Separate to me

A massive number of Christians are experiencing a strange miracle.  And we are discovering that this was predicted in detail.

The Holy Spirit is separating them. He has selected them for special grace and power to accomplish mighty acts at the edge of history. They will be uniquely equipped to face the sophisticated evil of our time. But it all begins by making peace with the Holy Spirit and restoring His rightful place.

Take a close look at the book of Acts and you will see the disarming down-to-Earth way that they related to the Holy Spirit. While they revered Him deeply, they had a sense of His nearness and His involvement in their day to day operation. They behaved as if He was close by and they could almost see Him. Most of all, they anticipated His instructions.

Acts 13:2 “As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said, “Now separate to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away. 4 So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus.”

Millions are now hearing the same call: SEPARATE TO ME! The Holy Spirit told David Wilkerson about this coming separation and how pockets of prophetic people would huddle together across our nation. He said, “God-hungry people are saying among themselves, “This is not it. There is something more. The bigness and the sensationalism of it all has left us empty and dry. We want more. More than entertainment. More than big, showy buildings. More than a shallow celebrity gospel. We want deeper values. We want to see Jesus. We want spotless robes of righteousness. We want to go back to doing things in total dependence on God.”

Many of these people were chased out of churches that were once fiery Spirit-filled churches but went to a new format to attract outsiders. They feel punished for wanting a move of God.

They are fed up with the world system—especially when they see it operating in the church.  They can’t stomach the glitzy entertainment centers anymore. They believe we have no time to play games.  They are frustrated that church is catering to the lukewarm members.

They are done with ego-centric preachers with grandiose, expensive and carnal visions that having nothing to do with soul winning or revival.  They accuse them of being distracted—even derailed from their first love.   Disciples are abandoning “attraction” churches—something revolutionary is happening inside them.  God is starting a fresh movement.

David Wilkerson explained more of what he saw coming: “God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.”

The praying people he mentions will force changes.  They are a new breed for a new need. They are frustrated, hungry and their numbers are growing fast.  They are coalescing around certain truths: fasting, repentance, and holy surrender to Christ.

Smith Wigglesworth saw this separation coming way back in 1927.  He predicted the same group of people that  David Wilkerson described: “All the people which are pressing into and getting ready for this glorious attained place where they shall not be found naked, where they shall be blameless, where they shall be immovable, where they shall be purified by the power of the Word of God, have within them a consciousness of the very presence of God within, changing their very nature and preparing them for a greater thing, and causing them to be ready for translation.”

Both men believed that this gathering unto the Holy Spirit would begin after a great falling away.

Wigglesworth said, “We have to see that these days have to come before the Lord can come. There has to be a falling away. There are in the world two classes of believers. There are believers which are disobedient, or I ought to say there are children which are saved by the power of God which are disobedient children. And there are children which are just the same saved by the power of God who all the time are longing to be more obedient.”

I know that the moment these two men predicted is upon us. Everyday I receive another account of frustrated saints suddenly driven to hours of prayer. Many are fasting. A vast number are about to find each other in a true outbreak of holy fire.Millions of believers across America feel they are being separated to the Holy Spirit for some amazing yet unknown reason. Wilkerson talked about a “work” within us. Wigglesworth talked about “pressing in.” The image is clear…the Holy Spirit is stirring souls across the nation. They are done with the overuse of big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines.

They are being pulled away from fleshly things even as a spirit of prayer is overtaking them. They are surrendering to a special work of the Holy Spirit. A fresh work of the Holy Spirit has begun! The impact will soon be widespread.

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    1. This message has rocked me to my core and confirmed in words what I have not been able to express. I’m so encouraged to continue to “press in” and have shared this link with as many of my friends and family as I can. Thank you. I pray for your protection and that the fiery Word of God to be preached through you, winning many souls to the Lord through “the Spirit of Burning” within you.

    2. So in agreement. It is unseen by most, but under the surface of REAL faith and a heart to the Father, there is a pivot happening. We must not be deceived because God is not mocked. He will touch those who are searching with sincerity and not making a big deal of it. I LOVE THAT!

    3. Every single word of this post I agree with but brother Mario it isn’t just across America for I see it happening across this nation of Australia and have done since the the Power of The Holy Spirit restored me from a total mental breakdown
      The Holy Spirit has shown me he is going to reform his body into his bride and only those who have eyes to see are going to recognise it
      I can see a shaking and exposing of everything that is not of him going on right now
      Prophetic people are gathering everywhere across Australia!

