Do these three things

These are the ugliest days in America. They are designed to trap the child of God with anger, depression, despair and exhaustion. Satan wants to destroy your sleep. He is fiercely pursuing your peace. He even wants to use your love for God against you.

We have entered a season in American life that is the worst that Christians have ever known.  There are forces crashing against our spirit that are unheard of by prior generations.Satan wants you angry, depressed and exhausted. He wants it for a different reason that you know. He is using fake news, political correctness, and the insane behavior of people around you to crush your spirit.

It is ironic, but it is the core of God’s people—the remnant who hold to their convictions who are under the greatest attack. They are encountering withering lies of the devil and attacks that seem to come from every direction.

They are suffering from isolation: Since they are not at home in the compromised church they feel isolated and even punished for dropping out of the shallowness.

They are also under attack at their jobs where their stand against immoral living makes them a target of outright hostility and false accusations of being judgmental or hateful.

They are the special target of Satan for a reason that is hidden. They are marked by evil to be attacked more viciously than the lukewarm believer.

A verse I’ve read for decades just woke me up to the reason for the attack on you. It explains that Satan feverishly labors to crush the spirit of those God has chosen. Jesus said, “”Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. -Luke 21:34

In this message, I will show you three things to do that will make you able to conquer all you feelings and emotions. You are here for a big reason. Satan wants you trapped so that you miss the day of His power. The harvest you were promised—the revival you have yearned for—the outpouring you have expected.  But God has more than provided for this attack.

Lucifer knows your role and wants you trapped by emotions and yes addictions! It is shocking to many on fire Christians that Satan would use their broken spirit to try to trap them in drugs and alcohol. They are shocked to be reeling under this temptation after years of fiery dedication to Christ.

It’s a trap! The devil wants you out of commission on the day of His power…but now, we will rip the mask off this attack and we will defuse the bomb that is threatening your emotions. It is time for a special last day’s miracle in your spirit!

It is time for supernatural emotions! The three things I will ask you to do are tied to one single victorious and defiant declaration…

This declaration will–if you let it ignite in your soul–not only save your life but give you power you never imagined.  It will make all of the difference in the world to your health physically and mentally.  There is one declaration that will pave the way for you to conquer anything that the future holds.

What is the declaration—roaring out of our spirit—that would give us the upper hand over all of the insanity of this time?


You are declaring that you are happening to the end times when you do these things:

1. Become catalytic. A catalyst is any substance that changes what is around it without itself being changed or consumed. The hellish events of today cannot change you or consume you.

Now look at God.  He gives special grace for these last days.  Grace is not just favor.  It is not just forgiveness.  It is the combined power of the resurrection and the righteousness of Jesus Himself.

We hear Daniel 11:32 “Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out exploits.”  We hear that verse quoted quite often but we may be failing to see the real good news in that promise and its direct bearing on what you are going through right now.

Because you know God you are protected from the corruption of this time.  Because you know God you will be stronger than these times.   Because you know God you will not merely survive these times, you will exploit them.

2.Declare God’s power over your physical health. He will restore your energy, He will oversee your immune system.  He will guard your heart so that your resistance to disease will be awesome.  Obamacare cannot begin to match the benefits of what Christ offers you now.

Psalm 103: 1 “Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name! 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits: 3 Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases, 4 Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies, 5 Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”

Isaiah 40: 31 “But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.”

James 5:14 “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.”

You do not have to dread long lines at an emergency room when you claim Christ as your doctor and the guardian of your health!

3. Let supernatural emotions remove your fear of bad news, headlines and threats.

It is time for the people who quote, “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world, to also confess “greater is He who is in me than what is happening in the world.”

Psalm 112:7-8 “He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”

God wants to give us supernatural emotions.  Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.”

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

God wants you to walk in the knowledge of His supernatural protection.  John 17:15 My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

What shall we say to these terrible, evil, stressful things?  We shall say: THE END TIMES ARE NOT HAPPENING TO ME. I AM HAPPENING TO THE END TIMES!

Is this an arrogant boast or worse a delusional boast?   Absolutely not.  You must take your position in the heavenlies. When the anointed of God take their proper stand in the heavenlies, the circumstances of the last days must bend to their destiny…and their emotions to the joy of the Lord.

