Why these blogs?

This blog is approaching 6 million views. Day after day, I have written the burden the Lord has placed upon me.  These blogs are designed to rebuke the unrighteous religious leader, but also bring fervent encouragement to the righteous core.

Want to know the other big reason I write day after day?  It’s because—despite all the darkness, perversion, division and violence—regardless of how low society has fallen—I believe—with atom of my being—an amazing act of God is on the horizon. I have just finished a book about that coming act of God.

We are not just going to see a great falling away…but a great harvest.  A harvest beyond anything we can imagine.  It will begin in shocking locations in shocking ways.  It will baffle believers as much as it does sinners.

Therefore I have been forced to write messages that target shallowness, compromise, hypocrisy, and gross negligence.  Gross negligence—because it wasn’t just what they did—it was when they did it.  As Satan unleashed his most destructive assault on the church, and the nation, they puddled around in false success leaving their post unguarded.  I know that’s a serious accusation…but I stand by it.

Driven by lust for growth, they wantonly closed their ears to the political disaster that dismantled faith and morality in America.  They should have been putting the Word of God in people.  They don’t awaken a hunger for revival.  They create evil appetites.  They weaken and distract the church from true revival.  They should hang their heads in shame for speeding up our demise.

To me, they are as guilty as those who voted to destroy marriage—they are as guilty as those who voted to force our taxes to fund abortions—they are as guilty as the architects of the God-hating mobs that roam our streets, teach in our universities, and people our institutions.

If they asked me how I could accuse them of such horrible crimes, I would simply ask them how could you waste critical time building a man-made entertainment center when you could have contended for a moral awakening?

Am I harsh?  Perhaps, but I am not alone.  Charles Finney said, “If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it.  If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.”

On the other hand, this blog calls out a special remnant who are restless.  They don’t fit anywhere.   They don’t even understand why they have held to their integrity.

What is coming soon will be simultaneously glorious and humiliating.  Glorious to a company of people who, at this moment, labor in obscurity.  Suddenly they will be raised up.  At the same time many who are celebrity preachers who will suffer a great demotion.

The greatest harvest in the history of Christianity will be placed in the hands of special ones—faithful ones.   Already they are being chosen.  Already they have an appointment with destiny that will bring them into an unimaginable nearness to Jesus.

Those who are called to this will ask and receive things that prior generations could not imagine.  We are talking about awesome things!

They may not know who they are.  They don’t have an inkling of what is about to overtake them.

The Lord is testing them in obscurity.  It’s the only way that yields a vessel who can be trusted with great power.  They have been rejected for refusing to conform to the counterfeits.  God made them misfits.  Because He knew what was coming.

God not only knew the insanity of today was coming—He took steps to prepare a special relationship, that would produce special powers for His Children.

Jesus saw the future and uttered an explosive prayer: PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST TO SEND WORKERS INTO THE HARVEST.  Notice He did not say ministers, or celebrities.  He said workers.  Many want the titles, attention, and rewards…but they don’t want to do the work.  A special core burns white hot with passion win lost souls and heal the sick.  They are hidden now but soon they will shine like the sun.

But there is another miracle awaiting this unique breed.  They will be allowed to see the world around them from the vantage point of the throne of God.  Ephesians 2: 6 says “and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…”

What do you see from this vantage point?  You see that all the vile railings of our culture are not—in any way—a threat to the purposes of the almighty.  He knows the hollow arguments of the haters.  He is not moved by the mental monopoly of fake news and leftist social media.  He saw it all coming and prepared the response.

And that response has already begun in our tent crusades.  Altar calls that render the audience helpless before the power of God.  I have not seen this since the Jesus Movement!  That is what we saw in Marysville!

The Lord of the universe is not poor.  He has pooled untold wealth to transfer it into the hands of trusted, proven, purified vessels whose only passion is to obey.

Finally, learn the truth of the slingshot. It may explain everything you are going through right now.

They are being hurt, wounded and brought to the brink of despair before their breakthrough.  In their pain and agony, they will cry out why—why am I being pulled away from my promise?  Why does each day take me further and further away from what You promised me?

Like a slingshot, God is deliberately building up the tension—the frustration—the fire to act…and at just the right moment, He will release you.   There is a great falling away coming and it will result in new voices and new anointing leading to the greatest harvest of souls in history.




P.S. We are taking the tent to Paradise CA. the city that was destroyed in the wildfire. May 2-5 we will join forces with many ministries to bring beauty for ashes in the name of Jesus.  You can help by inviting any pastor or leader in the Paradise area to attend a noon meeting on Tuesday April 9. If you are a local pastor or leader we truly hope you make it to this historic gathering. Space is limited so you must reserve a place for you and your group. Click on this link




27 thoughts on “Why these blogs?

