A man of God and his wife who are dear friends of mine were placed in an awkward but all too familiar situation. They were with other spiritual leaders when hard liquor was offered to them. They politely refused and slowly excused themselves from the reception trying hard to mask their shock.

That is not the end of it. A “prophet” later confronted them and told them that they were legalistic for not drinking. He went so far as to say that unless they got in line with the new “revelation” of freedom their church would not grow.

This is no longer a case of just saying drinking is okay. Now they are saying you should be drinking if you want to be in the flow. That “flow” is part of a machinery for growth that compromises in many other areas of Christian life—and programs believers to backslide. The Bible predicted this deception…

Isaiah 59:15 says, “So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him That there was no justice.” Some pastors today are preying on church members who seek to be holy…accusing them of a religious spirit.

Have we really come to the point where believers are making themselves a target by pursuing holiness?  The answer is a loud YES! A machine is churning out converts who are being programmed to backslide. And don’t fool yourself, this machine is in spirit-filled churches…even in so-called revival churches.

Holiness is now rejected and called a religious spirit. Satan rejoices at this because it has created the greatest display of false success in the history of the church. Many churches are now conveyor belts that attract people in but then they rapidly fall off at the end of the belt.

In fact, the ones who fall off may be the fortunate ones. There’s at least a chance that they will crash and burn and come to their senses in true repentance. But woe, to those who are backslidden in church but don’t know it because they are taught, they can never backslide.

The growth we celebrate today is a grand illusion that hides the greatest turnover ratio ever.

Doesn’t this explain why so many believers have been bulldozed and reclaimed by the enemy? Doesn’t this point out the reason the church has no authority to push back against the flood of evil in our nation? How can we field an army of warriors when our system sets them up to fail?  Forgive me but I am about to get passionate about this!

How can it be that the very vessels chosen of God to equip the saints instead conspired to create a system that rewards carnality and shames holiness?

Listen to most sermons today. They give the impression the church has exhausted herself trying to serve God, or that she has overdone sacrifice—that now she needs vast portions of comfort food.  That’s the way it sounds when ministers keep telling them to relax, and quit trying so hard, because Daddy is so pleased with them.

Even after there’s proof that a congregation has become a listless, flabby, biblically illiterate, club of moody consumers—preachers will still heap on them one more message of pampered entitlement.  Forgive me for being crude…but it’s kind of like handing a diabetic a case of Snickers bars.

Sundays are too often a celebration of how much God lets you get away with and soothing guarantees that confuse God’s love versus His approval.

1 John 5:4 says “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”  There are two things to take away from this promise: the first is that a major goal of the child of God is to overcome the world. That goal is largely missing in modern preaching—preaching that sees the world as a quasi-friend not as a mortal enemy.  Secondly, it shows us the desperately urgent place of faith—faith that overcomes! That is also missing.

We program failure when it is not clear at the moment of conversion that Christ must become lord of their existence. That is an ultimatum that cannot be postponed. Without it, you are lying to the new convert about the power they will have over evil or any hope of growing in faith. You are also robbing them of the joy of the Lord.

Repentance, spiritual warfare, the authority of the believer are all subjects that would protect the child of God and help them to stand against the enemy. But these preachers never get around to these truths because it will stop the influx of people. Think of that!

Gently suggest the church could go deeper—call for more prayer meetings—voice concern about inappropriately dressed women—tell them you don’t want to party with them, and they will scream, “YOU HAVE A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT!”

What was once normal discipleship, is now legalistic.  Anything that dampens their festivities is judgmental. What have we done?  We have unleashed a counterfeit liberty.  These are not the features of a Spirit-led people.  These are the clear symptoms of people with sick souls deceived and careening toward disaster.

But the final nail in the coffin of this deception is this: It is utterly unnecessary to compromise to get a crowd. Jesus never had trouble getting a crowd. That is why He focused on changing the crowd. Go ahead and boast about growth but you must do it at the expense of truth—the truth that while churches grow, the nation is dying—and the very people tasked by God to save America are having zero impact.

The greatest gift God can send a church is a holy child of God.  Their heart is for revival.  They want the fire, glory and power of God to electrify the church.  Make them your enemy and you have also made an enemy out of God. Woe is you if you have ever called holiness a religious spirit.   God bless you if you love holiness and understand what a treasure it is.  “1 Timothy 6: 6 Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”

Thank God that at this critical hour the Holy Spirit is separating a core to Himself. These are pastors, and regular Christians who are praying to go deeper. They are busy saying to each other, “this side show is not God, there’s more! No way can Satan win if we take our stand on the authority of the cross!”

