Trump is right

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could not be more wrong or cold-blooded on this issue. Trump is right to declare a national emergency to build the wall.  It should outrage every believer and American to hear Pelosi and Schumer call this a manufactured crisis.

They said this front of millions of Americans and thousands of people who lost loved ones to murderers–murderers who had no right roaming among innocent Americans. Murderers that Nancy and Chuck still protect.

What is truly cold-blooded is that they know they are lying. They know that we know they are lying. They stand there embalmed of all human decency and robotically reel off their talking points.

No compassion. Not even a nod to those whose husbands, wives, sons, daughters, moms and dads were taken from them. Women were raped, beaten to death with a hammer—neighbors shot, beheaded, dismembered—a young police officer shot and killed the day after Christmas by a man who could not be arrested in Nancy’s home sanctuary state of California. Most of them killed Americans after several arrests and deportations.

The real victims, according to Nancy and Chuck, are the federal workers who  didn’t get paid during the shutdown.   But they will get their money back.  However, none of the real victims of the crisis will ever get their loved ones back.

What kind of a mind can draw a moral equivalence between a family that has lost a loved one to murder and a worker who at worst had their paycheck delayed? That is the manufactured crisis.

The smug, dismissive, intelligence insulting tone, of leftist leaders confirms the fear that our nation is run by an elite class.  The are demagogues who deem themselves above any accountability or the rule of law.  An elite class that themselves, live behind walls and are guarded by men with the guns, the same guns they want to take away from us. This elite class is served by everything from the media, to late night sock puppet hosts, and Hollywood.

What you see should enrage you. They are telling you it’s okay for the killing and looting to go on–that they don’t accept Trump’s facts–facts backed up by those who enforce the law and work at the border.

Schumer and Pelosi believe they decide the facts. They issue the only reality we are allowed to believe. They told you that you are too stupid and unworthy to draw any other conclusion than the official one that we give you.  Look closely at their expression it says, “when we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.”

Trump is a true outsider. That is the root of all the hatred toward him. He shocked the denizens of the Washington swamp by actually keeping his promise. We all know that Chuck and Nancy voted for the wall but only changed their minds because Trump won. They have no motive but hate. They have no plan but to oust Trump.

The wall must be built not just for national security but for national sanity. At some point the people need to see the president they elected exercise the platform that won him that election. If ever a man needed to hold his ground on a matter it is Donald Trump. Do not give in Mr. President. Never!

You are right to declare a state of emergency for two reasons: 1. Drugs and killers are pouring in through the border costing us countless lives. 2. Democrats will let the disaster go on no matter what the cost in lives, so long as they can expand their voter base with illegals. Both are true national emergencies.

25 thoughts on “Trump is right

  1. The problem is that the whole country is being “jammed up” because of politicians on both sides. Trump signed a bill absolutely FILLED with poison pills, that he SHOULD have vetoed and gone forth with building the wall anyway. The bill creates WELCOME centers at points of entry, including food and exercise gyms! It also welcomes cartel people who find kids to haul with them and claim as their own! The entire bill is 1,100 pages of horror and he SIGNED it. According to Rush Limbaugh, it was written so Trump’s supporters would stop supporting him. As for me, I’m both bewildered and disgusted.


    1. He signed it because he knows it will NOT go through and to avoid another shut down! Now he can buy time to work on it! Remember things are NOT ALWAYS what they seem! President Trump knows exactly what he is doing! The dems knew he had to sign it and put that crap 💩 in the bill to upset his supporters! So again, DO NOT believe all you hear! There is so much more going on behind the scenes! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎈MAGA

  2. I am too angry to discuss the terrible people. I did want to say that my lovely coastal town in Oregon collected money to help the Coast Guard who were without a paycheck. They collected cash, gift cards, free meals and lots of love and support for those hurt by the shut down. I supported the shut down. I believe our President is right. I believe that if we need to do it again the good people will take care of those in need. I also believe that the people who back the President would also help finance the wall, even though there is no sane reason the Government wouldn’t pay for it. It’s horrible to have the enemies inside our gates. It’s as if someone needs to apologize to Joseph McCarthy. The communists are here!

  3. Mario and Bloggers,
    So what do WE do??…yes we can keep on praying and asking The Lord to intervene on Americas behalf, yet, what if PR-Donald Trump is THAT intervention instrument that Christ has deemed fit to be America’s first defense. Lets not forget, “that once again” after all the sweeping overreaching moves & legislation that we ALL endured under Barack Obama, the majority of American voters voted into the Congressional house of Representatives, these same leftist leaders to literally make laws to protect the guilty and neglect the innocent. That’s right, I said Americans’ elected people inside the halls of Congress to PROTECT AND NEGLECT!
    So one has to ask themselves, who actually IS to blame for this mess? PR-Trump is definitively doing his job and spending a lot of overtime doing it.
    NO the blame falls on (once again) the American people, just as it did when Obama was elected for 2 terms.With that in mind…what is those liberal American citizens major malfunction?
    Again…they’re lost within the cosmic failure of their own stinking thinking.
    They simply put, desperately need Jesus. But Bloggers…that’s NO reason for you to get your eyes off the Prize or to stop understanding and doing your part to help PR-Trump.

  4. Our President and his advisors are well aware of the poison in the Bill. They know things we don’t know. He has a strategy. Trust the plan but most of all, trust the Lord will bring victory. No amount of evil or corrupt scheming takes God by surprise. Millions of intercessors are praying from the trenches, which moves mountains! Keep the faith, if only a mustard seed size.

