They are saying what we should be saying.  Millions have seen their videos.  They are credited for starting a revolution of thought in North America.  Here’s the rub: they are stealing our thunder.  They are putting preachers to shame.  They are Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. 

You may be the last human in America who hasn’t seen their confrontations and then eliminations of post-modern secularists.  They tackle every hot button issue from transgender, abortion, gun rights, feminism…in short, everything your pastor may be afraid to preach on.

Here’s the thing—they do it with an aplomb that devastates their opponents.  They produce clear facts and irresistible common sense to show how ancient morality is key to sanity.  In other words, they are doing our job.

There is one audience that is especially resonates with Jordan Petersen: young men.  This is a key demographic that the church has almost lost entirely. 

Ben Shapiro destroys the case for abortion in take-no-prisoners style on the most liberal college campuses.

Jordan Petersen champions free speech in a way that you are not hearing in any pulpit today.

What they are, is what preaching used to be in America.  What they have done, is destroy our great excuse: the lie that young audiences do not want to hear classic morality. And they have destroyed the sister lie that if you take on the false arguments of the left you will be shot down in flames.

The fact that they don’t preach the Gospel or refer to that many Bible verses only increases our embarrassment.  That’s because, they are still closer to the counsel of God than most celebrity pastors.

While most mega church pastors seek the non-offensive sermon, these two wade into the fallacies of sin and atheism.  They prove that there is a vast young audience for moral absolutes.

They prove what I have long declared: it is time for sermons with content.  Paul said he did not come with the excellency of man’s wisdom but the demonstration of the power of God.  That does not mean he was not compelling.  We are not compelling because we are so afraid of telling people where they are wrong.

There was a day when Ben Shapiro would not have been such a novelty.  We used to have preachers who were anointed with content that exposed the bankruptcy of secular culture.

Billy Graham was such a preacher.  He stood unapologetically before lost souls, of all races, and educational levels, and declared the Word of God.  He left nothing out. 

The notion that he was a simple preacher is misleading.  He once said, “the new morality is nothing but the old immorality.” A simple yet profound observation that is more at home in a meeting with Jordan and Ben than our present churches.

Billy  seized headlines, current events and never shied away from explaining why sin destroyed and Jesus offered peace that passes understanding. 

Today the church is talking to itself because it does not know how to talk to modern minds.  We do not change hearts and minds.  We are not adding daily to the church such as should be saved. 

You know I believe in miracles.  However, those who continually offer the world emotional experiences are missing the great power of preaching like Jesus promised, “I will give you a mouth and wisdom that your adversaries will not be able to gainsay or resist.”

On the other hand, those who leave out the power of the gifts of the Spirit—that are a sign to the unbeliever—are equally crippling the Church’s power to transform lost souls.

This dynamic duo of gifts of power with piercing preaching was embodied by Paul the Apostle.  Until Paul, the church was led by Peter.  Peter had fire but not the trained mind of Paul the Apostle. 

When Paul told the initiative his dual gifting of heat and light caused the Gospel to spread to all the known world.  It can be that way again.

It is not enough to tell harmless stories to the already converted.  We need to penetrate those who never darken the door of a church.  It is not enough to dazzle them with logic as Jordan and Ben do.  They need both a convicting declaration and the confirming signs of the Holy Spirit.

Jordan and Ben have done the heavy lifting.  They proved our shallow sermons are unjustified.

Maybe we needed to be shamed into action by two men who have proven that millions—many who we thought wanted nothing to do with Christ—are hungry for truth.