He is imbuing them with boldness, wisdom, signs and wonders and most of all…a blazing passion for holiness. “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.” – Hebrews 12:14 


  1. All I can say is “Wow”…

    If this isn’t a prophetic warning I don’t know what one would look like!

    [Even after there’s proof that a congregation has become a listless, flabby, biblically illiterate, club of moody consumers—preachers will still heap on them one more message of pampered entitlement. Forgive me for being crude…but it’s kind of like handing a diabetic a case of Snickers bars.]

  2. Big amen brother, preach it, Mat. 9:17 you can’t put new wine in old bottles, meaning if you drink the old wine, you will not be filled with the new wine of his holy spirit, There glorifing the WORLDLY CHURCH, not his HOLY CHURCH OF THE TRUE LIVING GOD YAHWEH, there building satans church, most have a familiar spirit masquerading as the holy spirit, it’s a total demonic spirit that promotes evil, to weaken and destroy the true Church of the living God, we turnned into a cub scout troop of passive wimps, run and controled by satan, [ or self, which is the beast, self is the mark, the mark of man is 6, we were created in his image, the image, who do men worship self, who do there hands work for self, who’s on there mind self, 1 john 4:6 say’s those who knoweth God heareth us, those who know not God heareth us not hereby know ye the spirit of truth [ HIS HOLY SPIRIT] and the spirit of error, [ BELIAL, BELIAR, BELZEBUB, THE THE DEVIL THE BEAST] YOU FOLLOW ONE OR THE OTHER IF YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING HIS HOLY SPIRIT, THEN YOU ARE LEAD BY THE DEVIL, IT’S THAT SIMPLE, we are fighting a demonic church today claiming to be the church of the living God, in the efforts of trying to destroy the TRUE CHURCH, THEY HAVE PUSHED HIS HOLY SPIRIT OUT, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, AND LET IN A FAMILIAR SPIRIT THAT EXCEPT’S EVERY THING WORLDLY, AND ALL HOLINESS HAS TO GO, BUT GOD IS GOING TO REBIRTH HIS SPIRIT BACK IN THE CHURCH AND THESE IMPOSTER’S WILL BE EXPOSED, WE HAVE TAINTED THE TRUE CHURCH, AND LET SCORCER’S COME IN, MIND READER’S, OF ALL KIND’S WOMEN HAVE BEEN ABUSED AS LITTLE GIRL’S SEXUAL AND GOTTEN A spirit FROM THE DEVIL HAT CAN READ MIND’S, [ NOT THERE FAULT THEY WERE ABUSED, BUT IT IS BEING PASSED OFF AS PROPHECY, AND IT’S NOT, IT’S FROM THE DEMONIC, AND SO MANY THAT CLAIM TO BE PROPHET’S TODAY ARE BEING CONTROLED BY THAT spirit IN ORDER TO DESTROY THE CHURCH OF THE TRUE LIVING GOD, AND WITCHCRAFT, I HAVE JUST SEEN THIS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL AND IT’S BAD, SO MANY OF BIG NAME PROPHET’S ARE IN FUKK BLOWN WITCHCRAFT, FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN WE HAVE EVER SEEN, THEY TAPPED INTO SOMETHING ONLY SOME ANGEL’S WERE SUPPOSE TO KNOW, TO TRY AND TAKE ME DOWN, AND THIS IS NOT CHILD’S PLAY, AND WE NEED THE TRUE ARMY OF THE LIVING GOD POWERFUL WARRIOR’S WHO HAVE MANIFESTED INTO THE SONS OF THE LIVING GOD, ROMANS 8:22 AND INSTEAD OF MANIFESTING WE ARE DECREASING, [ SELF IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, AND THAT’S WHO WE WORSHIP, THE CHIP WHERE YOU CAN BY AND SELL IS ONLY THE FINAL STEP OF IT BEING COMPLETELY IN PLACE] [ CHRIST IS COMING BACK ONLY FOR THE ONE’S WHO HAVE HIM ON THERE MIND, AND WHO ARE DOING THE WORK OF THERE HANDS FOR HIS KINGDOM] [self is who is on some’s mind, and that who there working for self to get what they can gain here on earth, the spirit of error, belial, beliar, belzebub, satan, the beast is self [God said let us make man in our image, the image, he made man on the 6 day the mark of man is 6, the image the beast just look in the mirror if you don’t see Jesus then you see self, the image the beast, self is the biggest god we worship today, just think about it, the Churches are not lead by the Holy Spirit any more there lead by man, [SELF] they do as they want, not as the Holy Spirit leads, THERE LEAD BY SELF, AND GOD WANT’S HIS CHURCH BACK, AND HIS SPIRIT WILL BE REBIRTHED BACK IN THE CHURCH HE IS COMING BACK FOR A PURE BRIDE, NOT A HARLOT ON THE STREET CORNER, HIS CHURCH WILL BE PURE AGAIN OR SHE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. GOD BLESS BRO. MARIO

