The left needs a false narrative. It’s like crack to them.

The media and the elite lords of the left will not abandon their addicted minions. No sooner did the drug they took daily—Russian collusion and obstruction of justice—get exposed than the powers that be gave them back another lie: Jussie really was attacked by Trump supporters. They did pour bleach on him. They did put a noose around his neck. What a hoax.

This is a man who almost started a race war because he was despondent about his failing career. He did it for attention. He did it without regard for who he might hurt. But he is not off the hook.  I fear for him and pray that he didn’t get off the hook because of Psalm 92:7 “When the wicked spring up like grass, And when all the workers of iniquity flourish, It is that they may be destroyed forever.”

When the non-playable characters on the left chant those lies it restores the narcotic rush they had during the Mueller investigation. Somewhere in a smoky room they huddled—the Lords of the left. They decided immediate action was needed. Maybe they bought DA Kimberley Foxx in Chicago. That’s why…even in a town as corrupt as Chicago, people are outraged that charges against Smollett have been dropped.

But they said something like this: “We can’t nurse the opiate of Russian collusion but we can turn our wrath to Trump supporters. We can mainline the fairy tale that Jussie was attacked.  We can get them to believe that in Chi town, of all places, there are white men roaming in MAGA hats saying “this is Trump country!”  We can bring out the white powder–the white supremacy powder. Yeah, that’s it!”

Anyone who questions them is once again racist. Anyone who asks “what about the incontrovertible facts? What about receipts, money exchanged the confession of his friends that he hired them? What about the police who saw right through then entire charade?”  How dare you question Jussie you racist! What a rush for them to be able to say that again. Leave the Russia card, to re-drop the race card.

As far as false narratives go Jussie’s is embarrassing. It is madness to believe him. It is not just a stretch…it is an intellectual hamstring pull. No matter, the left must continue to feed the addicts.

Will Rachel Maddow apologize for lying for 2 years about Russia? Will CNN cop to their blatant and cynical ploy to get ratings by pumping out stories they knew were lies? Of course not. They will just move on to the next false narrative. Its their crack.

From the false rape accusations of the Duke lacrosse team on to “hands up don’t shoot,” to a 16 year old Nick Sandmann who was falsely accused and shamed and threatened, to the Russia, Russia hoax and now back to Jussie.

They couldn’t get Trump so now they will go after Trump’s supporters, deplorables, smelly Walmart customers, racists, Islamophobic bigots. It’s all lies and they know it. The left has to have a false narrative—it’s an addiction—they’ve just got to have it.

How else will SNL find skits? How else will ratings bounce back at MSNBC and CNN? How will Pelosi, Schumer and the young Turks like AOC continue to make sense without a stimulant that dulls logic?

The only problem is that the high is harder to achieve because each false narrative is stupider than the last. Drug dealers do something like this to junkies. Once they know their victim is hopelessly addicted they cut the drug with stuff like baking powder. The drug is less potent and the price goes up.

Each false narrative is wilder than the last one. Less substance, less facts, less rationale until finally it is so fantastic that the price is too high. The naivete required is just too extreme.  So extreme that even Rachel might blush when she reports it. Nah.

When the facts about Jussie come out—as they most certainly will—the left will ignore it. They will simply move on to the next lie. Oh right! Trump’s tax forms.  The thing is, when your less gullible, err, less addicted following sees you caught in another epic hoax, and you just move on to the next, you will drive them into rehab.

These false narratives feed the big false narrative. America is evil. America is racist. America needs socialism. Poor leftists, America is just not evil enough or racist enough for their agenda, so they have to invent it to keep their cause alive. How sick is that?

Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool some of the people all the time and, all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”  Beware Leftists, the size of the group you can fool all of the time is shrinking fast.


17 thoughts on “The left needs a false narrative. It’s like crack to them.

  1. Those who forsake the law of (God and man) praise the wicked, but those who keep the law of (God and man) contend with them. Proverbs 28:4

    I can’t sleep..I’m awake and it’s 12:22 Wednesday morning. I’m reading Proverbs and decided to read Proverbs 12:22 and this is what it said….”Lying lips are extremely disgusting and hateful to the Lord, but they who deal faithfully are His delight.”

