What God will now do with Donald Trump

The witch hunt has been destroyed. The lies of CNN, MSNBC, and the cohorts of the now fully discredited left-wing media are cascading down on them.

It all began when they did everything, they could to get Clinton elected. But, when Donald Trump won, they were consumed by hate. They turned to removing Trump from office.

Remember this about Hillary Clinton. She colluded with Russians. She obstructed justice.  The deep state embedded in many aspects of government—notably the intelligence community and the Justice Department—deliberately covered up her crimes. But they did not stop there.

In a breathtaking irony, they decided to pin her crimes on Donald Trump. Now it has all blown up in their face. I said it would. Two years ago, I said this, “Trump will not be impeached.  He will not even be censured. You don’t need to worry about Donald Trump.”

But is this cause for celebration? Quite the opposite. You need to see the shameful and criminal abuse of power by all of these people. This is a very dark day for America if we do not bring to justice all who broke the law including Hillary Clinton.

For two years CNN and MSNBC fed the lie…not merely from hatred of Trump but to save their failing networks. It was all a lie. Not one thing they said about Trump was true.

533,074 articles about Russian collusion were written. Networks gave whopping 2,284 minutes to the investigation. $25 million was spend and all the while they knew there was no evidence of any wrongdoing.

What you have witnessed is the darkest abuse of power America has ever seen. People in great positions of power colluded in a way that makes Watergate look like jaywalking. There needs to be a national outrage not seen since the Boston Tea Party.

The Republican Senate needs to declare war on this desecration of justice, due process and the rule of law. Average Americans need to wake up to the great evil that has been done to them. For 2 years, Democrats have cared zero about jobs, national security, education or our crumbling infrastructure—as they chased a fantasy fueled by hate. But why has all of this come to light?

Heaven is involved in this. When widespread evil is exposed you know God is back of it. This was the answer to prayer for many intercessors.

Not once did I flinch in the face of this attack on Trump. I knew what God would do. And now I am going to tell you what God will now do with Donald Trump.

To understand what God will do with Trump now you must first recognize two miracles that brought us here:

-The first miracle was a grace on Trump and his family. No family and no man could have endured the vile tsunami of lies, insults, and threats unless they were supernaturally sustained.

-The second is that this witch hunt was destroyed. Look at who was against him: 400 newspapers. All the late-night talk show hosts. Every major network but Fox. The Moles in the FBI and CIA, the Democrat party and on and on it goes. How did they not get what they wanted? Why couldn’t the greatest cadre of power in history bring down one man?

Psalm 41:11 explains it: “By this I know that You are well pleased with me, because my enemy does not triumph over me.” The Mueller investigation was the great hope of the left. It is why they spent 2 years pouring every last drop of they currency on it.

America came closer to losing freedom and morality than you can know. We were on the very brink of losing our Constitution and watching the church driven underground. A spell has been broken.

Now Americans will ask if the Russia Collusion thing was a hoax what else is a hoax? Then the drowsy acceptance of foolishness is going away. Antifa protesters will look stupider. Insane pronouncements by wacky politicians will now sound insane. Double standards will die.

In the next few months Donald Trump will behave like a general uncovering more corruption and turning the people of America away from the lies that have poisoned our institutions and campuses. You will see free speech return. It will once again be safe for opposing views to be shared. Furthermore…

Donald Trump has been steadily making it better for me and others to win lost souls. Since he signed the executive order enforcing free speech on campus it opens the door for us to win students like never before.

Now Trump will bulldoze the other lies and abuses of power that surround us. But what does that mean to you? It means that the church must seize this miracle. How will we explain it to God if we sit on the sidelines when doors are flying open?

It is silly to worry about what people will think if we stand with Trump. The spirit on the left will hate you and God with or without Trump. At least with Trump we have a firewall to let us preach the Gospel and hold on for another miracle.

