my people pray”. God’s waiting for His people to stand up against this horror. Grab the power He has bestowed on you, start rebuking the devils of Hell that are trying to destroy America, send them back to where they belong, and then watch what God will do. REVIVAL!!

  19. Calling evil good and good evil…I have quoted that scripture from time to time but I never really understood the true scope of it until now. Truly the darkness is getting darker and the light is getting brighter and the difference between the two has never been more well defined. Jesus said is any man offends/does harm to one of “HIS” little ones it would be better for him that he had never been born; that a millstone should be tied around his neck and he should be thrown into the sea. After seeing some of the posts on Facebook about what is happening I was deeply troubled. It is so hard to understand even a little how anyone could not see the evil in all this. They have given themselves over to demonic forces and they are either in full compliance with those forces or so blind that they are willingly jumping into a deep, dark pit and don’t even see it.

  20. There is a Jezebel spirit in the Demonrat Party women: AOC, Harris, Warren, Pelosi, Killary to name a few! We know how it ended for her! We need to pray against this spirit. Oh, and I am a black, middle aged woman. Blessings and Maranatha!

    1. AMEN!… Maranatha Today,
      There is a very overt spirit of Jezebel over these poor deluded women and I would add to the statement you made that there is also a spirit of “Misandry” coupled with this Jez spirit, that has completely enveloped these gals to the point that I pity their offspring if they have a male son, & what about if they have a husband, or a Dad, or a Doctor, or an Uncle, or an Attorney, or a Tax Accountant or any number of areas of life where they intersect with men. It is a DISGUSTING evil that they have fully embraced.

  21. As much as I Blame the law makers I fully Blame the women that decide for this to happen to her baby, she is the killer. She will stand before God one day to explain what she did I could never ever be that person! I have learned that a lot of the women that do this are repeat offenders! Lord help us all!

  22. I am a Pastor in Arizona and we have been praying for 3 years now that plan parenthood would close down and that all their finances would dry up. We are out here and we are standing up and speaking out. I am a 77 year old great grandma. I can’t get out and march but I can pray. I am just asking Mother’s and Father’s to join me. Ask God to pour out on this nation the spirit of repentance and for the church to get a revelation of where we are as the body of Christ. We also need to repent for our waywardness. I put that gently but we need to repent also for where we are as a church and a nation.

    1. To Jo, well Amen!..an Arizonan female Pastor – another Amen! It would be so wonderful if a collective group of Believing Christ followers could join together with new Rep. Senator Martha McSally leading the front and MARCH in protest at the state capital, against any inclination to enforce legislation for 3rd trimester abortions in the state of AZ. #FIGHT FOR LIFE #MARCH FOR LIFE

  23. I am mortified at what’s become of America, and the absolute mindless reprobate thinking in this Governor’s head. Let’s think about it for a moment.
    What do you think of the new abortion law in West Virginia? Do you think that, that West Virginia governor Ralph Northam and his abortion rule should be judge by God above everything that has happened in our world up to now?
    Well Let’s not get too hasty, less the lord judge us also
    Believe me when I say this, I can understand wholeheartedly how we think God has to judge this West Virginia Governor and his abortion rule, especially because we think this is so above and beyond anything in the past?

    What did Jesus say while still on the cross feeling the pain of the whip, having endured his beard being ripped out of his face, His lips split wide open where his gums were showing, his ears hanging half off, ripped, and torn, his nose splattered all over his face, his belly so swollen, from where his guts were kicked in that his intestines we’re hemorrhaging and bleeding on the inside of his body. Not to mention the dull Spike’s that were driven through both of his feet and hands. Why! He was kicked, and ripped, hit, and beaten so badly he didn’t even look human. His body was so marred swollen much more than any man, or could have ever been marred up to that point in time.

    And still Jesus had the wherewithal to ask his father too forgive them because they knew not what they were doing?. And are we forgetting the Millions of babies who have died while still in their mother’s womb, ripped apart, since Roe versus Wade, Won there abortion rule at the Supreme Court in 69? This is nothing new, and I’m here to tell you God is not about to judge this world just because of one judges ruling.