8 thoughts on “Stolen

  1. the problem with the preachers today is they use “recycled” sermons and series designed to reach a crowd that won’t be offended. Cute titles, cute stories blah blah blah. Most spend very little time in the scriptures except to pull out what they need for the sermon already written for them and has been downloaded on their computer I am not saying God can’t use this, he can for sure and many people find Jesus through this — but just as many or more find “churches” through it. I challenge these pastor’s to sit down and write weekly sermons from what the Lord is giving them. I want to be very clear on this NOT ALL pastors are like this but it is heading that way. You can go to any church in America and find the same sermon series and media clips and backgrounds any given Sunday

  2. Big amen we have taken the strength and meat out of the word, and made it noting more than instant milk, that’s watered down, every body hate’s me, but I preach like the men of my day preached, they didn’t water it down, they preached with fire and truth, that made you strong, with a firm foundation, so when the storm came, there houses stood, there marriage’s held together, and they didn’t waver or take part in the world, They Seperated Them Selves From The World, they tought values, now we can’t tell the world from the church, 3/4 of the church support killing new born babies or people who do [ same thing] these guys if I remember right tell it pretty plain, the young people are not at fought, WE ARE, they say we have to have the some and light’s and all this junk now to attract the young people, the Holy Spirit of the living God has alway’s atrc=acted the young people to, if it’s really him, I seen the same Holy Spirit hit a 4 year old, and a ninety year old at the same time in worship, they both had there hands raised and the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, over took them both, with tears running down there face, and speaking in tongues, don’t tell me we have to do this or that to get them in, there is no age limit men put that there, Wee just need to teach and preach the bible, and let the Holy Spirit have control, if the music don’t bring the presence of God down, then find song that give God the Glory and exault him, and if he get’s the Glory, his presence will come down, but we must tell them and teach them, people want songs that please them, [ again self] I don’t want a song that please’s me I want one that touches God and then his presence comes down and blesses my sock’s off] I can’t calm the storm, but his presence can, I can’t comfort my self or mind, but his presence can, I can’t fight the battles I have to fight alone, but getting in his presence take’s care of the enemies, oppression, depression, fear’s, everything, SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I WANT A SONG TO PLEASE ME, I WANT TO PLEASE HIM, AND HE WILL PLEASE ME! we have just gotten so far off track, and we must have guide’s to get us back on track, weneed to train them that’s our job, WE HAVE TRADED QUALITY FOR QUANITY, HOLINESS FOR SIN, MEAT FOR WATER DOWN MILK, [POWERED MILK] no strength and made week Christians if they even are christians, I see not much conversion, they say words but don’t mean them, true repentance is turnning from, not going right back into, but again that’s what there tought today, [ well fact is there not tought, there programmed as you said, today] they want the truth really, but nobody will tell them, don’t want to offend, well funny the word of God offended me on just about every thing when I first got saved, why because of sin nature, but strange it’s not suppose to offend any more, Funny the word of God is a knife in the master surgen’s hands, it cut’s away the cancer of sin, in your life, RHAT’S WHAT THE WORD DOES OF COURSE IT OFFEND’S, BUT IT MAKES YOU READY FOR HEAVEN, AND BUILD’S YOU A HOUSE THAT WILL WITH STAND THE STORM’S OF LIFE, WE JUST NEED SOME TEACHER’S WHO WILL PREACH LIKE YOU WHO WILL PREACH AND A FEW OTHER’S DO, But most are so far out in left field, it’s awful, PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR TRUTH YOUNG PEOPLE ARE LOOKING ESPECIALLY! God Bless Brother Mario

  3. I have prayed for Jordon Peterson to get saved and filled with the holy spirit.
    He could very well be the next Derek prince.

  4. Great word brother! Keep em coming. Bless you and I look forward to seeing you under the tent in the future.

    On Mon, Mar 18, 2019, 00:02 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They are saying what we should be saying. > Millions have seen their videos. They are credited for starting a > revolution of thought in North America. Here’s the rub: they are stealing > our thunder. They are putting preachers to shame. They are Jordan Pe” >

  5. Absolutely perfect!

    On Sun, Mar 17, 2019, 11:57 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “They are saying what we should be saying. > Millions have seen their videos. They are credited for starting a > revolution of thought in North America. Here’s the rub: they are stealing > our thunder. They are putting preachers to shame. They are Jordan Pe” >

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