We can’t be passive! We can’t fear supporting the president because things have gotten so heated. We also can’t sit back and abuse the miracle we have received.

The American church must build on the opportunity that Trump is now giving us. We must wake up to our task!  Our disunity is killing our cause. We must shake off the disastrous apathy and complacency that is dulling us to our duty.

There is great hope because we have gotten a miracle. Miracles have power beyond what we understand. God let this blog get in your hands so that you would pray and obey. Don’t worry about others…just do the right thing. God will take care of the rest.


37 thoughts on “What God will now do with Donald Trump

  1. Would to Jehovah it really is over… But, news reports indicate otherwise… The blind lemmings will follow their unrepentant leaders over the cliff…

    In that I am betwixt and between…

    In my heart I want every Trump hater removed from office yesterday!

    On the other hand perhaps having their hate-filled antics continuously on display will divorce even more from thei party.

    May Jehovah’s Spirit draw them to jesus and open blind mental eyes…

  2. Mario, I thank God for you and President Donald Trump!

    Light Does not extinguish darkness, Light DISPLACES darkness and reveals what is hidden in darkness.

    If Hillary had won, America would be unconscious to the evil. We would not know the names of Tom Stier, George Soros, or the other players in this evil play for the soul of America!

    I have never been more proud to be an American and a Christian, than at this very moment!

    Thank You Lord Jesus, for Men of courage, not afraid to do your will and lead this nation!

    Ron Jones,
    Proud Trump Democrat,
    And Believer in Christ!

  3. My prayer for 2 years has been: may all who dig a pit for President Trump fall into it themselves. God is good!

  4. It is interesting that this all came out right as Judaism was celebrating Purim. The parallels are similar. Just as Haman plotted to kill all Jews due to his hatred of Mortdecai, the left in their hatred of Trump plotted to destroy Christianity, especially evangelicals. In the end Haman was hung on his own gallows. So shall the left in the US be destroyed by their own devices.

  5. Mario…. you are RIGHT ON! We will battle. We will pray! We will combat this evil. Because Donald Trump was the unconventional oddity, we took little notice. Was that not just the same as when God chose Moses or many of the others He used mightily?? People at the time thought the same thing about them! Yet thousands of years later we still marvel and talk about how God empowered and used these others. This is GOD’s doing. Not man’s. Not Donald Trump in himself. The glory goes to GOD! Thanks Mario for your stand …. also against untold attacks! God is using you my Brother!

  6. Unequivocal truth Mario!…
    Early spring of 2016, I asked Holy Spirit in sincere prayer if my old acquaintance Donald J Trump was to be the next President of these United States, the answer was YES as I was told by Holy Spirit Donald’s tenure would give all Christ followers a much needed REPRIEVE. That was the definitive word Holy Spirit used, REPRIEVE. Examine that word…as a verb it means, cancel or postpone the punishment of (someone) as a noun it means, • a temporary escape from an undesirable fate or unpleasant situation: the root origin of that word is from French word repris, meaning ultimately to> ‘rescue from impending punishment’. Now we know that there is “now no condemnation from God toward those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:28). So what that word REPRIEVE that Holy Spirit used to explain PR-Trumps role for Christians tells me, is that definitive punishment was being planned by those who hate Christ & His people, and the planned execution of that punishment for being a Christ Follower was stayed by God through the instrument of Donald J Trump.
    Please WAKE up Christians who destain PR-Trump, he is your advocate for such a time as this!!!!

  7. Amen!
    Trump is not perfect, but he is the man God intimately created for such a time, position, and place. God is so good and way more intricate than we fathom in the fine details of our lives, even to the setting up of successes, failures, and rejections to prepare us!

    I believe we are in a great humbling time in our country, I pray we do not waste this time as a Church. We need to stand with those that want to restore individual freedom much like God wanted for the Israelites in the Promised Land. The contrary spirit of this world is to control, God is for freedom; we need to on full guard for people trying to get unwarranted control and ultimately kill!
    Those that God has called, I pray u all choose to be strong and courageous!