    Oh and Make no mistake about it folks, when God decides to judge, it will not just be in designated areas like San Fransisco, or Los Angeles,or New York, or New Orleans, or Seattle. He will judge this whole world, and with a magnitude you won’t be able to believe, even if, you were there to see it. And what’s more, we won’t have to ask is God judging America? The catastrophic events will be so great around the world, no one will even ask, is this Gods judgment? And besides for which, Them devilish monsters have been killing baby around the world since time began. Remember Ephesians 6:12 For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Them devils were bashing babies heads against walls, while men searching for the baby Jesus.

    So I think we better start reevaluate the commandant Jesus gave in the four Gospels. Love our enemies, the very enemies that do (all manner of evil against you). Loving our neighbors, and our enemies as Jesus commanded, Or the Governor of West Virginia won’t be the only one that will be judged. Matt.7. [1] Judge not, that ye be not judged. [2] For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. [3] And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Once Again, it is not the Governor of West Virginia we are hating it’s the devil in the governor. And I hate just as much as anyone else, the devil that speaks through what this governor Ralph Northam of West Virginia stands for. Pray for Ralph Northam and I mean that. It’s tight but it’s right.

    This Is Steven James And Now You Know, The Rest Of The Story

    1. Yes Steven James, when Almighty God finally unleashes His wrath and judgement there will be no question that it is He Who has done it. Yet I would remind of this, there is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are IN Christ Jesus, those who are the called according to His purpose. So when The Almighty’s final edict comes upon the earth, biblical study informs us that “we” will not even be here.

  24. I truly believe that this country has stepped over a line. For the first time in my 48 years of walking with G-d I am trembling at the possibility of heavens answer to this blood shed.

  25. As of 6pm on Feb1st, we could see a sign of this Governor possibly being brought down. Something of his past has been placed on media that could have him offering a statement of apology, being censored by Virginia Legislators, or possibly stepping down?

    No doubt Mario, that judgements of a severity we’ve not seen are coming. Yes, judgements have been coming since the days of Noah, but there are a series of events to take place that have been reserved for these unique times.

    These are as the days of Noah and the days of Lot and Sodom, as well. How could this kind of world expect less than what happened during those times?

    I sense that the Spirit and Power of Elijah the Prophet is coming back into this earth very soon. And this time, Elijah will not run from Jezebel. He will address every issue we are facing today. And what will make his voice different than any other will be the Power behind it, as if God Himself is speaking. And whether it is one man or a company with the same Spirit and Power, it will be Revival and Judgements coming at once. Those who walk out on that Spirit will know the Glory has departed from them. For they will have turned away from the Grace of God for the very last time.

    God Bless You, Mario

    1. To Frank,
      Last evening we watched Dr Alveda King speak to this situation with VA Governor Ralph Northam who has now apologized over a racist photo in his 1984 yearbook, Alveda King said that the dressed in black face & KKK clothing photos didn’t bother her nearly as much as the atrocity this same man was attempting to help legislate in the obvious infanticide of new born children.
      Mr Mack, you spoke about the Judgements of God that could occur simultaneously along with Revival, and I would remind you that due to this man’s liberal left leanings, and willingness to legislate them he himself brought forth a type of judgement upon himself of exposure to the roots of even his youthful expressions of a racial attitude. The outcome of this will be Northam’s personal judgement.
      Yet…until the rightful just cause of The Almighty is fully exercised within the final 7 year tribulation of this planet, we (Christians) are taught through New Covenant biblical exegesis and Grace that THIS is still the church age of the Beloved church of Jesus Christ, and our duty is to “wait upon The Lord,” for the serious RAPTURE of His bride like church, ‘then and only then’ will the harrowing exacting Judgements of God be let lose upon this earth.
      Until that time, everyone will reap what they sow, because God is still raining, rain and shining sun, on both the evil & the good.

  26. And many will be upset with their Pastors when they see that the first resurrection has not taken place when they were taught it would.

    Mario sees the difference between personal judging of others and God’s Judging Hand on the nations.