  3. I was once in a choir in a very famous pastor’s church. Another friend and I would become lost in the Holy Spirit while worshiping, close our eyes and lift our hands up to worship. In our choir practice, we were admonished many times by the worship leader who said when we did that we were being religious and trying to draw attention to ourselves. We chose to continue to worship Jesus. I also endured continual badgering from this same worship leader over how I sounded, being from the South. He was a professional trained in Broadway. I eventually left the choir and the church, too, especially when I realized the pastor and his wife thoroughly endorsed how we were being treated.

    1. Yes, I understand…. I was told I was to not make myself so conspicuous while up there in the choir. I have always been very tall for a woman and back then I was heavy… they didn’t want me on camera. Even though I had people who would approach me and tell me that they loved the way I worshiped the Lord…. with Open abandon. Yes, the big wigs at my church endorsed how I was being treated, also. I was told not to bounce when I worshiped, either. Okay, I can understand being conscious of how one appears while in the public eye, but to say one is “offensive” when worshiping the Lord with all of their total being, like King David did?? Wow… that’s what I thought I was there for. Guess not… I mean, why weren’t people lost in worship rather than watching how one appears in the choir or on camera??? I wasn’t concerned with “how I looked on camera”… all I cared about was worshiping the Lord. I guess the feelings were mutual when I finally left the choir. I only left because they started making choir so only those who were popular and had “acting” experience could continue on. They were holding professional auditions to be in the choir. The new choir leader (professional singer) and other more popular and socially acceptable in leadership were getting rid of the “rif raf” from the choir to be more camera acceptable. They were glad I was gone and I was able to have my worship just as a love relationship between Him and me. Intimate, since I was socially so unacceptable!! That had been my church since day one… I helped build that building there… I wasn’t just there for the “glory” which belonged to the Lord, in the first place. That rejection almost cost me my salvation… but then I woke up and realized… That’s something NO ONE can take away from me because the LORD GAVE it to me…. not them!! And, I take that with me where ever I may go!! 🙂

    2. I can’t quote it directly but, Jesus said anyone who denies me, I will deny them to my father. You can get the idea. If you want to look to Heaven and raise your hands, it’s not the people around you that you need to care about, it’s the One who you are reaching out to. I can only hope that some day I will look up to see a hand reaching down to me and that I can reach up to take His. Anyone who doesn’t like it can stay away from me.

  4. We are to REPENT and weep over our sins… there is no conviction…. people sin and don’t even feel bad….the gospel message is to REPENT AND TURN from your sins…not that “God has a wonderful plan for your life” … that’s where the Calvary chapel moment went astray

  5. Excellent Mario!..
    just 2 days ago I read an article about a Lutheran Church, that had instituted flavored Beer into their church, emulating a Brewery. By the sound of what the Pastor said, he seemed much more concerned about the “pleasure” his congregants would receive out of the differing types of Beer rather than the gospel message itself. Lots of large churches adopted the practice of adding a Star Bucks coffee bar within their church several years ago, hubby & I knew then, the “church culture” was in trouble, with commercialization, then the “Book Store/Gift Shops” took hold in every lobby. Coffee is not bad, even Beer is not bad, selling books, DVDs CDs is not bad, it is the intention to have ‘added attractions’ to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is bad. As to booze I know there are ‘sippin saints’ my hubby & I were 2 of those people 24 years ago. BUT we saw The Light and GRABBED Hold of Christ Jesus, madly, passionately, loving HIM…desiring to honor Him…in our lives, with our lives, and with our bodies. We quit that stinking drinking- which helped our stinking thinking- NO booze for 24 years and NEVER again. King Yeshua deserves better than a bunch of groggy humans lifting their hands up in praise, swaying back & forth due to the haze of alcohol.
    👎🏻🍺🍻🥂👎🏻 That’s not legalistic nor Religious, it’s the unadulterated Truth.