  1. Please don’t ever stop writing these blogs!!!!  You are right on dear brother.   There are so many of us that can’t find a church where we fit.  The affects of training over 400,000 pastors worldwide how to grow their church the  “purpose driven church ” way has brought about the great falling away.  It was all done by appealing to the pastors pride.  The church growth movement was a  mighty tool in the hand of the enemy.  As one of my Bible teachers used to say  “it will look like God..sound like God, taste like God….BUT IT’S NOT GOD”    I don’t know if you are aware of what the pastors were taught on how to change their church.  The book  The Dark Side of the Purpose Driven Church  will give you that understanding.   I pray for you Mario and truly thank God for you. Nancy Larson     Phoenix  AZ

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    1. Nancy, I agree with what you say about not fitting in a church and I also see that you are in AZ like I am. I live in Scottsdale Currently…planning a move to Fountain Hills in the future. Do you know of a home based church in our area? Warmly, Darlene

    2. Thank you for the information about the PDC. I am not part of one, nor do I wish to be, but I believe that it is not of God, even though there are I’m sure Godly people who attend them.

    3. Exactly, where do you find a church in Peoria, AZ that teaches what Thus Saith God!!! Thank you Bro. Mario for your blogs! Kim De Lair

  2. I left a church over 10 years ago when they were pushing Purpose Driven …. a whole big program…. I knew it was a gimmick…. then I said the power is on the Word… I couldn’t stomach it…. after that there was a church split….

  3. Mario & Bloggers,
    I remember when hubby & I saw it begin…back roughly in 1996/97, when we noticed that all the large churches in our area at that time, were producing these new ad campaigns. The church brochures no longer carried each churches name and mission statement for Christ, no suddenly these large charismatic churches were all using the same format that looked alike and like something you’d find the dentist office would produce. Pictures of Smiling faces of unknown people of all races laughing together and having what looked like a good time! Saying on the brochures things like “Come and join the fun at our campus center.” We knew back then that a shift had occurred and we knew it wasn’t a good one for Christianity as a whole, it was canned and formatted to resemble the worlds way of operating. Not long after that, all the “seeker friendly” church plans sprung into action leading to the abominate practices we view today.

  4. Thanks again for convicting, yet encouraging words. The Holy Spirit is flexing his muscles in this hour. Those satan has held in darkness are having their blinded eyes opened, and being loosed from chains. Mario, I have seen him doing it! This is not fake, this is not hype, but a real move of God! People that I had thought almost unreachable have asked Christ to be their Savior in the last month. Get ready, it’s on!!! Glory to God!

    1. Praise God Jehovah!! It is SO exciting to read about how the Spirit is being poured out all over! Here in TN, we just got done with WarriorFest which was held the last 2 weekends- where approximately 12,000 people- young & old alike – were set free from bondage and filled with the fire of God! He is raising up His church & filling up and firing up those who are hungry & thirsty! Lord God, continue to raise up Your people and bring the laborers into the fields, for indeed, they are ripe & ready for harvest!! Hallelujah!! 🙌🏼

  5. I thought I had seen Stockton on your calendar for April 1st, but now I don’t. Did it get cancelled? Thank You Mario Murillo and team.  There are those in California whose hearts break for our state and the nation. Who have tasted revival and long for it, praying and sowing in tears. Who long for an end to abortion. For salvation to abound and darkness to flee. Who long for the pulpit to speak the truth, for the church to truly welcome the Holy Spirit and prepare a resting place for the Lord.  May God bless everything you put your hand to, give you favor, open doors and let revival fire fall like never before. In Christ,Veronica Shaneen

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    1. Veronica, Thank you for following closely! We pushed Stockton back because the Marysville tent crusade extended an extra week. We simply ran out of time to put together a proper pastors and leaders event. However, I am still coming to Modesto this Sunday to be at Soul Harvest Worship Center with Verna Brown at 10 AM the address is 4718 Greenleaf Ct, Modesto, California 95356. God bless. -Mario

      P.S. Stockton is back on track and we will be announcing it very soon! MM

  6. Praise God for you, Mario! Yes, there are many who are standing with you, as our hearts are fixed! We will not waver!

  7. Very well said. I’ve always been called a misfit don’t fit in anywhere but I have a deep deep communication with Jesus Christ that is unexplainable to some people but you hit it right on the head thank you so much for everything you’re doing and these blogs because I finally find out why I don’t fit in anywhere I’ll bless

  8. Mario, I would sure love to see you come down to the San Diego area, Please let us know if you do. The churches that i have found are worldly, I don’t even attend, but like someone else stated earlier we in California in our long-suffering Desire for True Revival in the pulpit. The churches seem Worldly and those that attend seem to share in that worldliness, I just don’t feel I fit in, maybe it’s me, but the Lord has been pouring out his spirit in such great abundance that it is almost overwhelming at times.

    What to do, What to do. Pray and share the Gospel and work to open the eyes to those that are blinded by the evils that are happening around the globe, Things just 3 years ago i knew nothing of. I believe everything you say in this blog because i am not the only one that has had an immense awakening, there are thousands of us and we are being made ready.

