Breaking News from California

First of all, some breaking news. It is done! We have final permission to put our tent in the heart of Marysville. The opening night is Sunday March 10 at 6 PM. The tent address is 1104 J Street in Marysville CA 95901.  This is a call to action from Mario Murillo Ministries about California.
Workers are preparing to hit the neighborhoods and invite the entire community to come and see LIVING PROOF of the power of God. Thousands across America are praying for this historic outreach.

We believe that this is the first outpouring along the Highway 99 corridor that Mario saw in a dream God gave him about California nearly 6 years ago. We are obeying the Holy Spirit by following highway 99 south to Los Angeles, touching many major cities along the way. Click here to read more about the dream.
We have detected a deep hunger for God on the streets.  We already know we face a critical shortage of workers.  That is why are calling on everyone who is willing to work to contact by calling 775 238 3473 or by using the link at the bottom of this page.
At the very least please let Mario know you are praying for thousands to come to the tent.   The thrust of this announcement is to ask for your prayers and to ask for additional workers to help us bring in this strategic harvest.
More news! The Holy Spirit has made it very clear our next stop is the Stockton/Manteca area.  While we have different locations available, we still do not feel we have hit on the right one.  Again, please pray!  If you know a potential tent site let us know right away. We believe that the meetings in the Stockton/Manteca area will be amazing and the results could be staggering. Please we need your help with this urgent appeal.
The Holy Spirit has commanded us to be bold and hold nothing back in these meetings. You see the rampage Satan is on right now. He is dividing, addicting, and perverting young lives in record numbers. Drastic miracles will happen to those who come to the tent.
The only way we can fulfill this massive endeavor is with prayer and willing workers. We can’t impress upon you enough how urgent this is. We have the literature, lights, sound, chairs, tent, food, clothing…in short, we have everything, but we need workers most of all. They will decide the size of this harvest.
One more announcement: We are participating in a special 530 Unity in the Community Service this Sunday night at 6:30 PM in Marysville at the Five30 Event center which is on the same property as our tent site: 1104 J Street Marysville 95901.  To know more call 530 674 0400.

There is a place for you in a great act of God in our time! Please volunteer by using the link. And again, if you can help us find the right site in Stockton/Manteca, be a big hero and let us know ASAP!
God bless you, MMM
Click here to be a part of this historic outreach to California

14 thoughts on “Breaking News from California

  1. Dear Mario Murillo, I am on your email list and read them all. I have also donated money to you and find your letters encouraging and enlightening . But i am beginning to get a little uneasy. A month or so ago you told us all about the unexpected opportunity that opened up to have tent meetings, I don’t remember the town, in Calif. especially targeting the homeless. The last one mentioned it was going to be that Sun. So I eagerly waited to hear the wonderful results. NOTHING, never a word indicating it ever happened. This smacks very much of another ministry I used to give to that turned out to be, to put it mildly dishonest.  When we put our prayers and money into something and never hear a word about how it went, what are we supposed to think? Sincerely Karen Yoder

    1. Dear Karen, The opening night took place as promised. In fact, those meetings are still going. I was profoundly humbled that opening night when a lady who had been in a living hell with both knees destroyed to the point that they were bone on bone got her miracle. I told her by the Spirit about her knees. The pain vanished and she took off! This touched off a wave of miracles across the tent. Heart conditions, addictions, diabetes and a host of other ailments were attacked by the Holy Spirit. The most important result was souls. It was glorious to see homeless people feeling divine hope verified by miracles. They, along with many others, came forward effortlessly and wept their way into an eternal relationship with Jesus. Even more glorious is the fact that Inner City Action is following up on the homeless to get them out of their situations.

      Now comes the big question…why didn’t you hear more? Our camera didn’t produce images to our standards. Then, my heart was set aflame by the events in New York and Virginia relating to babies born alive and then being killed. I felt I must take a stand and before we knew it, we were hitting the road hard to do a prophetic conference with Jeremiah Johnson in Florida. At this moment, I am racing back to California for the next stage of Living Proof California–an urgent gathering with leaders. The responsibility for this oversight of not reporting the results rests with me. It was my fault and I hope you can forgive me. Your brother in the battle, Mario Murillo

    2. I understand Mario to be an honest man who owns his mistakes and learns from them. Forgiveness should be freely extended to him in Jesus Name.

  2. Mario great news about Marysville!!
    As to Stockton/Manteca area for the next meeting.
    2 high schools that stood out to me each in their own area (1) Edison high school in The Homestead area, which appears to be urban, & is not far from the Stockton Flea Market grounds which has plenty of parking and room for your tent, if you can rent it from them at 2542 S El Dorado St. Stockton, CA 95206, (209) 465-9933. This appears to be in the middle of that whole region.
    (2) Lathrop high school in Manteca/Lathrop area, it is suburban south & located directly across freeway 5 from the large “Eagles Nest” Harley Davidson store. And there are several large vacant lots close by. Both these high schools appear large & influential centers for CA youth education. The 2 areas are 13 mins drive time, 9.6 miles from each other. The one in Manteca/Lathrop area stood out in The Spirit to me. That area has a residential patchy quality of both prosperity and urban sprawl. In any case I Hope this helps 🦅

  3. Hello! We are praying for this outreach, for God to pour out His Holy Spirit in reformation in the Church, for the salvation of many He is calling to Himself, and for revival to burn away the chaff in the lives of those who serve God! Sincerely in Christ, Wolfgang and Mary Mueller

  4. How can I come to Marysville and help? I would be willing to come and work Saturday through Friday, any and all hours of the day and do anything.

      1. Couldn’t get through to Josh. I was told an email will be coming for volunteers. I live 350 miles from Marysville. If I am going to volunteer I need to plan. Blessing on you Mario. Loved your voice since the early 80’s. First saw you in Santa Rosa at Jesus West Coast, maybe 1982.

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