Seven Reasons

Every day someone comes up with a new reason to think Trump is finished.  However, the FBI found out conspiring against the President backfires.  The media went for ratings bashing Trump only to lose ratings and credibility.

Mueller’s witch-hunt investigation is flaming out as political disaster.  Americans can see the insanity of it.   Here it is in a nutshell: We can prove that Hillary colluded with the Russians to produce a fake dossier that was used to start an investigation into Russian collusion with Trump that can’t be proven.  Got it?

-Comey said his new book would do Trump in.  Instead, it was spit balls at a battleship.

-CBS believed it had the silver bullet to kill Trump.  They gleefully believed that a Sunday night interview with a porn star would be the end of Trump.  Monday came, and they joined a long list of disappointed Trump haters whose weapons did not prosper.

-400 newspapers declare war on Trump.  You know what will happen.

-Michael Cohen’s testimony was prematurely celebrated by the left. They though it was a magic bulled for impeachment until they remembered that their star witness is not just a liar…he is a convicted liar. Only 37% of Americans found his testimony to be credible.

Trump will not be impeached.  He will not even be censured.  None of this noise spells doom for Republicans in the mid term elections.  You don’t need to worry about Donald Trump.   Let me give you 7 reasons why all the attacks on Trump will fail.

1.The poll numbers are skewed against him. Scientists have shown that when people have a favorite candidate who is attacked by the press they go silent. They still support the person, they just won’t tell you.  Many, many more than we hear about still support Trump.

Even so, Democratic pundits are dismayed at the way Trump survives.  They were counting on a major drop in support after Trump’s meeting with Putin. It just never happened.

2. Americans have a deep sense of fair play.  They go for the underdog.  People see the flagrant, wanton and disgraceful attacks on Trump by the media.  They are giving him a break for that.  They also understand his rookie mistakes, he is not a politician… we didn’t want a politician, remember?

Uber liberal director Rob Reiner denounced Robert De Niro and other celebrities for their remarks against President Trump, saying it only helps the president. Reiner is right.

Remember when someone destroyed Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame?  Do you think it made more people dislike Trump? Acts like these are why a growing number of independent voters say they are disgusted by the unfair treatment of Trump.

3. It’s the economy. Unemployment is at a 16-year low, and the consumer sentiment levels are at near record highs. When all the background noise settles, and the voter, with a good paying job, stands before the lever to vote—the thought of returning to an Obama economy will horrify.

4. He has plenty of time to win back those who have turned against him. Listen to Jake Novak senior editor at CNBC: “Both party establishments still need a vote-getting leader and President Trump already has the White House leadership role they covet. He has enormous executive power at his fingertips and the ability to win over some doubters with just the passage of time.”

5. The other side still looks way worse. Beto O’Rourke confuses his base, let alone the rest of us.  Elizabeth Warren is a shrill throated hater of the white middle-class worker.  Bernie Sanders’ economy from Mars plays well only because pot has been legalized on campus.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has made socialism so unpopular it has 18% approval. Maxine Waters is a VOTE FOR TRUMP machine.  Nancy Pelosi is, well, Nancy Pelosi.

6. Millions are praying for our nation. There is no way that the fervent prayer of millions will go unheeded in heaven. Sometimes the early stages of revival look as if things are getting worse before they get better.

I know Satan is writhing in agony right now.  He knows his time is short.  He knows what God is about to do.  He is in a futile rage against the inevitable answer.  He is spewing deception to make the anointed vessels of God think that no answer is coming.

7. This is the big one: Trump is here by divine appointment. Trump will survive.  Not because he’s perfect.  Not because his base is fiercely loyal.  He will survive even though he is hard for some Christians to take.  He is here by divine appointment.  Can you hear heads exploding?  Yes, you heard me right—he is here because God set him in the White House.

Today Maxine Waters said God has raised her up to bring Trump down.  See if you can guess how that is going to turn out.

He is here to wreck and dismantle. He is here to here to apply strong medicine to a self-destructive nation.

Nothing else explains why he is still standing after the cruelest and most unrelenting attack on any leader in American history.  More importantly, nothing else explains why none of this has broken his spirit.   Deal with it.  Someone way bigger than you and me wants him right where he is doing just what he is doing.

Ruthless and impetuous describes Trump.  Nevertheless, he is here until he fulfills his purpose.

Urgent final remarks:  To all the intercessors who cried out for a national miracle—you got it.  It’s just a much rougher package than you imagined.

He will put another conservative in the Supreme Court.  He is standing with Israel.  He is against abortion.  He is working to stop other nations from abusing and harming us.

Thoughtful believers see past the fog.  They see what I see, they are praying for his protection, for wisdom and for God’s continued favor.

The big question is why is Trump here?  Here comes the chilling answer:  Trump is buying time for the sleeping church to wake up and do her job.  Trump is a divine stop-gap that appeared out of mercy.

