Remember I told you this. In the next few years a new kind of Christian leader will appear. They will not fit any present mold. They will be the catalysts. They will usher in the next great awakening.

A few of them will be in pulpits. More of them will be politics, business, science, law, and entertainment, music, or a thousand other fields of endeavor.  They will not introduce subjects—they will introduce eras.

No one will be able to buy them off or get them to change the subject. They will operate on a disquieting plane of holiness and consecration. I believe A. W. Tozer was describing them when he said, “they serve God and mankind from motives too high to be understood by the rank and file of religious retainers who today shuttle in and out of the sanctuary.”

Today they suffer. Their agony is what happens when worlds collide. They see their destiny. It’s big and dangerous. A part of them glories in the potential to know God intimately and represent Him bravely. They see themselves rebuking kings, tyrants and warmongers. They see themselves commanding the wealth of the wicked be handed over to the just.

God is warring to save America. You must find your assignment in that war. But how can we know our assignment?

The secret to finding your assignment is your heart. God speaks to the heart and then the heart must control the mind. Today many spirit-filled believers are practicing an unwitting form of new age. They relate to God as if He were a force and not a person.

They think that audacity and confidence will unlock gifts, authority, and direction. They speak of “activating gifts” as if there was a formula to supernatural manifestations. My friend it comes through brokenness, not arrogance. The “force” is a farce.

The Holy Spirit requires everything to come through relationship. Sorry, but Christianity has always been and always will be family owned and operated. So then how can we know our assignment?

Your assignment in the Army of God is your individual expression and extension of Christ’s destruction of the works of the devil. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil. God will give you a way to do it that is unique to you.

Until that gets through to you—until you admit and agree to those terms—God will remain silent about your assignment.
Because the American situation is impossible, only one kind of person will make a difference now. They must be armed with divine certainty. They must own an unshakable, to-the-bone- conviction that they have been chosen for this task.

Without this, we have zero hope of removing the bloody talons of Satan off the throat of our nation. Without it, we are doomed to another embarrassing misfire pawned off as revival.

Next, you must face the fact that very few are supposed to be preachers or pastors. For too long, we have listened to the voice of God through a filter. Whenever God moved someone to serve, we assumed it meant ministry.

This assumption of ministry has sent many to Bible Colleges who didn’t belong there. Worse yet, it has filled pulpits with people who should have never been ordained. This reminds me of why President Woodrow Wilson once said, “One of the proofs of the divinity of the Gospel is the preaching it has survived.”

This filtered view of service is one big reason the church lost influence in our nation. God tried to send people into education, law, medicine, business, art, media and yes, even politics, but we herded them into “Christian service.”

You see it in the Bible. You see it in the stories of heroes of faith throughout history who altered the course of their generation. At the dawn of their mission, God infuses them with incontestable certainty.

This certainty plays a critical role in their survival. Think of it like the escape velocity of a rocket. Escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges of space travel. In order for a rocket to break free of the Earth’s gravitational force it must reach a speed of seven miles per second. That’s 25,000 miles per hour!

Divine certainty blasts the chosen vessel of God past the gravitational force of Satanic attacks, the seduction of fame, withering criticism, and the dark night of the soul that must come to all who are called of God.

Evil convulses at the approach of a new vessel of God. Hell instantly puts chosen ones on a hit list. The child of God must be blasted by divine certainty into a trajectory that will escape the pull of devils, the seduction of fame, withering criticism, and the dark night of the soul that comes to all who are called of God.

From his death bed John Wesley wrote his last letter to encourage Wilberforce. In it he confirms the urgency of divine certainty: “Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of his might…”

Understand this child of God! The same Spirit that is awakening a passion and direction in you is doing the same thing to millions more. Soon an army will emerge that is entrenched in every area of our culture. Today it is sporadic fire here and there, but soon the prophetic core of God will obey and embrace their assignment and come together in a chorus of victory that will be unlike anything we have ever seen.



23 thoughts on “REMEMBER

  1. Encouragement to those of us trying to know our place in God’s plan

    On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 5:44 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “Remember I told you this. In the next few > years a new kind of Christian leader will appear. They not fit any present > mold. They will be the catalysts. They will usher in the next great > awakening. A few of them will be in pulpits. More of them will be p” >

    1. Proverbs 4:20-22 My child, ” attend ” to MY words; incline thine ear unto MY sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.
      For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh…….I am learning to value above ALL other voices – His WORD. Do not value others’ opinions that counter the Word.