      1. Amen and Amen!!!
        I am also noticing the same movement in South Africa – the false is falling away! All the Glory to God!
        I have been dreaming dreams for 3 months now since I have repented and stopped watching TV and sport – since then, I dream 2 – 3 dreams a night and pray earnestly for the Holy Spirit to lead my prayers for the people and situations in my dreams. My sister-in-law started seeing visions and we share the same views as the blog – God is separating us and we are obedient and pray without ceasing – in the flesh for a while and constantly with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (tongues).
        Thank you for the post and I ask that you please keep South Africa in your prayer for the elections on 8 May 2019 – I am praying that God moves super naturally and our beautiful country is saved and healed in the name of Jesus Christ!!!
        Thank you for your time!

  1. I am one of those that desires to live for God and be totally obedient to His word. God help me to follow You so closely that others can see Jesus in me.

  2. God gave me a word very similar to this about 1 year ago. He said “the church have taken those that I called and placed them in places that I never meant them to be.. we are leaving the time of the called and we are now entering the time of the chosen.”

  3. Oh preach it brother Mario, we must obey and surrender to the true Holy Spirit of God, and not this familiar spirit, with out that surrender and obedience, we are just like the one’s under the law, before he came, now we can have power over sin, and change this world, we can’t be a slave to sin any more, God has given us a precious gift and they act like he is nothing, BUT HE IS THE THIRD PART OF THE OF THE GOD HEAD, [ he is our guide our God voice, and people and preachers won’t allow him to speak, and I think that’s blasphemy my self, why would we not want God speaking through, [ because it’s all about self and what I can do, NO IT’S ABOUT HIS HOLY SPIRIT AND WHAT HE CAN DO IN AND THROUGH US, IF WE JUST GET SELF OUT OF THE WAY] [ Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.[ funny the first thing he said was to deny self, die to self][ and we as Spiritual leader’s must submit to him, or self is leading us not God, [ self, the image, the beast, the mark 6, 1 John 4:6 the spirit of error [ Belial, beliar, belzebub,] and the Spirit of truth his Holy Spirit, we follow one or the other, and we love our God and we will do as he say’s NO matter what, and he say’s MAKE HIS CHURCH READY, and expose the evil, this is God’s work and if we are not doing it for him and the Kingdom, we are not doing for the right reason. When some one hire’s you for a job, there your boss and you listen to them, WELL GOD IS OUR BOSS, AND IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THE BOSS YOU GET FIRED, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR BOSS AND SOME PREACHER’S NEED FIRED, FOR NOT DOING THERE JOB, I WOULD BE FINDING A PLACE OF REPENTANCE MY SELF, FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR MANAGER AND BOSS, AND WE BEST BE LISTENING TO HIM, FOR HE IS OUR GUIDE, OR INSTRUCTER, OUR COMFORTER, HE IS OUR EVERY THING, AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO OFFEND HIM. GOD BLESS BROTHER MARIO SURE GREAT TO HEAR A HOLY SPIRIT FILLED MAN OF GOD.

  4. Without a doubt… even in optimism not finding a”church home”..
    The Lord gave me a vision several years ago about Zech. 2
    I haven’t been able to settle for less since.
    I honor and admire many leaders..
    But honestly your words come closer to my spirit and great than any recently..
    …and I simply want to say thank you..
    Thank you.

  5. If there’s ever a time to use the word “ desperate”, its today …right now. This word is so accurate and timely. As a pastor whose seen a lot over the last 42 years , I’ve never felt a purging and pruning of holy fire like I have the last 2 years. I’ve asked myself surely I’m not the only one going through this extraction or setting apart for Him. I have had a almost, and I say this by measuring my words, an almost supernatural feeling of being processed by Gods Holy Spirit by creating in me that unquenchable desire for prayer . I’ve always prayed through my walk with God but this time it’s been , “ if you want to really know me, your going to have to once and for all die to yourself and decide that all you are and every breath you breathe has to be my breath and Spirit verses your human nature and self will.
    I have attentively looked and searched for men and women of God who would post words that verified the innner dealings of His presence because I know what I’m going through, he’s doing in many who He’s called . I have to believe there’s a Gideon Army who are willing to do warfare through prayer and then take action. The words that Mario has posted are so timely. We need restoration, restitution, reunification and yes a resurrection ! Too what,you may ask? We to reneed to return to the message of the cross and the resurrection where the beleivers repent before a Holy God and want to live Holy knowing that Jesus requires us to pick up our cross “ daily”. We currently live in an era where the church espouses grace and mercy witout the understandings it was through the cross and an empty tomb! We need to start first in prayer and stay there till it’s so obvious that Gods has said ….okay ,,,,,I’ve mended you and I’ve mended your nets ….now go throw them ,!

