A thick blanket of the Holy Spirit covers the crowd as I start my appeal to come to Jesus.  A phenomenon no one but God can explain ensues.  Chains begin falling off of God haters, the homeless, addicts and just plain people who need Jesus.  Souls that would have nothing to do with each other on the street flow together forming a river of humanity forging its way forward to be set free. That happened under the tent tonight.
But I saw something tonight that truly makes me angry with what the devil has done to the American church.

Tonight I saw a group of people who truly want God. Tonight I saw pastors who love one another. Tonight I saw something we used to see before we lost so much. No frills, no perks, just a raw love for God. These twin miracles truly convicted me of what America needs right now.
These believers in Marysville are not just beautiful in Jesus, their pure motive serves as a great rebuke to so much of the attitude of modern church. These soldiers of Jesus want to serve and reach out. What a contrast to the complacent and lukewarm spirit that is so widespread and damaging.
These true Christians did just lay hands on one another, they fought for healing and God rewarded them with many miracles.
More than ever I know Lucifer wanted the spirit-filled army of God missing when America needed her most. It worked…we were missing. It wasn’t because we believed a lie but because we abused truth.

When you hear a spirit-filled Christian say “it’s all in God’s hands and it will all turn out as He wants” it’s a comforting thought that is hard to debate, but it is not what we need now. How can anyone take up the weapons of God in faith if they believe their choices don’t matter? Why try to change the world if you believe it’s solely God’s job?
Grace, a glorious truth that should make us broken with gratitude, and drive us to please God with all our heart became an excuse for some to run wild. Steve Hill heard one of them say, “’You guys are old-fashioned ‘holiness,’ we are modern day ‘grace.’ You live in bondage while we can do anything we want.” They see no point to repentance or sacrifice. How can anyone be an effective weapon with this attitude?
Gloom and doom preaching does the same thing. While it rightly warns of dark days some take it to the point of thinking everything is supposed to get worse. In fact, by attempting to have a moral awakening, you are opposing God’s plan.
This keeps the church on the defensive by telling them to take cover.  Fear sells books, conspiracy theories sell survival, not revival.  Gloom and doom prophets—like good democrats—must cheer on global domination, global warming and global disasters to keep Christians buying.  They do not equip you to confront and conquer evil because they don’t believe it’s possible.

Many are playing games.  Facebook is like a playground for giddy believers.  In one compressed medium, you witness the banal bacteria that excites immature believers today. Witness the games:
Titles like Prophet and Apostle are flung around indiscriminately.  Every garish emotional experience is hawked as being from God.
Conferences promise that you will get “a word from God” for a fee… as if the Holy Spirit was On Demand.  Or they offer formulas to “activate” blessings, using terminology dangerously close to new age.
God is not a force to manipulate—He is an awesome person to be adored and obeyed.  Gifts come as the Spirit wills, to hearts broken—emptied of self—for the lost, the poor, and the forsaken.
Good messages made us passive. But everywhere you look in the Bible it is against passivity and advocates action: “fight the good fight of faith…” “Endure hardness as a good soldier…” “Resist the devil…” “Take the sword of the Spirit…”
God has chosen to act in answer to prayer.  He waits until His people rise and take their rightful place in the arena of battle.  Young David saw the stalemate.  No one challenged Goliath.  David couldn’t stand it. He offered himself to God.  God is looking for someone like that today—someone who can’t live with evil, who can’t stomach the perversion, and is enraged to see God dishonored.  Someone God can use to turn the tide of America.
There’s a miracle growing in Marysville. I am filled with wonder and fear about what will happen next.

15 thoughts on “A LOVING REBUKE

  1. So excited to hear what’s going on there, What people don’t under stand is the date of his coming is not set, it will be when we sit back and completely allow the evil to take over, we can pray, and take our rightful stand as sons, and there’s no telling how long we can put of his coming, or we can allow the evil to get so bad he will come quicker, it’s up to us by what we do, but you will not want to be here when that evil really takes over, WHEN HE COMES IS UP TO WHAT WE DO, if we start doing our jobs as Christians we can put off the end, but if we don’t then it will come quicker, a lot of people see what satan want’s to do, instead of what the Lord want’s and then doing it, they speak death, [ the end] when Jesus is life, that’s why NOBODY KNOWS THE HOUR OR THE DAY, IN WHICH HE WILL COME, IT’S NOT SET, THATS WHY NO ONE CAN SAY WHEN, IT WILL BE WHEN WE ARE SO TORMENTED BAD THE BAD GOING ON HERE, THAT WE CRY COME LORD JESUS COME, AND I MEAN BAD, in the word’s of Patrick Swayze, in next of kin, YOU HAVEN’T SEEN BAD YET, BUT IT’S COMING, if we as Christians don’t do our jobs and stand for God and what is right, it’s up to us, it all depends on what we do! praying brother, God Bless

  2. God planted His church to be a force that could not be overcome by evil. It was His intention that the church be victorious, with her sword held high until the last day. God has always had a people, now matter how many or how few,those people have always done great exploits. It is time for the remnant to arise and win these lost generations for the Christ. The only ones that should be on their knees begging for the rapture is the devil. The whole kingdom of darkness should be begging God to remove His Church because she is messing up their plans. It’s time to forget about rapture theories and rescue this lost and dying world. We are the only ones with the power to do so.

