No, I am not a prophet

No I am not a prophet. I am something else. God ordered me to warn the American churches of an impending disaster—to rebuke rampant immorality: abandoning the Word of God, and political hypocrisy. God ordered me to expose the tyranny of the left and wake up as many drowsy Christians as possible.

Ironically, few criticized me when I preached against gang violence, poverty, heroin and crystal meth. But they attack me for exposing the worst gang and the most addictive narcotic: leftist socialism.

But I am not a prophet! Amos said, “I am not really one of the prophets. I do not come from a family of prophets. I am just a herdsman and fruit picker. But the Lord took me from caring for the flocks and told me, ‘Go and prophesy to my people Israel.”-Amos 7:14

I was just minding my own business winning souls. Leading addicts, gang bangers, and students to Jesus is my life. Only my wife and a few very near to me know the price I’ve paid. I have lost friends. I have been banned from some churches. And no wonder!

This blog put a spotlight on a hideous, hidden condition. Churches were tacitly approving abortion, same sex marriage, and many other leftist democrat views in order to hold on to their members.

When you consider the content of the blog it is a miracle that it has spread to millions of readers. It preaches a message that few ever get in church anymore. It breaks every axiom of social media. Instead of using video—a far more effective means of attracting an audience—I was limited to the written word. There is no natural way to explain it’s expanding influence except God. However, it is here to warn!

If I am not a prophet, then what is my office gift? I am an Evangelist! That is all I want to do is see mass revival with signs and wonders. I have never stopped winning souls! I will never stop winning souls!

Someone else was supposed to take this mantle to prophesy that weighs so heavy on me. The Lord revealed to me that someone was unwilling to lose their reputation to stand in the gap for America. I was not God’s first choice for this! Now I must issue a fresh warning.

Because of the yawning sickness in the American church that was demonstrated in the mid term elections. Because millions of so-called Christians voted for the Democrat Party. Because they sat in churches. Heard murky messages…and in many cases were even urged by pastors—hired guns bought and paid for by the likes of George Soros—to vote for leftists—they are bringing the judgement of God. They are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Those false ministers—who form covenants with darkness—who are muzzled by politics—who can’t condemn abortion, the destruction of marriage, Islam and the anti-God violence, face special danger—they have grieved the Holy Spirit.

The ideas and values that created America are almost gone. That makes the carnal church special villains in the eyes of God. Ananias and Saphira were not destroyed simply because of their crime—it was also because of when they were committed it. They did it in a strategic time when many miracles were taking place.

Amos was not a prophet per se but he was recruited to expose the rogue altars that corrupt priests had built to replace the central altar. They introduced superstitions that were outside the word of God.  Amos told them “tear them down or God will!”

Amos 3:13 says, “Hear and testify against the house of Jacob,” Says the Lord God, the God of hosts, 14 “That in the day I punish Israel for their transgressions, I will also visit destruction on the altars of Bethel; And the horns of the altar shall be cut off And fall to the ground. 15 I will destroy the winter house along with the summer house; The houses of ivory shall perish, And the great houses shall have an end, Says the Lord.”  Can this mean that lavish centers of worship can suddenly go missing?  Can we afford to assume they cannot?

Two years after Amos prophesied, an earthquake destroyed everything Amos targeted.

But Isaiah said, “tell the righteous it shall be well with them.”  This is the hour for the remnant who love God and seek His face to feel comfort.  You will be spared.

In fact, at this moment, heaven is releasing power for miracles, words of prophetic might, and great resources to do the work of God.  Those who have kept their integrity–and perhaps labored in obscurity not seeing results—will receive great power and multiplication.

For the rest there remains an ominous warning: In your carnality, you are one the greatest threats to freedom.  You are aiding and abetting the destruction of a great miracle—the miracle of liberty that came from our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

If the church will not rise up and speak…God will turn even nature against us to spare America.  Matthew Henry said something chilling in his commentary on Amos: “If men will not destroy idolatrous altars, God will, and those with them that had them in veneration.”

Someday soon, all I say will be confirmed. I will be released from this prophetic mandate. I am not a prophet. I am an Evangelist.

30 thoughts on “No, I am not a prophet

  1. Mario, I am praying for you and the work you are doing. I live in Philadelphia but I was born in California. California is a special place and I too hear God’s call: it is time for California to come back home and be healed!! People out there are not crazy leftists. There are many decent people out there still and they will start to come to their senses.