    1. That is awesome to hear tour testimony, Michael Garza. Do you have a blog or page where we could get in touch with you?

    2. YES!!! This exactly sums up my walk with the Lord as of 2019 “if you want to really know me, your going to have to once and for all die to yourself and decide that all you are and every breath you breathe has to be my breath and Spirit verses your human nature and self will.” It’s so encouraging to see how He is doing this in a major way throughout His church. We say yes Lord!

  6. oh as i read this i have begun to cry from deep in my spirit along with the HOLY SPIRIT,these words i have been hearing for years alone with the SWEET SPIRIT OF THE LORD.the pressing is called THE LIFE BEYOND THE VEIL ,the most holy place=the PLACE OF INTIMACY WITH THE VERY PRESENCE OF THE LORD,THE LIFE that JESUS told doubting Thomas when he said you believe because you see my in my resurrection form,but JESUS said blessed are those who did not see him in this way but in the SPIRIT OF CHRIST,LIFE IN THE SPIRIT IS TRULY INTIMACY WITH OUR BELOVED CREATOR AND REDEEMER.our people are sick and hurting,crying out to our FAITHFUL One and he sees and hears. the leadership is corrupt,love of money and fame,modern day scribes and Pharisees.along with their legalistic lawyers try to take away the knowledge of GOD,the true GOSPEL WITH POWER .our LORD is indeed raising a new generation=a Paul and Timothy generation.where the latter GLORY will be greater than the former glory, if you ever wondered why i am being broken and failing,it is GOD at work,GOD will only use broken people,who have come to a place of ultimate surrender,the place where we lose our life for JESUS,THE RESULTS WE WILL FIND OUR LIFE WHICH IS JESUS. the place you will understand the GRACE OF GOD in ways you never knew about ,because when we are beaten to the ground like Paul it was there JESUS changed his life=GRACE GRACE how sweet that word is.Job,same thing, oh!! so much i can say because this is my life,brokenness and all,when i am weak i am STRONG,BECAUSE HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT,HIS POWER IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS hugs :))lolwes

    1. Big amen in his presence all needs are met, because in his presence we don’t need a thing but him, BROKENESS AND SURRENDER IS ALL HE NEED’S!

  7. I feel like a misfit in any church I try and attend. Whoever reads this, please pray for me and my husband (who has left and turned away to follow his own will.) I feel alone, but never lonely! I know this makes no sense, but then again it does.
    Praying for you, your wife and ministry.

    1. Hi LeeAnne,

      I’m not sure my reply went through so I’m just resending it to be sure. T.D. Jakes has a sermon on “Why You Don’t fit in” on youtube. It’s called something like that. Anyway, hope it helps.

      God bless,


      1. I pray all is well, I had a dream we were in a fight with the British, it was not at a distance, we were face to face musket barrel’s so close we could touch each other, it was the blackest of night’s, and a wall of men stood face to face, the sky was lit up, with orange light from the musket fire, and we could see there face’s as if it were day light, the battle was so intense, WE WERE FIGHTING FOR OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, AS WELL AS FOR THE FREEDOM OF OUR COUNTRY, ALL OVER AGAIN, God Bless Brother I am praying.