20 thoughts on “Do these three things

  1. This is a wonderful and timely Word! I have been struggling with anxiety, depression, headaches and dizziness for the past two weeks. Even high blood pressure and I have NEVER had high blood pressure. Feelings of worthlessness, and unable to leave the house for a few days. I thought it must be an enemy attack. Now I can see it so clearly. Thank you, Pastor Mario, for your faithfulness in giving us the timely Words that God gives you!

  2. Thus says your Lord, The Lord and your God, Who pleads the cause of His people: “See, I have taken out of your hand The cup of trembling, The dregs of the cup of My fury; You shall no longer drink it. But I will put it into the hand of those who afflict you, Who have said to you, ‘Lie down, that we may walk over you.’ And you have laid your body like the ground, And as the street, for those who walk over.”
    Isaiah 51:22-23
    Mario and Mechelle please pray for my husband. God bless and keep you.

  3. Thank u brother for this word all of this I have been experiencing. And this winter I have been under attack health wise and that draws u down . I do know the blood go’ s a long way we foreget. As this world like too pile up against us. I would love too see u come too North Carolina for a tent meeting .

  4. Those whose hearts are aflame for souls will not be stopped or shaken from their passion to win the lost. I had to stop reading the stories of those who speak threats against our president and the people of God. My prayer is simply that all who dig a pit for President Trump and those who stand for righteousness will fall into it themselves. So far, God has won against every threat, as He continues to cause the satan controlled leftists to display their lunacy for all intelligent Americans to see. Thank you, Mario, for continuing to share the Holy Spirit’s revelations with us.

  5. Timely message. Some times I feel alone. I don’t fellowship in a church any more. I pray most times and read scripture. But when I attend churches they are like the walking dead. Obviously to the times we are in. Church as usual zombies

  6. Thank you. The 2 thinks I have found most disheartening are the debased and vile gay and trans cultural mania and the absolute DEAD and compromised formerly “born again ” church.

  7. Thank You Mario, for this resounding word of victory!! And God Bless you & your Wife with Victory on your anointed efforts for Christ Kingdom.
    Mario spoke of “three things” that you gave as a witness to our over-comers walk of Victory and just recently I spoke about the “three things” that Apostle John said to remember as we walk in Christ God’s Son of Victory and our Messiah King, these things are in agreement…
    I hope this helps🙏

  8. Thank you so much for this message. It has truly renewed by whole body and soul. It has restored my strength to new measures.

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. An amazing and very timely message. One worthy of re-reading on a regular basis in these times. Thank you Mario.

  10. Thank you Mario for such a timely word… it encourages my heart and rings true in my spirit. Praise be unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God bless you.

  11. Sent from my iPad

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: May 27, 2019 at 2:55:28 PM PDT > > The devil is on the move > >  > >>