  2. The timing of the charges against Smollett being dropped are so obvious. Evil always needs to strike back when confronted. The Mueller investigation can’t produce charges against the President and the left is gnashing teeth. Smollett is a friend of the Obama’s, Harris and others of that camp. So a phone call is made to a pawn in Chicago and “poof,” the charges are dropped and sealed away. The whole phony scam was intended to hurt the President and his supporters.
    Interestingly, the schemes seem to be backfiring more rapidly and frequently.
    What was meant for evil the Lord will use for good purposes.

  3. The reprobate mind at work. Democrats/leftists are no longer a political party. The have become a satan inspired cult of death, destruction, dishonesty, lies, corruption, and every evil deed imaginable. Abundant evidence exists. May they somehow see, hear, and repent of their evil and be saved.

    1. AMEN Maranatha Today!!
      In todays sickened atmosphere there are very few who preach prophetical doctrine… in particular too many are afraid to preach & teach RAPTURE of The Saints. BUT (and that’s a big but) in spite of ministerial fear, Christ is coming for His bride like church! To us HE will be our Bright & Shining Handsome Eternal Husband, to those left behind HE will be The Lion of The Tribe of Judah❗️And what do Lions do??? Consider that.
      All the biblical signs for our spiritual Husband to RAPTURE His Beloved people have been fulfilled. That’s why Jussie is let off the legal hook through Obama deep state tactics in Chicago, and the Liberal Left has become more mentally unstable than before. King JESUS is coming!… in the “twinkling” of an eye, we will ALL be changed. The RAPTURE will happen ‘suddenly’ ‘without warning,’ at a moment, none would expect, in a nanosecond, Christs Beloved will be GONE!
      Then there will be those who are no longer called the Left, they’ll be known as “Those left behind” with the wrath of God to face, they will run and hide in the caves and beg for the rocks to fall on them and cover them from the very face of God. It is a frightening message BUT an acutely TRUE one, that’s why only a few will preach it and only a few will reach it.

  4. We need more pastors to speak out boldly like Pastor Mario does. If we are sitting in the pews on Sunday, praying for God to bless us, and coming home unchanged, we are so far off the mark of what we should be doing as His Church, it’s a wonder He has not already judged us. While we are waiting for a bonus check to come in because we are tithers, the world is going to Hell and this country is on the brink of anarchy. If a former president can get a criminal off with a phone call, if a sitting President can be wire tapped, smeared, and he and his family-along with most of his supporters-harassed and vilified daily in the press, academia, and entertainment-and we are not on our prayer bones crying out to God to save this country, then we are nothing but tinkling brass. God bless and protect Pastor Mario.

    1. I guess that is the problem. Christians are sitting in the pews instead of being out in the streets. Christians are afraid. Look at the apostle Paul. He wrote most of his epistles from a jail cell.
      I also believe judgement is already here. Pastors and Christians need to get out of their comfort zones of the church buildings and get on to the streets. We need to publicly protest all this filth and debauchery that has been unleashed on to the western world.

    2. Thank you Jesus for His abundance of grace & gift of righteousness (Romans 5:17)!
      The Wheat & the Tares have to grow together.
      Pastors are appointed by God to shepherd those under them, when they aren’t taught correctly about their identity in Christ, they will be powerless.


    Thank you for your wise approach of unmitigated truth!


    On Tue, Mar 26, 2019, 10:43 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “The media and the elite lords of the left > will not abandon their addicted minions. No sooner did the drug they took > daily—Russian collusion and obstruction of justice—get exposed than the > powers that be gave them back another lie: Jussie really was attack” >

  6. From the day Karl Marx first put pen to paper, the entire scheme and every word ever crafted in its favor has been and continues to be a lie. If you look at the left as a human portrait, it’s like the picture of Dorian Grey — beautiful at first glance, and then rotten as death and decay when seen and experienced as it really is. It’s Shakespeare’s ‘tale told by an idiot’ for fools.

    1. (April 23, 2021) True, Soljerblue, seeing the portrait of today’s leftists IS the finished portrait of Dorian Grey. Rottenness of core, formaldehyde surface. . Man’s quest for eternal life on his terms, not GOD’s.
      God will have HIS Way.

  7. It’s now July 27, and a federal judge dismissed the WaPo and NYT (I believe it was ) lawsuits that the 16-year-old Nick Sandman, who was smeared by these, and other news and so-called, “entertainers”, brought against these smear merchants. So, the media can smear you and ruin your reputation and your future, and there is nothing you can do about it. This is garbage.

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