    1. YES Mario!!!….and confirmed it will be. YOU are a true Evangelist YOU always have been. The kind to stoke the Burning Bush of God’s Presence that lives quietly inside His remnant people. The Kind of modern day Evangelist that knows how to bring in the sheaves at heaven’s Harvest time.
      The 9 gifts of the Spirit are not prohibited from You or anyone else, so why wouldn’t You hold a prophetic mandate for a specific season? My Hubby & I always said, “Why can’t we ask for all the gifts of the Spirit to be at work within us for any given need or season?” Though most of Christ’s offspring have an anointing and assignment that is specific to them, one gift out of the 9 that is what God chose for them to be identified with for use as HIS instrument. Asking for them all to be at work within is not prohibited.
      Amen Mario…we support You.

  2. I hear the Lord say a carnal passive familiar spirit has entered the church, along with many more evil one’s, who will not stand and fight for any thing, so I have chosen a few who will do as I say ,nd not compromise my word or grieve my Holy Spirit, BUT THEY WILL DO THE JOB I SENT THEM TO DO, I SENT A MESSENGER TO WAKE UP THE CHURCH AND THEY REJECTED HIM, THEY HAVE LET EVERY ABOMINABLE THING THEY CAN BE LET IN MY CHURCH, AND SIT BACK AND ALLOWED EVIL TO TAKE OVER THE NATION, SAYING I AM IN CONTROL, WHEN I LEFT YOU POWER AND AUTHORITY TO TREAD ON SCORPIONS AND SNAKE’S AND ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, AND I LEFT YOU POWER TO BECOME THE SON’S OF GOD [JOHN 1:12] I ENTRUSTED THEM TO PREACH MY WORD IN TRUTH, NOT TWIST IT, AND THEY PROGRAMMED THE PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING ANOTHER GOSPEL OTHER THAN WHAT MY APOSTLE’S PREACHED, AND THEY ARE ACURSED, THEY ALLOWED THE EVIL THAT HAS COME ON THIS NATION, BY SITTING BACK AND SAYING I AM IN CHARGE, WHEN I LEFT YOU IN CHARGE OF RUNNING THING’S DOWN HERE, I GAVE YOU THE POWER TO ASTABLISH A GOVERNMENT DOWN HERE AND RUN THING’S AS IN HEAVEN, BUT MY PEOPLE SURRENDERED THERE AUTHORITY, AND LAID DOWN THERE WEAPON’S, AND ALLOWED THE ENEMY TO TAKE OVER, AND NOW I WILL USE THE ONE’S WHO OBEY ME, TO WAKE THE CHURCH AND THIS NATION UP ONCE AGAIN, AND THERE ARE A FEW WHO WILL GIVE UP EVERY THING TO DO AS I SAY, AND THOSE ARE THE ONE’S I HAVE CHOSEN, THEY MAY NOT HOLD THE OFFICE OF A PROPHET, BUT I WILL SPEAK THROUGH THEM, FOR THEY WILL DO AS I SAY, SAITH THE LORD, I am not a prophet either but I am a man of God who will do as the Lord say’s, people are so twisted today, they think the church has no place in politic’s, that’s why there is so much evil in it, THE CHURCH SHOULD HAVE THE SAY IN GOVERNMENT AND ALL MATTER’S, EVERY THING SHOULD BE ESTABLISHED BY THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, UNDER THE DIRECTION AND GUIDENCE OF HIS PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT, WE DROPPED THE BALL, AND THE WORLD HAS COUNTED US OUT, WELL IT’S ABOUT TO BE ANOTHER DAY, AND THE LORD IS TAKING HIS CHURCH BACK, IN PURITY AND TRUTH, AND HE WILL DO IT THROUGH HIS CHOSEN ONE’S, HIS CHURCH SHALL BE PURE AGAIN, HE IS NOT COMMING BACK AFTER A HARLOT ON THE STREET CORNER, HE IS COMMING BACK AFTER A PURE BRIDE, THE WORD SAY’S STRAIGHT IS THE GATE, AND NARROW IS THE WAY, AND THERE BE FEW THAT FIND IT! [ some of the sadest word’s I ever heard Mat 17:13-14] God bless brother Mario, the Lord told me to pray for worker’s more. [ people think they can back a party who stand’s for murdering babies, I got news for them that make’s them a murder to, you either stand for God or you stand for evil, no in between, you don’t straddle the fence, how can you be for murder, when one of the Ten Commandment’s is THOU SHALT NO KILL, and Proverbs 6:17 one of the 7 thing’s he hate’s is hands that shed innocent blood, [ oh I forgot you can do what you want and make to heaven according to preachers today, the only problem is that’s not what my bible say’s, that’s another Gospel, not what the Apostle’s preached.