    2. Lee-Anne….most churches are in compromise…if you can find someone who wants to be like these people who have left their comments re following Jesus, as the disciples did in the New Testament, to share and pray with you, read the scriptures together, meet in each others homes, you will find solace and encouragement and others will be drawn to you….keep loving your husband and respecting him, as this, and the way you center your life on the life of Christ, will speak to him and just pray for him…God will move him by the Holy Spirit…and God is definitely with you…if you are not water baptized yet…Acts 2:38…a must do and be filled with the Holy Spirit, as the disciples were…praying in the Holy Spirit builds your faith…more every day…many Blessings…Tricia…I have a post…To Share the True Gospel according to the Bible on FB

    3. You are not alone Leanne. I have been asking God what is wrong with me. Am I too radical/passionate? Have felt this way for most of my 38 years as a Christian. Is there really a place where people love God and ALL PEOPLE in ALL SIN Categories? The Lord told me over 30 years ago in prayer “Sin is Sin – Man makes the difference between sins – I Don’t”. There is no mild, medium or hot sin. Hurts my heart that people bound in these so called “Hot” sins that church folk frown upon are not embraced with this life changing Love we all know. John 4 How can you say you love God whom you have not seen when you don’t love those you do see? Religion (priest/pharisees)condemned our Lord. Jesus came to save – not condemn. I am reminded that God told Elijah he had 7000 that did not bow to Baal or worship his image. He too felt alone. Rare to find others who relate Sister.

      1. The hot sins as you call them, are being called not a sin, and say that God is okay with it. That’s the different. It’d be the same thing if people were condoning stealing.

  8. Amen, on my way to the hospital to meet with some of those fiery people. We’re praying for a drug user that has sepsis and pneumonia. We are separated and sent for the task. It’s CHRIST in us that will be leading the pryers. PRAISE JESUS!

  9. I asked myself, “Would the ‘leadership’ (how I’ve come to hate that word) of my church be offended if I shared this to their FB page?” I’ve come to the sad conclusion that yes, they would. I’ve shared Mario Murillo before there without problems, but I still tremble since they cast me out of their prayer group because I refused to “stand in agreement w/s”. I told them I was willing to practice I John 1:9; Joel 2: Daniel 9, etc., but to supposedly come into the courts of heaven by agreeing with the enemy, s here, I couldn’t do.
    I “stepped in”, then “stepped out” (“through the veil” all the while thinking, “do the do-si-do and turn myself about”). I walked around with my Bible on my head. I was willing to do other silly things (though not happily). But Jesus said, “… no one comes to the Father except through me.” I couldn’t go in to the Presence, whether as a Father or a Judge, through the arch enemy. That other verse was referring to people, not to approaching our Heavenly Judge, whose Word says, “We have an advocate with the Father.”
    In the end, they said they needed “unity” (agreement, not Godly unity in my opinion) in the prayer group. It has since died. They wanted me to leave the church, but I refused because The Holy Spirit had sent me there, and hadn’t authorized my leaving at that time.
    I think the time has now come since I have to leave almost every Sunday because I start having atrial fibrillation due to the loudness of the music (they measure decibels and keep it just under the legal limit, and their ear plugs don’t work for me in this case). I try going into the foyer, but it’s even too loud there. Another man who has a pacemaker and hung out in the foyer too has already left. He had a severe reaction one Sunday and his wife had to rush him home.
    Sorry this is so long, but I am heartbroken, and there are many very Godly people there (though many have left). I really love them. I don’t want to go, but this blog has convinced me I must even though I feel I am not one of those wonderful ones who are being discussed. Prayer is a struggle for me. I don’t want to go to some of the meetings. The joy is gone. The fatigue is overwhelming. I play solitaire a lot.
    I do read the Bible a lot. I do pray, but it is not joyful, loving, relational. I know I’m heard because my prayers are mostly answered (to my profoundly grateful amazement).
    Thank you Mario Murillo for your courage standing against the foul wind. My apologies for the whining.

    1. Jana D, I think I understand your pain in separating from the church you go to. My Husband & I had to do the same thing, twice, the first time we left the church where I’d been loving them and attending with considerable involvement in the church for many, many, years. I was also personally close with the famous Pastor & his wife, this was a well known mega church which just made it more difficult. Hubby & I simply got to the point where we became physically ill every time we went there. Then after we bounced back a few months later we became members of another well known Pastor but less famous church. We stayed, with them for 3 years, had high hopes for them, we helped bring in several high profile ministers, prophets, ministry programs and conferences. Until one day, one sad day, they did exactly what Mario wrote about in this article…They too began to use… “big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines.”
      We left, with our hearts broken for about 2 years over this. NOW 15 years later, we’re doing just fine within Christ’s paradigm.🤗