  6. What is the answer to churches like The Brooklyn Tabernacle , who has 24 hour unbroken prayer in the building for almost 40 years , has made a tremendous impact on New York , planted dozens of churches . They are the definition of a new testament , Spirit filled church.

    I’ve heard Pastor Cymbala say numerous times ” we should not get involved in politics “… that Paul was not grieved about the perversions in Rome , or the moral decay of society … His job was just just preach the gospel.

    How do we reconcile these two schools of thought ?

    The Brookyln Tabernacle could have such a deep impact on this country politically … yet somehow they don’t see why they need to..

    They are in the belly of liberalism as new Yorkers ..infanticide was just passed & celebrated… Where were they ?

    1. Mr Crane, That Brooklyn Tabernacle choir sings the most beautifully I’ve heard, and they worship with hands raised to heaven while they do it too. It must be terrifically hard to be in the midst of that NY, NY/Brooklyn NY, crowd. Lets hope and pray they don’t get censored for just being Believers, by the liberal left legislators in that once grand city & state.

  7. I am seeing milk sermons that teach nothing and everyone smiling and patting themselves on the back while they allow satan to run rampant in the church, I am radically obedient to Christ and I stand against this all the time. The God I serve has never lost a battle…….

  8. Amen! We were never called to be “Surface Dwellers”. We are to study GOD’S WORD (2 Timothy 2:15), we are to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh (Galatians 5:16, I John 2:16) we are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12), trusting GOD, for HE which hath begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of JESUS CHRIST… (Philippians 1:6 & Ephesians 2:10)
    How can one stand and fight without knowledge of GOD’S WORD? (Matthew 4:4, 7 & 21:13; Luke 4:8 & 12; Psalms 40:7) Why are the churches not equipping the saints? (Ephesians 4:1-16) Are we issued our weapons? (2 Corinthians 10:3-6) Are soldiers being trained? (Galatians 3 & 4) Do they even know we have weapons, uniforms? (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    Romans 13:14 “But put ye on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”
    Brother Mario thank you for Loving GOD, for loving HIS Sheep, for seeking HIS Face and HIS Instruction for HIS Body, may GOD Our FATHER continue to bless you with HIS VOICE, HIS Courage, HIS Boldness and tenacity…..
    I am claiming Psalms 1:1-3 for you and your ministry; Flourish, grow, produce and make known GOD’S Ways among HIS people and the world at large.

  9. Too many leaders are compromised today. Holy Ghost fires that once flamed are gone. Pastors who still preach holiness, righteous living, prayerfulness, and who refuse to be “modernized” are branded as relics, dinosours, and people whose day is past. We used to come to the alters for prayer before church. Now we sit in the new coffee bar the church has added drinking coffee. How strange to see one hand lifeted in worship in the sanctuary while sipping lattes being held in the other hand. We can’t do without coffee long enough to give God our undivided attention for 30 minutes of pure worship??? Oops! I better just go away. I am a bitter, legalistic old timer who doesn’t know where the flow of the spirit is in this new day in the liberated church.

  10. That “religious spirit” ought to be the HOLY SPIRIT! But, only God is holy! Too many people try to “fake it” and live what they think are holy lives when all the Lord wants us to do is get out of His way and let him live in and through us!

  11. I guess it’s not surprising anymore! Once they have tasted of that heavenly gift it’s hard to go to Mickey Mouse Club. One secret that I have discovered is if one is full of Grace and Truth they will do the works of Jesus because He was full of Grace and Truth. What are they full of? Great Grace was upon the Apostles, thus Great power!

  12. Dear Mario, I have always listened and read what you teach Always on target.
    I am concerned with Pastors that marry “believers” to hindus, moslems etc.
    Well the unbeliever might get saved. WHEN?
    Love you

    1. Nice to hear from you Hope! Yeah be not unequally yoked with unbelievers is fairly clear isn’t it? Can’t believe how many issues would be avoided if people would just read and follow the Bible.

