Working for those who hate him

Thoughts that hit me during the state of the union address: Donald Trump is working to improve the lives of those who hate him.  As the endless list of improvements he has made rolled over the audience it struck me…there were people there who hate him so much that nothing he could ever do will satisfy them.  Even his calls for unity are totally rejected and will be no matter what.

The miracle is that he keeps on going, fighting to make life safer and better, even if you hate him. Wow.

He has kept every promise he could keep. He has proven his sincerity to help all Americans and yet they hate him and shamelessly sat there and refused to acknowledge anything he has done.

He is making life better for women even though many on the left refuse to see it.  He risks being hated, embraces the hate and keeps working for those who despise him.  He is working to make life better for every demographic group that is calling for his removal and even his death.

Now humor me as I engage is some sarcasm:

-Even though only 8% of blacks voted for him and many black leaders vilify him, he is working to reduce crime, fix crumbling streets and buildings and bring real jobs and real hope to the inner city…I can see why you hate him.

-He is working to improve the lives of women.  He built a multi-billion-dollar empire on a system of merit that promoted men and women equally.  Because of him, the workplace is becoming family friendly with maternity leaves.  Companies are giving women bonuses because of the strong economy.  I can see why you hate him.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers his second State of the Union address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress in the House Chamber of the U.S. Capitol on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. February 5, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

He got government off the back of small business—women are the fastest growing group of small business owners.  I can see why women don stupid hats and cuss him out and call him Hitler.

The President is working for the environmentalists who hate him.  Everyone knows the future is in renewable energy but we need a bridge to that future.  Environmentalists want to shut down all fossil fuels and create calamity for the rest of us—especially poor people.  They remind me of the new-age midwives who want women to give birth cold-turkey just to feel all the pain.

These elitist environmentalists don’t have to drive a semi to feed their family.  They will fly around in private jets polluting the air while they lecture the poor fighting to get to work in the only car they can afford.  Refusing to build this bridge to renewable energy is a great way to kill the mother and the baby.  I can see why you hate him.

He is working for poor Americans by securing our borders.  When a criminal or a terrorist enters our country where do they go?  They immediately set up shop in the inner city.  They take the jobs from those who need them most—they plan their mischief in the ghetto.  I can see why inner-city Americans hate Trump…he is putting them first.

When will you wake up from your liberal media induced coma?  Obama had eight years to make black lives matter in Chicago.  He could have sent in the national guard and stopped the killing.  He was more concerned about Syrian refugees than American refugees from violence—I can see why you loved Obama.

An overwhelming number of millennials lived in your parent’s basement under Obama.  Now you don’t.  He put way more energy into putting a man in the women’s restrooms than to putting you in a real career.

And finally, to all of you celebrity Pastors still afraid of support Trump because he is not “pastor” material, let me say this: Would you stay in a church where half of the people lied about you every day and wanted you out.  Would you—knowing there were greener pastures, a bigger church with a higher salary and more adulation—stay and serve?  Yeah I see why you look down on Trump.

Government work?  Trump didn’t need it.  But tell me, where else could Obama have gone?  Can you see Barack trying to build a business in New York City?  He couldn’t do anything but government…and, in my opinion, he was deplorable in government—buttressed by the fantasies of the liberal left.  Again, I can see why you credit Obama for our current economic boom and you hate Trump.

With all bias against him and the massive unfairness heaped on him…Trump still wants to make America great.  How easily—Mr. celebrity pastor—could Trump say, “the heck with all this, I don’t need this for me and my family.”

There are many areas Donald Trump needs to grow spiritually but in one area he has zoomed ahead of most preachers: Matthew 5: 44 “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you…”

33 thoughts on “Working for those who hate him

  1. Well the word Jesus gave about loving your enemies…
    “You have heard that it was said, ‘ you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
    Matthew 5:43‭-‬44 NASB
    Mr Murillo, it was such a pleasure to hear you as you preached in Lakeland! I was in the streets some years ago alone ministering got drugged and nearly died yet God lead me out! I was young and homeless at 17 (spiritually homeless until 2006)… Please keep going I’m praying about How I’m to help because I’ll tell you I want to be in the tent with your ministry!
    God bless y’all in Jesus name

  2. Oh Mario , you hit this one right out of the ball Park!!⚾️ So true is your take on what we saw last evening & all across the liberal spectrum of American society. It breaks my heart a little more, every time, I watch PR-Trump stand in the face of such hubris, such supernatural hellish hate. We can only pray that the Donald Trump inside of him won’t lose heart during his time of service to this nation, That cannot happen or else we lose as a nation, and you’d think any sentient human being, political or not, could figure that out??
    Quite a few months ago I was so stirred in spirit regarding what I was seeing mounted against my friend Donald Trump, that after prayer, I was shown in The Spirit, ‘some’ of the REAL reason behind this “hate” campaign against PR-Trump.
    I post here and can only hope it helps🙏