      1. We left a church I grew up in and where my mom started attending in 1980, and left in 2016. It changed when they started implementing the Rick Warren stuff. We attended a local, very good baptist church, but I still feel like I’m in no-man’s land.
        As for the fog machines, that’s futile, no church needs that, however, the big screens, that isn’t bad. They put lyrics on there for people who may not know the words, which doesn’t make a church good or bad. There are plenty of bad churches who don’t have “big screens”, the question is, are they preacher the unadulterated gospel of Christ. Lol and the skinny jeans, what type of pant? There are some very indecent, which shouldn’t be worn, and some that are normal looking. It’s the style of the day, just like bell-bottoms were.
        A person can wear a suit and be a snake; wearing a certain type of skinny jean doesn’t make a person a bad preaching.
        We need to ask ourselves, are they preaching the uncompromising truth is the gospel of Christ? And they pointing people to Jesus, and not themselves? Are they teaching the finished work of Christ?

      2. Hey Deanna,
        I get your point, yet between what Mario said (in his so funny and truthful comment about, “big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines”) and what hubby & I have dealt with for over 20 years within ministry, it’s been our experience that it is just so painful for some of us…to observe these local church and Christian media professionals emulate the world’s ways and means sanctioning worldly behavior, by their clothing, music, performances, church additions and added attractions, like Star Bucks coffee shops, extravagant gift & book shops, now even Beer Bars within the church houses themselves?? It’s astoundingly distasteful & hypocritical. These are really very unholy practices and have moved out & lost more people than they’ve gained because of this.

      3. I agree with all you say, but “their clothing”, what to you mean by clothing? People shouldn’t dress immodestly, but what a person wears shouldn’t matter. Dress your best, yes, but that shouldn’t be the focus. Jesus needs to be the focus.

      4. Yes Deanna, in Christ’s Messianic Kingdom (when He returns) we’ll be clothed in Christ’s idea of what is perfect attire for the Saints.
        Until then, now today, when someone who claims Jesus Christ as Lord of their life, decides to dress in clothing that is inappropriate, scantily clad, or exposing their physical body in a worldly sensual manner, then they’re not doing their best in Christ to represent HIM & HIS way of doing things. Don’t be confused, I’m not saying one has to dress like the Amish or Quaker would, what I am saying is people who profess Christ as King should dress & act like it particularly when they’re in leadership positions. “Example,” when you go to the Headquarters of a large corporation applying for the career job of a lifetime, would you put on skinny jeans, a tee shirt & tennis shoes?…when everyone else in the office was wearing suit & tie, women in dresses or smart pant suits? Heavens NO, a person wouldn’t do that for a job interview so shouldn’t Christian people give their very best when they dress themselves in public? Nobody has to be rich or have lots of money in order to dress appropriately. Apostle Peter said to do everything in excellence as though you were doing it for The Lord HimSelf. All else is lazy complacency.

  10. Preparing a Bride – washed in the water of the Word – (that can be tough & painful but well worth every scrubbing) –

    I don’t know if it is a miracle or simply seeing what YHVH has already written unfolding…

    ” and it shall come to pass…”
    You can count on it!

      1. Amen, There is a Great Awakening coming upon us. It is related to the Open Air Spiritual Battle between Good and Evil that is coming to a head especially in Our “One Nation Under God”. Which is under Massive Extreme Attack as we speak. The proof of this is the Abnormal Behavior Of people, organizations, Great Destruction, Perversion, to follow. This is meant to undermine and Destroy all Morals, Values, Ethics, Righteousness and Justice, “The Moral Compass”, for the people to follow. It is attacking everything that supports God’s Agenda for his Children. Example; Infanticide, Pure dEVIL driven, the all out 24-7 attack on the Greatest Commander In Chief who has been appointed and anointed, who has volunteered and stepped up for FREE to confront this DEVIL who is trying to destroy Our Great “One Nation Under God”. We can not be Silent any longer. We all have a Responsibility (especially the Church) to take sides in this Battle for the Sake and a of Life, Liberty, Safety and Justice for all..Play, Pretend, Ignore and Compromise Time is OVER!!!…God is waiting for YOUR RESPONSE.

    1. Jeans with several open holes and slits across knees and thighs?? May not send one to Hell but is very inappropriate in pulpit ministering . what is that all about? Help Lord!

      1. What sends people to hell is them not accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior, rejecting Him.
        The jeans how you described them shouldn’t be worn to preach, because it’s tacky and unprofessional, but even if someone did wear them, it doesn’t take away from the message, if they are proclaiming Jesus Christ and his crucified.