Nothing could be worse than for us to waste this miracle.  Nothing could be more grieving to God than for the American church to be ungrateful for a man—a rough customer to be sure—who is taking the hits for standing for all the values that we love.

As I said before, he will not be impeached.  He will not even be censured.  The next four years and more are his.  Hate me, laugh at me, despise my writing…it does not matter, I know it’s true.

39 thoughts on “Seven Reasons

  1. so so true…this is what Jeru went through after Jezebel and ahab had the castle…He is like Nehemiah and cyrus and jeru all in one…Our Heavenly father Jesus and Holy Spirit has set him apart for such a time as this. We are in the end days and we have a window to speak out and pray and pray for not just him but all of us to do what we are called to do in such a season as this…I pray for your ministry in California and I have a wonderful son that is a lt for CHP and deals with all the criminal activity out there especially in San Francisco. His department that he runs in right in SF. I pray for him as he over 100 officers/sargents in that area…I also have a sister and broher and neice and nephews and of course grandchildren and I thank you so much for being a beacon of light in the areas you are in in California. I have had a vision of an RV and doing travel ministry throughout this America, but in Gods timing and if its his will. In the meantime I am planting and called in the middle of the US in Kansas. Building an INSIDE/OUT ministry working with families that have family members inside prison. God is so powerful and I just go wherever he wants me to go and do and say whatever he wants me to. I will keep sharing your ministry to my family in Calif and wherever you go as I know you are about the truth and spreading the fire…thank you so much and God bless you with all the workers you need…praying for you and thank you again for the emails as I believe in our president that God has sent him.

    1. Well written 👏🏽 What an awesome reminder that we need to continue praying for our president! We spend a lot of time being upset at all the insanity and injustice we are witnessing from the liberal left against conservative Americans and POTUS that we lose sight of the most important thing… PRAYER for our NATION! God definitely has his hand on our #POTUS 🇺🇸 #HeWillNotBeImpeached ❤️

    1. Yes Mr Druckenmiller, it will be interesting🤓
      Mario, this was once again right on target🎯
      The question I always have, regarding the shock and awe that some Christians carry on about PR-Trump’s personality and responses is…”What did you expect??” Mario is exactly correct, STRONG medicine is what this country needed! My 2nd question to the queasy Christian is, “How did you think a self made New York City billionaire, who made it in the place where songs are written saying, “if you can make it there you can make it anywhere”…how did you think this man would act & respond??” I’ll bet the Jewish people were equally stupefied when God raised up the STANDARD of their help and rebuilding as God assigned King Cyrus from the wild & wooly Persian Arab world, to make Israel Sovereign again.
      ‘Christian’, The Lord your God is not limited, stifled, or confined to your persnickety sensibilities nor your weak spiritual stomach, Look UP at the Cosmic regions of outer space and be truly baffled. The Lord ‘your’ God is beyond mere human comprehension or Christian sensibility, HE uses and creates what HE wills. He alone is The Great Potter.
      Be Thankful.

      1. Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. We asked God for a miracle for our country and He provided one, let’s be grateful and work along with the President to bring our country back to what it was founded on!

    2. I was just praying this morning as you say and I know. That President will not be touch until he has
      completed the assignment God has raise him up to do. Call for such a time as this not to be liked. but do God’s will for this time. Most if not effective people are hated and Trump is no different. If everyone like him he would not being doing his job. God be with him as he does God’s work.

  2. Wow what a great point. Now if only the church or I say believers would all be in one accord.will we see change.

  3. Everything you have been saying rings true and pure. NOT like anything we’ve heard on the news. Love you Mario!

  4. President Trump’s courage is inspiring other elected officials calling out the inherit evil that is being spewed out of some the Leftist leaders to explain themselves as to why they endorse infanticide and socialism on the the name of false benevolence. These policies are a receipe for failure and we have THE God that is watching and all knowing so we pray to Him for wisdom, courage, and direction.

  5. Thank you for these truths !! President Trump is “God’s man of the hour”…..I
    Support him 100 % … 🙏

  6. Good word and right on it, he is still here because God put him here, but a devil will never understand, Just like I am still here after they called on there witch doctor’s, Guru’s and the best they had, they then made a deal with satan, which was bad, but they said why want you die, [ They sent trainned assassins after me, yes the so called leader’s of the Church, you wouldn’t believe it, and they call there selves the leader’s of the church pure demonic murder’s] because my God called me and put me here, and it’s not over until he say’s it’s over, they then went after my mind, I said ding, ding, ding, the same God who fixed my body also fixes my mind, and they tapped into stuff only angel’s were suppose to know, and God is taking that up with the one’s who did it, BUT WE WILL BE HERE UNTIL GOD SAY’S IT’S OVER, AND HE HAS NOT SAID IT’S OVER, devil’s just think there more powerful than God, don’t make me laugh, oh they caused me much heartace and pain and lose, BUT MY FATHER IN HEAVEN IS A REWARDER OF THEM WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM. WE MUST BACK OUR PRESIDENT, MY SELF I AM PRAYING GOD SEND WARRIOR ANGEL’S TO DRIVE BACK THE TERRITORIAL SPIRIT’S, AND THE EVIL DEMONIC FORCE’S ATTACKING HIM, AND HIS PROTTECTION, this is our country’s last chance, God sent him but we must stand with and back him, in every way, Radical Islam is over that whole Dem party and what does RADICAL islam want to do to this country, ding, ding, ding, WAKE UP AMERICA. GOD BLESS BROTHER MARIO

