A new turn

She sat near the front with no inkling what was about to happen to her. The Holy Spirit revealed the two precise locations of her physical problems. But then the details became so stunning that it hit the audience. By the Spirit’s power, I told her she had been punched in her abdomen and the side of her head. The Holy Spirit said that her assault was covered up but it would be exposed. She was already scheduled to be in court to defend herself.
One of the local pastors very familiar with her entire situation followed up and learned that the damage to her eyesight has now vanished as well as the damage to her stomach. He also knows she will win her case.
Why am I telling you this? Simply because this was only one of a number of healings that happened in the tent on Monday night.  It was because of this, a buzz went out into the community. The result was that tonight was the biggest crowd yet. It was packed.

As I surveyed the crowd, my only concern was the fire marshal. Last week, I was told he was coming on Tuesday night. I assumed our Tuesday night attendance would dip from Sunday and Monday so I felt glad that he had picked Tuesday. Now, I was looking at a crowd that not was not only packed in…I couldn’t figure out how they all got in! This would be the worst night for him to show up.
Then the atmosphere changed into something we had not seen before. Youth were everywhere and God was doing a deep work in them. We thought we knew what God would do. Many had traveled from great distances to be healed. We were told people had flown in from Texas, New Jersey and Washington expecting miracles.
The sensation I am about to describe is not easy because I have never had it before. I could feel souls wanting Jesus. This hunger after God forced our regular program to go out the window.  It knew that as soon as I gave the appeal to come to Christ it would completely take over the meeting. But even then, I still didn’t get it right.
Some told me that over 150 people came to Christ. Others said even more. But, as always say, only God knows the real number. What I do know, is that I had to make an emergency move. We would not take an offering—we would not have a normal healing service—and, we would not ask the converts to go outside. There were just too many of them to move.

I told the people that the need of those who had come forward must take priority. I told them there are too many souls that want Jesus for us to go on with the meeting. I asked all of those who needed healing to put their hand on their heart. We began praying for mass miracles. I exhorted them that because they had sacrificed the regular healing time for the sake of new converts that God would intensify His power to heal them. And indeed, you could feel healing power surging in people’s bodies everywhere in the tent.
Pastor Jim Carpenter and the many well trained workers waded into the massive harvest and began praying for them, counselling them, and making sure they were cared for. The audience had received healing miracles like they had expected but they saw souls transformed in a way they did not expect.
What will happen tonight? Only God knows but it is clear that a youth movement is forming, miracles are falling and a revival spirit is spreading fast! Marysville has take a turn toward a major move of God.
The dream I saw of Highway 99 turning into a raging river of miracles has indeed started.

27 thoughts on “A new turn

    1. Dearest Mario, my eyes fill with tears every time I read what is happening and what God is allowing to flow through you. May the waters of mercy, healing and grace be stirred into holy Spirit fire for all those who come to the tent!!!!!

  1. We bless Your holy name Lord. Praying for more and more each day. Heaven come down to earth. Salvation and healing and wholeness in Your name Jesus. Revival Lord. May all the glory go to You.

    In Mary’s town – “Whatever He says to you, do it” John 2:5

    Glory to God.

  2. I am weeping with joy as I read this report! I don’t live in California but have been praying for your meetings. I saw the Holy Spirit move today at the shelter where I volunteer. It’s happening! Revival……..awakening!!!!!! Praises to our mighty God!!!

  3. Thank you for keeping us informed I pray daily for what God is doing in California through your obedience. Bless you brother..

  4. Praise God for your obedience and willingness to trust Holy Spirit. I got chills reading this! My hope for America is being restored because I believe God is raising up an army out of our youth!! Carry on Mario and be blessed abundantly! I’ll pray for you and your family!