    1. Michael, Thank you for you note. We are willing to come to your area. One good way is to do a one night introductory rally in a church were those who on fire can come and hear the vision for the tent. Call us at 775 238 3473 to explore what the Holy Spirit is saying. -Mario

  9. Mario Murillo, millions now of teenagers and young men and women have been, and are being lured away from family, friends, and churches believing they are joining with someone who will love them and shelter them, only to find themselves taken as property to be sexually abused, and trained to become part of America’s, and the World’s criminal element. Child protective services, and law enforcement agencies are all aware of this, yet nothing is done to eliminate this evil. Through contacts on social media, and especially through online video games, youngsters form relationships that replace their true families. They are not allowed to return home. Many people are praying for God to intervene in a miraculous way. He has the proper response to evil every time. His word brings liberty. Preach it!! Many have been praying for the reality of your vision to come into being long before you appeared here on face book. Our prayers are with you. Speak God’s pure truth, and teach people the clean fear of our God, in Jesus’s name always. Let it be.

  10. We are in a battle of good and evil, that means we are suppose to fight, we have been told for so long now, we don’t have to fight Jesus did it all, [ he did, but you have to take up your cross and die to self and do what he done, there are no free rides, we joined the Lords army, we are just not being trained for it] Mat. 16:24, we have people wanting spoild that never faught a fight, you get spoils when ou when fight, most have never engaged in God’s battles, battles that win this war, against evil, { if we fight we will get attacked, that’s war, but I cry out to Jesus right then and say Lord there attacking my side, my head or where ever they attack, and speak Isa. 34:17 no weapon formed against me shall prosperm Isa, 53:5 by his stripe’s we are healed, and say it until the pain goes away, which most of time I just have to say once, but I get attacked, i am in a war, I expect it, 1 John 4:4 but greater is he that is in the, than he that is in the world, so please don’t stop the enemy is trying to get you to stop, he will even make Jude 1:9 Micheal the arc. angel darest not make a railing acq. against him, [ a railing acq. is a false charge, made in anger, it’s not saying don’t attack, just don’t do it out of anger, or falsely acciuse him, but he will give you that verse, because you cry Lord did I do something wrong, and the enemy will give you that verse he did me, but look up railing acq, out of anger and falsely accusing, I even charge him before the high courts of heaven, for breaking God’s laws,] he is a bully he wants you to back off, and this is not childs play, this is war, I had to write this twice, because he did everything to keep me from putting this on here, so cry out to Jesus if you get hit quote those verse’s I mentioned up above, he will take care of you, it’s backing him up is why he is attacking, we are taring his kingdom down, ask the lord if I am not telling you the truth, God’s army is mighty men and women, who will fight, and don’t think just because they looked blessed that it came from God, the enemy came 3 or 4 times to offer me the riches of this earth, even tried to trick me to except it, and failed, he came desguised as some one I new famous, but failed, so watch who offers stuff, it can be the enemy to stop you, and the enemy give’s bible verses to, so be on your toes, your backing his army up and taring his kingdom down, of course he wants ou to stop, I will not say what I heard him scream as I finished this the first time, but the Lord spoke right then and said no they won’t I got it, so be blessed we are making a differance!

  11. I remember years back when my dad gave my brother & I, & the grandchildren the Purpose Driven Life books. As soon as I read the first lines my spirit rejected it. I now know why. The last Sunday school class I attended was spirit filled & the teacher allowed the Lord to have his way. That was until I brought up something political to pray over & was instantly shut down by 3 people. We don’t mention politics basically. That’s when I quit going. Continued to pray with prayer partner & in groups praying for country. Continued in the word. Thank you for sharing the truth! We’ll continue to pray for you & your ministry team.

  12. Thank you for sharing what’s real. I quit church about 5 yrs ago. Was shut down in Sunday school for wanting to pray over something political. Pray with prayer partner, & now on prayer conference calls. Read the word. Never stopped loving Jesus & just wanting to be in his presence, see souls saved, & people filled with the Holy Spirit. & healed. Amen!! We will continue to pray for you & your team.

  13. Thank God
    Thank you Jesus
    Thanks Mario for your heart for God
    I cried out of humbling thankfulness that God seeing us in CA
    Amen to your prayers!
    I pray for youth of Russian speaking families in Sacramento
    Really sad things about immigrants who become running from Russian speaking churches and not going to American churches since their parents were holding them from
    At the end instead of hearing and accepting gospel they are many as in the world of being swallowed up with different kind addictions and reaping so many losses all together with their parents who more eager so often to store earthly treasures instead of heavenly
    Be mercy to us Lord Jesus

  14. I totally agree with you Bro. Mario; coming from “armed and dangerous” through the “warriors of the new millenium” and beyond; yes, seated in Heavenly places-schooling for ruling and training for reigning……and getting ready to be slung out there in AZ land….whoo hoo! My situation in the natural surely looks impossible for me to accomplish anything but I am willing “in the day of His power!” and I believe He is able to make all grace abound toward me to have more than what I need when I need it, just in the nick-of-time! I’m so encouraged by what God is doing out there with all of you and I’m standing for you all!

  15. Thank you dear Jesus for this man of God, Mario Murillo! He is truly anointed to speak the truth in love and determination. I look forward to these blogs everyday!

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