  7. During the primaries I spent a lot of time on social media defending this man from attacks of Christians. The church tends to want a sissy to vote for. This man is no sissy, he has balls and so do you for backing him. Thank You.

    1. I agree, well said! Let’s keep praying for our country like never before! God Bless President Trump and his family and others in Washington and across this land fighting for what is right!

  8. Very well said! Completely agree and praying for my president every day. Also praying for the church to wake up.

  9. Yes thank God I am in agreement with this word. I saw it from the beginning. I ‘m praying for us the body of CHRIST we have to wake up or God will remove some and put those in places to lead His people. We have to be ready for the harvest coming and so much more. I’m praying for our President .

  10. Bravo!! Thank you for your brave and bold stand up for the truth!! We love you Mario Murillo!! You always have been and always will be one of our most favorites!! Love ya! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  11. I love this message and wholeheartedly agree with every word. I live the “spitballs at a battleship”. Your words are eloquent and easy for us to understand.
    Thank you for your messages. Please keep them coming
    Love and blessings,
    Helen in Cocoa, Fl.

  12. Spot on, Mario. We did not elect a pastor, but rater someone who would fight, and has fought for our values. God does not make mistakes. He knew that Trump would be the one who would be appointed. I would not want to be in the Democrats shoes, when God begins to deal with them. All we can do is to pray for their salvation before it’s too late. Blessings.

  13. Mario, I agree with the message you are delivering to America!! Yes Pres. Donald Trump is not perfect, he has flaws, but we need to see the real picture, God put him in the Presidency because he is strong and loves America and continues to fight for us! against all the evil ! but we know our God is Greater! and no weapon formed against him will prosper! We will continue to cover him in prayer for safety, wisdom and strength! also for his family !! God Bless you and your family Mario, Praying for you !!

  14. I agree with you 100%. God Bless Donald J. Trump! Thank You God for giving this brave, selfless man to us to help us get our country back. Most of us did not even know we were losing it or had already lost so much until President Trump took office and we saw the ugly head of evil come out of the closet.

    God Bless You Mario!!

  15. You are RIGHT ON Mario !!! It brings joy to my heart when I read your blogs. I have felt the same about President Trump from years ago when I heard Kim Clement speak and then prophesy about this man in the White House. lol. I for one am totally ok with the brashness and boldly going where NO OTHER has ever gone before with his HOT BLOOD. LOL…. I guess we all have that HOT BLOOD when our righteous indignation gets arisen 🙂 …. AND OURS IS RISEN…. I have total confidence in our GOD…Trump makes me wanna throw down the gauntlet to the enemy and run towards them with everything I’ve got…and I will.

  16. Very encouraging words, thank God for you Mario nd Mechelle. God bless President Trump, the USA, and the body of Christ!

  17. I was told by someone who read about his mom’s sister, or some people related to his mom, that they were saved and filled the the Holy Spirit, don’t know if that story is true or not, but if it is, he was probably prayer for and over.
    People who abhor Trump, I believe it’s a supernatural hatred for him. God’s favor is on him, and the devil uses people to hate on him and anyone who supports him. I’ve never seen such vile things said about a president; I know people didn’t like Obama, but it wasn’t like this.
    Donald Trump has been in the public eye for decades, and people are acting like they never seen him nor know his personality. He is a straight shooter, and means what he says.
    He’s made mistakes, but that doesn’t disqualify him; no one had no qualms about Bill Clinton and the horrible stuff he did.
    Anyway, he was who God appointed as our leader, like any leader.
    Christians needs to pray protection over him, wisdom and God’s favor daily.
    “He frustrates the devices of the crafty, So that their hands cannot carry out their plans. He catches the wise in their own craftiness, And the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon them.”
    Job 5:12-13
    A good verse to pray when praying for Trump.

  18. Yes, he’s GOD’S man. I read and pray Isaiah 45 and Psalm 2 almost every day. GOD’S got this. Praying for the BODY (CHURCH) to awaken. We are in my area. We’re beginning to rise and shine in the White Mountains of AZ.
    Thank you Mario. GOD BLESS YOU!

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