  3. Bless You Mario, your tent is reminiscent of RW Shambach days & his tent. Powerful things were said & done within that crusade tent. Shambach had vision for Revival too in this nation, and belived we need it terribly due to this lazy hazy post modern era of church culture. Whether a person knew of or approved of RW Shambach doesn’t matter to me…My Husband & I heard and watched him for years preach strong gospel purity, holiness, maturity, fidelity to Christ, healing power of Jesus and Holy Spirit Revival to a spiritually starving nation, all out of a traveling tent.
    I’m proud of what The Lord is doing through You in 2019 Mario and Your tent of meeting, it is just very much back to “Core Christian basics, ethics and values”after all that’s where God began HIS great revival work eons ago…in the tent of meeting.⛺️

  4. The modern church so steeped in greasy grace and entertainment minded performers instead of preachers has corrupted the body of Christ to a point that a preacher as your self seems to be one “crying in the wilderness”.. thank you for your message .. and your voice.

  5. Thank you for this encouraging update. Standing with you and praying for you all in Marysville. I hope to be at one of these tent crusades.

  6. More of God’s power, miracles, healings, salvation and redemption has occurred within a few days in that humble tent than has occurred in many thousands of glitzy multi-million dollar church buildings over the past year. Thank you Mario and team for showing us how the church can minister to and save many hundreds of people within mere days in a parking lot!

  7. Thank you, Pastor Mario, for sharing with us what God is doing in Marysville. It is a thrill to read it. I agree that there are some who believe that it is of no use to try to save the culture and the country, that it is all “written” that bad times are coming. It’s easy to get caught up in that attitude, with all of the staggering corruption, depravity, and lies from every direction. Sometimes we forget that God really CAN do anything. None of this takes Him by surprise, but that doesn’t mean we sit back and wait for Him to move instead of fighting the good fight ourselves. If He didn’t want us to fight, He would have taken us home long ago. I’m so excited about what He has you doing and can barely wait till you get to this area. Blessings upon you and everyone involved in these crusades. Pray for you every night.

  8. wallebratt2@gmail.com

    On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 3:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “A thick blanket of the Holy Spirit covers > the crowd as I start my appeal to come to Jesus. A phenomenon no one but > God can explain ensues. Chains begin falling off of God haters, the > homeless, addicts and just plain people who need Jesus. Souls that wo” >

  9. If you are seeing giants in the land, you are receiving promises made to you by the Lord, Jesus Christ: Sharing this from Kim Potter, A new thing ministries: It is time to slay giants. All Glory be to God.

    It was Saturday morning, I was driving to my office to catch up on some work. Music was playing on my media player. As one song came to an end and another began to play, it captured my attention. It was a song I have listened to many times, but today, God began to show me something in the simple, yet powerful, words of this song.
    I shared this song with many of you last year. It is called, Giants.
    One part exploded in my spirit. It said, “I see giants in the land…I see promise. I see promise.”
    I pulled out my bible as soon as I got to my office and re-read the story in Numbers 13.
    God had led His people to their Promised Land. It was time for them to enter in. We all know the story. They did not enter in because they were afraid of the giants in the land. The Bible says they didn’t enter in because of unbelief.
    Numbers 13:1 teaches us that it was GOD who told Moses to send men in to spy out the land. God knew they would see the fruitfulness of the land. He also knew they would see the giants. His hope was that they would believe what He had said more than what they saw. Knowing they would see the giants, why did He send them in to spy out the land?
    I believe one reason is the promise He made to Moses. We find this promise in Joshua 1:3.
    I have given you every place where the sole of your foot will tread, just as I promised to Moses. Joshua 1:3
    God knew their feet needed to stand upon what He had promised them. If we are not willing to take a stand for it, we may never have it. Therefore, He sent them in to place their feet upon what He said was theirs. Not to be intimidated by the giants in the land.
    This morning as I listened to the words of the song, I realized a profound truth…if we are seeing giants…we are seeing promise. We have come to the borders of our Promised Land. What we do at this point is up to us.
    Will we do as the children of Israel and cry, “oh the giants are too big, we can’t fight them, we are no match for them, let’s go back.”
    Or will we be like Joshua and Caleb and declare, “The land we passed through to spy out is an exceedingly good land. If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, ‘a land which flows with milk and honey.’ Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them.” Numbers 1:7-9
    I have shared with you how I have battled sickness many times in the past few weeks. One person said, “perhaps you have a door open to the enemy.” Trust me, I have prayed everything I know to pray. There is no open door to the enemy that I am aware of. And I truly believe God would show me if there was.
    Could this be giants in my land? I have purposed in my heart to possess the promise of laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. I have decided I will walk fully in the word of God concerning healing and wholeness, could it be, these are giants in my land? For if I am seeing giants in my land…I AM SEEING PROMISE!
    That excites me! And it goes along with the word I shared last week that said God was breathing on the very areas in our life that are being attacked.
    Today, I want to ask you a question…are you seeing giants in the land?
    If so, my friend, you are standing within the perimeters of your promise. Refuse to focus on the giants, do not fear them. Place your eyes on Jesus and your promise. He is well able to cause you to possess your promise – He has already given you the land.
    Some see giants.
    Some…see promise. May we be one of those, those who see the promise and possess it.

    1. Big amen brother, your so right, sometimes the pain and all the other’s trying so hard to find us doing something wrong, we forget it may just be because we are doing as we were called to do, and coming against the Giants, thank you needed this myself.

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