  13. My friend and I were discussing this last night, she knows a group of spirit filled women who voted for Hilliary, how can this be? We cannot align ourselves with anyone who believes in the shedding of innocent blood, churches are accepting gays, we have churches serving beer, we have joel osteen, who never talks about sin, we have a large ministry of Joseph Prince who has lead thousands into deception, believing there is no need to repent. I actually heard him say, refusing to believe in the gospel of Grace is worse than the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah …he is leading so many to hell, Christians think it’s ok to drink, read your horiscope, watch x rated movies, watch Harry Potter..couples living together without marriage , the list goes on and on. Where are the pastors that are suppose to Teach. Where are the pastors to tell people they are in sin, to teach what is right and what is wrong…where is righteousness in the church

    1. I read every comment on here and they are good, and I read yours, and I wasn’t going to comment, but I had to.
      I’m a born-again Christian; I read and study the Bible and pray that the Holy Spirit guides me in all truth (just as Jesus said He is suppose to).
      I saw where you mentioned Joseph Prince. I’ve listened to him since 2006/2007, so over a decade, I’ve listened to his teachings about Jesus, his Finished work on the cross, REPENTANCE, the authority we have in Christ, etc., and I’ve learned more about Jesus and the Bible (the whole Bible) than I ever did in my church.
      If you watch him on tv and tuned in 10 minutes or so into the program, you may hear something that can be taken out of context, if you didn’t hear the first part of it.
      I’m currently reading one of his books, and today as I was reading, I read where he talked about repentance. And he has even talked about it on his tv programs.
      And he also, teaches how sin is destructive and teaches that it’s wrong for people to abuse God’s Grace to condone their sin. He also says how we are called to be set apart for holiness.
      I just had to point out a few things for you; I hate to see things falsely said about a preacher, when the person saying these things never truly has listened to the preacher at all. I know you haven’t listened to him for over 10 years.
      I’ve read so many testimonies of people who were in bondage to drugs and alcohol and other host of sins, being set free after hearing messages about Jesus and his finished work on the cross, because God led them to listen to Joseph Prince. Once a person knows how much Jesus loves them, and how he died for them, they’ll want to live a life pleasing to God. Why would you want to sin against a savior who died for you? Who came to set your free from sin and death? No one! No one truly born-again won’t.
      The gospel of Christ needs taught and preached to set people free from bondage and deception. Only the devil wants it drowned out and put out, because he knows that once a person encounters Jesus they’ll be set free from his power.

      1. Deanna, I have no doubt of your sincere love for the Lord. But, As Mark Twain said, “facts are a stubborn thing.”
        Observe the following quotes:

        Here is what Joseph Prince said about Grace: “His grace is cheapened when you think that He has only forgiven you of your sins up to the time you got saved, and after that point, you have to depend on your confession of sins to be forgiven. God’s forgiveness is not given in installments.”

        Now listen to Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession…Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.”

        There is no confusion in this debate: Prince says that repenting of sins that you have committed after you are saved “cheapens grace.” Bonhoeffer says that offering forgiveness without repentance is “cheap grace.”

        Who are you going to believe? Will you believe Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Joseph Prince? I am going to take the word of the man whose reality in God empowered him to stand up to Adolf Hitler.

      2. Amen Mario!…I looked and never saw you mention Mr Prince by name or call him out. Then I saw it was a Blogger who did.
        In the beginning of Joesph Princes ministry around a decade ago, I communicated with him early on because I saw something unique that Christ our Lord was doing with him and he was responsive to me & to the work. Yet then Joseph began to gain popularity and access to high profile institutional church & media church leadership globally. That is when his “Radical Grace” message began & took hold. He changed, & I felt he left far too much on the Table as he walked away from core doctrines regarding sanctification.
        My observation in a lifetime of church involvement is that the demonic masterstroke against Christianity & it’s servants is ‘publicity and popularity’!
        To me God’s Grace is so profound it can never be cheapened, however, human worldly ‘publicity and popularity’ can and sometimes does, cheapen the way the message of God’s Grace is delivered.