  3. But… Mario… Isn’t this exactly what a True Prophet of God does???

    We have so many “It’s Alright” False Prophets…

    We have so many “You Are Blessed” False Prophets…

    We have so many “You are Wealthy” False Prophets…

    We have so many “Just Be Positive” False Prophets…

    You may not like the call, so to speak, but You *ARE* a True Prophet of God!

    At least in my book, which is kinda small, unimportant and insignificant…

    Neither one of us is of “The School of The Prophets”, may one day one or both of us make the iron float!

  4. I give God the glory for your inspired messages of love, hope, and warning. When one knows what God has called one for is just a beauty in it self, to faithfully obey among those that would despise you is the greatest compliment, remain faithful God will never fail you!

  5. Praying for you !! Ezk.34:17-34 (vs.17 As for you O my flock, I shall judge between sheep AND sheep,between rams and goats) frighteningly accurate scriptural confirmation of this latest post. People will say where is your love? Where your life is,crucified with Christ ! Be encouraged !
    1Cor. 11:19 For there must be factions among you,that those who are approved may be recognized among you. The separation of light and dark is being made so very clear and judgement will begin in the house of God.!🙏🔥

  6. Thank you Mario for continuing to preach the truth. May preachers repent for preaching a watered down gospel and be saved and start preaching the pure gospel also. Love you ministry

  7. Thank you for being Faithful to GOD’S call. Truth and Light are SO needed in this hour. I know the Covering of GOD’S SPIRIT is over you, keeping you, sustaining you, protecting you. You, your family and those who are called to walk with you through this journey are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Acts 4:29
    “And now, Lord, behold their threatenings and grant unto thy servants, (Mario Murillo) that with all boldness they may speak THY WORD, by stretching forth THY HAND to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by THE NAME of THY HOLY Child JESUS.”

  8. Yes, Mario: I’m praying for you in my understanding and in my spiritual language; be incouraged; judgement will begin at the house of God.

  9. About 20 years ago i felt the absolute carnality of “church” with programs and “40 Days of Purpose ” and Beth Moore “women’s studies “…. then i said…. we don’t need gimicks the power is in the WORD alone…. the absolute deadness has been so disheartening.

  10. This is why I read your blogs. Each one is eye opening hope giving truth. You are not alone my Brother. See you Sunday in Marysville.

  11. God bless you dear brother. Thanks for sharing!! God is our God!! He is to be loved, obeyed, feared, honored and acknowledged in all of our ways. Dear God, we humble ourselves before you and submit and draw near to you on you. Thy will be done. Use us for your glory and purposes. In Jesus name, Amen

  12. Keep it up brother. Like Trump has done in the political, so you are doing in the spiritual. Overturning the money changers tables and the status quo. I’ve been with you since the Jesus Movement. I spread and re-post your blogs to many others.

  13. You certainly are a mighty Evangelist and thank God for you Mario! God says to give honor to whom honor is due….so I do; anyway, I have been praying for you and your team, for the laborers needed and everything else and I have been seeing wonderful things in my spirit since for this endeavor. Since it is God’s idea I believe that a mighty shaking, breakthrough, deliverance(s), healings; signs and wonders….the things you asked us to pray for and more will be done and a whole lot more! His angel armies and hosts are assisting you and all those who are with you working for this great PUSH and something wonderful will be birthed whether the devil likes it or not or evil people! His Kingdom will come, His will will be done and it doesn’t matter what anyone or anything thinks! This is important for such a time as this and I do not see your defeat—-the enemies better take off running because the giants are going to fall. I believe the anointing of David to take out the giants is upon you Brother and you work under a new anointing of that and in the New Covenant of His blood; oh boy!!!! This will be awesome to the glory of God!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Can’t wait to hear about the defeats and the fall of his enemies in CA.!!!!!

  14. Mario
    My wife and I were in living in Belmont, ca. When you came from the Redding, Ca. to the Berkeley area to preach the Word of God. We went to the Sproul Hall meeting on the Berkeley campus which we will never forget! You said to all that were there that you knew there were people their that were going to try and shout you down! You said the God I serve will shout your mouths. Well right after you started sharing the Word of God, someone to our left stood up and opened his mouth to shut you down and nothing came out! This happened a few times. Also before the meeting started on a beautiful sunny day, all of a sudden it went dark and there was thunder in the skies! We ran over and looked out the window, and than it went away! Do you remember?
    So many things happened that night.
    We are going to try and make one of your tent meetings.
    I send your messages to India and Germany. They are all praying for you and the ministry.
    JEREMIAH 1:17-19


    1. Jim and Jane, I am so glad you told that story. So many things like that happened in Berkeley. Often I am afraid to say anything lest people think I am either lying or crazy. Hope to see you in Marysville! Mario

  15. Mario:
    I’m afraid you are a prophet for the church of today & I am very grateful you are here for such a time as this!