  3. I love it! Bam! I absolutely love our first family! When the Lord showed me Donald Trump in 2008 I said what?!? And I was amazed when I looked into this mans background all the beautiful things he has done for others he has a huge heart and is tenacious not many if any could stand in the heat like he has.
    Praise God He sent this man, and remember those that reject Hods anointed there will be a steep price hope they are ready, working on praying for them as I would love to say let every curse they cast at him be given back 10 food to them. It’s heart breaking.
    The Bible says My people perish from lack of knowledge – people take the Bible as past tense or history – not literal but it is literal and living.
    People tend to take the word as it has been taught to them instead of what it really says what does that say about them/ us?
    Thank you for standing up and May the prophets blessings forever be at your doorstep!

  4. Very well said…unfortunately they hate him more than they love their country and his impeachment is all they can think about at the detriment of their constituents. God is on His throne and nothing will go unpunished. Jesus alone can help us at this stage as the demonic forces are out and have willing hosts. We wrestle not against flesh and blood…sides have been chosen and you can’t solve a spiritual problem with politics…we continue on till we hear the trumpet sound and pray more people wake up to the truth before it’s too late.


  5. Thank God Almighty for His hand on our President! I have never seen so much, hatred, disrespect, and rebellion!

    For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
    1 Samuel 15:23

    May they repent…..

  6. It is actually a good thing that they hate Trump! They hated Jesus and because HE is working through Trump he is hated! It is a sign to us of God working. Thank you Mario for your continued boldness…it helps all of us to not be afraid to be bold! You are such a good example as a Christian. God Bless your work in him and please keep it up!

  7. Thank you Mario for your honest comments! God did put President Trump in the White House for such a time as this…Kingdom against Kingdom. The hypocrisy of the left is just as we read in the Bible. They hated our Lord for his truthful insight into their souls. I looked around the floor last night and saw evil and demonic people that have a spell cast on them….like believing drinking a kool-aid drink!!

    As my wife says we have to pray for these people before it’s too late for them!! Right now, I must be honest…it’s hard.

  8. Excellent! You said it so well! Praise Jesus that he has given us a President and Vice President who stand up for us. Most wouldn’t.

  9. Amen Mario! Overcome evil with good. That’s exactly what our POTUS is doing. The Jezebel choir (all dressed in white) can keep screeching, the enemies of Truth will keep gnashing their teeth. We observed a lot of that. That has never stopped the Kingdom and Spirit of God and won’t now. The Almighty is revealing hearts, not only in government but also in pulpits. What is top on God’s list of what He hates? A haughty look? We saw some of those. He still resists the proud and exalts the humble. God calls Donald Trump a humble man. He loves this nation and is anointed for His position. Many others have stolen seats of authority that aren’t really theirs. They can humble themselves or the Lord will humble them. May they choose wisely. Oh what a glorious God!

  10. Right on sir! Would like to share on facebook. How?

    On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 4:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Thoughts that hit me during the state of > the union address: Donald Trump is working to improve the lives of those > who hate him. As the endless list of improvements he has made rolled over > the audience it struck me…there were people there who hate him s” >

  11. This article your wrote is so perfect. I only wish that somehow the government would stop the home foreclosure on American citizens and putting them into a homeless state. Nobody anywhere in the country is addressing this epidemic across the country. My area has many abandoned homes that were foreclosed on as the banks are not willing to work with the homeowners I would rather see them sitting vacant. There must be some type of incentive that the banks are doing this. This must stop !!!

  12. It’s also worth noting that all those women who hate Mr. Trump were “together” in their wearing of white. Not the first time democrats have banded together wearing white. Just saying…

    1. Yes Wolfgang, what is that about???…I find it extremely hypocritical, and spiritually cheeky, after all, it is The Bride of Christs Church of blood bought saints that are dressed in White Robes and fine linen in heaven & in holy scripture.
      So how does that attire of ‘Congressional white dressing’ women – remotely translate into a large group of females who darkly agree to take away a living viable new born infants right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How on earth or in heaven could that mentality ever fit in with the sanctified & righteous Beloved people of God Almighty in Christ? 🤔 Nope it can’t.

  13. Something that crossed my mind watching the speech Tuesday night: those WWII vets in the audience — combat veterans, every one, went to the mat for their country and its freedoms, saw comrades wounded or killed, came back home to build lives in the land they had saved. Sat there Tuesday night and watched the pygmies on the left disrespect their president with their frowns and smirks and talking behind their hands, and all the rest of their smarmy behavior. I wondered what they thought of the whole sorry spectacle.

    1. To Steve, I was amazed that they were still able to come and be counted for their great Patriot effort. I “know” if my grandpa was still alive (retired lieutenant colonel Issac, Purple heart, Special forces on D-Day🎖) he would be stunned & devastated at how Americas Democrat Congressional leadership responds today.

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