  2. I wrote this poem in my third year of sobriety. My purpose and calling in life is to share Jesus Christ and the power of his blood to BREAK EVERY CHAIN to those still in bondage caused hy the opiate epidemic. He left the 99 for me!

    by Rhonda Weaver

    An invasion of heaven
    is in our midst.
    Jesus is now
    making his list
    of unknown faces,
    in unlikely places,
    the one’s society dismissed.
    An army is rising,
    angel’s advising,
    we’re wounded
    but we’ve reorganized.
    The devil’s despising,
    the world’s criticizing,
    but we’ve got
    fire in our eyes.
    No longer disabled,
    we discard the labels,
    and march to the beat
    of God’s drum.
    There is no shame,
    in our new game,
    by our stories
    we overcome.
    Instead of the dope,
    we’re now dealing hope
    and becoming
    all that we dreamed.
    Though once we were broken
    we’re now a token,
    a symbol of the redeemed!




    2. Oh how this touched my heart. Having a son and daughter-in-law under the darkness of addictions I am believing they too will one day share this new life. I would love to share your poem if possible.

    3. Lisa, I would like to have permission to use this in our ministry. Beautiful, heartfelt words. Bless you.

      1. I would be humbly honored for you to share this poem. God woke me in the middle of the night to give me these words. They’re His, not mine!

    4. Rhonda, I shared the story of the 99 with the prisoners this past weekend. How amazing that Christ loves the bound, the addicted, the ones who fail again and again, the ones who have fallen and can’t seem to get up and stay up, and he never stops loving, never stops searching for the one who is rejected, separated, alone, hopeless, helpless, and lost. What stories of grace and love the “one” can tell of being gloriously “found” by the Savior who seeks and saves that which was lost!! (By the way, 25 prisoners were “found” and rescued this past weekend by Jesus and the Holy Spirit!! My wife and I have dubbed our Suburban that we use to transport us and our equipment to prison crusades “Rescue One.” Double meaning there!) God bless you, stay strong, your poem will be shared to give hope to men behind razor wire! To Him be all glory!

    5. Oh My Rhonda!!! This SpokenWord writing is such a blessing to me. Thank you for the freedom you have given for us to share this. You can be assured that this is a CHANGE MAKER in the hearts of many of those individuals that are THE ONE IN NINETY-NINE.
      Also Mario, this is the first time I have been introduced to your writings and for-such-a-time-as-this, I am blessed to be affirmed by your offering. Thank you and thank You Lord.

    6. Wow! How beautiful, like the song; “Beautifully Broken” and that’s about right. I can say too that I have been sober for over 40 years and God surely did it because I loved the taste of Beer at one time and now…..for all these years I have had no desire whatsoever to drink anything with alcohol in it or participate in anything that I used to do…….Praise His Holy Name!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!! I am so very grateful to be alive and well and in my right mind too!!!!

  3. Some of us are not for sale, we are fighting for our God and this country, the NEXT GENERATION our children and our childrens, children we will fight to our last breath, to get the true Holy Spirit of the Living God back in our churches, they have pushed him out, instead of God called in pulpit it’s mama called and daddy sent, and they have not stood on the word of God, and his way of doing thing’s, they compromised and watered down, They took Jesus name out of some of the bibles, and took the part that condemned there sins out, they took the blood out, they sweet talk and allow sin, THE POWER AND THE PRESENCE IS GONE, they manufactor something thats not of God, and we expect thing’s to change, OH THEY HAVE HAVE THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD HAS BECOME THE WORDLY CHURCH, some are doing anything for money lieing cheating, robbing Gods people all for gain SELF GLORY AND PROFIT, and think Gods going to give them a chance to make thing’s right, before they die, WELL MY FRIED THAT’S NOT SET IN STONE, YOUR NOT PROMISED TOMORROW, ITS YOUR SOUL AND ETERNITY IS FOR EVER SO GO AHEAD AND PLAY, BUT SOME OF US WILL FIGHT UNTIL OUR LAST BREATH, FOR THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD, AND CALL SIN, SIN NO MATTER WHAT THIS WORLD DOES TO US, WE STILL LET THESE PEOPLE COME INTO OUR CHURCH THESE PROFITS OF BAAL, AND THE WORLD SYSTEM LEADER’S, NO DIFFERENT FROM THE PROPHETS OF BAAL, THEY MET ALL WEEK TO TRY AND KILL ME AGAIN, AS I PRAYED FOR CA. IN HEAVY WARFARE, YOU SEE A BUNCH LIVES THERE, AND THEY NEED EXPOSED, THERE ON OUR CHRISTIAN TV SHOWS, THEY USE THERE SORCERY, AND WITCHCRAFT, DIVINATION, TO STOP TRUE REVIVAL LIKE IN CA. ECAUSE THE TRUE EXPOSE’S THE FAKE, WHILE SOME OF US HAVE BEEN IN A ALL OUT WAR FOR THIS Maryville Revival, against the evil some met to stop it, but we pressed in that much harder, WE WILL STAND FOR OUR GOD AND THIS COUNTRY THE WAY IT WAS ESTABLISHED, IT’S A SHAME WHEN THE CHURCH CAN’T EVEN SEE THESE IMPOSTER’S, They met to try and kill some of us, and stop this Revival, and there rubbing elbows and are the leader’s of the worldy man made system, claiming to be the CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, BUT THE GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST US, AND THERE ABOUT TO FIND OUT. be blessed brother, WE NEED DISCERNMENT BAD. A HOUSE DEVIDED CAN NOT STAND.