      3. Everyone sins are forgiven, but they have to accept that by receiving Jesus as their lord and savior.

      4. I know what he means, and many people misunderstand him, but that doesn’t change what he said is true. He is saying it cheapens the grace of God, because your future sins are forgiven by the blood of Jesus, but many people thin that Jesus’ blood sacrifice is limited by time.
        Jesus died and took the sins of the world and made ONE sacrifice for all mankind ONCE. His sacrifice applied to all posterity, even you and I, before we were born. The blood of an animal covered the sins of Israel for an entire year, yet Jesus’ doesn’t apply for all future generations? That thinking is what cheapens grace.
        I’ve heard him myself talk about confessing when someone sins; that quote is taking out of context.
        I listen to Joseph Prince and I still confess my sins. We confess our sins, not because we are begging God to forgive us, we confess because we are already forgiven by the eternal blood of Jesus Christ.
        I know many people erroneously believe that Jesus’ blood only applies until the next confession, if that is true, then for example, if someone dies in a car wreck and they didn’t have a chance to confess, then they’d be in hell? No! That is wrong and cheapens Jesus’ sacrifice.
        Again, I think people need to truly listen to him for years and more than one sound bite,, which can be taken out of context, to know what he is talking about. I can’t go around saying things about people when I have truly given time and study to what they are saying.
        I’m closer to Jesus and learned much about the Bible by listening to a pastor teach nothing but Jesus and his finished work on the cross.
        And Joseph Prince teaches about repentance.
        Without true study of a person, people come up with false accusations.

  14. People still have to accept Jesus as their savior and lord, in order to receive that forgiveness, if not they’ll spend an eternity in hell away from God.

    1. Lisa McDaniel, I saw this video several days ago by Mr Jonathan Cahn and I wept uncontrollably for about 10 minutes. I then fast & prayed for America, we are in so much trouble here!! The satanic structure has begun.

  15. On the whole controversy of Radical Grace… wow… I never knew this was an issue!! Why, not because I had my head in the sand…. but because I never cared for Mr. Prince. I do listen to Joel Osteen… but that’s because I lived in a region that I didn’t have “cable” TV and I didn’t have the access of a lot of electric devices. I had to live on bare necessities. (Do that for 4 years and see how you feel about all these new gadgets that rob our attention.) Okay, the only “ministry” I could access was House of Destiny, before Kim passed away and Joel. I still heard the message of repentance for sin. Turning from our “wicked” ways.
    Mario, I tend to believe you and the message of Mr. Bonhoeffer. A man who could stand against Adolph Hitler in those days… Amazing!!! That’s profound!! He had to have the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God backing him to endure. I do not know his story, but I will search it out. And Mario, You always was a Man of God and our pastor invited to speak from the pulpit of our church. He trusted you… That spoke volumes to me. I have always trusted your conviction to truth and to Holiness… and Your devotion to God Almighty and the Word.
    I was always taught the Word is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anyone who teaches knowledge that is higher than that… they are out for their own glory. There is no higher knowledge… I have seen it proven that the Word of God has wisdom regarding every human condition or thing. I adhere to that.
    I see those throughout the word that bow in repentance to God, Yahweh, for sinning against Him. I see forgiveness granted. I know that if there are issues in life… then I am the problem… not God. I have to get myself right before Him. That was drilled into me after giving my life to Christ. It has kept and sustained my relationship with Him for 30 years now.
    KNOWING what is TRUTH… In all your getting, get wisdom. BELIEVING is key…. Faith that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and that Obedience is better than Sacrifice. These are just simple truths that get overlooked in a genuine relationship with the Lord. HE is LORD and SAVOIR!! My Lord, do with me as you will…. Amen & Amen!!

  16. Mario, I find it a little ironic… you quoted Mark Twain… an atheist. 🙂 Yes, “facts are a stubborn thing” and I am sure he used that statement to prove his points. God Bless Mario, praying for your meetings coming up… I truly wish I could be there!!

    1. I quoted an atheist because what he said is true. Proving that even a blind dog will find a bone. I wish I could have known him. He admitted that he was called to preach the Gospel but tragically, he went in the wrong direction. God bless.

      1. Thank You for sharing that Mario… He would have been an interesting character to say the least!! 🙂 I didn’t know he said that… I believe he would have made a great minister of the Gospel!! If he truly had believed. 🙂

      2. Mario & LuAnn,
        Crazy thing is Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) was my husbands great, great, uncle, the family story goes, that Samuel is the reason they became professional printers & newspaper owners, for over 80 years, because that’s how Samuel also started.
        We hope the famous Mark Twain turned to Christ too.

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