  16. Again I’m encouraged by a sobering word to the church though not many will take time to read or allow it to sink in. Though Mario is an evangelist , his words have been delivered like a prophetic hammer for the words of prophet usually are forceful and impacting. Jeremiah like many prophets knew that every word that he declared would be rejected no matter the eloquence or anointing . Every word our Messiah spoke was weighted with an anointing from the Father, yet it fell as Isaiah said, on those who could see, couldn’t hear and whose hearts were in able of being converted . What a fatal outlook for the day when Yeshua declared the counsel of God to His own people . Well we have our, “ own people “ who have been church santitized from the holiness of God and are content to be entertained by the tight jean , big guns generation of preachers who have place their focus on image with no substance. The entertaining church age has conditioned the hearers to listen only to that which is tender, kind and gentle! As a pastor, I get it , when it comes to being compassionate and merciful but we do as all prior generations do, we don’t have a enough balance and truth to maintain what God has brought to us….we are in essence harvesting the harvest and not protecting it from the elements that destroy after it’s been reaped. It’s almost as if the modern church is using gas blowers to reap the harvest so that the grain doesn’t feel the blade of the sickle that was meant to cut them away from the world and circumcise their heart as they entered the kingdom. Today’s churches are massaging people into the kingdom using a false mercy and grace as its MO. Yeshua never minced words with the religious hierarchy of His day nor did anyone else who has been included in the book we called the Holy Bible . The reason is because to be holy we need to identify with the word, holy – Kadosh . We need to be Kedoshim( plural) people set apart unto the Lord. Being holy means living and trusting in His ways and allowing His anointing acquired by grace and the prayer closet to pierce the hearts of those who can’t see, can’t hear or are lame spiritually. Using the Hollywood MO is an abomination when reaching the masses because once you’ve reached them then you have to teach them and if your dumbed down your method of reaching them came through a dumbed downed method of teaching then your harvest will be those who last just for a moment but when persecution comes for the word sake they soon fall away. The principle of Mark 4 of the sower will define and clarify who and what kind of harvest will be presented to the Lord as a grain offering! As a young man in the early 1980’s I was blessed to see Mario preach at my church in Jacksonville , Florida and big did I love his passion for facing the radical crowds of NorCal. I was raised to evangelize in the streets as a new convert and I saw Yeshua change many lives in those early formative years of my first love experience . I’m now a Messianic pastor here on Amelia Island, Florida and I’ve found myself drinking in the same well as the rest of you readers thanking the Father that Mario is not verbally handing out choclate and roses to those who hearts have been seduced by compromise but have learn to embrace the the swinging of a sharp sword and the blunt of a hammer … like Mario we’ve learned that swords and hammers are for close confrontation in war where you have to stare your enemy in the eyes before you push a sword through him ….we are born for warfare, scripture makes that very clear and our enemy is determined to destroy us but we have His grace and power through prayer to withstand all the fiery darts of our enemy….we are fortunate that we had Mario swinging so long that he’s taught us well !

  17. Your blogs are the best as I am in areas that are really not spirit filled yet. I am moving to a small town and they don’t know what is in store for them. I have been in a season of spiritual and emotional healing and still teaching at places that are kind of eat the word of God 101, but once I get set up in this house God will be working me. Open and willing to do and say wherever and whatever and whenever HE says. I just love your words and ministry and what God is about to do in CAL Thank you so much….Boots on the ground warriors from Kansas.

    1. Absolutely Melissa! Me too; I am also a “Warrior of the New Millenium” when prophet Kim Clement was still on Earth and he sure was and is still the real deal. I agree with you….when I get to my new place in another State God is calling me too out of seclusion I will do the same; “He says open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” and “What He has whispered in my ear, proclaim on the housetops!” Yes I will!!!!!

  18. Brother Mario,

    is a Spirited filled street evangelist who has been preaching the word of God for over 40 years. God has confirmed His word( the word of God) with signs and wonders. TODAY Brother Mario preaching seems like one who is a prophet because so many are Biblically illiterate. FYI that what we evangelists do.

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