  4. Wonderful words of hope. My wife and I teach ukulele with Christian songs and with prayer to hundreds of young people in the Philippines. We express to them that we are all the same in Christ, we who belief are all called to make disciples using the unique assignments that the Lord gives to each one of us. The greatest ministry one can do is the one given to us by the Lord! Yes, too many uncalled pastors. We need workers in His field who have many different callings. I love you articles Pastor. Thank you. God bless you and your ministry!

  5. I have no doubt that God is going to release an army to devastate hell from one of the most unlikely places: the prisons. Men who are locked up are getting fired up by the Holy Ghost. I’d rather have church with these men behind razor wire than in most of the “churches” in America. Many have gotten bible college degrees, some even doctorates in theology. And there is tremendous talent in music and worship locked up also. I am excited to see what God will do with theses men soon!!

  6. Mario relates on this subject and others based on an experience he had with God many years ago. He mentioned this to all of the students at Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX back in 1976. Simply stated, he prayed through to the Glory. Seems one can’t find a handfull of Men and Women of God who have broken through in their prayer closets and reached what he called “critical mass” where the Glorious Presence flooded his life. This is the Mario I know. That initial experience shaped his life and ministry to what it is today. This is what he wants for all believers. To have a breakthrough into the Depths of the Holy Spirit with Power from on High, and to be a catalyst for change among the peoples of the Country.

    Along with Mario’s thoughts, I would like to add a few more. I see many who are called Christians that have drifted out into the world away from their First Love, many who have slidden back, many who are in captivity, and even those who have fallen by the wayside. Shall we say most of the Church has become like that Sleeping Giant that Evangelist Tommy Hicks saw in a vision three times in Argentina back in the 60’s? He saw that Giant began to move and awaken slowly, then rise up and shake itself. Then the Golden Rain began to fall out of Heaven and Baptize people of all walks of life. Young and old, including all those Mario described. They went everywhere prophesying and doing exploits, with some of the Greatest Miracles and Acts of God that would ever be recorded.

    Yes, all these things that many of us have seen by Visions and Dreams, and been given through prophecy seem to always be at a distance somewhere off on the horizon. And it takes so long for their fulfillment and we get weary.
    No doubt many others who read Mario’s blog are now standing on a Word from God, a Prophecy, a Dream or Vision they’ve had about a Ministry and what’s ahead, and have grown weary in waiting all these years for it to happen. Let’s take heart and keep on believing and expecting that it shall be and come to pass even as it was spoken and revealed to us.

    We’re headed for something great. We are reserved for a unique time in History. And what Good News that all of us will have a part in it!


    – As said by John Piper……


  8. Finally a word of FREEDOM, for those who LOVE GOD but don’t feel called to be in a pulpit or church ministering. 🙏🦋

  9. I believe it and I believe that I am one of those; kinda hidden at the moment but I don’t mind. This is very encouraging and on time for those of us to wait on God until He moves us to our “tribe” and we get to participate in teams of ministry proclaiming His good news to people hungry and thirsty for Him; though they don’t even know that they are…’s all about Jesus and His Kingdom-Amen!

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