  12. From our daughter in Phoenix!

    > From: angie glemba > Date: August 1, 2020 at 9:31:52 AM PDT > > > > Pretty scary stuff….help God, help!! Defend our country!! You are Lord of the Nations! > > >>> On Aug 1, 2020, >>> >>  >> >> 106,417 views|Jul 30, 2020,06:46am EDT >> ‘Drone Swarm’ Invaded Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant Last September — Twice >> >> David HamblingContributor >> Aerospace & Defense >> I’m a South London-based technology journalist, consultant and author >> Documents gained under the Freedom of Information Act show how a number of small drones flew around a restricted area at Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant on two successive nights last September. Security forces watched, but were apparently helpless to act as the drones carried out their incursions before disappearing into the night. Details of the event gives some clues as to just what they were doing, but who sent them remains a mystery. >> >> Details of the events were obtained from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by Douglas D. Johnson on behalf of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The SCU’s main interest is in anomalous aerospace phenomena, what other people term UFOs. In this case though the flying objects were easily identifiable as drones, although their exact mission and origin are unknown. Johnson passed the information to The War Zone who give a detailed account. >> >> >> Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. Unit 3, scene of the drone incursions, is on the right. WIKIMEDIA – CUHLIK >> Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant is the largest in the U.S., producing over three gigawatts, 35% of Arizona’s total power capacity. It supplies electricity to Phoenix and Tucson, as well as San Diego and Los Angeles. It is a critical piece of strategic infrastructure; during the 2003 Iraq War, National Guard troops were deployed to Palo Verde to defend against a possible terrorist threat. In normal times, as with other nuclear installations, it is protected by armed security guards. >> >> The armed guards, gates, fences and barriers were useless on the night of September 29th. According to the official report: >> >> Recommended For You >> >> If Covid-19 Really Isn’t A Big Threat To The Average Airline Passenger But No Airline Bothers To Tell The Story, Does It Make Any Noise? >> >> Can The UK Afford To Develop Its Tempest Optionally-Manned Stealth Fighter? >> >> Impact Of Pentagon Weapons Spending On Jobs (And Votes) In Four Battleground States >> >> “Officer noticed several drones (5 or 6) flying over the site. The drones are circling the 3 unit site inside and outside the Protected Area. The drones have flashing red and white rights [sic] and are estimated to be 200 to 300 hundred [sic] feet above the site. It was reported the drones had spotlights on while approaching the site that they turned off when they entered the Security Owner Controlled Area. Drones were first noticed at 20:50 MST and are still over the site as of 21:47 MST. Security Posture was normal, which was changed to elevated when the drones were noticed.” >> >> The drones departed at 22:30, eighty minutes after they were first spotted. The security officers estimated that they were over two feet in diameter. This indicates that they were not simply consumer drones like the popular DJI Phantom, which have a flight endurance of about half an hour and is about a foot across, but something larger and more capable. The Lockheed Martin Indago, a military-grade quadcopter recently sold to the Swiss Army, has a flight endurance of about seventy minutes and is more than two feet across. At several thousand dollars apiece minimum, these are far less expendable than consumer drones costing a few hundred. All of which suggests this was not just a prank. >> >> The next night events were repeated: >> >> “Four (4) drones were observed flying beginning at 20:51 MST and continuing through the time of this report (21:13 MST). As occurred last night, the drones are flying in, through, and around the owner-controlled area, the security owner-controlled area, and the protected area. Also, as last night, the drones are described as large with red and white flashing lights.” >> >> Local police from Maricopa County were dispatched to find the drone operators, but with no success. The site is reportedly due to receive drone detection gear, but not counter-drone jammers or other defensive equipment that might stop such incursions. >> >> Despite this incident, two months later the NRC decided not to require drone defenses at nuclear plants, asserting that small drones could not damage a reactor or steal nuclear material. It is highly likely that such sites are still vulnerable to drone overflights. >> >> Are such drones a genuine threat to nuclear facilities? Many argue that because reactors are protected by two to three feet of concrete, able to withstand the impact of a small airliner – Sandia Laboratories actually carried out a full-scale test to prove this – small drones are nothing to fear. However, drones would probably not go for a brute-force approach, but would use their ability to strike pinpoint targets to hit control systems and failsafes. While this would be unlikely to cause a Chernobyl, it might well shut the plant down, taking out 35% of Arizona’s electricity at a stroke. The successful attack on the Abqaiq facility last year, in which about twenty garage-built drones knocked out a heavily-defended oil facility in Saudi Arabia, should be a wakeup call that such unmanned precision strikes are not just the preserve of state actors any more. >> >> In this case though the drones were clearly not attacking. If it was simply to test the defenses, why send several drones rather than one? Why use big commercial drones rather than disposable consumer models? Why spend so long? >> >> The most obvious answer is that the drones were gathering intelligence, using cameras or other surveying gear too large for a consumer quadcopter. Surveyors use drones fitted with LiDAR, light-based radar, to build accurate three-dimensional pictures of buildings and landscapes with an accuracy of a few centimeters. Others use drone-based photogrammetry, a technique which correlates a large number of two-dimensional images into a full three-dimensional one. Either process requires much longer than a straightforward flyover, which may explain why there were there for so long. >> >> A fleet of several drones could have been sent to survey the entire site in one hit. However, after their success on the first night, the drone operators may have been tempted to go back again to cover any areas they might have missed or get more detail. This may have gathered all they needed, so there was no need for a third mission. >> >> This suggests that the intruders, as well as establishing that Palo Verde lacks effective drone defenses, may now have highly detailed maps of the facility, showing the exact location of every valve, pipe, switch and control. Perhaps they simply aim to sell these on the dark web to anyone who will pay. Or perhaps they have something else in mind. Either way, it is an alarming demonstration of how easily drone intruders can now go anywhere anytime they wish. >> >> >>

  13. Begin forwarded message:

    > > Date: November 4, 2020 at 1:25:49 PM > Subject: Fwd: Urgent 2020 Election Prophetic Alert > >  > AMEN!!! > > ———- Forwarded message ——— > From: Jeremiah Johnson >

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