    1. Dear Mario. May your May outreach in Paradise ripple across the world for the harvest is plentiful but the laborerers are few. I was a resident of Paradise more than once. One night God gave me a vision of a wheat field. The wheat was slightly
      bending over and ready to harvest. However I was given a supernatural glimpse and saw the wheat as being transparent and a gold color that was not of this world.
      Later in 1996 I found in Paradise a Christian that had a recording studio and I recorded my CD which I gave you in Marysville, “Harvest Mountain Revival.” God is on the threshold of birthing, for his glory a harvest
      with the potential magnitude of reaching millions. The recording studio and house was lost in the fire.
      Yet, out of the ashes many will be saved. Let the harvest begin. Blessings,
      Chuck Frank

  8. Big amen, time to stop the bully of the left, Liberty and Justice for all, crime is crime, and they broke the law, they really tried to convict and sentence an innocent man, NOW LET JUSTICE BE SERVED ON THE WHOLE WICKED BUNCH. THERE THE LAW BREAKERS AND IT’S BEEN PROVEN, NOW LET THEM BE TRIED, AND SENTENCED. BRING LAW AND ORDER BACK TO aMERICA AGAIN. We can’t preach if we are not allowed to speak the truth of the word of God, and win soul’s, time to stand and do the job here God left us in charge to do as CHRISTIANS

  9. Whatever God has in mind for President Trump, we — his support base — are part of it. God’s plan covers us as well, because without that continued support, Trump will falter. God isn’t using one man in this offensive, He’s using us all.

    1. Soljerblue, in the corporate Body of Christ there are many parts and yes God uses those whom He will to do their part each in the varied Grace of God. But it is still God’s Sovereign way to be a king maker, He sets up kings (otherwise known as high profile leaders in the world) in order to confound those who are wise in their own eyes. In order to make subject to HIM(God) those who have an inclination to stifle and snuff out the weaker corporate Body members and their effectiveness during this present darkness. In the case of PR-Trump, yes he requires our sincere prayers & our due diligence of human support, yet, we as a corporate Body of Believers were not present and praying for Mr Donald Trump when God allowed him to amass his fortune and billions of calculated dollars and businesses around the globe shaping the very tenacity that lies within DJTrump. NO, God was present & personal in Mr Trumps life way back then, without our help, and in order to use him NOW for the benefit of the Saints and the wisdom of the corporate ‘bride like’ church. The Lord Christ was working this “thing” out for us, without our help, long ago.
      Glory to God.

  10. Thank you for writing. One thing that needs strong intercession is passing a law that designates CAIR to be designated a terrorist organization.
    Once this is accomplished everything CAIR which financial helps Hamas will be stopped.
    The Muslim take over of America will be stopped. I live in Minnesota where thousands of Somali Muslims immigrated. I want to see Muslims redeemed but I don’t want radical Political Jihadists to make our state a Sharia Law state. Fear is prevalent amongst voters and politicians have sided with the Muslims and or are afraid. With this geopolitical ideology rampant in our World and in America, I believe God is greater. We will overcome this, however, He needs His vessels to push forward His will for our Nation.
    Rev. Laura Solberg

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. The prayers of righteous men and women can move mountains. If you feel like there is nothing you can do to change the times we live in, just remember you have the most powerful weapon in this world, in prayer.
    You can ask the Lord to reveal His plan for you and begin to pray for it. When you start to see what you prayed for come to pass the love and joy for the Lord will be overwhelming within you.
    The Night is far spent and there will be great joy in the morning. How cool it will be to know you were a part of God’s plan in his great harvest! One day soon we will all be with him in Paradise.
    God Bless all who take this to heart!