  5. So happy I have tears!God Bless you Mario!!….And your entire family!Your wife gives you as you give yourself to God!

  6. HALLELUJAH, GLORY TO GOD! Tears of Joy and Thankfulness as I read this post…
    For Truly GOD is birthing, healing, delivering, and setting people free……
    when GOD and HIS HOLY SPIRIT are given Free Reign, the multitudes will come, The Real seals the deal….
    Praying GOD’S Strength, continued Wisdom, Provision, Protection and The Covering of GOD’S SPIRIT over this GOD Ordained Time of Awakening, Rescue, Restoration, Salvation and on and on……..
    More than you know
    More than you can yet see

    Isaiah 43:11-13
    “I, even I am The Lord; and beside Me there is no Saviour.”

    “I have declared, and I have saved, and I have showed, when there was no strange god among you; therefore ye are My Witnesses, saith The Lord that I Am GOD.”

    “Yea before the day was I Am HE, and there is none that can deliver out of MY Hand: I WILL WORK, and WHO WILL SHALL LET IT?”

    Precious Ones you are the gloves and GOD is The Hand!

  7. I truly wish I could be there… we have no funds to go and our vehicle wouldn’t make it that far. I am so humbled by what God is doing there… it truly is miraculous… I wish I could be there!! God Bless you all!! I have been so hungry to see a move of God… for so many years now!!! Mario since you were coming to Colorado and predicting what you are seeing now… that was a long time ago. Do you remember?

  8. Praise the Lord. Not surprised still am praying…..God will show up and show His love and power on their behalf. I pray the Lord give you strenght to endure as you take the gospel to Gods creation. Love you all Brother

    Paula Rohde

  9. Glory to God. I have great expectation for this healing and the saving of souls “momentum” to build as you continue South on Highway 99. For Marysville, I am praying and standing for souls to be saved, signs, wonders and miracles to manifest in the meetings and all over the Region. Again, all Glory to God! I do plan to be a (working) (intercessory) part of the Stockton/Manteca meetings, I have a cousin who lives in the area and I can stay at her home. Thank you Father for your love being expressed through Mario and all the disciples in Marysville!

  10. Yesssssss Yesssssss Yesssssss 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. We are interceding for you all 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✝️🕊🔥💯

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  11. Mario my brother. How I wished that I could be there with you. I can feel God’s powerful witness even as I read your article. You’re on my heart sir, and I’ll continue to pray and believe for even greater release of His presence in the upcoming meetings. The harvest is truly beginning and I praise God that you have heard well and are obeying his call to this region. TIME FOR A BIGGER TENT!!

  12. Thank you Mario for being obedient and sensitive to the voice of God. Praying that the meetings continue with healing and miracles.


  14. Praise God! This is SO wonderful, Pastor Mario, it almost makes me cry with happiness. Thank you, thank you, for being God’s faithful servant.

  15. Thanks for the update Mario, it sounds like a revival alright, it’s out of control. It’s time to ask for a spirit of repentance to overwhelm the entire state and bring a great revival fire that will spread across the nation and around the world. Remember, in 1906 a move of the Holy Ghost began on Azusa street and spread all over from there. It’s time for a powerful revival with California as the ignition point. Ask big…we serve a really big God!

  16. Praise God! I am praying or Holy Ghost and fire anointing, healing, salvation, and deliverance. Praise the Lord and thank you for never giving up in Jesus mighty name!

    Diane Sandoval

    On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 2:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “She sat near the front with no inkling > what was about to happen to her. The Holy Spirit revealed the two precise > locations of her physical problems. But then the details became so stunning > that it hit the audience. By the Spirit’s power, I told her she ha” >

  17. Mario will you be in Visalia and if so when? My husband is from there and we would like to be there to support you if possible. I looked on your website for dates but couldn’t find them.
    I also am from CA and have prayed for years for her release from Satan’s grip!
    Blessings and prayers for you, your team and family.

  18. I was there sunday, Monday and Wednesday! My whole prayer group from colfax came to help! On Wednesday we brought one of our street kids, he got saved! I have had fibromyalgia for over 15 years, these last 5 ive been in constant pain and walked with a cane. Last night I was healed, and carried my cane out! The Holy Spirit is so strong in that place, its so awesome! Jesus is in the house!
    Thank you Mario for coming here, we’ve been praying every Tuesday and Thursday night for God to move in California, and He is!

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