  5. I support and pray for President Trump in building the wall! It’s the right thing to do even if it takes a national emergency declaration!

  6. President Trump has another move on the chess board in Dec. when the sequester takes 55 billion from the social programs the Democrats so love. Pray and be patient. The wall will be built.

  7. A Theocracy is coming! Jesus is coming with a rod of iron! This is just another distraction. This country is the last one the NWO wants under their control! God’s on His throne and not wringing His Hands. Time is running out for people to surrender to Jesus. All atrocities will be judged! Blessings and Maranatha!

    23rd February is prayer day of mourning set up by Mummy Activist. Join in praying for the slaughtered innocents.

  8. Thank you Pastor for declaring the truth that no one wants to talk about. Blood of Jesus Christ cover you and protect you always!

    Get Outlook for Android


  9. Yes, you’re so right. The prayers of the Righteous Saints avail much. I believe GOD IS healing our land and using HIS CHOSEN instrument, Donald J. Trump.
    GOD bless you and use you MIGHTILY.
    Linda Challoner

  10. Mario~You are absolutely RIGHT! These two are disgusting and anyone who backs them. They seriously make me ILL. even to LOOK at them. They are so morally empty. Such hypocrites! I just cant believe how they continue to get re-elected! They care nothing about the people in this country they’re supposed to represent. They’re in it for the fame and the money and the perks.

    1. Yes Nancy L Sprague,
      It is throughly disgusting, and is difficult to believe how they continue to get re-elected, but that result is squarely the flaw & fault that lies on the shoulders of hundreds of thousands of American’s who just keep re-electing their same unqualified ilk back into positions of power.
      Those type of political leaders are just in for the ‘power’.

    1. Yes Aron this link was off Mario’s topic but WOW!!!…what CA legislators have done with this curriculum mandate, is a heinous diabolic display of satan’s initial plan to destroy the children as soon as they’re old enough to talk and think for themselves. I feel so sorry for CA parents, its mind boggling, I’m genuinely ASTOUNDED.😖

      1. It’s just plain gross.
        I posted this at tucker carlsons “report a story we might be interested in link”on his twitter.
        Some leftest weirdo troll commented arguing that it’s good to teach this to kids.
        “4 YEAR OLDS MIND YOU”
        Well I let him have it.
        How perverted and twisted.
        Mario warned us in Ca but the church here us so lazy and apathetic %wise that all these bizarre laws went unchallenged and here we are facing the reality of it all.
        It’s enough to gag a maggot.
        Nothing wore than looking at the fruit of your own bad choices let alone having to choke it down.😳
        Maybe I’m not complicant directly or part if a church that us on fire for God.I even did my part to try to stop it but I’m still sitting in the body of christ and very much apt to experience some of the judgment that’s coming.
        It rains on the just and unjust unfortunately.

      2. What is so diabolic about this Aaron is, according to the thread & links the Mother used within her webpage letters to the CA legislators and educators she posted publicly, the origin of this diabolical plot is funded, supported and backed by multibillionaires, such as George Soros and several others, who subsidize everything from BIG Pharma (to encourage sex change), to transgender hospitals (for children!?????) to fund accounts for people in identity crisis, to planned parenthood and apparently right into the schools curriculum.
        To quote from the old Hippie days…”Big Brother is Watching,” and now ruling American children futures. I say & pray RAPTURE Ready, Come Lord Jesus🤩

  11. I say….. we pray Pelosi and Shummer out of their job. Those 2 shoouldn’t be allowed to run this Nation ….thats we we have a President. Thank you Mr. Murillo for saying it like it is.

    God Bless
    Paula from Idaho

  12. I shudder at the evil eyes of Chuck Schumer. They look demonic. Some time ago, the Lord spoke to me and told me that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are generals in Satan’s army. This is all EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!

  13. Iin the beginning it was not so. We had leaders in government who knew and honored God. Think back and name them.

    Now, in order to be a good politician today you must be able to lie and be a genuine hypocrite. Those two qualities must be honed and developed to satanic perfection. And not for me to say who fits the category and who doesn’t. Just look at the tree and notice the fruit thereof.

    As we study where we came from and where we are today, it is evident much has been sown to the wind and consequences are being reaped in the US.

    It is late in the game, and this President is all we have (along with Preachers such as Mario) to expose the curruption and fight against the tide seeking to swallow him up as well as this Nation. As our Brother has stated in the past, we have a reprieve… precious time.

    This Country has a history of Spiritual Awakenings. The author of this blog site has touched on this topic many times in his Preaching. I got one of the first copies of the book Critical Mass back in the 80’s, and if you haven’t read it, get a copy. You’ll have a grasp on what it takes to have a breakout of Revival Fire in your city as well as a breakthrough of Glory in your own personal Visitation. And it is coming! Many home prayer groups are starting up everywhere. And there are some high quality warriors scattered here and there who are uttering some strong mountain moving prayers right now as we speak. The seeds of a Great and Mighty Awakening continue to be sown. And the hardest lesson I am learning is this: Not only is God in control, but GOD IS SOVEREIGN! He will do so in His Time and His Way!

    Keep on Praying, Persevering, and Pressing in. Don’t stop believing and don’t faint. Stay with it. Our Anchor holds steady though the ship be battered and the sails are torn. We Win!

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