  11. Glory to God in the Highest! No more hamster wheel! Going through the motions of church has grieved me for a very long time; so much so, that as an intercessor, it kept me on my face before our Father in Heaven. Mario, Holy Spirit has the watchmen on the wall around the globe united in prayer. We pray with all for you, Highway 99 and to ‘the Lord of the Harvest’. Praise the Lord!

  12. “Jesus is our sabbath”as concerning the sabbath, its not predicated on a day of the week as the old testiment was. Since the law is fullfilled in Christ, wraped up in faith in the only one who could keep it in its intirety. As concerning holydays days set aside like worship the new test church gatherd on mon. In essents everyday is the Sabbath because He is are sabbath, and those that are in Christ are Sabbath keepers.

    1. Yes, Jesus is our sabbath!! I hear so few people that get this: Hebrews 4:4  For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works. 
      Heb 4:5  And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest. 
      Heb 4:6  Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief: 
      Heb 4:7  Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts. 
      Heb 4:8  For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.  Hebrews 4:9  There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Heb 4:10  For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Heb 4:11  Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. The sabbath day was a type and shadow of what was to come, ceasing from the law and abiding in the Word of God, Jesus!

  13. Mario–Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jesus told His disciples He would no longer call them servants, but FRIENDS–because He had shared with them what the Father had shared with Him. While “servants” could possibly be friends with their masters, most definitely “friends” are a different category of relationship! Jesus desires us to be “friends” with Him–sharing joys and pain (I fully believe God experiences pain!); cooperating with His plans and agenda–understanding Him and His Word. What a wonder that He should want our friendship–cooperative, love-based, working together. Psalms 103:7 “He made know His WAYS to Moses; His ACTS to the children of Israel…” LORD, grant us to know YOU, not just your ACTS! Our relationship with Him is the key and the foundation to everything else!

  14. I’m leaving my church The Lord has been leading to leave for a long time. The church is all about the fun, games and activities while claiming to be a Spirit-filled church. Making goals to get more people, starting new church across town? The Church is 1/3 full , in debt. Not enough volunteers to fill the positions now. Things done haphazardly in many areas.I have been volunteering. I’m so sad. I just really don’t want leave to but I need to leave. They wouldn’t listen to me anyway I’m quietly leaving. God, lead me to better place .

  15. Thank you dear friends. We Believe that you are “ spot on “, in regards to the present time, and that this is a specific time ,where Our Lord ,And Father God ,is speaking to a number of his people, especially, about This Time, and in particular ,about His Holy Spirit, as His “Comunicator”. Be Ready to receive.

  16. This explains what is happening to me.The Lord is tugging on my heart.I have had bouts of weeping for our
    country President and people.Pray the Lord opens the doors he has for me

  17. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    In the early 1990’s the pastor of my church stopped preaching the WORD OF GOD and started doing sermons on the teachings of various men and so called Christian writers. I noticed that these men in their writings would have to use various translations of scriptures or paraphrased bibles to get their points across. They could not find a “single translation” to say what they wanted the Bible to say. Then about 5 years later my church bought into the “church growth movement” (literally the church paid over $60,000) to learn how to be ‘seeker sensitive’. Opening the flood gates to the unrighteous who wanted their ears tickled, and to feel good about their sin filled lives.
    “Come just as you are” NO NEED for REPENTANCE !!!
    Come be entertained! Come bring your god given traits and talents so that you can become the ungodly entertainer!
    Reduce the church name to a logo, with just initials. Brand yourself! But, don’t mention GOD, Christ, Jesus, Holiness or the Holy Spirit. Don’t use emblems that might indicate that you are a church, like crosses, doves, crowns or halos, and if you do distort them so that they are hidden or not easily recognizable.
    One of the first pillars of “church growth” is building friendships~ People that have seven friends will never leave.

    In 1997 GOD pulled me out of that church and placed me in a Scripture based congregation to grow and study in the WORD OF GOD.
    Today, I attend a very small congregation of followers of GOD’s WORD, not followers of men. For over twenty-two years we have been catching those that have been fleeing the churches and turning them back to THE WORD of GOD. Teaching them how to learn Hebrew and feed themselves on the WORD OF GOD, and not rely on the spoon feeding of men.
    In the last few years we have seen a mass exodus from the mainstream churches into our congregation and back into small home based groups and Bible studies.