  27. The Governor’s racial eposide in school and his comments on abortion has angered all backgrounds.

    I settled my view on the time of the Appearing of Christ long ago. I decided to be ready at all times and not debate the subject. We will see how it turns out as we continue to watch and pray, preach and witness, keep oil in our lamps, and speak out and stand up for God and Righteousness. Alot is happening in our world right now, and one might think the Lord’s Appearing should already have transpired. But He is longsuffering and not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

    During these days the Lord will not limit Himself to a certain time frame before He metes out Judgements. He is angry with the wicked every day. And True Believers in Christ have His special protection during our times as the Israelites had protection in Goshen during the ten plagues.

    Mario, I will intercede and agree with you as you pray about the times we live in and the appaling attitudes and behavior of the people around us.

    1. Mr Frank Mack, well extrapolated views that you hold.
      My interpretation of what Mario’s saying in this exacting sermon article in essence is, that God’s judgement on America with this kind of ongoing depravity is inevitable!…in other words (my words)… if individual Americans stifle and mute their personal disgust for such outrageous behavior and policy making (as infanticide) then America “deserves” what it gets! As to your saying, “During these days the Lord will not limit Himself to a certain time frame before He metes out Judgements.”
      I agree yet in this sense…’Cause and effect!’ example: multiple times in the old testament record, God directed His Own through instruction for their good, and when they deviated from that tutorial instructional path, they received the inevitable consequences, reaped the whirlwind, of their deviated choices.
      Pertaining to eschatology, for the bride like church, we are not appointed to God’s wrath, the doctrine of Hebraic ‘end of days’ eschatology is NOT meant for the Bride of Christ, not to be confused with the potential of ongoing church persecutions. And with that in mind, America is filled with God’s Beloved, woven like tapestry, all over this nation. As I view it…for The Bride of Christ (His true church) the picture is beautiful and IMMINENT, hence our need to be vigilant and make our voice heard.

      1. So True Mario. We MUST acknowledge Almighty Sovereign God and His Dominion in order to survive this. But I believe this latest is them falling into their own snare, just as He says they will. For the first time in my 70 years, it has made front page news…(internet). People are FINALLY waking up! It is getting attention. We all need to call down heaven and take advantage of them exposing themselves. I believe it is God’s doing. Quote from my own post. “Evil is NEVER satisfied. If someone….ANYONE……can tell me how murdering 65 million innocent Babies (one of the 7 things God lists that HE hates – ”the shedding of innocent blood” Proverbs 6:17) is ANY different than 6 million Nazi murders, 12 million Soviet murders? Or that Planned Parenthood is ANY different than Josef Mengele? I’m listening.”

      2. Jayne Farrell, Your words ring true!… I would add that all this diabolical Planned Parenthood Liberal progressive inclination, stems from the root causation that even Hitler and his human minions the Nazis gleaned his genocide campaign from…Eugenics. Formatted by Charles Darwin’s 1/2 cousin Francis Galton, then taken and utilized by that original progressive American female, Margret Sanger who herself began Planned Parenthood.
        It is said that Sanger hung out with the Dixie group and KKK, all devout Democrats. Sanger wrote in 1914, “Enforced motherhood, is the most complete denial of a woman’s right to life and liberty.”
        In 1921, she wrote, “the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.” This woman and her cohort cabal, were and still are very racially prejudice & active and (in my opinion) engender all the qualities of Life haters. They consider themselves goddesses who must rule over human reproduction and even Life itself. Basically they are Father Creator God deniers disguised as societal care givers. I personally view their efforts and value system as, a mess of psychotic obsessive compulsives.🙄

  28. Yes Carolyn, I mentioned Sanger in my long post on facebook. Such indication of Evil, when the same people who wear bodypart hats, also shout about racism. All indications of being those caugh in their OWN snare. Which we know is how God says it will all fall apart Psalm 37: 12-15

  29. Thus explains mt night vision of 2008.
    New York City under total judgement
    And disappearing.
    They must Repent.This has been my intercession.
    We MUST continue our prayers.
    Peradventure our Lord would repent of His decision.

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