Wait till you hear

How could one phone call bring so many amazing changes?  How could we have foreseen that way our lives would change after this phone call.

The call is from Miriam, a woman of God from Paradise California. She and her husband, an anesthesiologist, had something to ask me.

It had to do with the Camp Fire—the wildfire that wiped out Paradise, California.  19,000 buildings were destroyed including nearly 12,000 homes. But this couple prayed as the fire roared toward their home. The flames stopped right at their property line.

This is a map of the perimeter of the Camp Fire with the city limits of Paradise outlined. As you can see, Paradise was in the dead center of the blaze.

They were overcome by both gratitude and grief. They grieved for so many who had lost loved ones and who were now homeless. Because Miriam and her family were spared, they made a deep vow to God to use their house for His glory. Then she asked the question:

Will you pray about bringing the tent to Paradise?” How could she have known that my wife and I had been interceding for that very door to open. After we hung up, I began to pray and study the situation. Immediately, I was struck by the impossibility.

There were so many things blocking our way. For starters, the city was extremely wary of putting up a tent after such a devastating fire. Next, there was a matter of restoring the power grid in the city. Lastly, our schedule had no way to fit this outreach in.

While we were laying the ground work for Marysville, Mechelle and I took a trip to Paradise. 50 people met in Miriam’s home to pray and I shared the vision to bring the tent. I brushed aside the impossibility because with God all things are possible.

Afterwards we walked through the city and prayed. It is beyond my vocabulary to describe the devastation. It reminded me of pictures of the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany. There is simply no way to describe it.

Photo by JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, miracle upon miracle has opened the Red Sea once again. Hallelujah! We are going to Paradise and we are bringing an army of love with us. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit kept burning these words, “Beauty for Ashes.”

The news of our confirmation came on the morning of the final day in Marysville.  But my heart sank when I saw the weather. The temperature dropped ten degrees a strong wind and heavy rain would surely damage our attendance.

Instead, the biggest crowd of all packed the tent and were worshiping with total abandon.  The power and presence of God was so intense! This is what attendance looked like before starting time.

After a host of souls were saved and miracles rang out it was time to make the first public announcement about Paradise.  Get this…when I told them we were going to Paradise CA, they exploded with a jubilant, deafening cheer.

You see, many of the refugees from Paradise were in Marysville. The believers had been loving on them and caring for them. Now the same glory they had seen in Marysville was moving 45 minutes north to Paradise. What an amazing moment!

The Living Proof Paradise begins Thursday May 2 and goes until Sunday May 5. The tent site is the Terry Ashe Recreation Center 6626 Skyway Road, Paradise CA, 95969.

We are not out of the woods yet. We still have critical needs and we don’t have much time to meet those needs. We need prayer warriors to bombard the heavenlies starting right now—right after you finish reading this.

We need workers. The raw human need is overwhelming. About 30% of the victims of the fire had no insurance. Many are in trailers. Only God knows the heaviness in their hearts. I am putting out an appeal for workers to come from wherever God sends this blog. I have never felt such an urgency for help.  Do what Jesus says and let nothing hold you back.

Call us at 775 238 3473 or go to mariomurillo.org

18 thoughts on “Wait till you hear

  1. I read these posts and tears come every time. Praying for supernatural provision. I’m in Iowa and my son is unsaved in San Francisco. I can’t wait for the fire to reach him.

  2. I wish I could be there with you, but I’m not able (at this time) to make the trip, but am sending money instead. GOD bless you mightily as you go to this site of devastation and I pray many will give their lives to CHRIST.

  3. In prayer for you….. this is good ground to sow into. God bless you and send warring angels ahead to prepare the way!

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.

  4. So awesome and will start right now for paradise, we will let hell know our God YAHWEH is greater than any demonic force that want’s this nation, FOR WE ARE THE ARMY OF THE LIVING GOD YAHWEH and the gates of hell will not prevail against us. God Bless praying

  5. Wonderful news, Praise the Lord our God! Mario as I was praying in the Spirit I heard “More Than Enough”. More than enough, what a awesome promise at this time. God is more than enough and as you walk out his directions all that attend will encounter a God that is more than enough!

  6. Is 61 and Is 62 “beauty for ashes””Rebuild the cities”This is for ParadiseSo blessed to hear the Holy Spirit is going to Paradise!We join you in this move and pray for you.Ken & Linda SweitzerOceanside Ca

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  7. What a praise to our Father! You can count on our prayers all the way!
    God’s Peace,
    Diane & Earl

  8. I was praying and rejoicing in thanks for the incredible news about Paradise, CA being chosen by God as the next tent invasion for Mario and the MMM team. Immediately a powerful thought came to me that Paradise, CA will be the first city in modern American times to have been utterly destroyed by fire, and then just months later will experience the miracle of the Holy Spirit pouring a heavenly foundation of salvation, redemption and miracles in that city, all through the vessel of Mario, his team, supporters, and volunteers. Be assured that over time this heavenly foundation in Paradise, CA will support not just hundreds of miracles, but many thousands of miracles, and all in a state of which whose government has sold themselves to the devil. Praise Jesus for this opportunity in California!

  9. I was hoping You were coming here. I heard u speak in turlock years ago and moved to chico! I wait tables at
    russels sunrise cafe in chico!! We have friends neighbors who lost everything!! And hardest shifts We as a whole had to endure wiping tears between tables as customers told of their experiences trying to flee the fire.. Many Nights my manager Debbie and I would loose sleep our hearts so heavy from the day!!! Thank you for obeying God and coming !

  10. This is so exciting, both what the Lord has done in Marysville & the open doors into Paradise! I’m praying from Tx. for the Miraculous!!!

  11. I fully intend on heading up to Paradise from Live Oak/Marysville. I attended every meeting in Marysville. I personally know how the Spirit of God is renewing Himself in my heart and life. And I am eyewitness to how He is working through Mario and his crew. I am excited. I know God has plans to use me. I have been attending the Bridge Church under Pastor Jim & Christy Carpenter for the past 5wks. I am beyond excited for what God is doing. Many prayer to Pastors Mario & Michelle, his crew, Pastors Jim & Christy, all the worship crews and all involved. Prayers for all the hurting hearts out there and for Salvation 😇😇😇

  12. Thankful beyond words that Pastor Mario is taking God’s love and hope to Paradise, Ca. ! So much loss, pain and suffering for so many people, needs the healing that only precious Jesus can give. I’m praying for several close members of my family there that are unsaved and lost, others struggling to restore lost businesses and homes. God bless !

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