    Mat 6:33
    33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

    2Ti 2:15-16
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 16 But shun profane [and] vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

    1. “I noticed that these men in their writings would have to use various translations of scriptures or paraphrased bibles to get their points across. They could not find a “single translation” to say what they wanted the Bible to say.”

      I understand what you are saying, but they used other versions to bring out what the verse is saying. Some people may have a hard time (new Christians) understanding the KJV, and I’m glad there are other translations for new Christians. And I’m glad some pastors understand that and aren’t so legalist, that they can’t use another version. Some are better than others, I agree. I had the NKJV personally.

      1. I was in a Christian book store browsing through one of most popular books in the church at the time. The author used over 15 versions of the Bible to make his point in that single book. The bookstore owner had never seen or heard of many of the versions. So how do you verify what the man is writing is even found in scripture? You can’t!
        He had to manipulate, twist, and loosely translate the WORD of GOD!
        The WORD of GOD needs to be taught, not the doctrines of men.
        A good Pastor will use one good translation of the Bible and may use other versions in addition to that translation (not replacing the words but clarifying the words).
        A good Pastor will teach the meaning of the original words and not alter them.

        2 Timothy 4:1-4
        1 I charge [thee] therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom; 2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

      2. If someone is reading a book and they use many versions, the reader can look it up themselves. The Bible app list many versions. So no reason a person has to take what the author says blindly.

      3. But I get what you’re saying.

        I listen and read books by a pastor that teaches the Hebrew and Greek meanings and teaches only about Jesus and his finished work and the gospel of Christ, rightly dividing the truth, so there are pastors that do teach correctly.
        It’s funny though, this pastor I just talked about, many people falsely accuse him of teaching wrong, when they haven’t even listened to him lol. Be like a student telling their professor he’s wrong, when they haven’t even read anything he wrote or taught. Accusing out of ignorance is wrong.

  18. I have built a ministry site of over 200 pages for the purpose of glorifying and honoring God above all. Then for the exhortation or encouraging of the saints of God and also that the lost might come and find Christ there. If the site can serve any purpose for anyone posting here then it will not be built in vain. The site hit numbers have been growing every years since 2015 and I believe the Lord is using it to minister to a lot of people. Generally there are over 9000 page hits a month but numbers aren’t the goal. The goal is to bring people into Christ to grow and live for him and love him and surrender all for him. The site address is – Come and be blessed. Send your friends, Sunday School students, family and everyone you know who is hungry for spiritual truth and strengthening. The Lord bless and keep all of us and bring us to a place where we can sing “I Surrender All” and mean it with everything in us. In Christ’s Service; Rick aka C R Lord, Author

  19. What an incredibly timely word…my husband and I have explored over 30 different churches in the past 15 or so years (either in person or online) and have left every one, frustrated, thinking something was wrong with us, and wondering when this wilderness would end…this is the first glimmer of hope we’ve had in some time that God has not forgotten us, nay, He actually is orchestrating this whole thing. We want to be a part of what God is doing and we don’t believe the churches, either traditional or contemporary, are participating any longer. It’s nice to see comments from other believers who are and have been facing the same struggle and who are being called out — thank you so much for this much needed word of encouragement! Praise God for what He is doing!

  20. Yes, this is so true. This is a prophetic message. And Christians are not only leaving the modern, glitzy, post-modern, new churches but also the established churches because they miss the right preaching of the Word and the working and freedom of the Spirit. They miss the fear of God, oh how we miss the fear of God!

    It’s happening in Germany too.

    1. Fear of the Lord is worship

      In Matthew 4:10, Jesus defined fear as worship, because he was quoting Deuteronomy 6:13 which says fear of the Lord.

      Most think of fear as being afraid.

  21. I am so hungry for the true move of God and the Holy Ghost!! Does anyone know of a church in the Peoria, AZ area that a hungry soul could go to? I have looked online but so far all I find our these churches that dont want to preach or teach the whole truth and nothing but the truth… I need some brothers and sisters to fellowship with that still stand for the Old Time Pentecostal truths. Thank you for any assistance! Love you all in Christ. Kim

  22. Increase our hunger lord, your Word says, Those that hunger and trust for righteousness sake shall be filled. Fill us to overflowing Lord. You bless us to be a blessing, and you lead us to save the thousands. Empty me, and then fill me of you is my prayer – for each of us reading this post.

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