  12. This did not happen by accident. President Trump has been a blessing to Israel ever since he was elected. The timing of the Mueller report release and exoneration happened right after President Trump supported Israel as possessing the Golan Heights. This is happening as Iran and Russia try to secure it for their proxy Syria

    Please pray that whatever Peace Plan is in the works by Trumps son-in-law Kushner. Will not have anything to do with dividing the land of Israel given by God in Covenant or the dividing of God’s chosen Holy City Jerusalem.

    This would cause the U.S. to be in direct contention with God’s Holy Will.

  13. Thank you Lord for blessing our President with great days from now on, victories from now on! I’ve been on the National Strategic Prayer call with Albert from San Francisco Bay & other intercessors. They started lifting up CA. a year ago today. I shared with them how the glory of God fell in Marysville & that you will be in Paradise on Thur. Prayers going up!

  14. The 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call: 712-770-4340 access code: 543555# Albert out of San Francisco Bay comes on at 3 pm CA time.

    1. MK Ultra survivors talk of things so evil it stretches the mind. Especially that which is done to children by the elite. I do not believe these are false reports. And this has been going on since the sacrifices to Moloch- Baal. We must pray that the minds of Americans will be prepared for these horrendous revelations. I am concerned it could send a few unbalanced people over the edge mentally. It must stop though. And Pres. Trump is aware of it all.

  15. Mario, I’ve been watching this all unfold from afar. New Zealand to be exact. Now the left have hit our country and overnight we’ve practically been turned into an islamic state.
    Most New Zealanders are spiritually demonically hypnotized it seems to me. This once Christian country invited a muslim imam to open our Parliament on 19th March. That cursed muslim prayer will surely unleash hell on this country, considering that last year our Parliament OFFICIALLY banned the mention of the name of Jesus in any Parliamentary prayer.
    I pray that Yahuah may bless your ministry.

    1. Sid, As you may know I was there and yes, I could feel the change coming. Something strange was over Wellington and Auckland. I thought about how Christian Churches once so vibrant and influential fading and being slowly neutralized. Yet, there are many there who have not bowed the knew to either Baal or Allah. Its time for a mighty outpouring! Praying for that beautiful land. Mario

    1. GOD Bless You New Zealander’s!!!
      I am divinely assured that in spite of Liberal Leftist approaches within your government structure, there is a ‘strong remnant’ according to God’s election in Grace that show up & show off for Jesus. The reason I know this is also because of how many thousands from New Zealand that view and follow my ministry effort for our Lord King Jesus through my webpage…So “Never give up, dear ones, Christ is your front & rear guard through it all!”
      Carolina at http://www.vimeo.com/carolinausa

  16. I thank God everyday for a glimmer of light shining at the end of a very dark tunnel. The wickedness in this country and world is by no means over, Sorry for sounding a bit negative, but the Good Book says a day of trouble is coming that the world has never seen and will never see again.

    Our Lord and Saviour said; “when you see these things begin to come to pass hold your head high, for your deliverance draws near. What things? Read your bible, comparing all the evils of the day and the fulfilled prophecies of this day.

    So with that being said, what if all the Christian leaders in the White House and all who know Christ Jesus are delivered from the great time of trouble to come? That would leave the the Left with Nancy First Lady and all the lefts evil devices to themselves.

    The Liberals would get their New World Ordered and a real dictator instead of this great Independent Nation. The media would have a field day reporting all the judgements till it caught up to them. The evil doers will rum like cockroaches when the see the light of a Holy God. Will you be able to see their Judgments ? Yes you will, the Bible is very clear about that.

  17. President Donald J Trump came in the spirit of Cyrus, David and Jehu all wrapped in one is what I got 3 plus years ago so that’s how I’ve prayed for him, what each of them accomplished would be accomplished by Trump. Furthermore, I’m praying for Trump to become like Josiah in his 2nd term for America. “Neither before nor after Josiah was there a king like him who turned to the Lord as he did–with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, in accordance with all the laws of Moses.” Amen!

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